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Why Don't Guys Ask Me Out? | Christian Dating Advice

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Hey girls! Have you ever felt like no one is asking you out, or no guys like you? Today James and I have four tips for you, that might make a difference. And we also want to encourage you that if you feel like this, you're not alone, and being single doesn't mean there's something wrong with you! And, as always, share your thoughts in the comments. We love you girls! -Tiffany (& James) ALSO CHECK OUT THESE VIDEOS! What I Wish I Knew About Singleness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gRF_3oO1dQ To All the Single Girls: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD_dqX94IHs IF YOU WANT TO TALK MORE ABOUT BOYS... I have a whole book about my journey through relationships, singleness, feeling not-pretty-enough to be loved, and ultimately the incredible place God brought me in our Father-daughter time. This book is written like a novel, but filled with the things I learned along my way. It also has discussion questions and space for journaling. Check it out here: www.tiffanydawn.net/boycrazy IF YOU WANT MORE GIRL TALK... 😍 ...I've got four awesome resources for you! Check them all out in my online store! 👉 www.tiffanydawn.net/store 1️⃣ "The Insatiable Quest for Beauty" is a book about my struggles with body image and an eating disorder, and learning how to like the person God made me to be. 2️⃣ "Boycrazy: And how I ended up single and (mostly) sane" shares my pre-marriage years. It's written like a novel, but also includes the things I learned about singleness and dating, and includes discussion/reflection questions with some lines for journaling! 3️⃣ My "Bible Reading Plan" takes you through the book of John in 16 weeks! It incorporates reading short sections, listening to whole chapters, journaling once a week, and occasionally watching The Bible Project videos to get the big picture. 4️⃣ My CD "This Is Who I Am" has 11 songs I wrote, all based on the journey God has taken me on! LET'S KEEP IN TOUCH ALL WEEK! 💕 Instagram: @tiffanydawniqb Facebook: tiffanydawniqb Email: [email protected] Website & Books: www.tiffanydawn.net NEW VIDEOS EACH TUESDAY & FRIDAY!! 😍
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Text Comments (885)
*love how he’s just eating lol 😂*
Mya Thomas (1 day ago)
Asking a guy out🤔😶😂 lol😅
shadowgovernment3000 (7 days ago)
Christian brothers... It's time to go MGTOW . Just like Paul said that it is better not to marry, & now is a time for that. The feminist insurgency has infiltrated the church. Church women are 1st wave feminists _(they believe they should vote and have a career)_ . And 1st wave are worst than the 3rd wave because they knew better but chose to follow the religion of feminism. Praise God that the collapse will come soon as the birth rate drops & when Islam takes over feminism will be destroyed. Anyway "dating" is unbiblical. Courting is allowed _(like in the book of Ruth). Go out with someone with the intent to marry, from the start, not try before you buy.
Marvellous Anisere (8 days ago)
Mheeeeen... I disagree with girls DIRECTLY asking the guy out... She can make him know she's interested with her actions
Maria Elena (9 days ago)
new subscriber here! :) 🙌🏼
ObscurityIsBest (9 days ago)
This is really good worldly advice. (except for the part about finding your worth in God)
calvin tan (10 days ago)
Relatable #malerace
cowpoke02 (14 days ago)
ask you shale receive . takes a lot of no's to get a yes or see the signs .. nice you come across as boring .. i find christians very attractive. like catnip . your very nice and take car elf your selves usually and you have life philosophy on how world works and to live life if not to ver bored .. swear nice chick just hit on me or being nice i am nt sure . plus i didn't know age so i walked off . can tell the women so nice and such you scared to date them . you serve god so much and looking for commitment an such . guys feel pressure they don't want to take you off your path or ruin your life . haha/ enlightened people usually or some tyrant to far into mans version . great p[eople. nothing hotter nice lady . attractive . no wonder why you struggle so much . haha. acting all nice and good vibes .. recipe for love , friends feelings . feel comfy and safe .. one day i get carat christian probably . normal good woman is abouthte same thing . new movements are like more relaxed christians . they think reinventing the wheel with mindfulness and being more liberal . free people serve god and don't control others . live by advice form world history / holy spirirt . under stand life and philosophy .. can't live in world or have peace unless have a c creator . have rights . great video . good luck you two . beliefs give ya more stretch to stay on your path and not get lost and derailed . get there then can flail around a bit but on journey you meet your match faster than being lost looking and you get away from your life and goals . end up accomplishing nothing but getting used and into system of her people trying to survive instead of controlingyour own life taking charge .
cowpoke02 (14 days ago)
yeah talking to young probably pure chick i felt like sacrilegious sacrificing the young lamb cause older . but you should be think you jesus or lord for this gift .. rather be freinds . good person . hard to even ask do anteing fear of messing with gods child. haha.. life path . make anything positive and learn rom each other . creates positive things . not hurting any one and good intentions .. same prob las regular for your just more educated on how it works so sartenough to avoid grey area's lead to many bad situations . would be devine experience to be in love/ relations with devoted person .. rare life experience really for most people . thank you lord . haha .. dam being good . i found gotta break rules little to get the prize . to many rules limit chances .. gotta be worth it . i prefer clean cut people took more time it be easy to find a match . so fast it scrambles everything up .. then have to get over that then they dating another one .. todays world people trade in on weekend yu don't go out . some know whats going on some have no idea in under ground or in dark ... i enjoy responsible fun woman who understand how world works and pjiosphy in life .. be nice . most don't know anything . schools should teach commonsense / philopshpy , religion . real history . court simple court society rules . private and public, mindfulness kinda . kids new how to sue and learn simple law they end bullying . go to jail and pay fines to victim . but no .. so we get hell on earth . bad people hide behind laws . you have to future it out as you go with lies misinformation every where in every thing . lol. crazy .. take care /// makes you think a lot more .
Nada Colić (16 days ago)
This didn't help me... Sigh... I'm already like this...
Elizabeth Houghton (17 days ago)
your hair is so gorgeous
Beast Raps (19 days ago)
Another reason:We who were raised with feminist(aka:Family lies) ideas learnt it was rude to stare, objectify or bother so we stopped doing so out of respect (and sometimes as a convenient excuse).
happy (19 days ago)
okay I kind of expected this to be a cringy and cheesy (basically just weird), but I liked how they spoke and I REALLY like how they’re both very forward-thinking and open to new ideas !!
Saisai M (22 days ago)
nice tips
BROTHER TN (27 days ago)
Is James your machete?
Mystic Light (30 days ago)
I never had a boyfriend because my father was a major control freak . I didn’t starting dating really until my father died by then I was so shy I didn’t know how to interact with guys.
shadowgovernment3000 (7 days ago)
Mystic Light your dad wasn't a control freak, he didn't want you to go around like a whore.
soccerchick9841 (1 month ago)
I asked a great guy out a couple weeks ago. We went out on a date, and had a great time. We decided to be friends, but I’m so glad I asked him out. I’d definitely ask a guy out again, ladies DONT BE AFRAID. Most guys will be genuinely happy to be asked out.
Bekah L. (1 month ago)
Well, what if you get liked all the time by non-christian guys, but Christian ones never like you? I feel like I have a lot going for me, both spiritually and in general. Obviously we all have things we can improve on but I'm no worse than the next person.
cowpoke02 (14 days ago)
your probably more open and flirty with non guys . and more closed and such in church atmosphere . when shouldn't be since just looking for love or spouse . thank you jesus right .. haha. best place for you to mingle just be respectful . probably closed off and don't think about it . being community oriented and in public and in church events .. haha. i used to block and i was shy . open up . creates demand if being pursued or having fun then creating image and time could be running out . people want what they can't have , then you get more looks flirts options .. bad part is learn t ve successful don't fall to temptation .
Rachel T. (1 month ago)
Man, I can just see how much your husband loves you. I hope I have a person like that in my life soon.
Marisha Sanchez (1 month ago)
I feel this way now. Thank you for the encouragement @tiffanydawn
R L (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for this video! Really appreciate that you took the time to talk about this! Im in my early 20s and a lot of my friends are in relationships and we used to talk about this stuff together but now that they’ve found someone, it’s like they have forgotten what it was like to feel alone and insecure.. well at least that’s how I feel and I feel awkward talking to them about how I still feel like this when they’ve moved on, so I don’t anymore. It’s great you are so open about how the younger you felt, seriously! ❤️
danielle Tripkoff (1 month ago)
Some guys are afraid to ask a lady out because they are afraid of rejection. And vice versa. That is very true.😍
Maksimilian Bauer (1 month ago)
Are you a reverso couple? you both look like you weren't born the gender you're now trying to present.
VerdisQuo999 (13 days ago)
Come on, dude! She looks like an attractive woman.
Rainy Dayz (1 month ago)
The short of it is that guys just gave up 😂 they don’t care too continue trying anymore.
Emma T. (1 month ago)
The problem that I come across is that I have no idea where I can go and hang out to meet new people. I have been to several different Bible studies but end up not staying long at them due to the fact that I do not feel like I am being spiritually fed. Not sure what to do!
Ayse Aydemir (1 month ago)
That's why I always ask out first... Aaaand always get rejected
Mae Anderson (1 month ago)
Oh my gosh my misophonia and that bowl and fork! 😣 KILLING ME. Was so glad when he got done eating 😂 like what y’all had to say!! 😁
SomeRandomGuy988 (2 months ago)
I am way too autistic for relationships
Juno Lee (2 months ago)
Bruh the reason you didn't get asked out is cuz yo chin intimidating as hell, mma fighter lookin ass...
1CBRDUDE (2 months ago)
Why would any smart American man even look at American women with all this me too movement hell you women are not worth it. You women will end up alone with cats .
NegghaGozaranni (2 months ago)
Thank you so much. All your words help a lot. Do you know that? You guys are a blessing for me..
Sam P (2 months ago)
Haha I asked a guy out but then he rejected me. Difficult and painful but got over it pretty quick 😂
kingcoldva (2 months ago)
Damn!!! this comment section is ferocious.
Rob R (2 months ago)
Be more open, be less picky.
BEN PAUL ESHUN-WILSON (2 months ago)
I think rejection is actually not real. It's simple she didn't want to go with you . The word rejection just makes it's the situation worse.
C M (2 months ago)
Some people are loners or losers so if they have a lonely life they may see on the front that they would be uninteresting
Phore Whoresman (2 months ago)
We men have gotten tired if all the demands and expectations of women before a relationship even gets started. Add in the risk that comes with a relationship and it becomes a no brainier.
Shayman Plays (2 months ago)
You know maybe us guys dont want to be in a relationship with you for a few reasons: 1. MeToo movement 2. Marital courts are against men 3. If u keep asking her out you get called a creep 4. Girls say that they dont want boring guys but thats who the nice guys are. TY for reading this
Gray Ghost (2 months ago)
Guys going, M G T O W. They don't want to get involved with the entanglement of women.
Mark r (2 months ago)
I feel ur pain im 38 and never had a gf. Id be happy with just some friends to hang out with but nobody even wants to do that.
D B (2 months ago)
We don’t ask you out because we don’t like getting rejected
Booboobear2388 (2 months ago)
Because 80% of the women are going after 20% of the top guys (because every woman thinks she's "worth it"). If a guy has average looks and doesn't make a high 6 figure income, he is considered a "loser" and flat out of luck. Most women aren't going to give him the time of day. Then the women complain "there are no guys out there" or "why don't guys ask me out?" The average guys DID ask them out but the women shut them down. Well BOOHOO! It's your own fault for being so $%#@ picky!
Nicholas O'Brien (2 months ago)
The guy sitting there like a pathetic beta cuck is the definition of a loser, just chewing the popcorn and giving her looks of “oh I didn’t know how much this or that mattered” why is he even there?
Aurora Aurora (2 months ago)
Hey dude! Are you going to finish that? 😋
Steve Gerardy (2 months ago)
She is not as shy as a person would think!
Steve Gerardy (2 months ago)
Most men walk around like we are invisable. Women find this out when they hit the Wall.
Ruben Soto (2 months ago)
It would help me out if I could discover Paradise Island.
dead magpie (2 months ago)
The thing is that how you view yourself pertains to what others think of you for example beating yourself up or putting yourself down is a clear indicator you have low self-esteem it's noticeable in most people who have that mannerism so be genuine and authentic no man on this earth will approach a girl who is uncertain in her own understandings
john78tv (2 months ago)
This might seem random, but one of the traps I keep falling into is falling for women who are attractive, but far from godly. I keep praying to God to change my heart to pursue a godly women - even if they're not attractive, a good godly woman is to be praised!!
Richmond Riddle (2 months ago)
My advice for single christians is... stay single, don't date, and please don't have any kids, we don't need more of you Jesus freaks breeding. Hail Satan!
Your Nightmare (2 months ago)
Becouse you look like guy
shankster (2 months ago)
Cut back on the bible thumping and see what happens. You might be surprised. No one wants to date someone who lives in a fantasy world.
Mr crazy vid (2 months ago)
beta cucks
-070- (2 months ago)
well you both ugly so you guys fit well
Boots (2 months ago)
Women and their unbelievable and unrealistic expectations of what there man should be and how he should act are huge reasons why men are fed up and would rather play with a rattler than god forbid approach the modern woman! Buh Bye!
T Bag (2 months ago)
You missed number 4) - why doesn't anyone give a shit??
After Math (2 months ago)
lose the glasses seriously, your face looks like a pear
Seth E (2 months ago)
Well! This is the very same thing that I have gone through for 12 years!
TXraindear (2 months ago)
God Damn, those tits...
Marcus Pingitore (2 months ago)
Guys sometimes are really bad at reading hints, just be blunt.
evil UFO (2 months ago)
BorderGuards (2 months ago)
You're ugly, that's why. But at least you have tits.
Steve Hunt (2 months ago)
Your prettu cute
Steve Hunt (2 months ago)
I'd go out with you in school
TasteMyStinkhole (2 months ago)
This is like a horrible infomercial. Dude needs to remove the stupid eddie munster hair point from his forehead... makes him look like he's going bald. As a side note, religitardation is a cancerous, brain destroying thought disease, passed from ignorant parent to idiot child while (1) the child has an undeveloped brain entirely incapable of intellectually challenging the b.s. they are being fed, and (2) the child accepts every word from a parent as 100% truth... which BTW is why so many kids need therapy when they grow up. So odd to me that religitards embrace their stupidity and never even remotely consider taking college level classes in formal logic. So odd to me that adults in society don't DEMAND that every K-12 school teach formal logic as early and often as possible. Really disgusting backwards society we live in.
NoisySplatter (2 months ago)
Nobody likes you because you can't get over your imaginary friend
Michael Goodman (2 months ago)
Impossible to date anyone who actually believes the earth is only 4,000 years old. Or who believes 2 of every animal lived on a boat, or that a man actually lived in the belly of a fucking whale. Women are so stuck and self absorbed, men are just fed up with their shit.
dagnabit27851 (2 months ago)
I love that James is frequently just sitting there chowing down and dropping nuggets of wisdom here and there for the rest of us to nibble on.
Jimmy South (2 months ago)
The reason these amazing girls are not getting asked out. The ones that you speak of, is fairly simple. Men don't want to be falsely accused of sexual harassment including false rape allegations. Most men have come to the conclusion that if they get married there is a very good chance of getting divorced raped in the corrupt family court system. I hope it works out for you James. The odds are stacked against you, especially if your wife spends a lot of time on the internet. Good luck!
Jason U (2 months ago)
I think he agrees with everything you are saying, lol
ThePeacemaker848 (2 months ago)
You gotta make eye contact and smile ladies. Even the players won't waste to much time cold approaching girls who put out the signals that they are not available.
Gibbon (25 days ago)
I'm not getting any signals, i'm stupid as bucket.
Matt Petersen (2 months ago)
Female nicegirls/incels? what? i have never heard of such a thing!
Ace Report (2 months ago)
It’s probably not you, its the current “climate” that makes dating impossible. The juice isn’t worth the squeeze. Thank feminism for your loneliness. You can always become gay and marry a woman.
Dev Rifter (2 months ago)
how about being light speed ugly?The dude must have beening thinkg , FUCK she has choosen me becasue she had no better option, BUTTT...... if there was.....
Chat Cat (2 months ago)
I'm a cat.
Gibbon (25 days ago)
Probably yes
Erivelton Lima Sobrinho (2 months ago)
Most men fear to approach women not because of the possibility of failure but because of the possibility of being hummiliated in public.Some women love doing that.If you do not correspont to a guy's feeling, try to tell that in a more respectfull manner.Thus the guy will learn from the experience and go for somebody else.It's simple.
Gibbon (25 days ago)
Yeah shaming is the worst thing
Agent1W (2 months ago)
I'm not looking for sex; that's the only reason I'm not going to ask a woman out. There is no such thing as not-in-it-for-sex dating. God's word is very clear about fornication which is what it's ultimately going to be because I know how the world really works. Back when I was younger, I tried to look for a way to just court a woman "hassle free" but it NEVER works that way. Many would argue it was never intended to work that way. And I had nobody teach me that wasn't the true purpose of dating someone; I had to learn it on my own. She's ultimately going to give her time, that is her "business", to a man of a completely different mindset than I who's going to do more, pay more, and give more to expedite more intimate arrangements. I simply refuse to get intimate with a woman I do not intend to marry. In other words, I'm not a fully cooked, ready-to-go meal any lady can pick up at the grocery store to have for dinner the same night or perhaps the day after, but a cold piece of raw fresh meat: you have to put in all the time and prep all from scratch to ultimately get in the end a far superior supper than what the inferior STORE cranks out en masse. From the times I have dated, women move too fast for my tastes, and that might be that I move too slow for their tastes. But think of it this way: if any given woman wouldn't wait one entire month for me to make a decision, what makes me think she'll put up with me 'N' years after the knot is tied? My advice is: you better know what you're trying to buy, ladies, which can't be too hard since you do more consumer spending than men(chuckles).
Kasey Daisy (2 months ago)
I think maybe I'll just become a lesbian. Or a nun.
tomz1daful (2 months ago)
Most men are invisible to women. They want the "666" dude: 6 feet tall 6 pack abs 6 figure income Most Christian women will "feel gross" after a few years whenever their husband touches them. They've changed. In divorce, ladies, the shed Precious blood of JESUS will allow you to emotionally and financially devastate your husband without consequences in a divorce. Make things up if you have to. Whatever it takes to make it happen. WE BELIEVE YOU! It's why Christianity is a great religion! Find that good guy, ladies, and you'll know what to do and how to do it. Pax vobiscum'
Repent and Believe (2 months ago)
tomz1daful I agree
Anonymous Beast (3 months ago)
As a man. Your husband knows what's up
Leida Oseilian (3 months ago)
xybersurfer (3 months ago)
seems like good dating advice mostly regardless of it being christian
NoExit NoProblem (3 months ago)
1) Feminism has wrecked everything about dating. 2) I am afraid of approaching women, because I could be easily accused of sexual misconduct (when nothing was said or done negatively), now its guilty until proven innocent. 3) Technology has created an almost impossible barrier, as fewer and fewer people want to actually TALK FACE TO FACE. 4) Whats the incentive to dating/marriage anyway, cause women get more then half of WHAT YOU worked for, if your partner initiates a divorce. 5) It seems women in general have UNREALISTIC expectations, like prince charming/white knight figures. 6) There seems to be fewer marriage minded individuals and everyone just seems to want to sleep around. 7) I have made numerous attempts at asking Christian women out only to get shut down via cold shoulder/weird responses. 8) If you don't drink/go to the bar, where do you go to meet Christian women anyway? Stats seem the following: All the good ones are either: Taken, Dead, Old enough to be my grandma, Not interested, because church? Who goes to church anymore (I am 28 by the way and I still go to church, NO LUCK AT ALL). And don't say just wait, because what you really should say is you just need to be at the right place at the right time./end of rant.
Repent and Believe (3 months ago)
I agree with what you're saying.
seventhz777z (3 months ago)
If someone is asking themselves the question why are men not asking women out, they should follow up that question with another question: Why would a man ask a woman out? Men are not asking women out anymore because a lot of them do not see any value in it. One reason men see no value in relationships is because women see no value in men outside of being a provider. Our culture is changing for the worst for men when it comes to relationships. Women say men are 100% responsible for initiating a relationship then categorize men as predators and criminals when they flirt with a woman to initiate a conversation. Men will and are going to stop approaching women all together. That has nothing to do with any woman putting herself out there and appearing approachable. Men are viewing women today as dangerous to talk to. Women are dangerous to be alone with. When "Making the first move" is considered sexual assault, why would any smart man put himself in such a position? Men are not asking women out because our culture demonizes men for doing so. When women such as Brie Larson tweet comments like "I merely smiled at a TSA agent and he asked for my phone number. To live life as a woman is to live life on the defense" says to men that being approachable (in Bries case, smiling at a man) where a he feels confident enough approach her and ask her out (IE ask for her number) puts women on the defense and views him as a predator. When the media reinforces this sentiment, why would any man ask any woman out?
Repent and Believe (3 months ago)
I agree
Fun View (3 months ago)
Guys are afraid to ask girls out because they get accused of sexual harassment from which they get black marked and ostracised from society/careers/opportunities.
Brolly MothaFucka (3 months ago)
And girls only fear rejection from the guys they want to date. But its not like theyre not being approached. Guys get regected and overlooked everyday depending on your status.
Brolly MothaFucka (3 months ago)
Just as I confirmed. If youre not 6'3 chad or tyrone no one wants you. And I guess now you have to play a guitar lol.
drifter grey (3 months ago)
Dude gets an actual lunch break from work...must be nice. Just pick up a guitar and try it, it's not impossible.
K Lel (3 months ago)
Ugh, why did you settle for a short man? idk girl if he aint over 6'2 he shouldnt be alive tbh.
Repent and Believe (3 months ago)
+AZTL agreed 100 percent xd
Repent and Believe (3 months ago)
Oh no you didn't just say that. Says the elephant who can't get a man.
AZTL (3 months ago)
+K Lel 5'4 is average in most countries
K Lel (3 months ago)
5'4? smh you dont want a woman you want a midget XD
AZTL (3 months ago)
+Gloria D. wear stilts lil dude or boots
Dimitri Pehlivanidis (3 months ago)
becuase me too
kg062007 (3 months ago)
Is she trans? Her jaw is so huge and masculine
Jacinta Berylz (13 days ago)
You realise she's pregnant right???
Repent and Believe (3 months ago)
Thomas Hoffman (3 months ago)
You can thank the #metoo movement for putting the fear of being destroyed being the reason men dont ask women out as much. The only way things will get better is if this movement is shut down. No man wants to be falsely accused of rape , and become victimized. At any moment that nice girl could join the cult of man haters called feminists and accuse one of rape/harrassment. Thats just the obvious problem, there are many more.
antihackergrl 31now32 (3 months ago)
You know it doesn't take me much energy to get guys to approach me because I don't look for them, but that's one trait that could be a turn off for a guy, sometimes a little bit to much confidence, or bitterness can be a turn off. I think this old cat lady, scared me out of being bitter though, she cursed out three clerks and they had to ban her from our store. She reminded me of Cinderella's step mother. Friendliness is probably the most important part, and telling a joke once in awhile, that cheers people up too.
Misa Amane (3 months ago)
I've not had luck getting a partner. I think I always set the bar too high and looked for the most beautiful and intelligent girl (in that order). Not been able to find one yet. I doubt they exist. Most of the beautiful girls have a lot of ideas in their head and want too much from a guy, or that's the feeling I get.
Stan Smith (3 months ago)
If no ones coming into your business then maybe you forgot to put the "Open" sign out
Arcosian Cosine (3 months ago)
Metoo. Feminism. MGTOW. You women have made the simple act of asking you out a sexual harassment liability now you're reaping what you sowed.
Coi Pansat (3 months ago)
because your ugly AF
Dr Metal (3 months ago)
Not Christian, but the best advice I could give a girl is to show that you are interested in their hobbies/interests. It is always better to get to know them and be friends with them before dating so that you know the good and bad qualities that they have. Being "friendly" does not tell a guy that you are interested in them. If you like music, go to local shows. Do you like video-games, anime, comics, etc. If you like science, there are events for that too. . Go to stuff like comic con. Guys like doing things/hobbies, so all you need is to find a place that allows people to meet with that particular interest. Also, plenty of girls act friendly, yet give a nasty, disgusted look when you ask them out like you took a crap right in front of her or something. Sure, being nice may help, but it doesn't tell a guy if you are interested or what your intentions will be if he does ask you out. I've asked plenty of girls out on dates and spent the money only to find out that what I did for them was all that they wanted from me. You have to be open to doing things that don't cost money, so that he also knows that you are interested in him as a person and not what he can do for you.
cowpoke02 (14 days ago)
yup .. you never date . like like going to hostels traveling . you visit tourist spots together build friendship and memories that build feelings . be careful who jabbing out with it scares away opputurnety case people think hookingup dating . plus develop feelings . life trap is friend them . then they eventually fall in love with ya . get foot in the door . friends with people like or possibly date if things go south .. i bought this information . get a pool they come over for a swim . get horse pets ... no pressure or date they just visiting for fun and animals . then just happens . if you ask on date they run away . feel like have to get married . haha
Repent and Believe (3 months ago)
I agree
Bander Man (3 months ago)
When did women ever buy into the myth they are somehow immune from rejection? It's part of life. Ask any guy.
4Research 007 (3 months ago)
Rule #1 Never eat on video
Nick Williamson (3 months ago)
Ultra religious here peeps. Kinda scary. I believe in taking more responsibility and not throwing everything on the big one upstairs. That could be a factor. Just saying. And yep if the ladies actually didn't make me do everything including reading subtle signals that go completely over my head, I probably wouldn't have chickened out so much. Nor would I have made things awkward if ladies were more direct and forthright. No sympathy for me plz. 29 and single. I've long since let myself go and in today's society I'm mostly red pill/MGTOW. Just throwing in for younger dudes who have a chance of coming around. Big thing though! Loyalty and fidelity in today's society go a loooong way! A lot of women haven't been playing that. And it's perfectly necessary to expect the same in your man. But what do I know😁 I never had a girlfriend. Peace!😎
cowpoke02 (14 days ago)
all in your openness; glance first they turn away then look back and smile . mean interested . they face you directly while doing eye flirt . stand facing you it means single .. body language .. look into how women think , pick em up . how to act so the attract . learn how to help odds pick up one you like . learn they signs .. don't worry if they say no . before we know it we old .. women love older guys as well . more mature .. they learn from you . mind set .. good luck .. do vacations backpacking hostels . church groups over sea's projects .... just go to peru . many hot women there . nice too . they are heavy christian or so as well. look at to world wide .. don't let your ultra religion be over bearing . they like t have fun .. i was stuck in dead end place . not many options .. i went on one trip i found out women very where and good women . out number guys .. couldn't believe it man. good luck see the faith .. see why you want religious one. h=gonna get married you want faithful hard working woman . grow up in this system they have grounded life style .. less likely to have a break up over created problems or the people interfering ..

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