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How to Be Funny & Interesting

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http://www.inbox2romance.com How can someone be funny and interesting? It's not easy to be funny, but I'll give you some tips and advice to be a more funny person. Being interesting is easier, and I share a few easy ways to become a more interesting person. What do you think? Please remember to LIKE this video if it has helped you, and to SUBSCRIBE! Click the link below to SUBSCRIBE! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=inbox2romance
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Text Comments (5)
I fell asleep at 0:10
connor mallory (5 years ago)
Don't take it as a insult though
Eduardo lugo (5 years ago)
I always say yes.. hah.
Thanks for watching Dougie! Don't forget to subscribe for future tips :)
Jerry Steinfield (6 years ago)
great advice thanks.

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