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First and foremost, the audio de-syncs about halfway through. No clue why. Ever wonder how to get that special 96* next to your Super Mario World file but just couldn't find that last secret exit? Well, look no further than right here! I show how to get each of the 24 secret exits in the game! I spent a lot of time recording and editing this video and I really hope you all enjoy it! Subscribe, like, share, and comment for more content!
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Long Lost Puss (19 hours ago)
I've unlocked everything but are stuck on 93
Hardhead 7th/wd (1 day ago)
I thought I was the only one that spits out the key after going in the key hole because of the sound he makes. Biiiiiiii😂😂😂😂 I flew a lot with Mario because of the Cape, though it was so kool. That's how I found a lot of keys, I think there was only two I didn't know about, Bowser one's. Good video dude, just bought a switch and I'm just reliving my childhood
Scott Lage (1 day ago)
Love it
Zachary Blackmon (3 days ago)
Thanks cool video
YWMr (8 days ago)
Ok, 30 years passed and I just learned you could control the running coins coming out the block with your keypad??
Krystle Maddox (4 days ago)
Lmao I literally JUST SAID THE SAME THING to my boyfriend and heres your comment on top of the list🤣🤦‍♀️
ninjamuj (13 days ago)
I LOVED THIS....mind blown with all the secrets that I did NOT know of.
Will Salos (15 hours ago)
Fuck u
Jordan Masson (15 days ago)
On thing you forgot in valley of Bowser was that if you finish the fortress off by it's self to the right it takes you to the back door of the castle and the last section of the castle right at Bowser
My Cabbages! (7 months ago)
IAmDjMainEvent (9 months ago)
I always found that using the blue Yoshi made finding a lot of the secret exits in Star Road easier. Especially for Star World 5
Christian Bebee (4 days ago)
Davers yea blue yoshi was definitely a fav 😆 could fly by eating ANY shell. All of the yoshis were so fun, just added a different dynamic to the game. But thank you for doing this. This was probably the very first game i got addicted to and it made me a huge mario fan.
Davers (9 months ago)
After recording this video, I went through and finished off about 92 exits just for the fun of it and quickly realized the Blue Yoshi is so OP. So Star Road 4 and 5 would definitely be easier with one.

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