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Can Boys and Girls Be "Just Friends"? | Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

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Anilor Zenni (1 month ago)
What about a man and a girl bestfriends for years. Is this permissible???
Mrs Alam (2 months ago)
Assalam O Aalaikum Nouman Sir , i had a question to ask i don't no wher and how to ask you this question , so i thought i can ask it through comment Inshaallah i hope you see it once and answer it . My question is My husband has some female friends (They are like his sister ) Alhamdulillah i trust Allah and my husband but i don't want him to continue his frindship with them now. should my husband end his friendship with them or is it ok that he is friends with them ? Note : it hurts me alot because of his friendship with them. Kindly provide me an answer in light of Islam. Jazak Allah Khair.
The Derpy Creep (5 days ago)
He usually doesnt answer comments. And this channel isnt even the real channel that he uses. I request you go to your local mosque and ask them what to do in this situation. Then have a sincere calm honest converstion as two mature adults with your husband about it.
baby girlll (3 months ago)
This is stupidity
Shemail Arif (3 months ago)
Faizan Hussain (4 months ago)
Nouman Ali khan is awesome may ALLAH bless him
Faizan Hussain (4 months ago)
Norma Jeane (4 months ago)
People don’t have to be related by blood to feel like brother and sister. And what you are telling does not apply to everyone. If you’re having a hard time around girls, you can stop talking to them or whatever but that doesn’t mean everyone should stay away from all the girls that aren’t “family”
hippity hopp (5 months ago)
Walahi I could've easily had friends that were boys but because I'm very shy around them I can't even ask to help with class work or their social media but I've been asked by them before I always kindly say no thanks
Muslim Girl (5 months ago)
So can we chat online without knowing each other identities and
Bakhit Fatima (5 months ago)
Lol just blocked the guy
Schokoladenkeks (5 months ago)
Bakhit Fatima wtf why?
Niman Rasool (5 months ago)
Boys and girls can not be friends there is to much risk of falling in love it’s crazy some times may be in a controlled setting but Satan is always there to help
MrEvldreamr (5 months ago)
Men and women can be friends there really isnt any issue I see with that. I'm surprised that Muslim men hold themselves to such low standards by insinuating That they are savage beasts w no self control when it comes to women....come on now.... Alcohol is the number 1 leading cause of rape and adultery so if you're a Muslim you wouldn't be drinking it anyways meaning that your penises should be safe as long as you excersize just 1% of self control....
Princess zelda Princess (5 months ago)
I'm a Muslim and I have a friend that is a boy and we go to movies alone together and we are alone his dad buys us our tickets and buys our drinks and snacks and his dad goes to see his own movie and I and my friend goes to see a movie alone together we don't touch and we just stare at the screen and after the movies we go out to eat
Princess zelda Princess (5 months ago)
I am a Muslim and I have guys as friends and they are just friends
Rocket Man (5 months ago)
No, we can't be (it's haram to look at non mahram female for boys and male for girls) but she can be my wifee😍💜
Schokoladenkeks (5 months ago)
You too
Rocket Man (5 months ago)
Schokoladenkeks I don't want to argue with you Have a great day mate!
Schokoladenkeks (5 months ago)
The only ideology that rapes so extreme is Islam.
Rocket Man (5 months ago)
Schokoladenkeks to protect be protected from raping each other
Schokoladenkeks (5 months ago)
Because it says so in a 1500 Year old book?
Saif Hasan (5 months ago)
Nouman Ali Khan is absolutely superb. Very sensible brother. God bless you Nouman Ali khan. May Allah keep you happy, make your Imaan stronger, love you my Muslim brother
Samia (6 months ago)
I used to have guy friends, but I cut all of those so called friendships, not just because they might have bad intentions, because I don't let people pass the limits with me, I just do not see a point in it, I know I won't accept my husband having a friend, nor will he, plus, I swear It's pointless, It' won't go anywhere, both really just get what they want from eachother and that's it, and by that I don't even mean sexually, but emotionaly +, the interaction between opposite genders without a valid neccesary reason, is firsthand Haram, let alone being friends, there will be disobediance of Allah, and I swear nobody, no one that loves you in Allah will want you to involve in sin.
ಥ_ಥ (6 months ago)
I’m a really really shy person, so it isn‘t easy for me to get to know other people. My 2 best friends are male, and both have girlfriends. They don‘t want anything from me, and i don‘t want anything from them. Were just really good friends since middleschool and i know that they would never look at my but or have feelings for me. Is this still haram too?
Ryan - (6 months ago)
Does someone have a reference I can read about the part where the uztaz talked about eating fries at McDonald's is haram? Did he mean it in a more-than-friends kind of way?
saqib afridi (6 months ago)
Lovely explanation
Nur Farzanah (6 months ago)
“Keeping daughter in the bottle not going to save them”
Islamic lectures (6 months ago)
Aholf Ditler (7 months ago)
Hey bra Im Muslim, Havent seen the video yet but there isnt any reason for boys and girls to not be friends. Sure, attraction is natural but there is also a certain thing called self control or restraint. Plus I dont like how Islam seems to attach sex to everything. Its really unhealthy.
saffant (7 months ago)
So how else is one supposed to meet potential spouses if arranged isn't a viable option given life circumstances?
Shihab Ahmed (7 months ago)
I mean youre accusing all men of uncontrollable desire and all women of naivety. Good people exist so we shouldnt have to prepare for the worst.
Starring (7 months ago)
So why don't you tell the boys not to be that way?
Muhammad Joshua (7 months ago)
Elaborate scheme of men 😒
TondrilaTube (7 months ago)
What if he's gay?
Schokoladenkeks (5 months ago)
Not allowed in islamic culture
I have guy friends and I compliment them is that haram...
24 oh
24 (5 months ago)
Hussain Mudasir (7 months ago)
If you wait for years to ask a girl out, you're probably never going to get her either. As soon as you like a chick, be swift and attack. This is no time for standards. Only the fittest will prevail.
Nazo Sweety (7 months ago)
Very well said .we do everything in consciousness
Ayesha Siddqua (7 months ago)
MashaaAllah it’s true only love with true creator and he is only Allah(SWT)
aran amin (8 months ago)
Yes you can be. I have friends who are guys and I'm married. Smh
Aim Juvenescent (8 months ago)
Sturla Þórðarson O, disbelievers. you do not worship what i worship, nor do I worship what you worship. And I shall not worship what you worship nor will you worship what I worship. Unto you your religion and unto me my religion. Come on we respect each other
Dulla Bills (9 months ago)
When a man and a woman are alone the third is shatan
gyalXxcx (9 months ago)
Simple answer: Hell naah, if you believe you can, you're lying to yourself.
Schokoladenkeks (5 months ago)
gyalXxcx no I don't
MAD MADICINE # (9 months ago)
So empowering, rational and merciful of ALLAH
Mosta Mego (9 months ago)
❌🚫⛔️🖐Be carful when you mixing between Arab customs and traditions and the Islam don’t say haram until you make sure. "But say not - for any false thing that your tongues may put forth,- "This is lawful, and this is forbidden," so as to ascribe false things to Allah. For those who ascribe false things to Allah, will never prosper."
Ali Kasim (9 months ago)
I need to confess actually,
yuvraj patil (10 months ago)
quran is made by man,islam run by man , and they all convincing women like wear hijab ,don't talk.with boys ,what the man are doing with 4 wife, hahahjaja
Don't Be Dumb (4 months ago)
yuvraj patil 1- Quran is not made by men,it is an inspiration of God. You can read in the quran scientific things that are not known by man in that times. 2- Islam is run by everyone who beliefs and practices 3- Some muslim women don't even wear hijab,and the ones who wear are usually very proud and enjoy 4- Man can have 4 wives in some conditions,are this is rare nowadays because in the times Quran was written,a lot of women were alone because husbands and male relatives were dying in wars,so in our times this doesn't make a lot of sense,but by the way the first wife needs to agree with the other marriages.
Rismi Fathi (5 months ago)
yuvraj patil Allah made the Quran
Rismi Fathi (5 months ago)
yuvraj patil Who said Quran was made by man?
The Dude (5 months ago)
yuvraj patil You haven't read the Quran 💯 😂😂😂
Dina (8 months ago)
ok maybe you should go read about stuff and learn rather than talking nonsense
wali (10 months ago)
Masha allah
islandgirlxx (10 months ago)
I have some guyfriends so I'll say It is possible to be friends with the opposite gender. If you are not attracted to eachother at all and if they have something you cannot stand of their personality. And it's also possible even when you are attracted to them but you have to have self control and just spend limited time with them and mostly in groups. And we treat eachother like brothers and sisters with a lot of respect and purity. It has worked for me and my guyfriends. But eventually you should do what is best for you. So you don't end up broken hearted or commiting sexual immorality with your friend.
Ashmeal Hamza (10 months ago)
If you watch romantic movies about the boy and girl friends but they always end up falling in love to each other and that is why boy and girl can't be friends
Schokoladenkeks (5 months ago)
it's a fucking movie Einstein.
Iam raj (11 months ago)
5:40 there are consiquences in the akhira. What does that mean?
Kyle Buttler (11 months ago)
Nobody Talks with me in College 😑😔🙄😓😔
salma ramithe (10 months ago)
Kyle Buttler why .. are you ok
macdad muhsen (11 months ago)
So true, people be friends so that they can be boyfriend and girlfriend so they can commit zina
Aleksis Kauranne (1 year ago)
My answer for that is that depents a relation ship between those two which isn't my business and thats why i don't even have to think too much that topic
hansofwesteros (1 year ago)
Watch this video if you want an answer to this question https://youtu.be/tOYLIdyoF6Y
hansofwesteros (1 year ago)
Bullshit. I have plenty of platonic friendships with guys. It depends on the individuals and it's most definitely not wrong to hang out with the opposite sex. He's so contradicting in his statements.
sanjeen2503 (1 year ago)
MY piece of advice to my brothers out there is... start early in being friends and letting your kids be friends with girls. You would have moments of joy, anxiety, getting to know how females think (a 'disillusionment'), moments of grief by empathizing with a distressed friend, and lastly, a lesson to learn if you get rejected on a proposal. Taking cues from all these experiences, you'll better understand women and have healthier relationships in later part of your life when people matter. Abstaining is never the solution. Learning by failure, starting from small things, is the solution.
Marwa Nour (1 year ago)
SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER!!!!! Is it ok for children under 18 to have friends that are boys please answer I can’t find the answer anywhere
Schokoladenkeks (5 months ago)
It's allways okay, over or under 18
Marwa Nour (1 year ago)
And also is it haram to joke around with boys or just even have convos with them
Forhana Khanam (1 year ago)
Thank you
I love pizza Video (1 year ago)
But what if my friend is gay
Nour Masri (1 year ago)
I have two best guy friends. We are just friends. One of them has girlfriend and the other one is single but nobody cares. We all are just friends, so it exists.
Dutchik (6 months ago)
Kiran Bahadar everything sometimes happens. Friendships can evolve to love. But usually don't... Because you have a different kind of bond.
Kiran Bahadar (9 months ago)
Nour Masri Nouman Ali Khan did say that it happens at the beginning of this video.
Omari Tahjud (1 year ago)
Star Cherry (1 year ago)
0:18 this wasn't what I was thinking when I thought of an example of a male & female being friends. It feels more like seeing each other as siblings and the idea of kissing or sex becomes gross!
danish_b10 (1 year ago)
When a man and woman are alone, shaytan is the third there
Confirmed Russian Bot (1 year ago)
treat the opposite gender like the enemy. don't trust them & don't communicate with them.
Shery Muneer (1 year ago)
Does anyone have the link to the full video?
goku ultra inspired (1 year ago)
dude not everyone has negative thoughts
Nahian Hasan (11 days ago)
So how can I stop to get girl s I. School because am Muslim I don't want to be Haram boy
Roc (3 months ago)
goku ultra inspired And how do you know who has evil intentations? YOU DON'T, only Allah knows and that's why you don't minlge in the first place.
killer unicorn (1 year ago)
So basically is it wrong to be friends with boys? coz sometimes I feel boys are more relatable than women idk
eshal idk (5 months ago)
Schokoladenkeks (5 months ago)
No it's not
KaRiMa 00000 (1 year ago)
I'm a Muslim hello and I don't think there is a problem with having guy friends, if we both know our boundaries, I have like a group of friends and there are some guys, and we all go out and have fun laugh and everything, without doing anything haram
Shuvo Abisali (24 days ago)
I couldn't have no choice but to reply your comment. Indeed most of the things you have responded do turn out to be true. But there is something i sure would like to express myself. The video i have watched sure didn't go wrong since man has been created that way and which is why in Quran that man was ordered man lower their gaze. You have a different perspective and so do I have. It's important to talk with an opposite gender if that is for any particular reason e.g. my classmate asked for a help and i helped her since she wasn't capable of doing that work by herself. But The best part is not get too close with them or else things might get a little problematic. And it's good that your husband is nice and you have friends specially German male to respect you and your husband and there are great laws to prevent such unlawful acts. But one thing is for sure that Germany is still one of the countries that has the highest infidelity rate around the world. I can say that Islam has put restrictions for the best of whole mankind. So arguing about it is pointless. I am not showing my arrogance as a Muslim but Islam made guidelines for the best if it is being followed properly.
Adil Abdul (5 months ago)
KaRiMa 00000 ur wrong we should not make friendhsip with oposite sex no matter in which gen we are
Meri Jaan (6 months ago)
Dutchik Respect! 👍👍
Dutchik (6 months ago)
Shahabaz Khan it's kinda insulting to boys that you think they are instantly attracted to everyone and want to stick their penis in them... Like really insulting..... Like all their being is, is having a constant sex drive. Wanting to fuck everything all the time... Like no. Boys have more depth then that. And also want to have fun and friends. It's an innate humam thing. Socializing. It wouldn't work if half wanted to fuck half of society all the time... Like no!
Meri Jaan (6 months ago)
Alexander Shamenek says: "We each have specific details that we prefer.  I don't like Angelina Jolie's lips but a lot of people LOVE them.  I love big bright eyes, high cheekbones, short heart shaped faces rather than long diamond shaped faces, and brown hair.  So even though I find Angelina to be beautiful too, I'll take Liv Tyler over her any day.  But of course I also think Liv Tyler is much more gorgeous, because of the things I listed.  If a girl is plain, I'm not going to think she is better looking.  I may desire that woman more, but it's probably due to personality." And here is the scientific explanation why we women and men just DON'T LIKE every person of opposite gender that we get to know, and usually we are FRIENDS with these persons because WE DON'T FEEL ATTRACTED to be something else. But logically in a country with less women men have to resign with what they have. There isn't enough repertory to choose. https://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-27752/the-science-of-attraction-this-is-what-determines-whether-you-have-chemistry-or-not.html Quote: "Studies have found that women are more attracted to men with opposite immune systems (meaning, complementary antibodies). This makes biological sense; if a child were born from the union, that child would have a wider variety of immune cells and potentially a healthier immune system." Bingo. I can confirm that. That has happened to me. During my life I felt attracted to specific men, not all, but I DIDN'T MAKE those males my friends!! 😅😅😅 That would have been committing suicide!!! Do you know what is the "friend zone"? Whether you are a man or a woman, once you are in the friend zone for someone it is relatively IMPOSSIBLE to get out of there!!! 😂😂😂 That person, in Western world will NEVER see you as a potential date. If males and females are in a voluntary way "in the friend zone" is because they don't like each other sexually. So works western world. If we like somebody, going "friends" with him/her is the most stupid thing we can do!!😅😅😅😅 Forget movies as kuch kuch hota hai, real life in western world IS NOT LIKE THAT. Once in the friend zone, FOREVER in the friend zone. In western world we think the idea of friends becoming lovers is very romantic but we know that real life is not like that. Many of my friends will be surprised when I tell them that for Middle East the movie "kuch kuch hota hai" is like real life 😅😅😅
Sameer Ismail (1 year ago)
very nice explanation
good boy (1 year ago)
Ahahahah funny ... Nowadays Muslim girls act like 👼 angels... but only Allah know what they do ... I've decided to not get married I can live without wife. Funny thing Muslim girls makes fun of me because I've got the beard and I go to mosque, they've got the audacity to call themselves Muslims while wearing clothes you can see their body. They take off clothes easily with so called "bad boys" After they want a marry angels for husband. Young women's are the cancer of the Muslim world and by the way they cheat double the percentage of men's.
Atom 98 (1 year ago)
I havme a strong opinion about this. YES they can be friends, why? well because it's a normal natural human thing! why do we have to say that you can't interact with a female unless you want to marry her? it's so wrong! can't you have normal everyday conversation with a female??!! It's ingraind in us since we were at a young age, I go outside I see a girl you know what I think? "oh wow I wanna marry that girl look at how pretty she is".. THIS IS MESSED UP. MEN AND WOMEN CAN BE FRIENDS. we must not concive our thoughts on women only for marriage and sexual engagement.
Linsxx (1 year ago)
so true
sam rovasanin (1 year ago)
at first i was going to say how ridiculous this guy is, but by the end it fully made sense and was spot on correct. Very good advice, wish i knew it earlier....
Ham Burger (1 year ago)
he is for sure right. Allah tries to protect us, Thats why All the guide lines. And sometimes Even knowing, we overestimates our own "intelligence", thinking its "ok" just to talk and help eachother out. I pray, That Even if i make mistakes, and i get Hurt, Allah will guide me on the right path and give me a. lesson.
Monkey Gaming (1 year ago)
that's bs
Mary Fouiny (1 year ago)
so there won't be friend zone ... there u go problem solved
زينب zeynep (1 year ago)
thedeenshow is from this guy coming
Kaspa nova (1 year ago)
I'm 27 years old and have just recently converted to Islam but I cannot just forget my male childhood friend that I have known since the age of four. Is this okay? -He is also planning to get married soon and I have no romantic feelings towards him and his wife and I are great family friends.
Nikolai. (1 year ago)
Bro, I have a guy best friend who is practically my brother, and we treat each other like brother and sister (bc we secretly are 😂 or that's what we think) there are no feelings amongst us and never will. Idk man.
eshal idk (5 months ago)
lunyosss (5 months ago)
eshal idk oh, not at all😂. I still talk with male respectfully and do group study with them lol. And that's exactly fine ofc.
eshal idk (5 months ago)
Lmao, it's gucci. And yeah, i also do have a crush on one of my male friends, but i just believe you shouldn't choose your friends based on gender because hetrosexuality is normal to me.
lunyosss (5 months ago)
eshal idk well so you're approving that boy and girl can't be 'just friend', thank you for the honesty. And I get it, my sister, I too, have male friends and that thought back then, but the whole idea of being 'just friend' meaning that you see them in 'platonic' kind of way, but I'll be honest with you, all that male friends I have back then, no matter how hard I tried, I somewhat had crush on them. You might said 'well I dont' but well what about your male friends? Even if you a great tech mind Reading or a pro psychologist, no one on earth can confirm what is happening inside our hearts. Wallahu'alam. Also sorry for being harsh on that 'proud male friends' thing, I'm just mocking myself since I'm really proud on having opposite sex friendz back then, that will watch my back when they're actually don't and just using me. I'm telling this to all my sister's around the world so they would not have the same disappointment and regrets like me, and be prepared if you still want to hold on with being friends with them. And also no, I'm not a feminist, male are cool and funny, but I don't want to get hurt nor hurt them :) peace sister <3
eshal idk (5 months ago)
I have had male friends from a very young age, and i do not see the problem with it, BECAUSE, i hate the idea of arranged marriage. I feel like when you have friends of the opposite sex, you know what dude is your type, plus if you do marry one of your male friends, you know you can trust them. Ik you're going to be like "But men and women shouldn't have lustful feelings for each other." but bro, seriously read my past points. Also, what is this "If you still have this disease of 'proud having a male friends'" bullshit that you just said? It's called puberty. And nobody follows the not mixing with the opposite gender stuff nowadays anyways, but whatever you wanna believe. Masalamah Sister. <3
I think Islam doesn't force anyone to live alone. Islam is religion of peace. And to understand the meaning of Islam we need to have the pure heart. But (someone) make it aggressive religion. I think boys and girls can be friends. That guy thinks not. Because may be when he comes closer to girls he may have bad thinking but I have many friends and 5 or 6 of them are girls. I see them like my sisters. May Allah save us and show us the straight path. Human belongs to Allah. Allah is knower, teacher, and anything belongs to Allah our soul, heart, love, feelings all of them what exists in the world. I just trust in Islam, Allah and I respect and follow to Prophet Mohammad sav, not to mullas, and people like you
Deep Mitra (1 year ago)
so.. to sum it up can we say that 'the only spontaneous relationship that exists in this world between a Male and a Female is sexual relationship' ? everything else is just made up by some to sugar coat their desire to get that?
mahtab m (1 year ago)
very useful video .thank you
Imtinan Shahid (1 year ago)
yea that so true that first time is suppose to be special and at the end of the day we ruin it for our self's once we decide to go down that road
Imtinan Shahid (1 year ago)
hahhahaha they wont admit it omg cant stop laughing
Somebody (1 year ago)
Wow this guy is so imbecelic.
WheresToomy (1 year ago)
You can't talk to women it's haram you can't get married or have a girlfriend it's all haram
eshal idk (5 months ago)
Watchu talking bout?
eshal idk (5 months ago)
Bro, uh your parents, are married.
Crazy Gaming (1 year ago)
What if your a kid and hang out with a girls at school
Umme Marzina Jotey (1 year ago)
does any1 know???where can I get the full lecture???
ytv ytv (1 year ago)
What if you have a friend who's just a friend and you share your interests with and is a boy can you be friends?
Basra Abdi (1 year ago)
omg this is so true I love this sheikh for sake of Allah well said, it does hurt
33X 33X (1 year ago)
but look girls and guys can be just friends i am but i suppose im 36
33X 33X (1 year ago)
i got a feeling nouman is a serial killer.....watch out.
SetASpark (1 year ago)
For all the people saying women are oppressed because of what he's saying, you do realise it's the same for the men, right?...You dumbasses.
Artie pie (1 year ago)
i have alot of guy friends and im a tomboy.my friends never even dare to slap me,if any other guy does something bad to me they go and hit that guy for me and they treat like their own sister and i treat them like my bros NOW IS THIS WRONG?
Saulat Bano (1 year ago)
Artie pie yes
Sayyar Awais (1 year ago)
The example that he gave was invalid because dude, if we don't let boys and girls interact like he said which I totally agree under guidance and just say it's wrong "religiously" Then the ultimate end is unprecedented arranged and sometimes forced marriages Which will lead to one partner or both jeopardized
WHERES RAJ (1 year ago)
I disagree with you. He is right. Going to the mcdonalds to have fries together by themselves or hanging out after school and so on is not right.
Suleyman Kutlu (1 year ago)
1 reason I can think why being friends with women is bad is because you do not have guarantee that you won't have more than friend feelings, let's say you become friends with girl but is there any guarantee that you will not want her more than just friends? no...in time there is high chance for love feelings to develop and if she rejects you (she most likely will) you will only end up in pain... and I realized that many times when girl wants just to be friends it's because she doesn't see you as relationship material and it sucks for us men... :/
Ifra khan (6 months ago)
Suleyman Kutlu . Right
lunyosss (6 months ago)
Ahmed stop talking about what 'if', talk about what 'is' instead. Don't be a denial and accept that male and female was created to attract each other. There's something magnetic between opposite gender that their not aware of, even to ugly male/female. Male and female can be 'just friend' but in short period of time. For example, says there's a ugly man being friend with some attractive woman. The woman would think him just as a friend, but the man not, I can tell you. Or vice versa. There's a possibility that the woman may have attracted to the ugly man by his personality, jokes, and attitude, but the man was being oblivious because he thought that nobody will like him since he ugly. So being 'just friends' does not work at all. Because we can't read what is on their mind. We have to accept this fact. Men and women are created to be couple. So if you not interested with some guys in your work place or colleagues, just talk to them respectfully and have a limited conversation. Because if you let him/her comfortable with you but you have no interest in them, it will hurt their feelings. But if you do have interest in them, then let they know that you're interested and get their hand in marriage. People today's love to play around with relationships while it's a very crucial thing if you think about it. That's WHY Allah tells us to kept our distance and gaze because of these consequences. Its a test and we have to be conscious about this.
sanjeen2503 (1 year ago)
Thing is..start early in being friends, co-workers with females. You would have moments of joy, knowing how females think (disillusionment), moments of grief by empathizing with a distressed friend, and lastly, a lesson to learn on being rejected for a proposal. Taking cues from all these experiences, you'll better understand women and have healthier relationships. Abstaining is never the solution. Learning by failure, starting from small things, is the solution.
Mohammed Faizan Ahmed (1 year ago)
Suleyman Kutlu What if both of you just genuinely want to be friends? You talk about the exact same things as all of your other male friends. What if you're just talking about a movie that came out last night? What if you're just having coffee together? What's so bad about it? And hey, despite what people tend to believe, a person ALWAYS has control over what he/she feels (except perhaps, anger. But then, that's when ya drink water and gulp your anger right down with it)
LEBANESE ROSE (1 year ago)
I don't believe in friendship between boys and girls NEVERRRRRR!!!! NOOO.Work with men yes but other than work like being close frirnds NO.
Param Veeramachaneni (1 year ago)
full of bullshit
Usman Ahmad (1 year ago)
Peter Victorian Everybody calm down, in the name of Allah, the most mighty the most merciful.
LEBANESE ROSE (1 year ago)
Theeyes Theears (1 year ago)
before i start this video im telling you no they cant i dont care what 1 of you souls say
ahmad said (1 year ago)
Boys and girls can be friend what the different matter between boys and girls boys and girls are the same
Maverick ii (1 year ago)
well said
Urwa Shahid (1 year ago)
ahmad said you're kidding. they are not the same physically, biologically, psychologically, emotionally. they are different in every single way. be real to yourself
Cherry Garcia (1 year ago)
Does this include men and women in their late 20s?
Daffa Azizan (2 years ago)
With all due respect it's mostly boys who follows their nafsu, and it's mostly boys who doesn't know.
Khalid Adam (1 year ago)
Daffa Azizan true that
Jacki V. (2 years ago)
I believe that Allah can help men rise above their debase urges and selfish desire to have (own) another human being so that women can interact with men and contribute to forming a strong and competitive society. When you sideline women, you make your society weak and unable to compete in the world. Acknowledge our gender differences and ask Allah to give you the strength to overcome your debase urges and to accept that you cannot always have (that girl who has chosen another man) exactly what you want. Inshallah
Meri Jaan (6 months ago)
Supreme Applause!!! 👏👏👏 Very well said!! And besides there is the five-times-a-day-prayer and the ablution, and that keeps one even more centered and liberated!!! ☺
Supreme (1 year ago)
I am a Muslim and Judging this video, I think their views are rather backwards. You can have people as just friends regardless of if they are boys or girls. I know females with males as just friends same the other way around. I even know married men that keep in touch with their male as well as female friends it's usual nowadays. I don't see anything wrong with that honestly. For example if me, a boy and you are a girl, I can be your friend if you're a nice person and just happen to meet I.e. We study the same subject, become class mates and be good friends. It doesn't mean I want you in a sexual way. I could even like/have a crush on another girl that has nothing to do with you. Just because I am your friend and we are of the opposite gender, it doesn't mean I want sleep with you. We need to stop jumping to assumptions likes this all the time because it is not always the case sometime you are just good friends. I hate how a lot of guys around my age just care about girls in the sense of lust (for sexual reasons). I have never cared about that stuff and I am in my early 20's now I still don't care. I went through situations too where girls admitted they fancy/like me but I ignored it because I never cared about starting a relationship until I am older, financially set then maybe I would want to start a family. All I ever cared about throughout school & college is education and any plans I have after class. I never understood the obsession other boys have with girls like how it's all just about sexual urges. We are human, not dysfunctional animals.
+Super Dragon I would like to talk about facts, not about yours triggered feelings if the truth (islam promoting violence and afterlife orgy) triggers you, then you maybe should think about it, not whining about someone not being nice to you
+Super Dragon killing gay guys is actually good for them, because you are helping them to stop sinning raping and killing women is good for them if they were disobedient because you are helping them to stop sinning in heaven you will have 70 virgins to fuck, not other people from your previous life
Super Dragon mind your own profile
anis bilat (2 years ago)
Aisha said,"The Apostle of Allah married me when I was 7 years old. "He had intercourse with me when I was 9 years old". (sunan abu dawud),(bukhari 7.62.64) Muhammad the pedophile prophet set the example for all muslims to follow.
Urwa Shahid (1 year ago)
what?? it was her consent, and it was aisha's family who proposed the marriage to the prophet (upon whom be peace). The marriage was consummated after Aisha reached puberty and got her period, which she did at the age of 9! there is nothing shocking about it for people living in hot climates. I live in a hot area and got my period when I was 8! plus Aisha was more mature at that age then you will ever be. and she was the happiest wife of all times. look at the things she says about her beloved husband. she was crazy about him! she was the most jealous of his other wives cuz she wanted him all to herself. She was 19 when the prophet (upon whom be peace) passed away, and yet she never married again, and she was always praying to her Lord to show her husband (the prophet) to her in her dreams every night. Stop spreading falsehood and hate without knowledge!
Please enter a name (2 years ago)
Instead of falling in love with a girl/boy try to fall in love with Allah and worship him and everything will start going your way with Allahs help... 😊(Inshah Allah)...May Allah (swt) help us fall in love with him and his prophet and help us get into Jannat-ul-firdous....Ameen.
Andriana (3 months ago)
+Ashiquah Norodien but Alhamdulillah after he id ruqyah and the jinn left, he doesn't have any desire anymore to men
Andriana (3 months ago)
+Ashiquah Norodien believe me bro or sister, in my country there was a man and he's a gay but decided to come back to Allah then he did ruqyah, and there was a jinn in his body playing with his feeling that made him gay
Ranbum Guy (6 months ago)
Ashiquah Norodien have you not heard of prophet Lut?
Ashiquah Norodien (7 months ago)
Missalicat I don't get it..I'm Muslim myself and I've grown up around religious Muslims so I do believe in Allah and his many..many.many rules. But among many thing I don't understand why being gay is wrong... because if you truly believe Allah (swt)made you the way you are then why must you live the rest of your life unhappy because of feelings you can't help...it's not like ppl choose to be gay...its how they are Why can't we just base our religion off kindness and equality because in the end we all want to be happy
Maux GT (9 months ago)
Nightwing "instead of loving boys and girls love Allah" I'm sorry but zeus is more attractive :)
SPARTAN PRIDE (2 years ago)
I'm not muslim but my dad and brother taught me you can't be just friends. American culture is easier but a man can also fall in love with you and even though its not a bad thing, its still temptation. Expression in Greek is " I fotya ke to baruti then echi embistosini. means the fire and dynamite cannot come together. who is the fire and who is the dynamite, lol not sure but this is a Greek expression. :D
SoundsLike Turkish (1 year ago)
SPARTAN PRIDE Same in Turkish: "Ateşle barut yanyana durmaz."(Fire and dynamite cannot stay/remain together.) It is also used for love between two people from enemy families.

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