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Women's Beauty Standards Around the World

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From the UK to Jamaica to Brazil to Iran - how far do we go to look beautiful? What is considered beautiful in your country? Here is our article with research on the same topic: http://goo.gl/lV3PQo LAUGH/SHARE/SUBSCRIBE! I focus on dating around the world in weekly videos. Subscribe to stay updated weekly and keep me posted on what you'd like to see next! Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarinaDating FB updates: http://www.facebook/datingwithoutboders http://www.datingbeyondborders.com http://www.instagram.com/datingbeyond... Business/personal emails: [email protected] Crew: Lucifex Productions http://www.lucifex.com MUA: Audrey Barett Models: UK - Laura Howley France - Ariel Helmesi India - Harvinder Virk (clothing designer - Harvinder Virk) Venezuela - Eva Flores China - Judith Soo Bridget Powell https://www.youtube.com/user/beautysp... Models: USA - Jojo Brazil - Nelima Bandeira Jamaica - Latoye Sharpe Iran - Ariel Helmesi Venezuela - Karly Castaneda Music: Pond5 Energetic Indie Rock (No Main Theme Edit) Naraina Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ #DBB
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Text Comments (1681)
mahekk 31 (5 hours ago)
You really portrayed Indian women in the wrong light. I m an Indian and whatever they said there and the thing the girl is wearing is NOT TRUE! They only wear that kind of clothes in weddings, they don't roam on the streets wearing them lol. N skin whitening us not important. If u Rly wanna know about India... Go find an Indian and ask them.
Georgios Chardavellas (15 hours ago)
In Brazil only 7% of the population is actually pure black.
Ishani K Dey (1 day ago)
The Indian one was not upto the mark. The model is beautiful, but her features are not very Indian. Also, the makeup is loud.
Parysatis Shahrokhi (1 day ago)
i am persian and that's true! but that is NOT the feature of persian girls at all! also the nose jobs happened till 2010 and nowadays it rarely happens that someone go under a knife surgery...i really get sad when people say these things about us and don't pay attention to thousands of persian girls that are naturally beautiful😞
Esh Ahm (1 day ago)
Anyone noticed how they just used the same model for India and Iran :/
Eftychia Paris (2 days ago)
That eyelineeeeee
Kshama Parate (2 days ago)
At least they could have done better research w.r.t the models and their costumes.. like who in India would strut around wearing God knows what that hideous outfit was?!
Florian Daniel Nitu (2 days ago)
Ever Star (10 days ago)
no one in India dances or dresses up like that ...how bizarre
Ajax Blair (14 days ago)
Come on you can't be mad at me for liking fair skinned girls. After all girls don't like fat guys either. I ain't fat at all. Infact my relatives think am underfed. ( Any Indian can relate to this). Also the Indian model was wearing a lehanga!😂. Did you pick her up an hour before her wedding?
Ella Rose (21 days ago)
Good vid a bit vague but yeah
ALL YOU WANT (1 month ago)
Discover the Secret to achieve beautiful hair now https://amzn.to/2GFQzTv
Vivian Egwuonwu (1 month ago)
Dude u forgot Africa
Uma Sasidharan (1 month ago)
I dont understamd why they say only Indians have White skin obsession. Our neighbours like Pakistan and Bangladesh have the same issue, also South East Asians are far more racist than South Asians.
they aren't that beautiful
kunal patil (1 month ago)
wtf is Indian one lol no Indian girl do like this lolz
Sun Shine (1 month ago)
Uhh in Iran people literally show their hair, like they still have to wear a scarf but that’s literally a little bit on the back of their head and the beauty standards there are: a petite nose, slender eyes and high cheekbones. Oh and pale face ofc. Oh and if you’re gifted with natural light hair and eyes you’re practically a god or godess
Eliza Hernandez (1 month ago)
In puerto rico a lot of women straightened their hair but ever since hurricane maria hit us, curly hair is starting to get popular.
Reiko Myles (1 month ago)
There are so many trends of beauty, and they change so frequently. Therefore, it would be nearly impossible to pin point what are various countries general standard of beauty. Besides, if you don't treat people with kindness and respect, that would mean you lack beauty.
Asna Kpopper (2 months ago)
It would have been good to represent Indian girl with a simple saree or other traditional dress... The dress she worn in this video is not casual at all.😞
Aurora Fiona (2 months ago)
wow this is the first dating beyond borders video that makes me cringe
MorningStar TM (2 months ago)
Anything is okay until they mutate by surgery...... That's not beauty that's called mutation I think the Venezuela and French won this one.
zeit geist (2 months ago)
I really hate this standarts. Women have to fit in plastic boxes in order to look attractive? Being Anorexic in 2000's or getting implants, boob jobs and other esthetic surgeries in 2010's to look like a small waisted whale. All of them are fake. Our bodies are getting more plastic day by day along with the world that we are living in. We are pushed to do all these pointless shit. Someone calling you 'fat' in 2000's after losing weight maybe even more than you should've and that same person calling you 'boyish' 'skinny af' 'anorexic' in 2010's. Who knows what trend we will be adapting if not adapting being judged, overlooked, called ugly or stuff in 2030's. Our bodies are not objects of trends. Let us be healthy.
Bethany DEAN (3 months ago)
Altalio (3 months ago)
the Chinese one doesn't even fit the Chinese beauty standards
DarthVader (3 months ago)
"French women prefer the look au-naturel with little match up". Damn this is why l love french women😍
whosan37 (3 months ago)
Sudan 🇸🇩 = fair skin, slightly chubby (big hips and not flat tummy), straight long hair (not natural african hair), feminine.
Kruti Mehta (3 months ago)
EVERY female is beautiful in her own way... Cosmetic companies create stupid beauty standards which are super difficult to achieve... I am a girl and I refuse to bow to the standards... if you find me beautiful, great and if not, it's none of my problem... one should never go under knife or any trouble just to please others....
Kruti Mehta (3 months ago)
EVERY female is beautiful in her own way... Cosmetic companies create stupid beauty standards which are super difficult to achieve... I am a girl and I refuse to bow to the standards... if you find me beautiful, great and if not, it's none of my problem... one should never go under knife or any trouble just to please others....
Georgie Bungle (3 months ago)
Dumb N
richard lee (3 months ago)
Beutiful is in the inside not the outside
Randy Rogers (3 months ago)
I liked the UK girl best. But then my heritage is 100% English. We came over in 1805
Núria (4 months ago)
The day Spain appears in one of this kind of videos I'm going to do a party and invite the whole internet
Nidhi Ghai (4 months ago)
Seems to me like nobody is happy with what they have...the people who have lighter complexion want to get darker, whereas people with darker complexion want to get lighter , people with single eyelids want to get double eyelids. I think it's time we turn inwards and concentrate and appreciate what really matters.
Vidia Dwi ramdani (4 months ago)
Where is Indonesia?
Rodrigo Santos Valeriano (4 months ago)
Brazil doesn't have 50% African population, actually, this couldn't even me measured since most Brazilian people are multiracial, but Brazil is still more white than black I guess. And this European look seeking is usually about multiracial (like the one in the video) or black Brazilians trying to look a little more European, not about 100% African people trying to look 100% European as the video makes understand. But that is not directly intended, no woman says that would like to look more European, but some can say that like using straight and/or clear hair for example.
D_simic (4 months ago)
Pasan H (4 months ago)
What's with the Indian girl in the traditional attire? Lol.. Been to India for vacation and people don't dress like that when they are walking around and living life! That's like getting an Italian girl to dress up in a toga for the video. haha
lola lulu (4 months ago)
what about arab countries
fabricio coelho (4 months ago)
what is beautiful to you. awser make farmer production food, suport comunites, creation job, take diasease, have one good heart and good soul
freemayo (4 months ago)
Everyone is trying to get rid of the very same things that make them beautiful - whether it be exotic eyes, deeply pigmented skin, pale skin, distinctive noses, etc. Soon all will look exactly the same.
HipHipJorge ! (5 months ago)
Why do they keep saying that half of Brazil is black. Maybe a third. But the pardo (mixed) population is very ethnically ambiguous considering the triracial roots. Identifying them as Black is just nonsense. That's like saying you're white because you are like 40% white 😅
O Pa (5 months ago)
What a great video!It seems like women are still not free deep within,their societies make them feel this way.Thank you.
Melina Brunel Kaul (5 months ago)
I am French and "gym isn't in the lifestyle" is wrong... And natural make up not always. I'm not sure there is a big difference of lifestyle or beauty criterias between UK Germany France Spain Italia...
erika liscano (5 months ago)
also, in venezuela the obsession with straight hair is really big
Liliana Luna (5 months ago)
I need those chicken pills 😂
Der Eidgenosse (5 months ago)
Couldn't stop laughing when I saw the Iran girl xD
AMERIKA AVRUPA (6 months ago)
Rizaldi Fauzi (6 months ago)
😍iran and UK
HIBA MAHMOUD (6 months ago)
Cool Dude (6 months ago)
2:40 Nothing cute as Chinese! She looks like real woman!
Dishu Sharma (6 months ago)
Indian women are not in heavy jewellery and lehnga ...haha...this dress is mostly worn by brides in her marriage. Hahahahahaha...I can't control my laughter.
MrKockNoker (6 months ago)
All the women in this video are mediocre-looking, or just not pretty at all.
Ceona Benjamin Salve (6 months ago)
That Indian woman looked unreal. I am from India.
Peter Aremone (6 months ago)
The Indian one is OVERDONE. It is a wedding dress. Something is wrong here why only the Indian one is grossly misrepresented.
Uriel Batista (6 months ago)
As a Brazilian a would say that big breasts is wrong, because we like them big as well , but those of that girl are night too . 😅🤣
valentino castro (6 months ago)
so internationally -curves -exotic skin colors -beatifull and delicate proportions yeah,and people say is ''only a matter of culture'',here is a clear pattern
이서형 (6 months ago)
오리엔탈리즘에 빠져 지들이 생각하는 동양인 상을 갖다 놨네. 중국에 판빙빙 하고 유역비가 저리 생겼든?
Graziella Reis (6 months ago)
Well... I'm not Brazilian..😂 (Just kidding) I don't look like that model! Brazil it's mixed... people are so different from each other here in Brazil. We don't have a padron.
Pasdenom ! (6 months ago)
When I read or hear "Wow every french woman is pretty" or "Every iranian woman is beautiful" I am just like "wtf?" I agree with something: Nobody's ugly BUT I personnaly am french and there are people that I, yeah, don't find pretty/handsome. I don't think you can say every woman from blah blah is beautiful like, it doesn't depend on the country?? You will find some french people beautiful and some ugly Or some iranian people beautiful but some ugly. Anyway I don't know if that even makes sense but I never understand when people say that. 😂
K K (6 months ago)
Philippines 🇵🇭 people like to be white and always apply whitening products. Biracial people are attractive to them.
Nikesh Dubey (6 months ago)
Loved your video. But.. Indian girls are dressed like that only on wedding, and that too is because of culture. Indian woman which are considered attractive here (what I personally look into Indian woman here )1. They must+ must not have fat. 2. Height- Not too short. 3. Shining hairs❤️ (that could be heart winning) 4. Civilized 5. Most importantly NO MAKEUP.
Juraj Kozáčik (7 months ago)
And where is Russia 2nd most beautiful Girls in World?
Aishwarya Kashyap (7 months ago)
Never seen an Indian woman dressed like that. Its too gawdy. 😅
chatpall (7 months ago)
wtf? so many surgery connected to "beauty" all over the world? people please grow up!
Idkmanijustlikestuff (7 months ago)
What's beautiful to me? THAT FAT ASS, DAMN!
Shreya (7 months ago)
im indian and wtffffffff is wrong with the indian girl. no one in their right mind wears clothes like that
Rony Randhir (7 months ago)
I don't know why indian girls are shown with too much make-up and jewelleries etc and always dancing.. There are no more INDIAN girls left in India today.. The type of Indian girls you show in your vedios, are impossible to find today..!! The culture and tradition is lost.. Americanization destroyed our people and our culture..
Dumitrita Candu (7 months ago)
The Jamaican girl is a dream, she's a goddess to me
DaVinci0311 (7 months ago)
Don't but (ARAB) in one category, Lebanese totally differ from Saudi, Moroccan, Iraqi....etc To make it simple for you: 1- "Arab Gulf" look a like: KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman 2- "Bilad Al-Sham" look a like: Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Palastine 3- "North Africa" look a like: Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Lebyia 4- "Egypt" is north African but have variety, let's choose typical egyptian like 5- "Iraqi" look like Iranian girls but also diverse
Negrito Grande (7 months ago)
Naw, I don't buy it. These are the standard according to whom? Seems like an individual preference. :-)
Ghast Kilo (7 months ago)
Ou esses cara tão ficando locão,concordo com metade do que disseram sobre os padrões aqui no Brasil.Quem concorda?
King Jon Starkgeryan (7 months ago)
According to the CIA world Facebook only 43% of Brazil's population is black
gena Adika (7 months ago)
Patricia Jean (7 months ago)
wow wheres italian
B A (7 months ago)
Egypt is similar to France
Nathasha Love (7 months ago)
You missed Mexico 😔
Raquel Apulchro (8 months ago)
In Brazil, 50% of the population is MIXED, not just white + black, it can also be white + native american or white + native american + black
P. Nessa (8 months ago)
Brazilians got it right
anupama upadhayay (8 months ago)
i considered thw beautiful women as thin nose but not too much long pointed nose with small length .and face shape anykind but not much chubby ...big eyes
Larissa Guadagnin (8 months ago)
we, brazilian girls, are unique as well, because here in our country there is a mixture of all the ethnic groups, forming a beauty of our own.
Larissa Guadagnin (8 months ago)
Asian women like Iranian and Pakistani women have incomparable and unique beauty
Linden Loon (8 months ago)
What is considered beautiful in my country? Women!
skyscraperr (8 months ago)
bretons (people from brittany, france) say not to judge a girl until you've seen her tap. i get weird looks with my full face makeup on there- everyone flaunts natural beauty, quick feet for dancing, and strong arms for cider making a rowing a boat
Saurabh Dave (8 months ago)
Gud heart that's real beauty
E D (8 months ago)
French Babes all the way !!!
Rudolfina Rudolfina (8 months ago)
beautiful means to me is not changing anything
Laiba Khan (8 months ago)
To me beauty is being healthy and fit and looking after your skin. I love the natural beauty. Also having a lovely nature.
PRINCE KRAZIE (8 months ago)
Rayane Silva (8 months ago)
I love my natural Brazilian beauty.
motshi (8 months ago)
Arabs girls are most beautiful in the world
Caroline Zakrzewska (8 months ago)
POLAND: sporty, light makeup, long hair, blue eyes, a bit tanned skin, big booties
Andrea Nygaard (8 months ago)
What about the skandivanian Beauty standarts. Like we’re all not tall, skinny, blond and have Blue eyes
Bethany DEAN (8 months ago)
satit satit (8 months ago)
good job but I wanna see more asian (only my point)
Tatenda Dune (8 months ago)
Ppl really need to learn to embrace their own beauty. These beauty standards are damaging to one's self-esteem. Also, true beauty flows from the inside out. I had to stop watching tv, music videos, listening to popular music, and browsing magazines for me to learn who I truly am. My faith in Jesus Christ has had to do with a lot of the healing I've gone through with accepting my dark skinned, huge booty, small boobed, and kinky haired African self as beautiful. Turn to Jesus. He's the only one who can truly ever make you feel beautiful because he's the one who created you and he knows how to bring out the best you to the surface.
Luur yuu (8 months ago)
I thought that I would find something about the beauty for the Arabs so I am a bit disappointed , by the way I loved 1:00 girl smile
Liliana Liliana (8 months ago)
Why in this video wasn't slavic womens? They are the most beautiful.
Saman Dadkhah (8 months ago)
the iran part wasnt true....and whats with the hejab?
flying to dreams (8 months ago)
The indian girl is not actually a beauty standard. In india, no one wear clothes like that everyday not even married ones. They just wear these kind of clothes and makeup on their wedding only and not in whole india. Different states have different culture and tradition, so they wear according to their traditions.

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