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New World Coins

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Got 4 new world coins today
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Silver to burn (1 year ago)
Cool new pickups! ;) Burnie.
Stackaveli 91 (1 year ago)
I hate when shop owners have egos
Gauged Silver (1 year ago)
Stackaveli 91 yeah i think he didnt like me cause ima stacker
Stackaveli 91 (1 year ago)
I went to a coin shop in SF when I was visiting. the shop owners weren't that bad, just put out a snobby vibe. I feel some owners think stackers are below numismatic collectors or something. Either way I found some barbers and got outta there lol
Gauged Silver (1 year ago)
Stackaveli 91 its stupid like it takes so much more work to be an ass then it is to be nice
Kerris L Ravenhill (1 year ago)
Really, I'd talk to the guy's boss about him unless he is the boss. I bet Vessie (Silver Vessel) would like the Italian coin.
Gauged Silver (1 year ago)
+Kerris L Ravenhill hahaha yeah he is the boss. I would have if he wasnt
Nice coins
Gauged Silver (1 year ago)
+steadystackingsilver thanks bud
nice pickups yea if your rude to people in shops that's just stupid I spent many years in shops helping people find what they needed thanks dude for showing
that's just weird
Gauged Silver (1 year ago)
+Tasmania silver stacker crazy thing was he was nice a hell to a older gentlemen though.
Coin hunter (1 year ago)
Sweet dude
Gauged Silver (1 year ago)
+Coin hunter thanks
Canadian Silver Saver (1 year ago)
Nice pick ups bud. That LCS is just avoiding the transaction being tracked. Likely to avoid taxes on the business. Find a new place that guys an ass.
Gauged Silver (1 year ago)
+Canadian Silver Saver good possibility he really is
The Grenadier (1 year ago)
Nice finds! I avoid LCS like the plague!
Gauged Silver (1 year ago)
The Grenadier wow thats bs
The Grenadier (1 year ago)
I watched someone win one of their auction boards, and they refused to give them the coin that they had won.
Gauged Silver (1 year ago)
+The Grenadier lol why
Pit Bullion (1 year ago)
They don't want somebody cancelling the order on them. that's why they don't take them. I don't know any that take credit. some take debit. The rudeness comes with being an LCD owner I think 😂 Nice Pick ups dude!
Gauged Silver (1 year ago)
+Pit Bullion yeah i can see this it's just a shame because he has really good deals on Morgan
MUDSWAT (1 year ago)
My dealer won't sell PM's with credit too.. I think its some kind of moral thing... :/ Shrug... Nice pickups, happy stacking!
Gauged Silver (1 year ago)
+MUDSWAT I was using my debit card though and he just said cards. But either way to do an ass and was rude as fuck to me
MUDSWAT (1 year ago)
My dealer said it has to do with not supporting the credit companies with the purchases of PM's. As like a constitutional thing...? Not sure what the motives of other dealers are.
Silver Legion (1 year ago)
MUDSWAT it's a tax evasion thing, my lcs owner is a d**k when I use my card AND he has a double fit when use I use the prepaid gift cards my company gives us as a bonus. You don't get a shop fill of PM buy being a kind hearted soul.

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