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Vivid Video (1998)

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One of the most famous pornographic studios in the industry. Taken from Let's Do Munch. These videos were captured in 2010 to "sampler DVDs" I have crafted on a Magnavox VCR/DVD combo (back when the VCR counterpart still worked, but it doesn't anymore, but the DVD player/recorder counterpart still works like a charm luckily). I ripped these openings from a freeware DVD ripper that blacks out some logos. Enjoy the videos and feel free to comment, but I don't take requests sadly. These videos are definitely not monetized and all proceeds go to the copyrighted owners.
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Text Comments (3)
When You Used To Have This Tape It Had Those Bad 1-800 Promos At The Beginning.
Donut Smasher (4 months ago)
Yep! Interracial fantasies and everything!
austin willcut (1 year ago)
Classic! Babes Illustrated 1 has this logo.

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