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Third Wheel - Night Trips (the most Explicit, Sexiest, Dirty Music Video of them all)

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Before you report it THERE IS NO NUDITY, showing of dirty bits, etc so watch the entire thing before you judge. There is a split second of areola at one point. Even thou it's the clean version it's still a porno music video so be warned. This music video is cut from the porn film Night Trips (1989). The audio is my attempt at a psy-breaks track also named Night Trips and uses samples from the sequel as you will here. I used Reason 6 to smash out the track. There are 1 or 2 Rex samples otherwise I created the sounds and patterns myself and even created my first randomiser combinator effect which I am now using in other tracks. This is the 2nd music video I've ever made (watch my hip hop Smurf Theme song Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUY7b9ydaKQ for my 1st). I did play around with the sequences a tad but the fact some of it times really well is mostly just accidental. The plot of the film is a sex obsessed woman goes to doctors to get help. They use a dream activator (a vibrator) to watch and study her fantasies on a TV. The doctors watch the fantasies but then decide to get involved on the action themselves. This factor probably damages the patient but ey it's a porno. I have made an Explicit version, but it is an X rating so prob no YouTube.
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Sandra Lane (2 hours ago)
sexiest dirty music video
Abd Aktaa (4 days ago)
حدا بيحبني 😔
Ear Juice (4 days ago)
Don't be so sad nigga.
هيثم محمد (5 hours ago)
مرحباا سمرااء تعاي حبي 96407705399158+
Liking Myvids (6 days ago)
6:54 i like that
الفلم ممارسة الجنس البشري الذي كان في يوم من الأيام من خلال الرابط التالي
أبي عمر١٨سنة بنات حلوة
Sonia Khamisi (8 days ago)
صدري عم يوجعني شو باعملوو فيه حدا بينقذني من الشهوة
Abd Aktaa (4 days ago)
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Magey Magey (6 days ago)
تعاي وانا ابرد لك كسك
قبل شهر
ابن قامشلو (8 days ago)
teem. Sy (9 days ago)
اي بنت بدها تنبسط تجي خاص😻😻
اجمل احساس (9 days ago)
ممكن بنت محرمه انا نفسي انيك
حلوووو 00966553084537
Casey Toivenon (10 days ago)
Please please please more videos like this? Sitting in a swimming pool Hoping sum1 else would dive in!
😉 +96176996701.وتس اب 😉بنات نساء مطلقه
Mohd Irshad (12 days ago)
Elmira Frei (19 days ago)
محمود محمود (9 days ago)
محمود محمود (9 days ago)
Rahul Chadar (14 days ago)
Elmira Frei hiii
Mik Mak (21 days ago)
Where YouTube meets YouPorn: Journey to the Centre of the Ejaculation.
قبل شهر
Mik Mak 00966553084537
بنوتة فيكة (23 days ago)
اه اه اه
اجمل احساس (9 days ago)
تعالى واتس وانا اريحك ذب كبير وعريض واتس وايمو 0p96565521282
باسل احمد (16 days ago)
بنوتة فيكة تعي خالني احطو باين فخدك😍😍😋😋
Siphelele Axolile (25 days ago)
Cool video but no fuck
https://youtu.be/addme/Cg7k6mUsaB65zkt4WGbUZ-3HeOWXDg المشتهية تجي انة عراقي
Paramjit singh (28 days ago)
Like licking butts
Paramjit singh (28 days ago)
More sexy videos plz!!!
David Memi (1 month ago)
i like fortnite and my GF and I just had porn sexy with her
كس وجسم حلووو زبي امممم
منوعات (1 month ago)
Samarth Sharma (1 month ago)
Hh! Yeh kaisa sex h asse sex hone lga toh bilkul bhi mja nhi ayaga marne ma so its totally boring .....
Ελενη Ριγου (1 month ago)
Τελικό γουσταρο θελο και εγω
Jack Madara (1 month ago)
What the fack
Dominick Evarts (1 month ago)
Sgrhstaa A
Ahmed Magdy (1 month ago)
انا كسي حلو اوي
باسل احمد (16 days ago)
Ahmed Magdy هاتي اشبعو نيك
Nabil Kourbali (17 days ago)
انا كسي حلواوي
Fatha Mahmod (20 days ago)
عشان حيك اسمك احمد مجدي ههه مخنث
اشتي اشوفه هذا الرقم ٧٣٨١٥١١٩٦
waell homs (25 days ago)
مرحبا يا حلوة كيفك ممكن نتعرف هاد رقمي 0096171775461
Ansuma narzary (1 month ago)
Xxx nice to you
msmkskskk gshjsjjj (1 month ago)
Zuu Saa (1 month ago)
كوكي قيثارة (1 month ago)
انا بريد انتك تعلو على الرقم +963936812172
waell homs (12 days ago)
اي تعي كوكي
ام العيوره روعتيش اترجاج امسحي اليوتيوب ونزلي مره لخ
حرام استغفر الله
Sewar Sewar (4 days ago)
ليش فايته سوال قال حرام الى حرام ليش فايته اه كذابه
nour hesham (2 months ago)
What fake😣
Ďàđø Đàďò (2 months ago)
+963996980639 شباب صبايا هاد رقمي بحب يتواصل معي 🤗
المهم كيف (2 months ago)
jawad ali (2 months ago)
Nudity is a sin .
Honey Sahota (2 months ago)
gamaraldin alnor (2 months ago)
M7MD Al3MoDi (2 months ago)
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Michele Moore (2 months ago)
Christopher Riles (2 months ago)
Michele Moore
Alec Colesnic (2 months ago)
Tiffany Hendrix (2 months ago)
Darkb4light 06 (2 months ago)
I can't believe there's some actual hot shit on YT
Said Hajli (2 months ago)
Darkb4light 06 xcxcx
Kemal Pramayudha (3 months ago)
Lod Bang (3 months ago)
Eeeee barat gak tau tuhan kah tau dosa kah kalo tau tobat
Pr3mwrites (3 months ago)
I'm fingering myself 😍😍AAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Mohmad Yosef (3 months ago)
بنت محرومه تجي واتس
New Orleans Retarded (3 months ago)
Watch Comedian Dennis Clark Jr next
stylish boy (3 months ago)
Oooo so hot plz i want to do that
stylish boy (3 months ago)
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pinky agrawal (3 months ago)
stylish boy oh i will come ok
Ahmed Younes (3 months ago)
خ زون٠٧
Azéri Darren (3 months ago)
I love it
Teethi Sarkar (3 months ago)
I want a sex partner.... it's urgent
Allison Swift (3 months ago)
محمد جمال (3 months ago)
Tauseef Taibani (3 months ago)
Simoneebonita Rodrigues (3 months ago)
Cardoso e só sxe
Baby Karen (4 months ago)
Willian Marques (4 months ago)
امير الظلام (3 months ago)
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Ram Charan Dalai (4 months ago)
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Mohan Lal (4 months ago)
Best wishes to you
Joshua Smith (5 months ago)
I found this same porno in my dada closet real shit😂
Rosi Millian (5 months ago)
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vaib H. (5 months ago)
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Hamo Ayman (5 months ago)
المشتهيه تيجي زبي مووولع🔥🔥
Ptoomi's Collection (5 months ago)
I didn't watch it, just read comments
Ear Juice (5 months ago)
It's not that great. I didn't expect 4.? million views. It's the first video I uploaded. Now when somone sez clickbait I can be like I did that by accident. The comments are weird and wonderful. Most views are coming from India. Some playlists suggest strip joints and worse.
احمد فارس (5 months ago)
مرحباءممكن بنت محرومه ومحرحره اطفي لهيبه
Hadiyah A (5 months ago)
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Hamo Ayman (5 months ago)
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Ahmed yasser (6 months ago)
عايز. انيك
Candy Marie (6 months ago)
Vraiment désastreux
deliciiiiiaaaaaa eu gozeiii
Rider chirag som video (6 months ago)
فطومة (6 months ago)
كسي موله مين يلحس 😛
+9852677455 تعالي واتس ب او خاص فطومه
باسل احمد (16 days ago)
فطومة اني
احمد فارس (5 months ago)
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WahpA Ahmed (5 months ago)
فطومة مصي. انتي الاول😀
Jones Dymeh (6 months ago)
I need full movie, can anyone help me ?
Jones Dymeh (6 months ago)
Any movies rathrr than this?
Ear Juice (6 months ago)
Jones Dymeh Piratebay has both of them. 2 is a weird file that I was unable to edit. Use a VPN if your country is lameo.
Mangesh Tangadpalliwar (6 months ago)
I wanted to take place of that boy
Rajnikant Jadhav (6 months ago)
Sayed Ahmad (6 months ago)
+971529758101....call.. I love sexy
Agung Fatah (6 months ago)
Ohh fuck
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soly Michael (6 months ago)
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piko Dufour le mexiicans (6 months ago)
ok somone in the city
Raunak Gupta (6 months ago)
Salwa Khan (6 months ago)
so sexy ummmmmmmm
shaheen ahmed (6 months ago)
Salwa Khan
Sonu Sonu (6 months ago)
So sexy
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