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Naruto Shippuuden Movie 6:Road To Ninja (Dub)

1376 ratings | 75731 views
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Text Comments (194)
Kuwaitic (1 hour ago)
pastorsahra (15 hours ago)
Geez sakura at the beginnings of the movie she forces naruto to date her why sakura in the episode you hate naruto Edit: I mean episode version of naruto sakura hates him
Cory Kearse (18 hours ago)
What I want to know is why they attack all of the akatsuki head on even if they were all fake like didnt it take at least 6 episodes to kill all of them
nin vattanak (1 day ago)
So where is naruto brother knohonaru
ThompsonHailey (1 day ago)
I feel like I shouldn’t watch this bc im still at the beginning of the war in Shippuden. But I reallly want toooo.
Ajei Tanglao (2 days ago)
Harnoor Singh (2 days ago)
1:36:25 Deja-vu
Mohamad A7A (2 days ago)
Obito scares to face itachi even though in the world that was created by obito himself, i think itachi #1 shinobi
Mohamad A7A (2 days ago)
Tsunade has no boobs in this movie, kakashi is cheerful and neji finally understand what byakugan true use 😂
Mohamad A7A i'm proud of Neji and upset of him at the same
blah blah channel (2 days ago)
Cool anime 👌👍😎
Alexander Luna (2 days ago)
11:51 my room
Sai anime guy (2 days ago)
4:20 i knew sakura had a big ass forhead but not a HUGE ASS FCKIN HEAD
Armon Chapman (2 days ago)
So the nine tails the won who killed naruto parents well used to be fan of kurma but not anymore😢😢
xxhayonaxx hayona (3 days ago)
Where is hinata
SolyZed (3 days ago)
At the end made me cry but im just happy that naruto is happy
I Realy cried
goober reviews (3 days ago)
Sob sob sob boo who who welcome home naruto happy ending lol I live naruto big fan
Patience Baldwin (3 days ago)
Alert alert naruto the in prepared idiot has struck
Action channel KING (3 days ago)
24:48 What in the world is he doing?
Action channel KING he's using his Byakugan to peek on the girls
Action channel KING (2 days ago)
+Mah Boi Has Returned In A New Account yes
Action channel KING who? Neji?
Cosmix GT (4 days ago)
Sakura- IM NOT A LITTLE KID ANYMORE *(runs to playground and swings on swing)*
Gush 35z (4 days ago)
He sounds like Airsoftfatty a little bit
Kuwaitic (4 days ago)
45:08 Boruto?????
Ajei Tanglao (4 days ago)
jh Hall (4 days ago)
This movie made me 😭 cry
Reek (4 days ago)
Even in a alternate dimension Minato is still a badas*.
Reek (4 days ago)
Kushina's hair can defy gravity. Me: WHAT THE FU
Edgar Trevino (4 days ago)
I'm so surprised didera called that "too artsy"
Shanel Balfour (5 days ago)
You can add naruto to do rasingan
Shanel Balfour (5 days ago)
Kimmie Nguyen (5 days ago)
I bet sakura's parents photoshoped the jonin clothes on to sakura because they cheap
Sauce Gaming (5 days ago)
Can anyone tell me how to watch naruto English dub
Lebronisagoat RIAB (2 days ago)
deangelo Void (3 days ago)
Ajei Tanglao (5 days ago)
Ajei Tanglao (5 days ago)
Ajei Tanglao (5 days ago)
Ajei Tanglao (5 days ago)
Daphne Gonzalez (5 days ago)
Gaming and Vlogs (6 days ago)
COOKIE_SWEAT12 (6 days ago)
Wow... I thought Naruto was going to kill me with that kunai. *The next time you do it Naruto, please be more careful*
Evan Tapayan (7 days ago)
Stipan Probojcevic (8 days ago)
1:17:11 kisameee 💗💗
Dana Mayer (8 days ago)
I love sakura so much
Joshny Denis (1 day ago)
I cant agree srry
D L (9 days ago)
this movie is a masterpiece.
esther james (9 days ago)
Do your best menma!
Super Secret (9 days ago)
Lets be real, even though the Akatsuki showing up didn't make a whole lot of sense everyone still wanted to see this fight badly!
Super Secret (9 days ago)
4:10 "My name is-" I was laughing so hard!
Omega Ultra pyro (9 days ago)
At least Choji didn’t say drag
Yui Zeftaria (10 days ago)
I REALLY FELT EVERY EMOTIONS IN THIS MOVIE😭😭😭...Its soo true n beautiful.. luv it😎
NARUTO LOVER #1 (10 days ago)
(Me during 1:17:21) AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! 😖😖😖😆😆😆 YES!!!!!!!!!!!! then my parents yell from downstairs, "What are you screaming about?!" Me: oops! srry!
Marcus Li (11 days ago)
1:42:36 And Naruto is like, I wanna have a family too....
Marcus Li (11 days ago)
So suprised to see Naruto as the opposite world's bad guy XD
Marcus Li (11 days ago)
Omg Great Rasen Ring is like a nuke
Dylan Estrada (11 days ago)
i was crying most the movie 😭
Marcus Li (11 days ago)
B R I T T A N I A (4 days ago)
Look at 59:15 ... 🤦🏾‍♀️
Marcus Li (11 days ago)
1:56 The village is gone, Kurama is OP
CDG_Cool Melo (11 days ago)
So much for their date
Racicot Dos (11 days ago)
yeah its in English
kimaraobisbo53 obisbo (12 days ago)
It's a star war
Anime Extreme 428 (12 days ago)
свинг Y (12 days ago)
The beginning was a little too sad
Naurto Uzumaki (12 days ago)
I'm so impatient
Naurto Uzumaki (12 days ago)
Dad No but ur a badass I love u for that 😭😭😭😭
CDG_Cool Melo (12 days ago)
15:12 Jesus Sakura
Keegan Davis (12 days ago)
I think the movie was great
Bj Moffett (14 days ago)
42:39 I am left
prestige xan (15 days ago)
Imagine if these niggas were in the tournament of power 😂
Dusted turtle (15 days ago)
That's why he sounded like naruto I thought he just had a sore throat
Wanted Marlin (15 days ago)
Any1 know that principal perry from lab rats, VOICES NARUTO?!
Wanted Marlin (12 days ago)
Ha probably, I actually don’t watch NARUTO. I watch stuff like norgami and one punch man but I have no idea how NARUTO WEEABOOS are
Snipingtamale (12 days ago)
I bet every naruto fan knew.
Dragon slayer 31 (17 days ago)
This is the best anime, GOAT
Ansaris Ali (4 days ago)
No dragon ball is but this is the second best
Ana Martinez (17 days ago)
Nine tailed best
A. NAONE (18 days ago)
Evil mask guy sounds like naruto😂 maybe hes the real menma😱😅
Nita Quitorio (18 days ago)
Bryce Bethea (19 days ago)
Canon kakashi: KAMUI! Movie kakashi: Kamu wha-
BlazeBlueFire (19 days ago)
2019 hello??
cillian smith (19 days ago)
Thanks for posting this for free
sasha Wills (19 days ago)
This was such a good Movie! You the best, The Shadow
Purple Banana (19 days ago)
Thx for giving the whole movie this is great!!!!
STrIkezz _ (20 days ago)
10/10 good movie
Mario Castro (20 days ago)
in 1:25 sakura sed boruto
Naruto uzamaki (20 days ago)
And naruto is the best even tho he says bad words and kakashi sounds like guy and that pig....ew xD
Naruto uzamaki (20 days ago)
What a pity?????????
Naruto uzamaki (20 days ago)
Two naruto?!?
Pineapple Tree (20 days ago)
Sasuke reminds of the pervy sage 😅😅😅 Man I was laughing I couldn't stop thinking about it tho 😂
Super Secret (9 days ago)
+Darth Alexandros Yeah you're right. It makes you wonder what happened in this world to the Uchiha clan though.
Darth Alexandros (15 days ago)
Sasuke is more of a playboy in this. Neji in this seems more of like pervy sage.
Naruto uzamaki (20 days ago)
Naruto uzamaki (20 days ago)
I’m crying so badly when mintato and kushina dies
Naruto uzamaki (20 days ago)
Naruto uzamaki (20 days ago)
Why obito why u hurt the leaf village I thought u were kakashis friend
Lethal Corruption (14 days ago)
If your serious look at obito back line obito came at the wrong moment and saw kakashi kill Rin by accident since they were being chased by ninja since rin was a tail beast obito from that moment said there something wrong with the shinobi world
Brandon Zhong (21 days ago)
During the nine tails battle I couldn’t tell who was who xD
Mauricio Cruz (21 days ago)
who tf put water in my eyes at the end
ceulian tha (6 days ago)
Tumor Eater (21 days ago)
how tf is this still up
Brandon Zhong (21 days ago)
Is this after naruto controlled the nine tails?
The Juicy Jedi jester (15 days ago)
+Brandon Zhong Yeah and he unlocked a chakra mode which does not have in this film. That's a plot hole of the film. Naruto is still placed after he beat nagato yet knows his mom when he shouldn't. This film makes no sense.
Brandon Zhong (15 days ago)
No if u watch the naruto series naruto harnessed the power by his help by the mom and he also met his mom for the first time when she helped naruto and naruto knows who his mom in the movie
The Juicy Jedi jester (15 days ago)
+Brandon Zhong No it's obvious this is before.
Brandon Zhong (15 days ago)
Boi this is after he harnessed because he knows who’s his mom is
The Juicy Jedi jester (15 days ago)
Obviously not fam
Ceeday 2 (22 days ago)
15:13 Idk if that's how it works 😂😂😂
yaboilarry larry (22 days ago)
I fucking love you
Nicolas Collini (23 days ago)
Iruka is the best dad in the hidden leaf.
Frizzy With Glasses (23 days ago)
Who came here from Anime Fanz?
Enzo Pacheco (23 days ago)
59:15 such a player 😂🤣
Super Secret (9 days ago)
Sasuke is actually hilarious
Uman Kaur (22 days ago)
Enzo Pacheco Terible
Zatapz Zz (24 days ago)
So nobody's ganna talk about neji checking out his cousin
Kareem Brock (14 days ago)
Zatapz Zz facts
Ken Kaneki (20 days ago)
Fr tho
The Juicy Jedi jester (21 days ago)
It's just a gag for shippers. It's just like how in the sd series neji gets so protective of hinata it almost seems like he loves her romantically.
The Juicy Jedi jester (21 days ago)
+hagus the mad That is a lie
hagus the mad (24 days ago)
technically the hyuga and uchiha intermarry so neji was destined to marry hinata in order to produce the next hier to the hyuga do some lore research
Jamir Dunbar (24 days ago)
This vid almost made me cry 😢
Moondragon 207 (26 days ago)
8:46 poor naruto
Anime Fandom studios (27 days ago)
It literally made me crying😢😢
Snipingtamale (12 days ago)
This movie stabs you in the heart. Cried a lot.
SherrifOfNottingham (29 days ago)
Minato is one of my favorite characters 💙
A date hu 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

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