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Naruto Shippuuden Movie 6:Road To Ninja (Dub)

4780 ratings | 305005 views
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Text Comments (702)
Why Kushina looks younger than Naruto for me .lol
offical fbi (1 hour ago)
Netflix didnt have all 7 seasons so im here
8:45 sad naruto he's the only one who doesnt have a parent alive..
Mr Mokey (9 hours ago)
It’s funny how it turns into star wars
Dad had a wide ass forehead damn and they talk about Sakura forehead
Peng Hai (13 hours ago)
😭😭😭😭i feel u naruto...hurts.
galaxy Stars (14 hours ago)
Best. Freaking. Movie. Ever!! I'm even surprised this came up in my recommended
Yves Santa (1 day ago)
It's so cute that itachi is holding Sakurai hand to keep her up at 1:24:56
Zk_art4 Klausner (1 day ago)
16:27 if sasuke heard u say that he would do exactly the same as naruto just meaner
On 54:14 Naruto doesn’t have his other whisker
Jarvis Horne (1 day ago)
I laughed when Naruto called Obito Madara
jaxins axions (1 day ago)
This movie sucks, naruto isnt happy he has parents barely at all except for like one scene, his parents dont think hes strong which is aggrevating and the villians voice sounds like a bear on acid
Yves Santa (1 day ago)
If you think it sucks you obviously don't understand the meaning
Slick__ Lo (1 day ago)
Never really got into naruto but i want to.
Yves Santa (1 day ago)
You should it's really good and it has acual meaning unlike most movies and shows
TheJackSlenderman (2 days ago)
I love when the Akatsuki shows up...Hidan is like "WOOHOOOOO!"
CRYSTAL KELLEY (2 days ago)
Sakura’s mom is just like my mom! 😑 wow we actually have something in common
Lesly O. (3 days ago)
Tsuki It’s me (3 days ago)
Watching some of it and Sakura is all ready making me mad can’t she frickin think about naruto feelings for once and people actually like Sakura. All she thinks about sasuke “sasuke would understand “ uhh when did sasuke cared ugh she boiles my blood she makes naruto series worst because she existed. Sorry Sakura lovers I just had to say it. P.s people ship naruto and Sakura talk about abusive relationship
Aaron James (3 days ago)
Bro THANK YOU I've been looking for this movie for decades
Tehoro Iwikau (4 days ago)
Sakura can go to hell
Eddie Stg (4 days ago)
Sasori didnt use the third hookage in this fight
Sai anime guy (5 days ago)
This is why i hate Sakura says Sasuke would understand her BITCH HE BARELY EVEN PAYS ATTENTION TO YOU Naruto undertands her kinda Sasuke and Naruto were more alike grew up with no parents and there is Sakura flat chest pancake butt hoe she does get better at the end on naruto but psh what ever ps MENMA IS FUCKEN BADASS and i love this hinata for getting mad at sakura
Lil _ Drewty (5 days ago)
Well this was weird 🤨
Alpha Saber (5 days ago)
“Im glad to be home” *you can hear me screaming out their window happily*
Janet Roses (5 days ago)
I.. I... wish i can hug my mum right now :(
Patricia Lewis (5 days ago)
This is the best
Nathan Castillo (5 days ago)
57:09 This was a touching moment
James Jaden (5 days ago)
1 hour 2 minutes
Rida Shakeel (6 days ago)
1:36:23 that deja vu lol
Rida Shakeel (6 days ago)
5:25 awww so cute
Naruto:you wont destroy our village "mask man":*has the audacity to destroy the whole village* Naruto:ur a bitch for that stick to the script
Hilda J. Muniz (7 days ago)
memma is a funny name
xd solecapybara (7 days ago)
45:43 to 45:55 lol
oofity overload (7 days ago)
Abe (8 days ago)
Yo so why was pain not able to just push away the bugs in the beginning? Like this movie just makes me laugh. Tho it's nice seeing in the genjutsu world the akatuski are mercenaries
Tingy (8 days ago)
29:00 sorry just saving this for myself
madquez (8 days ago)
59:41 just had to stick the middle finger
Alexis Aguilar (9 days ago)
I loved it I hope YouTube doesn’t take this movie out It’s either Naruto 4 or 6 my favorite movie
Yves Santa (1 day ago)
This is my fav naruto movie
D4SK Creative (9 days ago)
Why is nine tales in Pokémon this cute little nine tales sort of dog but in naruto nine tales is this big giant ugly dog beast?
Ian Jackson (9 days ago)
It sad that Naruto doesn't have parents to stick around with him
FaZe Izz (9 days ago)
Mani Kisku (9 days ago)
I can't get the time line
Jared Daniel Cunanan (10 days ago)
U naruto is worried about his girlfriend#sakura
Jared Daniel Cunanan (10 days ago)
Um i think they went back in time from the past
Jared Daniel Cunanan (10 days ago)
For god sakes since when was narutos name Memma
Eugene Ford (10 days ago)
1:44:43 i'm not crying you're crying
Leah Mae Gepana (10 days ago)
wow.. this really moved me... :'-{ too bad he met the other "him" that has a complete family ... very touching but really sad at the same time.. prepare for tissues for this one...
Jacob Beard (10 days ago)
Jessica Rags (11 days ago)
Wow. All that trouble and I was hoping Naruto would at least tell his parents his real name before he left. :(
Jessica Rags (1 day ago)
+madquez wait, when was that?
madquez (8 days ago)
Jessica Rags he did
Clipper FAn (11 days ago)
13:05 that's exactly what boruto says...
Roderick Jenkins (11 days ago)
thanks so much!
some random kid (11 days ago)
When iruka says he can’t submit a jonin form because he isn’t a chunin, but Naruto saves the ENTIRE VILLAGE AND CONVINCED PAIN TO REVIVE EVERYONE so he saved EVERYONE (deadting pain is a jonin to Kage level at most) so what hell you mean.
Nate AOP (11 days ago)
Nate AOP (11 days ago)
can’t get any better than this
Anime King (11 days ago)
Fight I wanted to see was menma vs obito
Larry Valdes-colin (12 days ago)
The good old days of naruto before it turned BS
Primal Fish (12 days ago)
This is one of the most emotional movies out of the naruto movies i cried and felt pains when watching this, i know i cant relate to him but i only lost my dad and he lost both so i couldnt relate at all (he died when i was 4) but it was a mint movie and i love thus type of stuff
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa4656 (13 days ago)
Mann i felt that
Sonic-ZPrime (13 days ago)
Who's watching in 2019, press the like button
Arlene Sanders (14 days ago)
Thanks so much for uploading this in the english dub, been trying to find it forever
Mehari Estifanos (14 days ago)
Kurama's Chakra Ball Fusion Aim Assist: EXTREMELY Off
Mehari Estifanos (11 days ago)
At the beginning of the movie it got me SOO mad watching everyone different but now that u watch the whole thing it feels way better, WHAT AND AMAZING Movie. The really good music they've been putting on is called, "Naruto My Home"
jason vlogs (14 days ago)
It's so funny when neji is using his Byakugan to look at the girls naked
Savage Ben 101 (14 days ago)
How the hell did this shit not get copy wrighted
Lil_savage Meza (15 days ago)
Do more movies
Flaming Star (15 days ago)
Thank you for uploading this movie. This is the only Naruto movie that I have rewatched out of all the Naruto movies. I love this movie so much thank you. (Man I'm such a Naruto Nerd.).
thegooseman (15 days ago)
Road to Ninja is still my favorite Naruto movie.
Fat Kid Terio (15 days ago)
That last part where iruka welcomes naruto home😭
FlipFlop Cambo (16 days ago)
Logic: ninja can walk on water
Some One (16 days ago)
The whole time I was like, "What the heck is wrong with everyone today.."
Shade Fan (16 days ago)
Just like his father :’)
3070169 (16 days ago)
i dont get it why does sakura mom has chest and not sakura 🤔
3070169 (1 day ago)
+Daniel Lawrence fr😂
Daniel Lawrence (3 days ago)
JRonnie Ramos (17 days ago)
What a movie! Same enemy hays so boring
Shade Fan (17 days ago)
i didnt know hinata is a yandere
Also wouldn't the 4th hokage jacket be a different design since it was a different hokage in the tsukuyomi
Yves Santa (1 day ago)
It probably is just we can't read it
😔 (17 days ago)
I sobbed so much during this omg snbsksnskandbkas
Shonbeis be shonbeis (17 days ago)
But shizune does
Shonbeis be shonbeis (17 days ago)
Lady tusnade gto no chest in mardura world
What do u mean minato?"a mass of sense chakra" boi made the rasengan and naruto made rasenshuriken wind style rasengan all rasengan other than the rasengan
Cody Olivarez (18 days ago)
Kaitlyn Olivier (18 days ago)
Naruto Shippuden Movie 6: Road to tears
Zack Silver (18 days ago)
This movie’s time period doesn’t exist. Naruto didn’t meet his mom until he was on the turtle trying to control kuruma’s power. He didn’t return to the leaf village until after the war. They couldn’t have fought the akastuke then. Am I missing something?
Zack Silver (18 days ago)
Nero Aries Oh ok. Thanks
Nero Aries (18 days ago)
Him and sakura were under the genjutsu when madara/obito threw a lens in the air and the moon activated the sharingan. Also the akatsuki was just a diversion if you watch the whole movie im sure you will see the parts you missed and findout for yourself.
Lawrence Lee (18 days ago)
Lawrence Lee (18 days ago)
I like naruto😍😻
raven dark heart (18 days ago)
Sakura: Naruto I wonder if he's always felt like this Me: try have a demon fox in you and people hating you for 16 years
Rasha Omar (18 days ago)
No words .... that was fucking amazing , what an amazing movie
Yves Santa (1 day ago)
For real
Blossom Gaming (18 days ago)
4:20 Natsu: ninja's are suppose to be quiet Aha! Tell that to naruto
King Spyder (18 days ago)
Kushina ain't playing LMAO
augusto diaz (18 days ago)
I cried
Nix Plays (18 days ago)
1:29:13 ya gun fight!
Amantha Weerasinghe (18 days ago)
Gotta love iruka
GHATOURA GAMING (19 days ago)
Naruto black
jegren abugan (19 days ago)
Episode 311
Brittnay Henry (19 days ago)
i'm confused on how the parents lets they kids talk to them without them getting beat
Nero Aries (19 days ago)
im leaving this comment here.
Nero Aries (19 days ago)
loved it
Jamaal Ali (19 days ago)
The rainy day soundtrack makes this 80 times better
WolfPigs (14 days ago)
Jamaal Ali it's such a good song it brings anyone tears PLEASE PLAY THIS IN MY FUNERAL
FTB Dotz (20 days ago)
50:36 😂😂😂
h1ghly Educated (20 days ago)
Is anyone in the comments gonna talk about the fact that this has been here forever and still hasn’t been taking down
Aidan Murphy (20 days ago)
i almost cried watching this im a weeb
Nathan Gamer098 (20 days ago)
My top favorite 5 characters are naruto and minor and boruto and kakashi and Sasuke
Nathan Gamer098 (20 days ago)
And of minato
Nathan Gamer098 (20 days ago)
I am a big super big fan the biggest fan of naruto ever naruto forever

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