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Demi Lovato, Unfiltered: A Pop Star Removes Her Makeup | Vogue

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Here’s what it takes to get Demi Lovato—global pop star, purveyor of pithy pop anthems, and reformed tabloid sensation—ready for work. Director Bardia Zeinali Fashion Editor Andrew Mukamal Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. Demi Lovato, Unfiltered: A Pop Star Removes Her Makeup | Vogue
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Text Comments (9120)
VinnyAntoine (9 hours ago)
When she takes the hair extensions out and u see the real her loves it😚😘🤗
Thomas Kellwood (15 hours ago)
This hoe just got off heroin and she still looking flawless👀
Silvana Cagnacci (1 day ago)
Beautiful woman
She's beautiful. With or without makeup.
Elnaraali (1 day ago)
She looks much perfect without a make-up... If I had that skin I would definitely not wearing make-up
Arturo Ariel (1 day ago)
Igual sos hermosa Demi Lovato
jason the goat (1 day ago)
A heroin addict removes her makeup
Yusleidy Guerrero (1 day ago)
She is so beautiful
F. Madrid (1 day ago)
Just an average girl
Rydah Haque (2 days ago)
She should let her hair down, and not tie it.
Tanuu Yadav (2 days ago)
ms ms (2 days ago)
She is so happy and cute after removing all that fake things
Nutella - Chan (2 days ago)
Her lashes tho 😍
peter griffin (2 days ago)
😍 she's awsm
João Figueiredo (2 days ago)
I like this feeling when removing makeup and taking care of the skin and then sleep this paradise for me
Ale Najarro (2 days ago)
She’s so beautiful
Briget_Walz (2 days ago)
Perfection ❤
Julia Richards (2 days ago)
leca zo (3 days ago)
So beautiful
Cry Baby (3 days ago)
Her hair😍
Vân Anh Vũ (3 days ago)
She looks the same as b4
Unan1mouz (3 days ago)
Its great of Demi not minding to do this 👏
Kobato Hanato (3 days ago)
She still looks the same nothing chamged
Gerry Dinglasan (3 days ago)
Daniela Maldonado (3 days ago)
So beautiful 😉
xkaterine (3 days ago)
she’s one of the most beautiful women ive ever seen
Beth Lovett (3 days ago)
She looks so good without makeup
Sumida Ryogoku (3 days ago)
Khushi Sharma (4 days ago)
My god she's beautiful... I love you Demi 💕💞💖💗💝...
muta rabbit (4 days ago)
She looks prettier without makeup . I was so nervous to see if there any different but now...she got better! WOW! And her hair is not long ...
Arisa Parys (4 days ago)
Demi still beautiful even without her makeup 😍
i (4 days ago)
She is beautiful in all the ways
Oppa 352 (4 days ago)
She has to be the most beautiful woman in the world by far. I adore her without makeup❤
THAT GUY PR!NCE (4 days ago)
What a queen 👑
Angelica _ (4 days ago)
How cute😍
Cecania cc (4 days ago)
*my female classmates removes their makeup* Me: where the fck your eyebrows went?
Nicolle Pelegrina (4 days ago)
Es hermosa, basta 😍
Simz tan (4 days ago)
She looks so much better without makeup..
XX_Zappy Robloxgame (4 days ago)
She looks normal to me I don't wear makeup*Mom said YOU SHOULD START TO WEAR MAKEUP HONEYY*
Daniele Moura (4 days ago)
She is even more beautiful without any make up!!!
Adriana Mortice (5 days ago)
We've all seen her without makeup already it's not a big deal
Rhe & Steve (5 days ago)
Wow she's even more gorgeous without it....
Tóth Kristóf (5 days ago)
Still, there is a huge filter on the whole video.... 🙄
Heidi Garland (5 days ago)
You don't need make up. Your pretty without it!
sorinhaa (5 days ago)
Yea. Natural beauty indeed, no need make up.
Queen Yen (5 days ago)
Still beautiful
S. R. (5 days ago)
She is gorgeous with and without makeup
Isabela Vieira (5 days ago)
nenhum defeito
Ina Day (6 days ago)
I miss her 😞
Himali Lalit (6 days ago)
if anyine noticed... she kept her brow makeup on...
Aldous Prime (6 days ago)
Still ugly though
Ayana Wirasonjaya (6 days ago)
she is so pretty without makeup!!!
Mel B (6 days ago)
Demi Moore look a like 😏
Genius ! Girl Power (6 days ago)
OMG , She's sooooo CUTE😀😀😀😄👍
Eylül (6 days ago)
She's so beauty and gorgeous Omg, and better without makeup
Charina Moreno (6 days ago)
Looking GORGEOUS!! 😍👌👌
NOBIN 6T (6 days ago)
Ur more beautiful NOW
F Akthar (6 days ago)
Her skin is just flawless like how?!
Sieka Ciko (6 days ago)
Lol what was that? She is prettier without make up. And it is not compliment, thats a fact
Sach ki aawaaz (6 days ago)
Cutie pie
Gummie Moogie (6 days ago)
This was awesome. I hate how society is obsessed with the fact that women should wear makeup.
Aniela Shemon (6 days ago)
She’s so pretty without makeup😍
Noor Adbh (6 days ago)
Slay queeen
Luch0510 (6 days ago)
With a shitload of bloom effect
Luch0510 (6 days ago)
With a shitload of bloom effect
Ayianathealteran (7 days ago)
She's a natural beauty!!!
gigi bae (7 days ago)
She is so Beautiful with out all that fakness
Essio Foot (7 days ago)
*Who else shouldn't care if with/without make-up is better because BOTH make-up and natural beauty is ART in their own rights?*
Annie Reed (7 days ago)
She has great skin.
MeloHauls (7 days ago)
Annndd i want to cut my hair now haha
MeloHauls (7 days ago)
She looks so fresh without all that 😂
Pheonix Rainbow (7 days ago)
This is why we love demi! She's the most relatable woman's in the industry!
lily florian (7 days ago)
She looks so angry......Why???
elizabeth7746 (8 days ago)
She looks bomb!
Mary anne Yap (8 days ago)
Fancy Name (8 days ago)
Sorry Vogue, not watching commercials first so...
Wahida Rahman (8 days ago)
She looks better without makeup
Josslin Copling (8 days ago)
K she slays with or without the makeup
TaeTae BTS (8 days ago)
We all know that demi is a natural beauty. So for me this video is nonsense
Charish M (8 days ago)
Yeah but not everybody is beautiful without make up.
Sari Amsterdam (8 days ago)
Sus pecas son hermosas. Sus cejas son preciosas! Sus ojos son tan lindos...pero, bueno. Demi se maquilla. 🙆
SASDRA - (8 days ago)
Without makeup she remind me about camp rock ^^
i thought that was her actUAL HAIR-
too rad to be sad (8 days ago)
why did she use six hundred wipes
Bake with Gen (8 days ago)
Wow how beautiful is she without make up. Stunning!! 😍
kristin (9 days ago)
So darling with all the gunk off!!
Vids by Aaliyah (9 days ago)
she doesn’t need makeup. at all.
No Name (9 days ago)
Her eyelashes are so long ~~
Anjali Bhandari (9 days ago)
Catherine Amy Frazier (9 days ago)
Observation: most American women have HUGE arms. Take care of your body
Kristen A (9 days ago)
Just beautiful!
MiNa (9 days ago)
Still beautiful!
melissa moraes (9 days ago)
Main Mainlism (9 days ago)
She's still beautifull maybe more
Justine Tan (9 days ago)
She's prettier without makeup
Le3 Ran (9 days ago)
shes so beautiful either ways
Lianica Yap (9 days ago)
SP FromNY914 (9 days ago)
Jackie S (9 days ago)
Omg shes so raw!Time to be praised

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