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Super Mario World Playthrough: World 2 - Donut Plains (Secrets)

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Super Mario World Super Nintendo Entertainment System Over 75k views! Here's the other part of Donut Plains showing all it's secrets. The red dots on maps indicate that it has a secret exit. You'll see a star on the map, but I will explore that at some point in this playthrough. Next video, I'll go through the third map, Vanilla Dome.
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Text Comments (32)
Maylynn Keeler (2 months ago)
Oh Do you do it tal me it 😮💣 ▶
Final Crash (2 months ago)
Do what?
Bitter Topanga (4 months ago)
Thank you!
Rossie Boi (4 months ago)
Why are the sounds so different?
Final Crash (4 months ago)
You wouldn't happen be playing the Game Boy Advance version (Super Mario Advance 2), would you? If not, I'm not sure what sounds are different.
FabioGnecco (4 months ago)
Katy Wiggins (10 months ago)
Ok so I have this game for gameboy advance sp not the Nintendo version are there some secret worlds that you can't get to on the gameboy version that you can on the Nintendo version?
Final Crash (10 months ago)
No, it's the same levels in both versions. There's plenty of other differences between SNES and GBA, though. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86aR052hvIc
Hey, Wanna Play? (2 years ago)
Johnny R (2 years ago)
How do you get the ladder from donut plains 3
JORA CRISTO (1 year ago)
Final Crash (2 years ago)
Clear Donut Secret 1 (the lake) with the secret exit to get to the Donut Secret (Ghost) House. Clear the Donut Secret House using the normal exit to get to a pipe that takes you through part of Bowser's Valley, where you will find the stage Donut Secret 2. Finish that level and you should have the ladder to climb when to take the pipe back to Donut Plains.
BobyG Spam (2 years ago)
2:25 same shit happened to me
Swag Chompy (2 years ago)
it's real!
Is there an hidden game where the fish appears?
Final Crash (2 years ago)
+Carlos Raed Mayoral Gutierrez No, just part of the scenery.
+Corkscrew Blow under the bridge 0:04
Final Crash (2 years ago)
+Carlos Raed Mayoral Gutierrez Which fish?
Alexis Santiago (3 years ago)
How do i keep on flying because i go up then go all the way down?
Final Crash (3 years ago)
+Alexis Santiago You have to press backwards on the D-pad when you are flying. You can't just keep pressing it, you have to time it maybe like around a second or half, it's kind of hard to explain without showing it.
Rakhem Gold (3 years ago)
Mario died in a wall in the under water level
Jasmine Yoshi (3 years ago)
I knew that before i watched
Sinan Tas (3 years ago)
Nice video ,thank you very much
P. Alcivar (4 years ago)
Great video mate
LordTerenas (4 years ago)
0:11 that music xDDDD
Oussama El Achhabe (4 years ago)
How to Unlock the Super top secet area?
Final Crash (4 years ago)
Start from 9:44 in the video.
Camisha Clark (5 years ago)
How did you do that jump up the wall in the donut ghost house!?
Final Crash (5 years ago)
The top of the Donut Ghost House? I ran and then did the Spin Jump instead of a normal jump. It also works like a double jump.
Aidan (5 years ago)
maybe im just thinking out loud
Aidan (5 years ago)
i think theres also another secret in the secret ghost house i remember getting a key there
ThatBriand (6 years ago)

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