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First and foremost, the audio de-syncs about halfway through. No clue why. Ever wonder how to get that special 96* next to your Super Mario World file but just couldn't find that last secret exit? Well, look no further than right here! I show how to get each of the 24 secret exits in the game! I spent a lot of time recording and editing this video and I really hope you all enjoy it! Subscribe, like, share, and comment for more content!
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Text Comments (130)
ytrewq6789 (2 days ago)
Golden 96 Star!!!
Eunice Herring (5 days ago)
Thanks for this tutorial! So helpful! After playing this as a child, I’m now playing it with my little one and discovering secret exits has been a lot of fun!
A 2 (6 days ago)
seems like several lifetime's ago...
Ignacio Chavarria (8 days ago)
17:36 you defeat the green bubble??? :O
Ignacio Chavarria (8 days ago)
I know that, BOY!!!
Ignacio Chavarria (8 days ago)
14:26 hey!!! AND the 3rd exit on the Forest of Ilusión 1?????????
Ignacio Chavarria (8 days ago)
13:22 Oh! my god!!!! It' very easy!!!
VetteRacin (8 days ago)
Oh but you can easily get a blue yoshi up the vine
Ignacio Chavarria (9 days ago)
9:45 AND the 3rd EXIT on Vainilla Dome 1?????????
Jessica LeConey (10 days ago)
Loved this!!!!
Irma Aguayo (14 days ago)
Real fun classic always playing mario
ProClifo (17 days ago)
Kinda funny how you NEED to find at least two secret to even beat the game at all. When I was a kid, I was stuck in the Forest of Illusion for so long!
HappyFeelGoodChannel (2 days ago)
yeah i was stuck in forest of illusion for 2 years LOL
So Ronery (21 days ago)
As a kid I found all the secrets hehe. Also, chocolate Island reminded me all this time of those chocolate poptarts xD.
Ryan Green (22 days ago)
Nice work Dude !!!
Zac H-K (23 days ago)
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to finish this game with zero secret exits
Zac H-K (10 days ago)
+cobrasman 😂 Jus spreading the Tony love man
cobrasman (10 days ago)
HAHAHA dude, i can't believe that i found a Tony Meme here. Amazing
Colton.D (23 days ago)
There were Exeter 100 comments but I ruined it
Colton.D (23 days ago)
Btw I never knew how to get the red and green exits so thx
Robert Marston (25 days ago)
grew up on this game!! i still play it till this day!!!!
Brandon Fisher (25 days ago)
I went into this video thinking that I had found all the exits as a kid. Oh how wrong I was.
Shy Lalande (25 days ago)
Have to say listening to this made me realized how much I missed as a kid. This is great being able to see where everything is and the help. Thank you. ; )
Jerome Ugbamin (25 days ago)
You miss the ushi island dude
nintendofreak10001 (26 days ago)
I played it on the SNES Mini and beat it 100% same with DKC1!
Neil Mizzi (1 month ago)
How crazy my favorite game of all time but only one exit i never saw till now the one on the bridge down the vine to the sea level and star in the centre when i done star world via other exits i come to this star in the centre but i missed the one on the bridge. Still 95 out of 96 as an 8yr old.
bllllood (1 month ago)
cheese bridge second goal tape was the 1 that took me longest to find XD....the dino secret exit was definetly annoying :S...lastly...the valley ghost house 1.....frustrating key to get when you dont know that you can control the coins to make steps...….I use to fly and  attempt to duck jump inside there(lots of fun deaths by getting time out)
Devon Sampson (1 month ago)
There's another Secret Exit in Forest of Illusion 4 that bridges the gaps between the weird space in the middle and Forest of Illusion 2.
Nelson Turner (1 month ago)
I still play this game even though I have beating it
Elijah Loff (1 month ago)
The all new entity that Nintendo has added...Key-oshi!! 15:12
Brian Perfitt (1 month ago)
I have this game on pause while watching this.
Tiki Williams (1 month ago)
Thanks u really helped out on chocolate island 2 with the secret exit. I seen other videos about it but they never did it or said it the way u said it or did it.
Ronald Poppell (1 month ago)
Great video dude
nishblaze (1 month ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANsJ4Oo8lyo Super mario bros 3 secrets! dont forget to subscribe. thx.
LaKyiashe Matthews (1 month ago)
You forgot about cheese bridge
Davers (1 month ago)
Cheese Bridge is an area accessible from the Vanilla Dome 1 secret exit. Cheese Bridge itself has no secret exits which is why it wasnt shown in this video. Much like Donut Secret 2. Secret area but no secret exit to make this list.
Warrior Spirit (1 month ago)
On the first stage with the hidden Keyhole all you have to do is run up the blocks instead of having to fly up there. But first you have to beat the stage on the side I push that button that makes those squares turn solid so you can run up them by pushing Y.
IrishTemper (1 month ago)
For real, dude, thank you SO much for uploading this! I finally have all 96 exits completed!
Darcy Grayson (1 month ago)
Hey bud when you gonna do some more walkthoughs for some retro or current vids it's been awhile
Darcy Grayson (1 month ago)
Thats awesome im in the same boat too with family but im definitely looking forward to the vids thanks hint hint ghostbusters 1&2😀😉
Davers (1 month ago)
Glad you asked! I am putting a new video together right now and have a few ideas for more. It's hard to do with a full time job and 2 kids. I appreciate that you guys take an interest in what I put out though, so thank you!
Daryll Abraham (1 month ago)
Only thing I could never do was beat all the star levels. I've made it through all the bottom levels and 3 or 4 of the top row.
40_OuncePapi _ (1 month ago)
Played this game through and through as a kid never got 100% always had 90ish percent
DJTOM_retro_gaming (1 month ago)
EXCELLENT intro lesson sir.
-PARADOX- (1 month ago)
My favorite secret is when the entire world turns into like a Fall theme.
-PARADOX- (9 days ago)
+AzreaL Mizzen the fall theme?. The way you do that all you need to do is complete all the Special Levels after the Star.
AzreaL Mizzen (9 days ago)
How u do that?
Sam (1 month ago)
guy (1 month ago)
poor yoshi
Mullet Man (1 month ago)
Boring a real super Mario player knows all this shit already
Lifetime Nice (25 days ago)
Your Boi Fnaf Games and more like me I’m nine and I had no idea
Mullet Man (1 month ago)
+Your Boi Fnaf Games and more and 1,000 different men said the same thing about your mom back in the days, she was in a porn video titled ten poles and three holes and yes your dad was watching and filming the video and he also was a fluffer behind each scene
Well this is for beginningers
John Tate (1 month ago)
TheEpicDap (1 month ago)
i downloaded super mario all stars and played super mario world cause it said they had it :)
jeff erlsten (1 month ago)
What is a com-pile-ation?
David Williams (1 month ago)
I never realised how much of this game I missed as a kid! -certainly going to be replaying through this again.
Oscar Hidalgo (1 month ago)
soda lake 1st try lul
Commander Augustus (1 month ago)
Greatest game ever made. Still stuck on 95 exits though.
Amy W (1 month ago)
Thank you! I got a Super Nintendo for Christmas, so I finally have time to make my way through this whole game. Glad Youtube exists now since the last time I played this haha
Nathan Is a Mouse (1 month ago)
You can hold up on the control pad when making Yoshi lick. This will cause him to lick at face level instead of ducking.
Luke Tuffnell (1 month ago)
I bought the SNES classic and had no idea where most of the secret exits were but then I watched the video and now I got all the exits, thanks!
Chelsea Lockhart (1 month ago)
Oh my gosh! Thank you I'm playing on my emulator and I couldn't remember any of the secret exits on star road!!
James Franco (1 month ago)
Man you missed a few
Kiwi Lambert (1 month ago)
Didn't know about the other alternatives routes, thx!! And, you're welcome =)
Davers (1 month ago)
+Kiwi Lambert I would consider that just an alternative route to the same boss room that leads to the same star route after finished. But it is a cool secret. There are a good handful of alternative routes in castles/fortresses. Castle 3 and 4 have two of the more known ones. But this gives me an idea for a new video so thanks! :)
Kiwi Lambert (1 month ago)
+Davers Well, there's a very useless one (but it exists) in the Forest Fortress: if you manage to fly all the way past the lava at the end of the level (by taking the path above the Boss door), you will find another Boss door. So, 25 secret exits ;) Not sure if there are anymore though, I'm redoing the game right now. Cheers!
Davers (1 month ago)
A few what? There are only 24 secret exits and I showed all of them.
Christina Flores (1 month ago)
Its easier with the blue yoshi lmao
Christina Flores i think u are a hot tamale lets get ❤
John Tate (1 month ago)
You don't need the blue Yoshi for the first one. THe blue shell will let green Yoshi fly.
Racuzi Mike (1 month ago)
Guitarherodan1988 (1 month ago)
Did you miss super secret area?
Andre G (1 month ago)
Tubularis the 2nd level of the Special World, which you can enter from the Star World.
Carrie Moore (1 month ago)
+Davers it's the one that is extra hard like one of them is named totally tubular.. I never did get passed all of them
Davers (1 month ago)
+Guitarherodan1988 You might be remembering wrong. If there is a secret there, I've never seen or read about it.
Guitarherodan1988 (1 month ago)
+Davers that's just the top secret area. There's one more area passed that level where you go to that small island above.
Davers (1 month ago)
I show it at 5:20
DudeManBro Gwyn (1 month ago)
Awesome I never got EVERY secret exit I only found like 4 or maybe 5 makes me wanna break out my old Super Nintendo n play it all over 4 100% completion thank you 👍👍👍
Long Lost Puss (1 month ago)
I've got the 96 with a star now, I basically started over. What I think happened was that I may have turned the console off in between a save state and completing certain goals and it was too late to save the progress by the time I completed the game. The last time I got 96 years ago there was no star, it was shown in blue colour. Not sure what that meant to be honest.
Jared Adams (1 month ago)
I NEVER KNEW THAT ABOUT THE RED DOTS! I remember in computer class, my teacher had the ROM for ALL-STARS/SMW and I would try to beat the game faster and faster each day. 40 minute period, but I had to finish my computer work first.
ProClifo (13 days ago)
I know, I was just doing the meme
Jared Adams (13 days ago)
+ProClifo This was back when the world wasnt full of pansies
ProClifo (17 days ago)
Wait. That's illegal.
Laiken Terry (1 month ago)
Its been a buncha years since I played this game
Laiken Terry (1 month ago)
Once u found all the exits the number at the beginning of the game actually had a star beside it. I don't remember what the number was but I do remember once u found all the exits the star was added to the number indicating that u found all exits
Jon Porter (1 month ago)
My very first childhood game I played, never knew about the ghost boss though :/
Im so frustrated!!! Ive done all those secret exits, ive passed all the normal ones and I can only reach the 95
Adragast (26 days ago)
+Davers Thank you so much for this comment. I had been stucked for ages at 95. Did all levels of star road again, normal exits and boom... 96 :-o
40_OuncePapi _ (1 month ago)
Leonardo Ramírez Guardado same!
Davers (1 month ago)
Also, the normal exit for Chocolate Island 3. It's easy to get the secret exit and move to the next level and forget about the normal exit that doesn't go anywhere.
Davers (1 month ago)
Remember to beat all the Star Road levels both ways. Also, the Forest Ghost House secret exit that leads no where.
dntlss (1 month ago)
This game is legendary and has aged very well,just played it about a month ago after several years,outstanding.
BrandonNYL (1 month ago)
Awesome video!
Daryll Abraham (1 month ago)
Common sense is what beats every part of this game. I figured out EVERY SINGLE SECRET as a child. Born in '83. Y'all should be ashamed for not figuring this shit out WITHOUT THE INTERNET.
Daryll Abraham (1 month ago)
In earlier levels, you explored how to beat both ways of the "red" levels. Yet after the Forrest you just move on.... Did you get bored, or what?
Daryll Abraham (1 month ago)
Long Lost Puss (2 months ago)
I've unlocked everything but are stuck on 93
Daryll Abraham (1 month ago)
+Amelie B what is it that you are going on about?
Amelie B (1 month ago)
Daryll Abraham I’m
E Zone (1 month ago)
I’m on 96 with a star ⭐️
Daryll Abraham (1 month ago)
+Long Lost Puss No shit. Suck it up kitten. :)
Long Lost Puss (1 month ago)
+Daryll Abraham Spoiler:- it's not my real name.
Hardhead 7th/wd (2 months ago)
I thought I was the only one that spits out the key after going in the key hole because of the sound he makes. Biiiiiiii😂😂😂😂 I flew a lot with Mario because of the Cape, though it was so kool. That's how I found a lot of keys, I think there was only two I didn't know about, Bowser one's. Good video dude, just bought a switch and I'm just reliving my childhood
Scott Lage (2 months ago)
Love it
Zachary Blackmon (2 months ago)
Thanks cool video
YWMr (2 months ago)
Ok, 30 years passed and I just learned you could control the running coins coming out the block with your keypad??
nkotb 82 (9 days ago)
I Know!! Just learned this! I never understood why they went left on that one star road level. It was worthless, and I was making it happen lol
Tyler Rumfelt (9 days ago)
YWMr I just said the same thing!!!!!!! Lmao
J F (27 days ago)
I figured that out before i made it to kindergarten lol
Brian Long (1 month ago)
37 yrs old... just now found out you could control the moving coins hahaha! I've played this since it's debut 😂😂
Davers (1 month ago)
Haha, yeah. When I was younger and figured this out, those blocks made WAY MORE sense!
ninjamuj (2 months ago)
I LOVED THIS....mind blown with all the secrets that I did NOT know of.
Zac H-K (10 days ago)
+Will Salos No, fuck YOU
Will Salos (26 days ago)
+Megan Newton fuck u too
Will Salos (1 month ago)
+Benjamin Green yup dumbass su wu we live it
Megan Newton (1 month ago)
You dumb ass
Will Salos (1 month ago)
Who bang on his asss ha ha ha
Jordan Masson (2 months ago)
On thing you forgot in valley of Bowser was that if you finish the fortress off by it's self to the right it takes you to the back door of the castle and the last section of the castle right at Bowser
My Cabbages! (9 months ago)
IAmDjMainEvent (1 year ago)
I always found that using the blue Yoshi made finding a lot of the secret exits in Star Road easier. Especially for Star World 5
Christian Bebee (2 months ago)
Davers yea blue yoshi was definitely a fav 😆 could fly by eating ANY shell. All of the yoshis were so fun, just added a different dynamic to the game. But thank you for doing this. This was probably the very first game i got addicted to and it made me a huge mario fan.
Davers (11 months ago)
After recording this video, I went through and finished off about 92 exits just for the fun of it and quickly realized the Blue Yoshi is so OP. So Star Road 4 and 5 would definitely be easier with one.

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