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Super Mario World Ultra secret level

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Antônio Bordin neto (5 days ago)
Porque você apagou meu comentário você pensa que eu não sei abrir essa fase facil
DudeTheNinja (7 days ago)
Even though I'm typing 12 years from the upload date, this video still seems really neat (and damn convincing). The poor video quality just adds to the convincingness, because you can't tell if this is doctored footage or not, and modding SMW probably wasn't a massive thing then.
Antônio Bordin neto (21 days ago)
Pois eu posso afirmar que são 114 fases não 96
Antônio Bordin neto (21 days ago)
Para salvar as outras telas devem relar nas moedas certa na quantidade certa pra depois apertar o P suyte e assim entrar na portinha que aparece aí passar no outro portal assim depois que passar no outro portal abre a fase
Antônio Bordin neto (23 days ago)
Essa tela é verdadeira é uma delas
Antônio Bordin neto (26 days ago)
São 114 telas
hrvyss (1 month ago)
DEVIN POHL (2 months ago)
Nice mod
Steveluvscows (2 months ago)
This is fake, but I must say, it's fairly well done.
LucasMegaStriker (3 months ago)
Good time when i watched it yeeeears ago and tried do the same thing on my snes. Screw you lunar magic! 😂
nunca pure engender por que hay nachos hacks hay uno que dice star road y este ???
AD RC (4 months ago)
Angelica Vega (7 months ago)
Al llegar al supuesto nivel secreto te saca del nivel por limites del secreto
19Mangle87 (7 months ago)
GabrielCamilo5 (7 months ago)
Omg so fake.
Alberi Rego (7 months ago)
Fake ;-;
Matt T (8 months ago)
When I was a kid I tried going through those item blocks myself😂
Marco Ferenandez (8 months ago)
I rememeber googling the websites showned on the video.. first boobies i seen in my life😂
Pura mierda
Norika Hernandez (9 months ago)
cree que puede trollear :v
Ben Donovan (9 months ago)
It's too blurry.
game4brains 123 (10 months ago)
Ah, 2007. A year when Nintendo was making a sudden comeback after nearly a decade of ridicule, when people lost their shit over a Canadian man screaming at a cartoon cactus, and when people believed that 240p was acceptable video quality for a YouTube video.
Briskæt (10 months ago)
I remember this video and me trying to get to that area x'DDD
Julio Cesar López Ruiz (10 months ago)
my gosh!!! thought it was fake!!! 😱
Juan Victor (11 months ago)
11 years ago! Goddamn!
god of poland P (11 months ago)
Rom hack...
sheenix (11 months ago)
It is real. It's still a hack.
Pozhilov YT (11 months ago)
SilverBYTE (11 months ago)
Hack :3
dawi 475 (11 months ago)
are you kidding me?
Keith Rumer (1 year ago)
Jmalbros 04 (1 year ago)
That s not work
relKa (1 year ago)
years and years ago i tried jumping into that invisible pipe for an hour hello 2017
I wish this was on the GBA version...
Yves Xavier Nishiyama (1 year ago)
it work guys!!!!... the dislike button works!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dellnello753 (1 year ago)
Idk why but this video scared me as a child
Leytendo Bros (1 year ago)
We all know it's fake so just shut up now, ok?
Mary Pereira (1 year ago)
Mais fake do que a teoria da terra plana
Thundrex (1 year ago)
Does anyone have a download link to this rom hack? or at least the patch?
The Green HYPERsphere (1 year ago)
Fake and gay
I remember watching this one. Sadly this is fake, but that can be imitated through ASM hacking...
Jennifer Allen (1 year ago)
That's Unused!
esto es mas fake que luigi en super mario 64
Micky Azulay (1 year ago)
if i get a dollar on every pixel in this damn fake video, i'd have 1 rupee.
Erick gamer (1 year ago)
Men tira
ChurriFMA (1 year ago)
woah no zavía ezo inprezionante lo intentare en mi juego mario de mi znez jeje ;D
david slimeking (1 year ago)
and rom?
Marmori Pelaa :o (1 year ago)
the uploader was 20 days too late. :)
Emir Mapping (1 year ago)
CrumblyIgloo (1 year ago)
It's a ROM hack.
it's a me sebas blade (1 year ago)
Ratón morido 5 XD (1 year ago)
cuanto tiempo ha pasado :'v
Jam Pack (1 year ago)
Anyone else spent hours and hours when they were little on their GBA when they're young?
If I had a dollar for every pixel in this video I'd have 75 cents.
Rebel Fleet Trooper (2 years ago)
It's pretty strange, but cool!
dennyfrontier (2 years ago)
Scyhh (2 years ago)
Who remembers the laser suit
Wilfred Cthulu (2 years ago)
TV Tropes brought me back.
Unraised Gaming (5 months ago)
Tvtropes brought me too execpt i never watched this before.
Wil Mustaine (2 years ago)
isso e fake ne ??
GreenMario70 (2 years ago)
Não, porque é uma Rom hack.
Will Oliveira (2 years ago)
claro kkkkkkk
J_Crackers (2 years ago)
I think its real but just a hack or fangame
Ryan Foxcroft (2 years ago)
You can tell it's a hack because he went into a pipe you can't see so yes this is obviously fake!!!!!
eltiolavara9 (1 year ago)
congratulations you're very smart you get a gold medal
J M (2 years ago)
Norika Hernandez (2 years ago)
is false
Im A Yoshi (2 years ago)
I bet little kids at the time like me would believe that.... Internet never changes!
Marco Ferenandez (2 years ago)
i hella tried going on that damn island, i even asked my dad when i was a kid :((
Unraised Gaming (5 months ago)
I don't think your dad plays video games son.
Dave Ra (2 years ago)
This is a hack.
Silva Teixeira (2 years ago)
Há muitos anos atrás eu vi esse video e tentei fazer milhares de vezes, até que descobri que era falso...
star road (2 months ago)
a chance é de 1/1000 ou seja 0,1% vá tentando que você irá conseguir seu puto
Skid J. SpeedArts (2 years ago)
vc tem q olha pra cima pula e dar o pulo de giro
MoonPie Addiction (2 years ago)
didnt anyone notice the laser suit makes mario look like proto mario?
Nintendo Gaming (1 year ago)
What laser suit
Ryan Foxcroft (2 years ago)
Sebastian Sandoval I did
yaro michiels (2 years ago)
it is fake
100% real no fake!!! OMG
(Speak Spanish) I knew it knew there was a level thought there my imagination
GMT (2 years ago)
Omg I actuly did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used the buttons
Alan Nunn (2 years ago)
Chase Bailey how ?
GMT (2 years ago)
On my phone and nintendo
soulbacon999 (2 years ago)
which platform?
Glitch the Kitten (2 years ago)
mod search it up I have the mod
dreamers242 (2 years ago)
what is it called
Nicolas Caressani (2 years ago)
Me encantaría que el Laser Suit fuese real
Nermal Cat (2 years ago)
This video brings back so much memories from the old YouTube. :D
Meguinha (2 years ago)
Dreamscape picablu mewtree pokegods ;-;
hhh thiti (2 years ago)
q mentira do capeta e a minha mãe falo desse item acho q e vdd
Lucia Moncada (2 years ago)
Agent LokVokun Vokun (2 years ago)
The display rez if the SNES was 256x224 to 512x448, the fact this was recorded in 2007 with uber potato quality blows my mind.
CaioNV (2 years ago)
It's 2016 and people think they actually are smart for knowing this is fake. Back in 2007, this video fooled a lot of people. Even though it's incredible easy for people watching to simply boot up Super Mario World and notice this level doesn't exist whatsoever, the first reaction of people upon watching this is "OMGWTFBBQ" and the rumor spreads like wildfire. Existence of basic ROM editors wasn't such common sense, neither was so basic the idea of making a YouTube video with low resolution to troll the entire world.
Donkey Kongh (1 year ago)
DarkLink1996 (1 year ago)
Something you gotta remember, back then, this wasn't low res.
Sulíban Pérez (2 years ago)
Juan Figueroa (2 years ago)
2016 :v
eltiolavara9 (2 years ago)
it's been 9 years and there are still people commenting "FAKE" ahh i love youtube never change
Fenrir World-Eater (5 months ago)
i was gonna say i dont remember that level looking like that, glad i checked out the comments
Fabio Borgia (11 months ago)
eltiolavara9 ma come si fa ?
I’m still salty about this one. It was like 6 years ago and I still haven’t let it go :) Do you know how many times I banged Mario’s head on that fuckin block.
uriel cano (1 year ago)
Cloud2gud hahaha so now you are big bucks? Hahahaha
ElementoSphere (1 year ago)
CJ G It was probs done with a corruptor
Musion Project (2 years ago)
como eu consigo esse mod?
Gabriel Barsch (2 years ago)
fake and gay
Alexandre Silva (2 years ago)
lmao when i was little i got pissed because i couldnt do it and i didnt even realize this was a troll
gassug 2 (2 years ago)
Kinda sad he didn't put a rom download or at least an IPS patch, I really wanna wreck bowser with that powerup.
how could u hack an old game
gassug 2 (2 years ago)
That's how they did it back in the days, Lunar Magic came out around 2006-2007 and began production in 2000. So....yeah, I didn't exist probably around these days, but I am still unsure.
JamDoggie (2 years ago)
+Lailo lunacy ORRRRR you could just use lunar magic
Lailo lunacy (2 years ago)
+Shuttlecock&longdickjohn u can do it by Re Writing On the EPROM Memory From The Cartige, Building a Custom Eprom Port and erasing the Memory With UV light You Can Use any Old Cartige Erase Original game and reWrite any other Snes Game in to it, Like If you had Aladdin and wanted Killer Instinct Just do this Hack and you Rewrite Killer Instinct Into it, done it before
Sergio Juarez (2 years ago)
zzzZZZUUUPPPPPEEERRRR fake this is a mod idiot
Emiliano Gutierrez (2 years ago)
Meguinha (2 years ago)
Essa foi a bait do século namoral
Antônio Bordin neto (26 days ago)
São 114 telas essa fase é verdadeira as outras telas pra salvar são sequência de moedas na quantidade cera
Meguinha (2 years ago)
+Geovane Moraes mano eu lembro que eu falei pra todos os meus amigos da escola sobre esse vídeo quando eu vi ele, ai quando eu fui tentar e vi que não era verdade fiquei mo triste mano kkkkkkkkkkkkkk
lokitalores (3 years ago)
Killshot Supreme (3 years ago)
I've been trying to jump into those two fucking blocks for like 20 minutes. Should have read the comments earlier.
Exuu :P (3 years ago)
medic (3 years ago)
nah its real g
Tsukiyomaru Zero (3 years ago)
Shoco462 (3 years ago)
Gledson Pereira (3 years ago)
Shoco462 (3 years ago)
+Gledson Silva no crap
Muhan C.A. (3 years ago)
Cool, that trick is from "Super Mario Fraud" a game of Fake-ira Toriyama.
crazycarlos08 (3 years ago)
I actually thought this was real when I first saw it. I actually literally wrote steps on how to get to it! xD
ShowToddSomeLove (3 years ago)
yeah, this is real. It doesn't work on emulators though, the game has copy protection.
Jer (3 years ago)
it is fake i tried so FAKE!
Shoco462 (3 years ago)
+Jeremy Dewald no crap
Steven Harris (3 years ago)
This is fake! Its a roam hack.
HomestarVR (3 years ago)
+Steven Harris hey everybody its a roam hack! no but seriously, its ROM hack!
Shoco462 (3 years ago)
+Steven Harris no crap

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