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What Women Like On An Online Dating Profile (And What They Laugh At)

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John Stgermain (1 day ago)
Dude you are stupid as hell nobody even date online and are profiles are not shit your a complete dumbass and dating sites are scams
I've dated probably over 100 girls through the period of 2-3 years which all of them I met online. It's true, the pictures are important and those shown here are terrible but I believe that what can give you success in online dating is being yourself and a little bit of a scammer. Here's what I mean. Even if your pictures aren't perfect the first thing the girls gonna notice is your message to her and that is the most crucial part. Most guys just write "hey" or "what up" and leave it there. If you're an attractive woman you will get dozens of those each day which will simply put you in the basket "Another idiot". The best part about this is that MOST guys do this so if you can be a little more creative you can go a long way. On my dating site there was a counter which displayed how many profile views those the profile have so if I couldn't get anything original/creative/funny from the profile I would just write "Hey, you've got XXX profile views, impressive. That must have led to dozens of intriguing conversations?" It gave me a decent rate of about 40-50 % response which is quite good, but I only did that when I got NOTHING better to figure out. For example I met my wife online and when I saw her pictures, which were in a park in autumn which look artistic and got this classy feel to it I wrote "Wow, what stunning pictures! You really sacrificed yourself for art!" (the main one was when she was on the ground and throwing leaves over her head). That kept us going but what next? It's another easy step - be different form others. Most guys threat this as a job interview. They ask questions - "Where do you live? What do you do? How much do you earn?" etc. My goal was never giving those informations at first but play a little bit mysterious so what did I talk about. I got like 5-10 stories from MY OWN LIFE which gave away who I am and what my qualities are. Everyone have those kinds where they tell the stories to strangers and they sincerely laugh, that's the ones I'm talking about. Of course I don't mean stories about how you threw up or got pulled over by the cops for DUI. My stories were few sentence each and got laughs on the other side. If you're not sure if you're story is appropriate go to a lady friend and tell them the stories and frankly ask what would she think if she didn't knew you after hearing this story. Have like 10 of those prepared and you're all set. It took me from 30 minutes to an hour for a girl to give her REAL phone number. How do I know it was real? Because immediately after she gave me I would call her and tall for hour or so and say I'm a little busy and will call in 3 days and so I did NEVER doing it before or later, it had to be that day. Of course I also made a date on the first talk but it depends what you want to do. To wrap it up online dating is the best thing but you gotta put some work into it. If you're lazy and just like "Oh, what the hell I will write to her "Hey what up?"" you're doomed. But if you want to have 2-3 dates a week just be yourself, but not the lazy-whining-shittyfriend self. Be the one that's generous, funny, witty and smart and you'll go a long way.
Proverbs Ministry (1 month ago)
You're the reason real men don't get replies. Women fall for douchebags like you instead.
Keith Moriyama (1 month ago)
Here's a trick to take a good picture, especially if you hate getting your picture taken. Don't use a camera, use a camcorder. Shoot for a few minutes, think of something pleasant or funny. Then advance the frame for the perfect shot. IT WORKS... EVEN IF YOU LOOK LIKE ME!
wongoli wongo (1 month ago)
I see some negative comments and I don’t want to discourage people from online dating. If you wanna get good with girls faster, you HAVE to get into it. Don’t limit your options. And yes if you wanna win @online you need quality photos so the girl knows she’s not going out with a Freddy Kruger.
Hasan Sealey (1 month ago)
Online dating does not work for short men.
Sheri JK (1 month ago)
I don't care if you are short or bald, or poor, or whatever. I don't care if pictures are basement pictures. I want to see you, not your truck. And wear shoes, not flip flops. Wear a shirt, not a tank top. I don't want to see you lying on the couch with your harry armpits all over the place. I don't want to see your dog licking your mouth. I want to see you, not a picture with your former wife / girlfriend that you have cropped. If anyone wants me to proofread I would probably do that.
Juan Calderon (2 months ago)
Should I remove where I say in my profile, " no Trangender or girls over 30 years old".
Carmelo Junior (2 months ago)
Funny! But good advice
Stuart Gudgeon (2 months ago)
No shit dude are people really that stupid...... Well yes they are. Why would someone put a shit photo up that doesn't highlight their features and says something retards.
md jayed (3 months ago)
What exactly is Troplusfix Dating Secrets? How does this thing really work? I see lots of people keep on talking about this popular dating course.
ANsOn II (4 months ago)
I think women want to be single anyway. It consumes a lot of energy to have a new relationship. They look at it as entertainment. Keep in mind we are living through a mass extinction event. I see it more and more everyday.
808 Stizz (4 months ago)
Lmao I was mother's basement. not afraid to admit. Time for change tho
Bear Knuckles (4 months ago)
My profile is all black dicks with little costumes on them
Matthew kornman (4 months ago)
So basically get your shit together stop focusing on women and take a bunch of photos of what you actually do. I.e. Job Passion. Body. Whatever. What's your social circle like
Renee Paulson (4 months ago)
Terrible video and content and that intro music is super annoying
Twin Turbo (4 months ago)
I write on my profile I make a six figure income and have a 12" dick, I get bitches messaging me all the time.
Washington Consultants (4 months ago)
Actually, I dont care anymore. American women suck, and their standards are too high. I am certain that if a guy like Brad Pitt created a post, he would be rejected. Why? Brad is 54 years old (he would be considered too old), separated (a negative red flagg) has 5 young kids (thats too much baggage to most women) and owns a Harley Davidson (some women would consider that white trash). LOL. Seriously Brad would have no hits on match.com lol Omg, wouldnt it be funny to create a fake post on match.com with Brad Pitt's photo (with a beard to disguise him a little) and his bio and see if he got hits? Lol.
Zahlen Punkten (6 months ago)
04:17 We aprecciate you dad <3
kilo dogz (6 months ago)
whats the intro
usquanigo (7 months ago)
Back when OKC would tell you who visited, the majority would not visit. Perhaps didn't even read the message (without a list, that can't be known). So content and additional pics don't really amount to much.
loganorin (7 months ago)
It must be a completely woman’s market, bc women have crappy profiles. They put pics on and just say, contact me and I’ll tell u all about me...lol
C D (7 months ago)
Dear guys on here complaining about online dating: Be honest. You go on tinder or whatever, with your shitty to decent profile, and swipe right on all of the 8s-10s. If they're an 8 they want to get matches with 8+. If your profile is a 5, you better stop wasting your time and start expecting that you're going to have a lot better luck with people in your range, from an online dating perspective or switch some shit up. The reason those 10's aren't matching with you is the same reason you swipe left on the ditch pigs. Fucking use common sense
eydaimon (7 months ago)
TLDR; Photos to put on profile: 1. Headshot 2. full body 3. out and about (social) 4. activity picture Technical errors: 1. shitty camera Failed contexts: 1. ridiculous shit (sitting on toilet, mothers basement, bathroom picture) 2. all in one area (at home)
Mi Sm (10 months ago)
What is the intro music being used?
Shelley johnson (1 year ago)
Thank You
Edgar Ramirez (1 year ago)
Carly4Freedom (1 year ago)
I do not not look for someone with money or 6 feet tall. I expect a man to be a man, I'm o.k. with letting the man be the head of the household. I also love to cook, and enjoyed the opportunity to stay at home with my children, and since my youngest is Autistic that was very important to me. I think people today don't allow for the opposite sexes to behave like themselves. If women want a more masculine male then odds are they are going to be bossy and more demanding. If women want a real sensitive guy because they want to be the boss then they can't get upset when there guy isn't as masculine. You can't have it all. Same thing with guys, They want a feminine, beautiful, sexy, woman, who loves to cook, put them on a pedestal, support them, and no drama, which is an oxymoron right there, lol. Women by nature are more dynamic and emotional. They also want women who love to camp, watch sports, and enjoys doing everything outdoors. Well men, you can't have it all either! Either you want a woman who is more masculine, and enjoys doing more masculine activities, or you want a feminine women who enjoys doing more traditional things. This idea that you can have it all is ridiculous. Instead of the sexes arguing with each other, they need to be supporting one another.
Fun fact: many women will have multiple profiles on dating sites, each playing a different role: the wannabe mommy, the party girl, the career-oriented charger, the homebody, and others. Multiple profiles give them a wider net of potential men to spend time and money on them so that they can winnow down the one they want--assuming they want a permanent partner. Many just want to be wined & dined without paying for anything themselves. They're _using_ you.
You're funny. But INFORMATIVE.
John Johnny (1 year ago)
Your every swipe is a match thing is bullshit. It's a trick.... All you have to do is... Stay off tinder for a week... Then swipe right on every pic you see.. Which will be fat ugly... Transvestite people... And hey!!! Well done... 100% matches
v5red (1 year ago)
I would think the advice from a guy who is not incredibly handsome would be much more useful. IMO these videos from guys who look like this are about as useful to average looking guys as lifting advice from pro bodybuilders on steroids would be to the average, steroid free and genetically average, lifter.
Daniel McCoy (1 year ago)
Blue pilled fuck.
Foomanlol (1 year ago)
Get out of here with your nonsense. Its a waste of time.
Tatjana V (1 year ago)
I can agree with all of these in the video, when I go to a dating site, most (like 99%) of men on the photos look much much worse than they do in real life! Like come on, take a camera (I would say even phone camera would be ok), take a photographer (friend/sister/brother/or even mother), go outside, somewhere nice like a park/beach in a nice weather and take photos, lots of photos, 100s of photos and choose 3 the best ones. Is it so hard to do?
Emperor Palpatine (1 year ago)
and just don't be born ugly or short
John Smith (1 year ago)
Be : White Over 6'0 Handsome Success
old silas (1 year ago)
This presenter is so full of shit. 3 minutes continuous of matches on Tinder for a very average looking guy? Yeah right. He must be very insecure to fabricate this shit.
MrSidney9 (1 year ago)
put up only one picture (to tease), be laid back., dont take any of the girls seriously., be kind of a troll until you have good reasons not too.
P D (1 year ago)
put fake pics and viola!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAHAHAHAH Tinder what a joke Do you really think that they read your profile?
0707565 (1 year ago)
what if you dont have a social life?
Collis Williams (1 year ago)
I used to get laid a lot more often, before I let online dating completely destroy my confidence. With online dating, guys need to be a 10 to pick up a 5. What a complete waste of energy.
Krisztián (1 year ago)
a headshot, a full body shot - thats what she said LOL :D
Jonvolca Man (1 year ago)
I specifically stated that I am athletic, fit, shredded, like staying active at the gym; yet nothing but old enough to be my mother looking, fat, out of shape, lazy, scary women are the only ones who contact me just because I am over 50. Online dating sucks.
Red Hat (1 year ago)
Online dating doesn't hold a candle to approaching in person. I'm white, 6'2 ,have an athletic build and I make 6 figures a year. I've been told I'm funny as hell, confident and attractive. I've been on very few dates for the amount of time I've used it and the majority have been outright insane, or have some social disorder. You guys have to realise even some of the most out of shape, socially inept, entitled, single moms will get messages daily from men that simply want to get laid.
Scott Snow (1 year ago)
Damn this is all so me hAHAH
PIXXO (1 year ago)
great vid man.
John smith (1 year ago)
im sick of the BS of these beta types tell all the guys its a formal when its not...good looks is it nothing more nothing less
1973charliemarcus (1 year ago)
men don't be whores of attention get a good ground game and fuck being online that's for bitches
1973charliemarcus (1 year ago)
there's nothing worse than putting up all these great pictures online and then you meet the person in real life and they don't think you look anything like your pictures and are disappointed. The best thing to do is fuck social media and just meet women in real life
Anew Blu (1 year ago)
Joe (1 year ago)
Do someone have the online profil photo of jeff?
Robert LaPointe (1 year ago)
That is pretty funny how he mentioned the mirror selfie LMFAO Well I see women doing those types of selfies quite a bit on face book and social media web sites and yes those look really dorky looking rather stupid to put it lightly hahaha nothing looks more stupid than a mirror selfie of somebody holding a cell phone camera
Joe (1 year ago)
Why he do not just show us his online profile.
Bax Mrackney (1 year ago)
Joe grammar on point
Karisma King (1 year ago)
I like your product. I bought your product. And i will definitely recommend it. Thank you kindly. *tips hat like a true sir
Jackson Scully (1 year ago)
Denton Dating Any good?
Robert O'Connor (1 year ago)
I wouldn't give today's women the steam off my shite if their lives depended on it. I think they're illiterate and stupid. They can't spell even the simplest words. And I disagree with you: they DO have the time. If they can sit at a computer all day and moon over PoF, then they do have the time to write properly. Let's face it, it's all about money and security, not love. Love is dependent on the former two ingredients. Money and security.
MrNonGod (1 year ago)
I am on your level of attractiveness and your picture did not look that fantastic. I have had better quality photos and have had no responses. I think it might be that where you live there are more women to date. I would be interested in knowing where that is?
Renaldo Nelson (1 year ago)
Im with ya. Im consistently told i am a good looking guy, already followed all of his guidelines before even watching this vid, yet cant get a girl to match or write back on tinder for shit.
Xena (1 year ago)
I've swiped right on thousands and thousands of girls over the years, and got like 10 matches total. Real destructive for my confidence. In public girls react positively to my looks and demeanor. I hate clubs, so I don't know what to do.
dochmbi (24 days ago)
Daygame is the answer. That, or there are other hacks, such as dance classes. Learn to dance, dancing gets you women, easily.
Grammar Nazi Party (2 years ago)
You didn't even mention the GOOD part. 2/10 Failure of a video AND failure in editing.
Pedro LL (2 years ago)
Barnaby ap Robert (2 years ago)
Given that you look Arabic, is that a turn off for American women?
LoveResidentEvil4 (2 years ago)
You're so funny😂
Eponine Thenardier (2 years ago)
Go out in the real world and revive the whole "asking women out in person" phenomenon. It's way more romantic and appreciated. If a woman turns you down, you'll survive. Tap yourself on the back because that took guts. If a woman turns you down in a rude way: you dodged a bullet and maybe she needs to be called out on her lack of class and compassion? Couldn't hurt, right? You don't want to date her now anyway, maybe it's a good time to school her on compassion! online dating tips. As a woman, it baffles me that men think it's a good idea to use pictures that involve: -you or anyone in your pic flipping the bird -sticking tongues out -selfies in bathrooms with urinals behind u -only pictures of you wearing sunglasses. they are masks -your dicks -grabbing your crotch -doing any crude or immature gestures -any crude memes and there are tooooo many pictures of you holding up dead animals, especially fish there are also these cliches to avoid: -easy going, laid back, down to earth -jack of all trades, master of none/some -work hard and play hard -school of hard knocks (tinder is rife with that) -you saying you hate talking about yourself -you saying you're attractive (oh thanks for coming to that conclusion for me and saving my time and brain power and showing your arrogance!) -talking about sex especially in a crude manner if you're actually looking for love. GUESS WHAT? IT'S COMMON KNOWLEDGE THAT YOU WANT SEX AND LOTS OF IT! You don't need to tell us you can't live without sex (like on OkCupid). We know it's going to come up and may be a source of tension if you're looking for it too soon. BE A GENTLEMAN and act like it's not on your mind and that you respect the woman you are trying to date. DO NOT BRING UP SEX until she does because she is risking more, being susceptible to pregnancy and the "hit it and quit it" method that we 'love' so much. DON'T bring up sex at all. Let her lead that way. You'll probably be amazed by your success when you act like a gentleman! Nobody ever died from not having sex. In fact quite the opposite is true. You've heard of AIDS, right? It's not just a gay problem!
Eponine Thenardier (1 year ago)
+Eivind Jacobsen No I'm not overweight.
Eivind Jacobsen (1 year ago)
I feel ur pain, I have been on the outside most of my life as well, a lot of alcoholism in the family, though I am hitting the gym and it gives me confidence. Are u overweight by any chance? Should give it a try, and I mean hitting it hard with diet, making it a lifestyle:)
Eponine Thenardier (1 year ago)
Eivind Jacobsen Fine. The truth is I'm about to turn 39 and I am still a virgin. It hasn't killed me. I am on social media. I am on the stupid dating sites. I get compliments on my profile pictures but then in public I feel quite unattractive to men I am attracted to. Very few of the guys I have been interested in have been interested in me. The ones who were let something get in the way of making something happen. I could have had sex a few times but it would have been with guys I didn't know or love so my answer was pretty much hell no. My cousin's husband died of alcoholism. He actually drank himself to death.
Eivind Jacobsen (1 year ago)
As a female try living without social media and sex for a few years, meaning no men giving u compliments and no sex. Get back to me or shhh
Eponine Thenardier (1 year ago)
+Eivind Jacobsen What a ridiculous statement. Many people go for years without sex and it obviously doesn't do them in. Alcoholism actually can kill you.
Eponine Thenardier (2 years ago)
can you please refrain from using the P- word, Mr Trump :P very unclassy.
bay loves old books (2 years ago)
I laugh when men say it's easy to find a date as a woman. I'm average build and I put time into my appearance, yet I'm not asked out often. actually, the last time I was was several months ago and the guy I had no interest in.
Jack Grimaldi (5 months ago)
J L Precisely sir! And even then, this dumb, average bitch who posted could walk into any bar/club or any social situation and still walk out with a lay. What average guy can claim that?
J L (1 year ago)
when woman says "average build", this means fat
travis cook (2 years ago)
Have good pics (well groomed, dress up a little) Smile. On your profile put what you're looking for in a girl, what type of girl you like. Keep it positive, put a little about yourself. I can get at least one date a week on tinder. But a lot of time I'll have two to three dates lined up a week
Joe (1 year ago)
+travis cook Why not doing both?
Joe (1 year ago)
Jeff is looking like Hugh Jackman. I think this is his biggest advanges.
travis cook (1 year ago)
Sometimes they're hot sometimes not as hot, but i still go for reference experience. My profile isn't as good as it could be. If you want all hot girls gotta go talk them in real life for best chance.
Joe (1 year ago)
are this women hot you have dates?
jalsr.speak237 (2 years ago)
u want a women to love u and treat u good and fuck ur brains out then pick the fat ugly ones!
Renaldo Nelson (1 year ago)
Hahahha yes i am learning that for sure
brian blessinger (2 years ago)
you suck screech
Beetle Juice (2 years ago)
"their profile is absolute shit" I can trust this guy. no sarcasm
Shaik Khalid (2 years ago)
motherfucking awesome*!!!
carlosb1 (2 years ago)
online game? what are we talking about hunting? fisrt we need to start treating each other like humans and stop taking dating as a fucking game
victor Escamilla (2 years ago)
Or maybe just bitches have really high standards online. Fat bitches be wanting a 6'5 guy with facial hair and muscles. SMH
Eponine Thenardier (2 years ago)
victor Escamilla Are you trying to date dogs? a bitch is a female dog.
Fer Crow (2 years ago)
online dating sites should have a "opening an account can cause you; depression, low self steem, waste of time, distort your views over women, take away your social life (if any), make you feel unfortunate for having been born a man" warning.
Renaldo Nelson (1 year ago)
Yesss great comment. The hundreds of denials online can wreak havoc on ones confidence for sure
Karisma King (1 year ago)
dating sites are hard. almost completely about looks. i always liked face to face interactions.
Ruby Mickey (2 years ago)
In comparison to men women care way less about looks and way more about money. But, in an online situation looks become number #1 and money becomes number #1A.
J born sinner (1 year ago)
Jerry Perry There's a lot of black women that will only date you if you are a certain skin tone
Jerry Perry (1 year ago)
Care less about looks? One of the weirdest profiles I've seen was a girl who looked for men with blue eyes, among other things. She wasn't attracted to men with brown eyes. I have preferences. We all have. But isn't this too much? Superficiality taken to another level.
ajay yuva (2 years ago)
All hot girls are hеre => https://twitter.com/3ab5843976a538643/status/801992405775826944 What Wоmen Likее On Аn OОnlinе Dating Рroоfile Аnd Whаt Тhеу Lаugh At
Josh Beck (2 years ago)
Fer Crow (2 years ago)
hahahaha, there is only one rule in online dating: DON'T DO IT
AlphaSteelJC (2 years ago)
If you think you're ugly and online dating doesn't work for you, just believe that you're handsome. This way you'll have a mindset of a jerk that mostly works when on club the same applies to online dating.
Barnaby ap Robert (2 years ago)
MayorOfRealville (2 years ago)
I went on one online date. In the girl's photo she was beautiful, we chatted and agreed to meet for lunch at the beach near her town. I drove 50 miles to meet her, parked my car and was looking all over outside the restaurant for her, suddenly a woman appeared and was like are you Gary? I stood there and stared at her thinking this is not the woman in her online picture. This flipped me out but I was hungry and figured I would question her about it. We sit down for lunch and I confront her with it, she gives me some BS story that she was high profile and had worked at the pentagon and needed to fly under the radar so she used her girlfriend's picture. I finished my lunch and let her have it with both barrels, as i walked away I told her to have her GF call me if she was interested.
EvilAlbear (21 days ago)
You drove 50 miles to meet her? The fuck nigga
Weekend Warrior 1977 (2 years ago)
90% of women on tinder are SPAM BOTS. Only 10% of the women are real. I bet this guy got matched with all spam bots.
Rhaegal (5 months ago)
Weekend Warrior 1977 it’s no where near that ratio where I’m from at least. Here in the UK I see only 1 or 2 spam bots per 20-30 real profiles
drake moreland (2 years ago)
Honestly looks and money doesn't matter for attraction from woman. I'm over 6 feet tall in good shape and I clear 6 figures a year and yet My success rate with getting the attraction of woman is pretty awful if not non existent. It's due to the fact that I wouldn't consider myself a socially savvy person by any means , I'm awkward can't think of anything decent to say and just can't feel comfortable while chatting. Being witty/funny and having shit to say on the spot while managing good body language and good vibes is the most important in garnering the attraction of woman, speaking from someone who has most everything going for him that society says is desired. It's the same with online dating you need to be witty and crafty with your messages in other words you need to have a fairly high IQ or the woman won't give you the time of day
LONDHE93 (2 years ago)
Holy shit you're such a beta lol! Being a confident alpha male attracts women and you've already conceded defeat in that department, "I wouldn't consider myself a socially savvy person by any means , I'm awkward can't think of anything decent to say and just can't feel comfortable while chatting ... the success rate with getting the attraction of woman being pretty awful if not non existent." Is it any wonder? These are the problems, and only you have the power to change and become the better version of yourself. Become alpha - then watch the girls chase you ;)
HYPE WARRIOR!! (2 years ago)
sick ass intro had to rap to it
David Lee (2 years ago)
Get Laid Or Die Trying
maroceracer (2 years ago)
Jeff online god
5tonyvvvv (1 year ago)
...Guys dont get over-excited. we need to send out 150 emails to different women, then we may get a chance in getting 5 replies, and out of those 5 replies, we may get a date, and cross my fingers , because that date may actually FLAKE OUT. In conclusion, dating sites favor women over men. Its just not for us, men
Wytchfinde (2 years ago)
Best dating advice for men about online dating---don't waste your time. Go out in the real world instead. It's all a game and an ego trip for women and psycho skanks.
Killswitch ali (2 months ago)
yea i confess its stupid unless you have a super awesome life cars girls and stuff taking in pictures
Stuart Gudgeon (2 months ago)
Wytchfinde i agree or if you struggle get yourself a decent coach or mentor these dating sites are full of bots and phoney profiles. They prey on the lonely and take any money they would have had to go out dating. It's a losing situation especially if your gullible and naive.
J o n a t h a n (2 years ago)
i get loads of messages on pof i say just be funny. i read loads of profiles from guys and they say stupid stuff like i'm shy or they put down just ask. lol
The Video Summary Guy (2 years ago)
Middle aged man tries to convince himself that he's still got it.
randomuser1105 (2 years ago)
I'm a woman and I actually read the profile. A lot of guys don't do anything with their profiles and come off as sounding incredibly stupid. Huge turn off. Lots of women are checking for your personality and intelligence level. Also, kill the bathroom photos altogether, especially if you're shirtless. Bathroom photos are all around tacky and the shirtless pictures make you look like an egotistical whore.
sup2069 (2 years ago)
Lol'd hard at the panda part.
lol that's so true. I deleted my profile years ago, but recently went back to browse and see what's changed and it's gone practically down hill. Some of the profiles are left blank with no written description, some of them have no mug shots at all and I even came across one of someone literally pretending to be a panda... o_O;
Wytchfinde (2 years ago)
Let's see---women in bathing suits (that's fine if they are hot, but still hypocritical if men can't show off, too), duck faces, pictures of themselves in Europe, bathroom shots . . . All over dating sites. So are women that do that egotistical whores, too? Or because they are women can they can get away with it?
Wytchfinde (2 years ago)
Typical. So fucking typical. Horrible advice.
randomuser1105 (2 years ago)
Stop calling women "girls". That shit is annoying and insulting.
GumScavenger s (2 years ago)
Byakusharingan (2 years ago)
Although I agree to a certain extent but if you're not attractive in the least there will be no play for you. Girls want to be chased online, the views and messages...the more the better for them! They put shit on their profiles like their holding someone hostage with a list of demands. Our generation is all about sex now...woman want dick without being labeled as a hoe and guys want pussy and don't care of the label because we're labeled anyway. At the end of the day most it seems woman who were raised with respect or their parents are involved making decisions for them usually go for the live life on the edge type of guys. Other females who had shitty relationships put up a guard and the next dude have to deal with the bs then they go right back to the shit they came out of. That's the situation on online dating in my opinion. Seems like a waste but people have made connects whether it's just for companionship or etc. Good luck.
Lil Clout (2 years ago)
the minute you chase you lost
Byakusharingan (2 years ago)
+Brandon L that last part lol. It's true, enjoy your weekend.
Brandon L (2 years ago)
reverse psychology brother, it's not just a actual advantage or ploy it's why women are from Venus! basically women have been brutalized for since ever, and it only makes sense that us men are monsters to their dominating fears and nightmares. we lied for so many generations they have to be standoffish or question us nonchalantly in a reverse psychology manor as to be so passive aggressive to elude your snares, it only tells her your future with her. but secretly they want to be dominated in the right set of conditions. and guess what everybody has baggage, even the loneliest Kawaiisu Indian in the Mojave dessert. you have to accept the contrasts in a constructive manor. but never let the bitch walk on you!
WIZARDIRL (2 years ago)
where was the good picture example section?
RAdam (1 year ago)
Yeah I wasn't really sold on this program trailer, too little content revealed.
lawrence jones (2 years ago)
Stop making women feel privalegded and entitled
Barnaby ap Robert (2 years ago)
And stop misspelling words.
ASH MAN (2 years ago)
Thanks for the help Do u do online profile setups too?
tasev1 (2 years ago)
Meanwhile for women......Their profiles are 10x worse Jeffy. And I mean BAAAAADDD.
Ilyas Khalfi (3 months ago)
Who cares ... they have pussy
Kap Bab (2 years ago)
lmao drivers license?! Thats a new low
Barnaby ap Robert (2 years ago)
I saw an ad from a woman recently and her pic was her driver's licence and her ad read: "I like movies and music and stuff." Oh, okay, as long as you like stuff.
Wytchfinde (2 years ago)
Yep. Like the very articulate and intelligent "Just ask" as their basic information. Wow, ya know, that's helpful in getting to know someone . . . lol . . .
Byakusharingan (2 years ago)
You're not kidding, it bs!
B H (2 years ago)
Guys that geniunely fuck hot women on any kind of consistent basic don't have online dating profiles, and by the same token, hot women who geniunely want to get fucked don't have online dating profiles. Do you even real life bro?
rivenz6 (2 years ago)
How about jiffy get this through his fucking thick head. It doesn't matter a shit what photos of yourself you put up, because good looking women don't want or tolerate ugly men. Newsflash, draping yourself in gold leaf and sitting on the bonnet of a 500,000 dollar Lamborghini will not come even close to getting attractive women to respond to you if you are naturally ugly.  I tried at least 672,000 different photos of myself, in every conceivable pose, dress and situation. As far as I could tell, they all had the exact same effect. And that is to attract fat, ugly women. There is not a god damn thing short of cutting off your ugly fucking head, and sewing on that of a better looking man, that is gonna change the response you get from women. So best you all don't bother getting your hopes up thinking you can tweak and tune your profiles to eliminate all the ugly fucking bitches that keep wanting your sorry asses.
Barnaby ap Robert (2 years ago)
The world is full of rich old guys who look like Yoda...and have hot girlfriends.
Frank Doria (2 years ago)
Niom productions (2 years ago)
A man once said we were born to fuck!!!! who's with me??!
kalphitekil (2 years ago)
i feel bad because ive never had a problem with online dating. im even somewhat skinny and 5'7". i was led to believe i was ugly but apparently im not
Padge Vounder (2 years ago)
sometimes it's better to be lucky than good
dean latham (2 years ago)
thats bullshit i've tried all that and still got nowhere

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