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73 Questions With Taylor Swift | Vogue

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Vogue's May cover star Taylor Swift takes us on a tour of her Beverly Hills home and answers all of our questions, including what she'd be doing if she wasn't a singer, and her best advice for her 19-year-old self. Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. 73 Questions With Taylor Swift | Vogue Created by: Joe Sabia
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khodijah kirana (43 minutes ago)
Vijay Kumar (6 hours ago)
I love tailor swift
Tips 4 truckers (10 hours ago)
She seems so sweet here. I love how quickly she answers. Also she looks so much better with less makeup.
Helena L Vaquera (12 hours ago)
"Get a good lawyer"
Lucy Stephanie (20 hours ago)
Oh I like high waisted clothes too! haha. Too bad she's supposedly not like this anymore. Awww.
christel meijer (1 day ago)
Highwaisted stuff...... SOULMATE! 😂😍
Zlaxy - (2 days ago)
don't know how but I can sense the smell of the environment inside her house.
Rammy86 66743 (2 days ago)
The movie Martian 😍😍😘
toni Boni (3 days ago)
favorite cocktail = vodka and diet coke? Now that is just sad.
Wayne Apted (3 days ago)
Taylor did a cartwheel in Bad Blood
Avery Wong (3 days ago)
Vogue: how many cat breeds can u name? Taylor: names a million me: oRaNgE cAt
Juliana Gomez (3 days ago)
lol "Get a good lawyer" Taylor Swift "Read your contracts" Lauren Juaregui
Mr. Salem (3 days ago)
8:43 it's so crazy to hear you in my language 🙈😂 × × Love you, bye 💞
Lisa Lisa (4 days ago)
Love Taylor.. She's sooo generous ❤❤❤❤😘😘
anjali das (4 days ago)
Do 73 Q's with bts
Abby B (4 days ago)
kiss me by sixpence none the richer is such a pretty song
Milani Daily (4 days ago)
They need to do this again she has changed so much
shady shady TV oopsy (4 days ago)
looking grate and fit
Sharon Jackson (4 days ago)
I miss the old taylor
Nafisa Momtaz (4 days ago)
The fact that she's got a tricycle sitting outside her house amuses me so much
Wewute Lohe (4 days ago)
The most beautiful women on planet
Sanat Singh (4 days ago)
I have double jointed elbows too
yamini chauhan (5 days ago)
My favourite TV serial is friends too I love friends very much and I love your every song taylor swift please send my reply 🌹
Sebastian (5 days ago)
probably part of the intended format but the interviewer sounds like a robot interviewer and like a the voice asking Google or Siri to tell them the number of a pizza place. nice person maybe, but few meaningful questions. What a waste of time for an interview with a person that achieved a good deal at a young age.
Udayjeet Singh (5 days ago)
i love u
amanda cuthbert (6 days ago)
This made me like her a lot more. I haven’t been a huge fan in a while but she seemed so down to earth and fun to be around.
Brahim Chawqi (6 days ago)
Why do I have so much in common with her???
Intoxicated NeHa (7 days ago)
*TAYLENA* ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Shrujan Sanil (7 days ago)
I liked u b4 now i love u just bcoz of that answer Houmous.
taylor sweet (7 days ago)
Is that taylor swift house?
Ughh love her! She seems so sweet and down to earth.
Jinui Pul (8 days ago)
I love Taylor swift she is the brilliant pop singer in the world her every song has been touch heart
Lil's Life (8 days ago)
Jazielyn Joyce (8 days ago)
Make another one for this year
Pratik Khillare (8 days ago)
Please do one episode with Demi Lovato
Ivan Ronald Chavez (8 days ago)
4:13 I actually got something different in my mind.
WigTea Snatched (8 days ago)
Charles Jin (8 days ago)
"The karma is real" lmao
Yann Mottier (8 days ago)
Elle est simple dans sa vie et elle est plaisante à écouter. Yann M.
Yun Ju Sung (9 days ago)
hi, Taylor, I'm one of your fans your the best singer in my list
MLD Cufba (9 days ago)
I think she knew the questions
Daniel Malloy (9 days ago)
Taylor swift owns a BIKECAB!!
Louna Moon25 (9 days ago)
5:09 *Who is that?* Umm... In the backround
Evan Richardson (7 days ago)
Louna Moon25 I was wondering the same thing 😂😂😂
Amazing Truth (9 days ago)
Get a good lawyer
Donya Bella (9 days ago)
The Impulse (10 days ago)
Classic Beauty!
Mohamed Afsar (10 days ago)
Who is at back
uv.vibes (10 days ago)
why is she so salty and sarcastic?
Info Black (10 days ago)
I can’t meet her because I am I Sydney astralia
Info Black (10 days ago)
I wish I wood meet taler swift but a have all ready seen one of her cinsintw
Ella Alford (10 days ago)
The guy just reading at 5:33 while Taylor is doing a interview with Vogue 😂😂
Marta Jordeczka (10 days ago)
Soooo down on earth. Love her!!
Allena pz (10 days ago)
My two favourite Taylor Swift songs are fearless and never grow up
Aleja D (10 days ago)
She is so pretty and talented.
kaitlyn lauber (10 days ago)
I love taylor swift so much
Mae McCardle (10 days ago)
Sreedevi R (11 days ago)
My ideal
Divas (11 days ago)
4:12 Same It So Weird😹😹😹😹😹
Dylan Munoz (11 days ago)
yall are seriously trippin if you actually think Taylor is this dumb. You dont want to see her the way she actually is hahahahaha
Shubhankar Srivastava (11 days ago)
*Kanye West disliked the video.*
Slyther Claw (11 days ago)
The cake was for karliee just guessing
Jaake_ s (11 days ago)
Tbh living in ur dead grandmothers house is pretty fun With no one to cry with
Tyler Conroy (11 days ago)
Ok well no offense but im a big believer in how the world works and just the gravity of the world so if she believes she isnt gonna go to the moon ?? Who does she think she is. THe birds onher toes will pick her up and spin her off int o the moon. Well anyways haha <3 Good luck to taylor and food luck gravity
Santsali Weirdobe (11 days ago)
Still watching thisss
Aleksander Romanowski (11 days ago)
I love your song Taylor♥️♥️♥️🤩😱
Super Douce (11 days ago)
Was it 73 questions? I lost count :D Great interview, love you Taylor! See you tomorrow for the BBQ!
Yani Khori (12 days ago)
person: what your advice to anyone who wanna be a singer? taylor:get a good lawyer
Armando Sanchez (12 days ago)
Taylor Swift Newspaper
Ayushi Gupta (12 days ago)
i just love love her!!! she is the most generous person! love you taylor
Girly Gamer (13 days ago)
What is one subject you would like to teach in a school Taylor: English Me: English is my favourite subject so can’t Taylor teach me
Tasnim Jhuma (13 days ago)
i m a big fan of taylor swift
ThatOneWeirdo (14 days ago)
"My insecurities" I felt that 😢
pm SUNLESSSUNRISE (10 days ago)
ThatOneWeirdo me too, for 3 years now
ThatOneWeirdo (14 days ago)
Wow I didn't realise how genuine and kind she was till I saw this. A new swiftie in the crowd y'all.
Reuben Naji (14 days ago)
So cute that, Taylor lives in this houseeeeeeeeeee
Mmadi Hairia (14 days ago)
I love her so much......she is the best 💗😍😍
Thunder Up (14 days ago)
Wait wait wait I thought the first song she played for her first guitar lesson was Cowboy take me away by Dixie Chicks?🤔
Moniroth Chan (15 days ago)
Taylor need to perform at the Coachella ASAP.
suicide27survivor (15 days ago)
The K (16 days ago)
your robot why too many questions buddy
The K (14 days ago)
Etherealswifts yeah ! becos I love her songs😻😻
Etherealswifts (14 days ago)
The K is this ur first time..
David Akhidenor (16 days ago)
Her house is so old fashion
Bibash Siwakoti (14 days ago)
David Akhidenor how are you going to make fun of her 40 million dollars mansion and it’s not a house it a mansion and how are you going to make fun of her house when your house is probably a average house that is worth like 10k dollars lmafo
Elizabeth Hamill (16 days ago)
she reminds me of lorelai gilmore in this video
Levy Barimbao (16 days ago)
Karma is real. We both are the same on that nice to think of it. 😘
Phú Quý Trần (16 days ago)
"Get a good lawyer" pure savage
edgar isaacs (17 days ago)
She looks like Gal Gadot
Melissa Ramirez (17 days ago)
Chelsea Christina (17 days ago)
I just love her...😘😘😘😘
Caitlin L (17 days ago)
Anyone notice there are 22 million views?
Marco Mijares (17 days ago)
How lucky you are Taylor give you a water 😍
Arita Jelenà (18 days ago)
I always love her and for ever ❤
Ganpatsinh Jadav (9 days ago)
Arita Jelenà p
Upin_Catz Lilium (18 days ago)
Sombong ga sih orang yg ga mau follow 1 person pun di akun instagramnya bahkan sahabatnya sendiri 🤔
Leu Tube (18 days ago)
I also shake my legs.. Most of our traits are same!! Being a swiftie wit h a Taylor Swift attitude is a blessing😍😍
Diya R (18 days ago)
this the best one yet.
JazzyTheSwiftie :3 (18 days ago)
‘22mil views’
Cole MacNeal (18 days ago)
I love Taylor so much.
Rita Alsina (18 days ago)
Loveeeeee Her ❤️❤️
Giovanna silva (18 days ago)
Sou brasileira meu sonho é te conhecer gosto muito das suas musicas e gosto de sua personalidade mas sei que isso nunca vai acontecer quero muito mesmo te conhecer por favor venha pro brasil
Aprajita Bhardwaj (18 days ago)
Now she gains weight she is looking so skinny
eat sleep and repeat (18 days ago)
The alive one down there lol
Haneesa (18 days ago)
eat sleep and repeat That was Meredith right then where's Olivia?
Mia p a r r y (18 days ago)
Love you

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