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My Boyfriend Does My Makeup TAG

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Text Comments (1435)
Vee Lopez (4 years ago)
Omg too cute!!! I would post my son doing mine but he's 14 years old and I know he'd make me look like a crazy hooker purposely if I asked him to put my makeup on! Lol.. Awe I miss my mijo when he was little like Jude..:)
ireneeye69 (5 years ago)
U should do this the " my toddler does my makeup tag "
Amber Arellano (5 years ago)
Best version of this tag I've ever seen! What a wonderful way to bond with your kiddo. Keep up the good work mama!
starletv31 (5 years ago)
Best tag ever!! I have three boys they are my life!!
Lannette Griffin-Mack (5 years ago)
That's soooooooo cute
Monta Brauere (5 years ago)
so cute
Shannon A. (5 years ago)
Cutest video ever!
I love Dogs (5 years ago)
Hahah he said close your eyes when he was putting lipstick on you
I love Dogs (5 years ago)
You have a nice laugh.
God Loves You (5 years ago)
it like hes drawing on paper Lol
jessieguz1 (5 years ago)
So cute ❤
Eevi Tuominen (5 years ago)
farah543211 (5 years ago)
Wish i could like this a 100 times
suzanne turner (5 years ago)
so adorable. you've never been so lovely :)
mzedukashun (5 years ago)
Love it!
Lablue4life (5 years ago)
Omg, so cute, u make me want a baby yesterday
MirrorImage (5 years ago)
That's precious
MrIreallydoloveyou (5 years ago)
how precious 3
Leila Shalhoub (5 years ago)
Such a beautiful woman with and without makeup. Your son simply adorable!
Hana Cherrat (5 years ago)
He is just too adorable! I. Die.
MyBeautiful Passions (5 years ago)
Ssooooo adorable!!! Made my night :)
C. Robles (5 years ago)
I just love when he showed the cam the bronzer b4 he put it on ur face like a lil guru man :-*
cupcakes3690 (5 years ago)
omg so cute xxx
Vanessa Deras (5 years ago)
My heart just melted, that was too cute!
mien minoe (5 years ago)
ur best vid ever!
Lexi Gonzalez (5 years ago)
How can someone dislike this
Hadrian de Vera (5 years ago)
nice boobs
AtmaniVlogs (5 years ago)
Super cute, can't wait to have a son!
Nathalie Rodriguez (5 years ago)
Cute <3
Micaela (5 years ago)
Aye, que chulo es su hijo...tan preciosos los dos juntos ;)
mileyandreina (5 years ago)
Dorky is so CUTE!!
Suzana Mario (5 years ago)
The t shirt means that life is a rollercoaster it's up and down not flat or the same thing as a beach
Horan Victoire (5 years ago)
Too cuuuuuuute <3
mydenmel (5 years ago)
Close eyes ;)
Tiziana Mifsud (5 years ago)
Too cute and he makes me smile :D
Elizabeth Garcia (5 years ago)
I couldn't stop laughing! He's so cute!!!!!
Aina Jaena (5 years ago)
He so cute xD
kocoa hollis (5 years ago)
too cute
Abir Levi (5 years ago)
so freaking adorable best boyfriend does my make up video haha
Amy Izquierdo (5 years ago)
This was the best I think I will let my daughter do my make up
BarbieElisaRosa86 (5 years ago)
Limonmonkey04 (5 years ago)
So adorable
Asma Muntaser (5 years ago)
He is wayyyyyyy too cute omg!
DailyLeaf (5 years ago)
sooo cute.!
ZuzaNa (5 years ago)
close your eyesss :)
Macfreak200 Niks (5 years ago)
Jude is going to be very handsome when he's older :) (sorry if that sounds weird xD)
Cynthia Alonso (5 years ago)
How cute.
Anastasia (6 years ago)
Aww this is precious!(:
amirah nadz (6 years ago)
Hilda_Christina (6 years ago)
Soooooo cute!!!! :D. Love it!!!
TheMaloriiie (6 years ago)
you are an amazing mother!
GlamChicks07 (6 years ago)
Show-off im from america LIKE (if your american!!) if not still welcomed
JackieeHeartsYouu (6 years ago)
Whenever he told you to close your eyes as he was putting on the lipstick! So cute!
Anne D (6 years ago)
you guys are the CUTEST!! love from australia <3
lea toeuk (6 years ago)
Debbie Delgado (6 years ago)
That was too cute :)
Jacqueline Chavez (6 years ago)
That was the best video I have ever seen on you tube!!!!
midgee2012 (6 years ago)
what a cutieee bear he so adorable u make such a good mom, he too cute, lol I will watch out for him lil girls are gonna be chasing him
MissCaliforniaLove13 (6 years ago)
Adorable! Here are a few quotes that I like...Enjoy! :) "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart" -Helen Keller "Believe you can and you're halfway there" -Theodore Roosevelt "Do not be afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch." -John Paul II "Do not forget that true love sets no conditions; it does not calculate or complain, but simply loves." -John Paul II
Alejandra Tantachuco (6 years ago)
I love this! You're such a wonderful mother! God bless(:
Nika C (6 years ago)
This seriously made my day. What a great video! Such a fun "me and mommy" moment!
Juliana Snchs (6 years ago)
This video made my grown turn upside down :) too cute
Susana Cardenas (6 years ago)
Cutest Video ever aww <3
Celine Quintal (6 years ago)
That is one of the cutest videos ever. He's funny when he keeps laughing at what he's doing.
Camsmommy02 (6 years ago)
THE CUTEST VIDEO EVER..... I was so scared he was gonna poke u n the eye though. Lol.
Maria Olivos (6 years ago)
Aaaaw so cute
Ivy (6 years ago)
Ur son is adoraaable
Ivy (6 years ago)
I love you girly your tooo pretty (:
Alba Soria Altuna (6 years ago)
aaaaaaaaaaayy q novio mas lindoooo!!! jjajaja!! love your channel!!
jennifer maravilla (6 years ago)
this was soo cute ur son is going to be very handsome, he has good looks loved the video.
jennifer maravilla (6 years ago)
bitch she was having fun .....
alizabethmylovexx (6 years ago)
LOL omg this is so cute!!!!
Kendall Taylor (6 years ago)
He went for the eyebrows and your reaction made me laugh soo hard!
Lisa Stuifzand (6 years ago)
Melanie Lopez (6 years ago)
Lmfao when he was like "close eyes!" while putting on the lipstick XD He has the cutest laugh and he's so adorable god bless him <3
gemle525 (6 years ago)
Cute when he said close your eyes than put the lipstick on your eyes!
Cecilia Padilla (6 years ago)
He's super adorable!! You're such a great mommy <3
monitamayo (6 years ago)
byfar my fav vid
Aurora Spring (6 years ago)
He is so cute I like how he said close your eyes when he was putting it on her lips
pinkskittles2213 (6 years ago)
You two are so cute!
Ruveena Bali (6 years ago)
hes too cutee
Lijojo Robert (6 years ago)
awww cutest TAG ever.
Nellie Serrano (6 years ago)
That was sooo cute!
TheEvilTeddybear1 (6 years ago)
Oh my goodness... he is so adorable :)
Royal Hiighness (6 years ago)
By far my favorite "Boyfriend" does my makeup tag, this is soo sweet haha (:
SarahC1997 (6 years ago)
Awwhhh soo cute!!! :D
tasila kodithuwakku (6 years ago)
Awwwwwww so adorable and so cuteeeeee
Mercedez Pacheco (6 years ago)
best mom ever!
Mari_2021 (6 years ago)
OMG! Cutest video. He is adorable.
alma sustaita (6 years ago)
So cute!!
Valeria Kn (6 years ago)
he is so cute ! :) how old are you? You look pretty :)
Tracy Brammer (6 years ago)
You are so blessed to have such a wonderful little man. My son is 24 now. When he was little he used to tell me which makeup items to put on & in what order. You'll treasure these memories for many years to come.
Ameera Princess (6 years ago)
So cute
autumnmely (6 years ago)
Omg this is adorable ! He's the cutest haha
Jóna Elísabet (6 years ago)
Andrea Price (6 years ago)
Haha, this was cute I couldn't stop laughing :)
Miranda H (6 years ago)
This was beyond adorable!!!
maylin saucedo (6 years ago)
OMG this is BEYOND adorable i loved it:)
arxsyn (6 years ago)
Your son is so adorable! Yeah at that age, you can't expect their hand eye coordination to be very good :)
Johanna Reyes (6 years ago)
awwwwwww i love this video. I think you gave me the idea to have my daughter tag!!!!! I love your vids you have good taste... keep up the good work!!

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