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9 Simple Tips For Free Online Dating Sites

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Attract Women Online: https://www.authenticgame.com/p/pimp-your-lingo-offer-page When it comes to online dating, there are many common myths that stop people from even giving it a shot. And yet there are millions of people meeting via dating sites like tinder, match.com, okcupid,pof, that it's hard to overlook it's growing influence and significance as a mainstay in how we meet in the 21.century. So why not look at what's working when it comes to online dating and what's not working? It really isn't as difficult as it could seem once you do a few basic things right. And in this video we are going to be talking about what to do and what not to do when it comes to meeting and attracting women online. So that you might end up getting dates and maybe even a girlfriend in the process. The tips in this video are simple, but if you put them into practice you should see an increase in the attention you're getting online, and you should see an increase in your ability to actually meet women on dates, because you'll be subtly but surely make the delicate process of moving a woman from talking to you virtually to talking to you in the real world. The tips in this video are going to help you do exactly that. And if you've liked what I am sharing with you in this video as much as I have liked putting it together for you then you're probably going to want to check out my Pimp Your Lingo Advanced Conversation Skills For Men Program. It's going to show you exactly how to build a connection with a woman and how to flirt with her and build attraction both when you write to her and when you speak to her on the phone or in person on a date. Best of all, it's a flexible system based on proven principles (not scripts, routines and all that stuff) so you can attract women and feel confident and like YOURSELF in the process. I recommend you sign up for the free training video series if you're not ready to go ahead and purchase the program straightaway. Click here to learn more: https://www.authenticgame.com/p/pimp-your-lingo-offer-page Free Online Dating Sites - 9 Tips To Attract Single Women Online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbETSlR1eoc -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "How To Never Run Out Of Things To Say | 7 Ways To Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEUWaZ-5Jv8 Programs by Stephan Erdman: Learn how to meet women and get their numbers in your every day life with Stephan Erdman's ultimate natural approach book: http://bit.ly/AAWBook Learn how to attract and seduce women in conversation without routines or scripts: http://www.authenticgame.com/p/pimp-your-lingo-cb Double Your Confidence in 6 Weeks from the inside out: https://www.authenticgame.com/p/double-your-confidence-challenge-trial Learn how to use "confidence conditioning" to rediscover your self confidence, self esteem and man power with the ultimate collection of confidence methods: http://57ultimateconfidencemethods.com/choose-your-option Stay in touch on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/stephanerdmanauthenticgame Instagram: #stephanerdman -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (215)
littlebear dague (5 days ago)
i would like to stop dating sites from come on my gmail now can i do that
Bro Loaf (1 month ago)
I like how women don’t like it when you message them “hey” or “hi”. Anytime I get a message that’s how they start the conversation. So stupid! If I saw a woman on the street I was attracted to I wouldn’t go up and start rambling on about shit. I’d most likely say “hey” or “hi” and see where it goes.
dankiel memelife (1 month ago)
"Send funny messages", bro I'm trying to fuck women not be her personal jester.
Dionemae Pinoliad (1 month ago)
whatever....! I hate the online dating sites because there is a charge to continue the conversation grrrr.blah.
Nickolaus Peters (2 months ago)
Tired of fake scam profiles of girls who just want you to join there sex cam.
robert dalton (2 months ago)
How about women stop being stuck up cunts, damn feminist assholes have made a very average woman think she's queen of the land and no man is good enough for her. Lol stupid bitches
Terry Rabbers (3 months ago)
Online dating sites are mainly scams lot of the pictures are not the people you see they use porn star pictures the and movies in them like Lena Brooke Anna angel they're not on dating sites do not looking for dates they don't need a dating site to find somebody so when you see an angel you're being scammed when you seeing Lena Brooke you're being scammed you don't believe me go to the Africa scams sheet there their pictures are on their their identities were stolen they stole copies of the movies cuz you can copy them off any of the porn sites and then they use them for themselves so please don't fall for it
Dandeeman26 (3 months ago)
Write like you talk🤔I have a heck of a time talking to girls.
Dandeeman26 (3 months ago)
Me too.
Dandeeman26 (3 months ago)
I know what you mean.
Timothy Benjamin (3 months ago)
I have tried all the tips that this guy said the videos. A lot these women are looking for guys that they think are handsome and guys that have plenty of money
Karina Ferrari (4 months ago)
8 out of 10 men have come to pick me up with their penis on their hand while driving up my house!! it's not funny or shocking anymore🤔🙄....all I want is a normal guy I can call my honey bunny😏
arron william (4 months ago)
It does not just work out for me and I don’t know why
dagmastr12 (5 months ago)
Be careful.. If you see pictures neck up you are dealing with one of the many obese women in America...
Aggie87 (6 months ago)
skitty_ deeznutz (6 months ago)
How has he gotten dates with those ass cheeks between his eyebrows? The D.
sunna bee (7 months ago)
free dating app I found on netflixandchill.info
sagar bhandari (8 months ago)
dating from android no app needed https://goo.gl/97WBim
Mathew Godfrey (9 months ago)
I live in California and I am close to blaming feminism and the whole "I don't need a man" thing on why I am single.
corretta davis (9 months ago)
don't feel like that it seems like u r a good person mr. godfrey
Christopher Sewell (11 months ago)
I'm cercumzied
Christopher Sewell (11 months ago)
I'm 29years old firing 30 in September looking for a girl
Baker Reiko (4 months ago)
Christopher want data me?
Qeenxwell Adepa (10 months ago)
Christopher Sewell 00966505572970
Moshe Mamiai (1 year ago)
hi guys i met my girl friend in this facebook page, i couldn't believe myself. check this out : https://www.facebook.com/TrueLoveMariageUSA/
John Smith (1 year ago)
White , good looking people should be banned from giving online dating advice whatsoever.
Gra Piken (1 year ago)
There needs to be advice offered regarding identifying misogynists early on. Red flags to watch out for etc I've been burned. A guy I've been chatting to for a while on a dating site turned out to be a total nutcase who hates women. Truly HATES women! I'm very wary now.
D W (1 year ago)
If your ugly don't waste your time. This guy is full of BS.
Jackie Wright (1 year ago)
lokking for a single man
John Torres (7 months ago)
Major Grace (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tips. But I really just want to know where you got that nice ass-blazer youre wearing.
DAILY OBSERVER (1 year ago)
DAILY OBSERVER (1 year ago)
LIVING IN FREEDOM (1 year ago)
Hey guys.. I been starting to get on online dating.. I know a little late but always felt emberrassed because I always thought I would see someone or something... Anyways I been looking around for programs.. I found this one... https://www.fiverr.com/s2/574be520a5 Has anyone tried it? It seems like super cheap compared to all the ones I been looking at.. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know!! I want to really learn this stuff..
Baker Reiko (4 months ago)
I have a recommendation for you it’s to dating me lol
Kelly Cheng (1 year ago)
people are online dating and meeting that way because their lazy and dont remember the meaning of "human interaction"
mansheet singh (5 months ago)
Can somebody please tell me the best dating apps?
John Torres (7 months ago)
We are living in a New World! its all about the INTERNET You Know? Don't Get Left Behind Miss Kelly?
Demoine Neely (1 year ago)
if your heart is full so will be your life
Demoine Neely (1 year ago)
if your heart is full so will be your life
Richard lewis (1 year ago)
Men always have to pay for these sites. Are there any Free dating Sites out there?
John Torres (7 months ago)
Yes Bro! I hear you! All The sites are not Free? I go to Meetme.com Its 100% Free! its Awesome Bro Check it out?
Attila709 (1 year ago)
What's going on with her and a camel? Not sure if I was the answer to that.
22 Esq (1 year ago)
I do my profile with pics and leave it on these web sites I do the lazy way! I just can not be asked with it. I also get about 3 scammers a day on POF LOL.
Ms. Herrera (1 year ago)
Worst experience of my life. The guy lied about having a job, being independent and was an alcoholic. He offered nothing and asked to buy him an energy drink and a fruit! He blocked me from his phone, FB and email after I refused to meet him. Be careful of fakes!
mansheet singh (5 months ago)
Ms herrera please suggest online dating apps
MD RAZA (7 months ago)
Ms. Herrera. Hii
Sasha Jameson (1 year ago)
there really needs to be a safe dating app. esp for women
Alpha Aussie (5 months ago)
This is a problematic statement implying that men are the "issue". Please self reflect too :)
Txsbill (1 year ago)
Sasha Jameson try bumble...
steverfc7 (1 year ago)
someone in facebook added my sister hes going out with her what i dont understand he added her in 2010 didint start going out each other till 2013. they never knew each other in person its fine what i dont understand why wait 3 years its like me saying i realy want to go out with her so i will add her but this is only 2017 i will wait till 2020 to ask her out. he didint wish her happy birthday till start of 2014 why wait 3 years to go out with each other they could have went out years ago.??????
musicalmarion (1 year ago)
Why not change the title to TIPS FOR MEN as you ignored women
said reuben (1 year ago)
can i date someone here??
rtel123 (1 year ago)
People seem to think that the pay sites must be better. The opposite is true. The free sites have the largest numbers working for you, in spite of the claims to the contrary by the pay sites. I know of many who have met a great match on the free sites, and so have I. What is annoying is that the pay sites have created many subsidiary "specialty sites". It is obvious that they want to create a situation where, if you want to see every eligible client in your area, you have to pay big money to a dozen sites every month. I suspect that the two great free sites have more clients than all the pay sites combined. And they have much better matching algorithms too!
Aisha Nambi (1 year ago)
my pain is that sme ov us re really serious nd honest but guys on these sites think its a joke I I wanted jokes to make me laugh I wud look for Trevor Noah or olive be serious otherwise it irritates wen agrown up man starts to behave like shit I hate it anyway thnx for the tips am aisha from Uganda
arktana (1 year ago)
why a woman 10 years older is "horor"?? if they are both ok with it, why the hell not?? why is it ok for a man to be 15-20 years older but the girl cant be 10 years older?
arktana Yes. I want to share Jah's love with a like minded woman.
arktana (1 year ago)
you mean for serious relationship I hope,,,
arktana Well the girl definitely shouldn't be ten lol. To be serious though I am 28 and would have a woman up to double my age if she is the right one.
Bruce Wayne (1 year ago)
On a camel? She must love humps. Heyoooo
Njeri Sarah Wairimu (1 year ago)
this things never work for me.I found it annoying .can't stand dating online for 15 minutes
Njeri Sarah Wairimu (1 year ago)
Mdjnzch Jfhdh no am in Dubai
Mdjnzch Jfhdh (1 year ago)
Sarah Wairimu Joe do you live in Kenya currently?
Njeri Sarah Wairimu (1 year ago)
Mdjnzch Jfhdh am a Kenyan
Mdjnzch Jfhdh (1 year ago)
Sarah Wairimu Joe where r u from?
Njeri Sarah Wairimu (1 year ago)
+Mdjnzch Jfhdh okay
brian blessinger (1 year ago)
find a fat chick,once you had fat you never go back
Trust NoOne (1 year ago)
I'm a girl and when you got a photo tons of messages come through.  However when a guy is interested and we hook up start dating etc. and get intimate, but then I set up a fake profile and fake picture send him a message his giving his number to her in an instant.  Online guys are not faithful and they will always be looking at girls even when they are in a relationship.  Doubt they will be the marriage material.
Paul F (1 year ago)
Why is it rude not to introduce yourself? :/
Simon Carrick (1 year ago)
god ur hot
Karen Riley (1 year ago)
I am still trying to figure it out.....GUYS....Did u know we cant see ur msgs unless WE buy a pkg???? POF is so bad about catfish but as soon as u call them a catfish, they dissappear!! I met my last husband on POF 8 years ago. I am almost proud it lasted 8 years....would have liked more but he did not. I looked at OUR TIME, POF, and Match and they all want the same thing.....$$$$$ Could someone plz advise me as to which singles site is "idiot Proof" lol
John Torres (7 months ago)
I Tried them all too! I'm Really Addicted to Meetme.com its Free Unlike the Rest! Its Awesome LOL
Zeo Dark (1 year ago)
You're wrong. All that matters is if a girl finds you attractive. You could have anything in your profile, or just write "Hey" as a message. If the girl finds you attractive, they'll write back or write you first.
Repent and Believe (5 months ago)
Papi F yeah
Paul F (1 year ago)
It's rare that they write to you first.
Rebel Recluse (1 year ago)
Online dating sites are useless.  People lie about:  Their age, weight, height, income, status, location, etc.   The cropped pictures of women with no full body shot = Orca fat.  Curvy, a few extra pounds, average body = Orca Fat.
Najim Gharbi (1 year ago)
I almost fell asleep. Where's the enthusiasm?
Gizmodio (2 years ago)
hm.. maybe my first messages are too long :S
MayorOfRealville (2 years ago)
What women want on an online dating profile from men: Be 6'0' tall Be good looking Have an athletic build Make at least 6 figures a year Own a big luxurious house Own a BMW Own a boat Have multiple bank accounts Be a liberal/feminist man who lets the woman control the relationship Have a lot of wealthy popular friends Be a great cook..(because woman frown down on cooking for a man). Has to travel overseas on a regular basis Has to be willing to buy lots of gifts on a regular basis Has to take her out to eat at fancy restaurants on a regular basis Has to drink expensive wine Has to wear expensive clothes Has to wear expensive shoes Have to be a bad boy
Dionemae Pinoliad (1 month ago)
SOAPSTONE BIRD (1 year ago)
Make sure you have a damn good divorce lawyer!
Abdurazak Idriss (1 year ago)
GoodNews777 (1 year ago)
Belle La Fleur , so you want a rich guy, but you don't care if he's ugly?! Geez, you women are very strange. And why are women always gold-diggers, all you care about is how much money a man makes.
wyldeman0O7 (2 years ago)
Make sure your main picture is of you having fun. Have at least 4 other pictures of you having fun with other people. Make sure your description states that either you are an accomplished [career position] or [Going to school for ambitious career path] Talk about several activities that you enjoy and exciting places you've been (embellish if you have to). Then, "Like" everyone on quickmatch. When you get matches, look at the profile, find two good points of interest on that profile. Message the like match. Send message: "I like what I see in your profile pics, but the reason I wanted to stop by because of [point of interest #1], also I [point of interest #2] is something that I really find interesting, how did you get into that?.After 20 or so successful relays state "Hey, you seem like good company. Text me? 310-755-1215. (This will take them off the app and make them focus on you.) After a few days of texting, drop the question: "Hey, would you be down for dinner or drinks this weekend or next.. as in a date? I think you're nice =)". (She will probably accept at this point). Lock down a date and time as the week progresses. Be yourself (DO NOT try to appease her, just be friendly and agree with her if it feels natural, otherwise crack a joke. DO NOT BE APOLOGETIC, but maintain your viewpoint.), if she touches your arm/face/leg 3 or more times combined, go for the kiss later on (you have a 90% chance of success at this point, do it after you get up from where you were in the first place). If all these parameters are met you will have sex within 12 days (on average) of 1st contact. Be bold , refine your skills, don't be afraid to fail. You will never get better if you don't have some failures under your belt. Just view failures as steps toward success. If your match doesn't respond after 2 messages drop it, if they only give you one word responses drop it. Be patient and restrained. Do not add a follow up message if they don't respond within 24 hours. Do not respond to their message for at least 20-40 minutes. This is my method, practice safe sex please. I hope you like this method, it has gotten me 8 dates and 1 girlfriend since 2015 when I 1st tried it.
GymChess (2 years ago)
Suppose you send a "funny", first message commenting something on her profile, then what? You can't keep sending funny messages all the time. At one point or another you'll cut the crap and actually get into something more serious anyway. That's when her true colors show. In a vast majority of cases you simply can't keep monkeying around for attention, and even if you could, what are you? A clown in a circus? It's not your duty in life to keep someone entertained, someone you haven't even met, someone whose personality may suck big time, someone whose company isn't worth a second of your time. The minute the "entertainment" is over and you start getting more serious, chances are that these high maintenance chicks drop you like a hot potatoe and look for another clown to give her attention. And this nonsense keeps repeating itself over, over and over again. If you don't believe this, then ask yourself why so many people, including these "hot chicks" that you're drooling on, hang around dating sites for years looking for a phantom. In reality, they're looking for themselves.
BulletSpawn3000 (11 months ago)
The sad thing is I have had more success being a dick than being a nice guy... I have actually sent them messages making fun of their profiles..talking shit about their hair clothes shit they wrote... They get self conscious and want to find out why their not good enough.. They don't respond to kindness or respect.. they never want what they know they can have.... and the ones that say thats not true are the worst ones...... bitches ain't shit..... try insulting them and watch what happens..online dating sites are just self esteem and ego boosters for women when their dickhead boyfriend is treating them like shit.... thats why I have no respect for these arrogant whores..
GymChess (1 year ago)
So much better for the guys who prefer honest women then.
GymChess (1 year ago)
Yes, it does and it tires you out for no reason as well. You just don't know who's on the other side in the first place. What matters is to set up a date as soon as possible and keep the mail exhange to a minimum. I've experienced so many situations where they cancel dates the same day with some "out of the blue" excuse without even suggesting another day, stop responding, avoid mentioning that date we were supposed to have the same week, etc. etc. As long as you keep exchanging mails back and forth they're happy with wasting your time, but the minute you get to the point chances are that they'll just disappear. That's why it's absolutely important not to waste any time on someone you have no idea who she is. So what are the reasons for that kind of behaviour? Well, maybe her pictures are 10 years old, maybe it's not even her, maybe she's been hurt so many times in the past that she enjoys a mind game rather than a real life encounter, maybe she's extremely shy, maybe her self esteem is very low, etc. etc. Whatever the reason it's not your problem. The solution? Move your attention to someone else. How long before an actual date? Well, I'd say within a week. If it goes beyond that chances are that it'll never happen, although there are exceptions depending on the circumstances.
Jean D (1 year ago)
Totally agree with you with the "funny messages" bit. I can keep it for a few messages, but the clowning around really wears thin, and the moment the laughs are over, 99% of the time the woman will go silent on you.
Belle Amourphine (1 year ago)
GymChess interesting POV there. I myself do respond to the 1st joke after that I am expecting a question pertaining to what foods I like things I like to do. Following that I look for a guy to shoot me plans within a couple of hours of receipt. The date should not be scheduled too far out. I will forget about him & will not waste my time texting someone I probably won't meet cuz guys usually chicken out after 3days or so... During the date I like to get down to what he will do for me that I can't or don't have to do to make life easier & better by being with him. My look on online dating.
RI (2 years ago)
http://idate1.com/en/my/reg_fast7.phtml - the site is free to contact people
Pierre Maxwell (2 years ago)
You say to add pictures that show you as a happy person. what if you are not a happy person and don't want to be fake about it? What if you are very friendly when talking to people, but generally, overall you are not happy. Hoping for an answer other than "fake it until you make it." And in terms of conversation I like to use proper grammar which can come across as not relaxed, but I don't want to intentionally use bad grammar for the sake of appearing relaxed in a way that most guys she talks to are? Hope to hear answer but I don't expect one. Thanks for your time
Daren Colby (2 years ago)
+Pierre Maxwell Online dating is very superficial at first. It's an ad for yourself. No women is going to willing pick the sad looking dude when their are a bunch of smiling, happy guys to choose from. But that just applies to online dating. Out in real life, women you meet at work, school, regularly at a coffee shop, ext. have a chance to get to know you better in person and things can bloom that way. But online dating just doesnt work for sad people.
Daren Colby (2 years ago)
+Pierre Maxwell that just means online dating isnt for you guys. which is fine
Pierre Maxwell (2 years ago)
+xbearcanrockx exactly
It's actually a double edged sword that cuts both ways. Regardless if you're male or female, emo people are considered unattractive and mental illness like depression is also stigmatized in society and in many cultures. I know this because I have depression. So basically I am just damaged goods lol. I know what you're saying though, like what the hell is the point of putting on a fake face when they're gonna find out about the real you eventually anyway, right?
Pierre Maxwell (2 years ago)
+Daren Colby Of course. I was asking a question with the hope of obtaining new information not already presented in the video.
Jay Freea (2 years ago)
This is the most ugliest tutor Ever . p.iosh*tcrpidiot, go workonuuglyassaccent1st ! .
D. Augustine (2 years ago)
+Jay Freea and THAT attitude is why you aren't meeting women. lol
Alison deWolf (2 years ago)
You refer to 'talking as if you were writing' as being boring and lengthy. Honestly, your communication style bores the Hell out of me. Hurry up and say what you intend to say. I am an average mindset woman, intelligent, educated, and can't stand drama. Males typically complain that females are drawn to drama, but they (males) take FOREVER to tell a story about their day with long pauses to encite intrigue, but it is just annoying.
Avery NiteStar Glover (2 years ago)
how old are you?
Robert deVito (2 years ago)
This On Line Dating fiasco is just that...a big sham. The majority of women are only on this sites to be a big tease to men. The majority of women nowadays are only interested in hanging with men who are into drugs, gangs, in and out of prison, who cannot hold down a steady job or career and who are covered with tattoos and wear a pony-tail. Nice ,honest, loyal men are out by their standards.
Ummm... that does not sound like the normal female mindset to me!!! Holy crap, what planet were you on when you came across these characters? o_O;;; Dead beats/drop outs/criminal offenders do NOT sound like any kind of desirable character to me and I am not into any of those fringe things you listed, thank you very much. In fact, I had a hard time finding normal guys cause it seemed like doing drugs/alcohol/smoking is in the realms of the normal world. All I met/communicated with were mostly freaks and fobs. I gave it less than a year and decided, "Okay, I am done here..." and never looked back. I mean, can a lady find a straight, single and CLEAN guy who is NOT religious? I am not religious, I just choose not to engage in life threatening behavior... Life would be easier if I wasn't looking for that one carrot in the corn field... lol xD
Callum Brown (2 years ago)
Dose anyone know of good date tips that could help on POF?
Baker Reiko (4 months ago)
I will date you want to try?
John Torres (7 months ago)
Just Go Here and Copy and Paste all of his Tips! https://understandingrelationships.com/attracting-beautiful-women-easily-how-to-create-the-ultimate-online-dating-profile/2227
One Love (7 months ago)
Callum Brown it is hard to get real people
Callum Brown (2 years ago)
okay thank you
There's only ONE tip: DON'T USE POF! It's nothing but a joke and a clown show, really. I mean dude, it's free! So even hobos, crack heads and deadbeats/drop outs who have no purpose or direction in life could be on there... I'm female and all I met on there were freaks and fobs. =\ I think that it doesn't seem likely that you'll meet normal people on there
Khadija Laurent (2 years ago)
Good advice! Just omit the swearing - from a female perspective.
CheckmateKing2 (2 years ago)
My rules for online dating" 1 - No more that 2 emails 2- Get or give a phone number and talk for maximum of 15 minutes. 3- Set up a time to meet in a public place for coffee only. No dinners.... IF they won't agree to these terms, then move on....
Repent and Believe (3 months ago)
Beetleything I agree with your point
Beetleything (3 months ago)
Bang on. If they say thats to fast then drop them as they are not confident. The rest is very true. Just coffee as a lot of them post pictures that make them look a lot better than they really are a lot of time.
Repent and Believe (5 months ago)
CheckmateKing2 they may say that you are coming off too strong
Crumble Estabau (1 year ago)
Very true chances are if they dont want to become a FB friend, Skype contact or simply email to an address you give them when you give them personal alternate methods to contact you they either a fake profile or never really like you anyway or dont trust you, which may as well be not liking you. And who this day and age doesnt use atleast one of the forms of communication outside of the dating site. If they really like someone enough to take things to the next level.
Ryan Miller (2 years ago)
How about you learn English, shithead?
Nigel Barrett (2 years ago)
Yeah Ill just die alone
Wow dude, that's like the most mature comment I've read all day. It is real good advice for the dudes out there who are still on the dumb blond bimbo bandwagon. They'll learn sooner or later that they're all a bunch of gold digging whores who are looking for money, status or a certain brand of car that he must drive and will just move on to some other "sugar daddy" when they suck that wallet dry. Mature and educated women are too busy at work/school to get caught up in materialistic things and dumb drama like that. The bad thing is that the blond bimbos get more attention because whites are the most universally desired group of people out there, so the dude will have to expand his horizons if he plans to find a real woman. That means women that he would never give a second thought to in the real world. There is some kind of saying that the ones who are rich/good looking are the most evil/ ugly characters cause they use all of their success and wealth for ulterior motives cause they know they can win, whereas the hard working middle class characters actually worked to get where they are and are just sitting on the sidelines.
Avery NiteStar Glover (2 years ago)
nah, man. you can't be thinking Like that. I used to think like that, but then I realized (as a humorous,weird, intelligent, job having, career majoring nerd) that you have to go after the women that never and I mean never ever try to be popular. Those are the real women, not these fake wanna be women that make it seem like they are superior goddesses who can reign over any man they want by giving them false hope.
ParisAvenue2005 (2 years ago)
Online dating for guys..... doesn't work. Doesn't matter how many "nice" photos you upload, or how witty/interesting/funny your profile is. Because unless you look like "Magic Mike" every one of these sites is full of superficial women who think they resemble "God's Gift" to men who just don't reply. Have done all your tips as well by the way.
Benjamin John Seidel (3 months ago)
Go outside and socialize
Moon, your picker is broken...
Repent and Believe (5 months ago)
Ron yeah
DWL-Gaming (6 months ago)
About one out of five reply to me and I'm pretty average looking
You are Better than me (6 months ago)
At the end says "Have done all of your tips by the way". Funny as fuck.
Deanne cam (2 years ago)
80%of dating websites are scams, from many more countries than just Africa and they converse in a very long drawn out, extremely convincing process before they ask for some sort of gift card , or money
Andrew Allan (2 years ago)
+Deanne cam Never pay for online dating! Fake pictures- fake profiles. Nothing worse than getting one word answers... In general women are vain as they think " Mr Right " exists. That is if you " tick " the 1o must have boxes!
Deanne cam (2 years ago)
80%of dating websites are scams, from many more countries than just Africa and they converse in a very long drawn out, extremely convincing process before they ask for some sort of gift card , or money
Michael Edmunds (2 years ago)
+Deanne cam Plenty of Fish is the most legit free site I've found so far.
Deanne cam (2 years ago)
these days the dating websites do not really work
Bandi (2 years ago)
+Deanne cam what
Blasko Stankovic (2 years ago)
Tnx for this video :)
LinusMiningTips (3 years ago)
Where can I find geeky girls?
cDynasty001 (3 years ago)
I pretty much messaged 100 women.  Got 1 response from a girl trying to scam me, and dead end one word responses.  Meeting women online is harder than real life.  Why do I have to take the time to write something clever only for her to not respond 9 out of 10 times?  Most women aren't even worth the effort.  And they heavily judge you based on your picture - even if you're good looking, if it's posed in a bad way - they don't respond.  Most men are not going to approach women in real life, that's why they shower women with e mails in online dating sites.  That makes it harder to ever meet them let alone get them to even respond to you. I could walk up to a girl in real life and be like "hey what's up cutie, can I get your number?" And she'll respond and give me her number 5 out of 10 times. But on a dating site you'll be completely ignored 99 out of 100 times. I'm not very good with thinking of things to write in my profile or to write to them. But I can have a stimulating conversation once we actually talk. It's like I just can't do it online. I don't think I've ever once met a hot girl online. And I consider myself a confident decent looking guy. I don't even know what the fuck is with online dating and how it even works for people besides the 5 percent of men who the women actually respond to and know how to push her buttons.
Eva wish. (1 year ago)
+wowerman am laughing coz I love it, did I step on u r toe with my lolest?
Keoni Hillier (1 year ago)
cDynasty001 fear not, the online dating coach is here
wowerman (2 years ago)
+Eva Awino What is funny about that?
wowerman (2 years ago)
+xbearcanrockx I can agree to facts that some men do that too but majority not and majority of women  unfortunately are picky.Deting online  has only one target anable women to upload endless number of photos stating" sexy, intelligent,funny".That is seeking attention complex.Men have to pay money ( that is right,  only minority women  pay subscription to send messages).Its only business.
Eva wish. (2 years ago)
lol .
DanielWalters (3 years ago)
What if a woman doesn't have much in her description aside from "leave me a message and we'll go from there? " Or worse; nothing at all.
Solidfreeman (3 years ago)
There are so much people on those datingsites, because it does not work. Otherwise they would not be there. And don´t forget, that there are loads of fakes.
John Torres (7 months ago)
It does work bro! I'm an Old guy I'm 55 and I get plenty of dates! No i'm not that Good Looking? LOL Go To Meetme.com and Copy and Paste Coreys Tips or his Profile and I promise you will get dates? https://understandingrelationships.com/attracting-beautiful-women-easily-how-to-create-the-ultimate-online-dating-profile/2227
Brian Casey (3 years ago)
too much redundance... making me fall asleep
Gogo Gogo (1 year ago)
Brian Casey
discuss21 (3 years ago)
Online dating is absolute waste of time & money for men. It is completely loaded in favour of women. 100% men are busy chasing 5% attractive women. Rest are all completely ugly, obnoxious people. Don't bother if you're a man. Read what others said here. Women online will reject men & treat you worse than something stuck to bottom of their designer shoes.
Mara Bear (3 years ago)
As a woman who uses online dating, I agree with all of these tips and really wish men would follow them.  I cannot tell you how exhausted I am with receiving messages from guys that only say "Hi", "You're hot", "You're cute", "How are you?"... omg, how boring!!!!  Within the first week of being on OKCupid, I easily received 25-30 messages like this.  The ONLY guy I responded to was the one who asked me about my LL.M.  He wasn't necessarily the type I would have chosen for myself, but he demonstrated that he actually read my profile and was interested in me as a person.  As our conversation went on, he continued to just be so engaging that I had to say yes when he asked me out.
o milli (1 month ago)
22 Esq Lol good point. Never take a womans advice. They are only recipients to the game. They simply react.
22 Esq (1 year ago)
So it does not matter if a guy is ugly so long as you can wright like Shakespeare your in?
wowerman (2 years ago)
+Mara Bear Unfortunatelly opening any social media account and especially fating sites being online makes you silly to be online and not communicate with people.You are being picky....this one yes. this one not and so on....Women dropped ability to communicate with men recently.Its proven that men are more opened for contact.Women just get interested whenever they feel only.Why do you think women keep texting to another women for hours but if comet to men they are picky?Answer yourself.
Mara Bear (2 years ago)
You make a lot of negative blanket statements about women (who you seem to think owe you an awful lot for strangers over the internet)... makes me wonder why, if you hate women so much, you want to date women, and certainly helps me see why you can't get responses.  If you are unwilling to listen to a woman's perspective as to what is important to us, and only want to bash us in the end for trying to help you, then you will never be a successful dater - at least, not with women... rendering this conversation just another waste of my valuable time.  Ciao.
SuperOldschool1994 (2 years ago)
+Mara Bear I've been through the whole being an interesting guy in opening message towards women, my approach is friendly, not creepy or intruding but women still don't give a fuck to continue the conversation. Yes I know women work hard when it's convenient FOR THEM.
DrPujasRedDot (3 years ago)
I like
Stranded Cat (3 years ago)
The most important thing is to be polite, honest and respectful. Don't try to please everybody, because not all the girls are the same. Just be good and good will come to you. But if your intention is dating with many girls at the same time. That's no good, because the intention is not good. So it won't work for you, and if it works it does with the wrong person.
tropmonky (3 years ago)
WHOLY Moire!!! hahaha.   Great advice though.  Even though I don't have issues I was interested in seeing what dating advice videos are on youtube for online stuff and have found this video one of the better one.  CHEERS!
Elise Fyhrie (3 years ago)
I'm a girl who uses online dating and I can say that all of these are very true! I will stop messaging guys back if: 1) I feel like I'm carrying the conversation and it's an effort to talk to you 2) we clearly have nothing in common and I can't think of anything to say 3) you creep me out, either by saying sexual things or by coming on way too strong way too quickly. When it comes down it, I want to talk to the guys that are actually enjoyable to talk to.
wowerman (2 years ago)
+Elise Fyhrie sure, but you consider men making effort when talking to you and you do not have to?
Michael Fman (3 years ago)
Zoosk looks fake because almost every girl looks hot. If something is too good to be true and that's exactly what it is
John Torres (7 months ago)
Meetme.com is The Best! its Free and works fine for me! Seriously ! ::-)
One Love (7 months ago)
Michael Fman Hehehe
Michael Fman (2 years ago)
+wowerman OK give me 2 or 3 good dating websites 
wowerman (2 years ago)
+Michael Fman there were optimistic numbers;)
Michael Fman (2 years ago)
+wowerman 50% fake women profiles? I thought more like 95% on these websites. only 75% dating websites are bad? Can you tell me one that has no fake profiles or less than 10% fake profiles? 
Alex_Faith 2911 (3 years ago)
your videos are very helpful but if you add a little backround music it would have us(the viewers) pay even more attention,i really like these videos they're helpful 
Alex_Faith 2911 (3 years ago)
Hey @Stephen erdman|authentic game, I suggest putting a little backround music in your videos 
Sycogenesis (3 years ago)
I like your shirt too btw
Sycogenesis (3 years ago)
I feel like online dating is more harsh for the unlucky ones because at least in rl if you approach some one they generally respond whether it's good or bad  but online if they don't find oyu attractive they just flat out ignore you which i think feels allot worse then just being rejected in rl from a response =/. Got any tips  for some one who tries to do online dating and constantly gets ignored even after following your conversation starter tips ?.
Michael Edmunds (2 years ago)
+Sycogenesis Vodka?
Danny (3 years ago)
Nice work Stephan...
neil9327 (3 years ago)
In terms of hobbies/interests on my online profile, can I say that I enjoy watching Stephan Erdman videos on Youtube? ;)
Adam McGuire (3 years ago)
Online sucks. Girls are on it for entertainment. DON'T BOTHER GUYS! Best way to get a message is do the copy/paste method and spam it out. What normally happens if you get a reply is a girl will get her hopes up and hype your image so high that she will realize you are just another normal/nice guy and not give you the second date.
wowerman (2 years ago)
+Adam McGuire exactly, just another social media for women posting selfies seeking for good feedback.
jacob johnson (4 years ago)
Can you please do a tips for long distance relationships video? I'm currently about to go in one and am a bit spooked is to what's going to be best to do. If you do it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Great video btw
waterdrinker9 (4 years ago)
Like this video! I did a test to see how many girls I could receive replies from with a totally blank profile and did the same things as you were saying to open. I got at least 10 messages back out of 25-30 sent.
Avery NiteStar Glover (2 years ago)
+waterdrinker9 dude, that stuff really works?! because I wouldn't mind having a loving, caring, shy type gf who would like me for me and not what others want me to be
waterdrinker9 (4 years ago)
+Stephan Erdman | Authentic Game OkCupid. I actually did better with that profile than with my actual profile. I feel like my profile is solid, but my pics suck for the most part.
that's interesting. what site?
ESOR ONDAUTOC (4 years ago)
Maybe because I was meet that kind of guys, hehe
Kris Stanici (4 years ago)
I got into online dating just a month ago and just recently I got a huge amount of traffic to my profile and secured 4 dates for next week. You must pay for whatever site you're joining, have the absolute best pics (don't look grumpy, holiday pics are essential), crack a joke in your profile description, write your career or the plan of it, message girls like stephan told you to!! I basically selected the girls that I found attractive and messaged them, I got 50 meet ups from girls in less than 3 days! But I am still a virgin :( and very new to dating     
Tea TM (1 year ago)
AAAAre you making these mistaaakes with your man? https://twitter.com/fa7995e147ea99c49/status/804693412402241537 9 Simple Tips For Free Online Dating Sites
Stephan Erdman (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing your story! Enjoy the journey!
Kris Stanici (4 years ago)
+Stephan Erdman | Authentic Game, POF but it depends on the area you live in 
Tu Chenz (4 years ago)
Women rarely make the First move. They only make try he First move when a guy is very attractive.
ESOR ONDAUTOC (4 years ago)
But guy dating on line mostly asking your sexy pictures or naked pictures, if you ignore them they never talk to you anymore,:)
Doug G (4 years ago)
Do you really need to meet up with such guys?
Joseph S Ⓥ (4 years ago)
Not all. Come on 
K20civicsirturbo (4 years ago)
ok how about 9 simple tips to attract single women in public
sure not a bad idea...in the meantime there's already this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBAFD22DA36D9A9C7
Telmo Parreira (4 years ago)

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