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Potential Predator Approaches Teen Girl | What Would You Do? | WWYD

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A 15-year-old girl is approached by an older man who invites her back to his home to play music. Watch new WWYD episodes on Tuesday at 10/9c on ABC (starting Jan 26)! ►https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUlwc... Subscribe to WWYD ► http://bit.ly/WWYDSubs Check out some of the Best WWYD? Episodes ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Htytu... Follow What Would You Do? across the web! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wwyd Twitter: https://twitter.com/WWYDABC Instagram: https://instagram.com/wwydabc/ What would you do when you think no one is watching? What Would You Do? (WWYD?) explores the varying answers with the help of hidden cameras capturing individuals who have been placed within seemingly everyday situation that quickly go ary. The individuals on this hidden camera show are forced to make tough calls when directly faced with situations of racism, violence, hate crimes, and other hot button cultural issues. Catch John Quinones reporting on these individuals as they make split-second decisions to intervene or mind their own business. WWYD? airs Friday nights at 9|8c on ABC. What Would You Do? (WWYD) is a hidden camera show, hosted by ABC News correspondent John Quinones, in which unknowing bystanders are placed in uncomfortable, and often compromising real world scenarios in public. WWYD’s hidden cameras focus on the average person’s responses and reactions to these issues of social responsibility. Topics such as gay couples being affectionate in public, date rape, racism and racial profiling, interracial couples, abusive parents, drunk driving, and harassment of the homeless are touched upon in this series. What will you do? Would you choose to intervene in these situations? Watch and join the discussion.
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Text Comments (25610)
Fizzlefuse (1 hour ago)
Credit to the actors, I felt sick watching that exchange. Good to see people get up in the guy's face, we need more people watching out for others.
Joejoejoe Thy wilt (2 hours ago)
6:12 couple?? wait a minute... 😅
Ben Collins (4 hours ago)
I work at a retail store on RT 31 in crystal lake Illinois, I'm required as a employee to acknowledge every customer We usually get secret shoppers one time a month, the secret shopper would be like any customers.
Harley Hughes (6 hours ago)
3:10 - 3:25 he was so nice we need more people like that in the world
Darien Brewer (6 hours ago)
It's sad to see that majority of the people coming to her rescue are women. Imagine this being a real scenario. She would have just gotten taken while the men sit and watch like "that's none of my business." Thank God for the dad in the earlier scenarios. I'm willing to bet that he would have risked getting harm to save her. The guy sitting with the college girls would have just watched.
Sara Saleh (6 hours ago)
Isn't she on Disney the movie Zombies.
Life with Moni (9 hours ago)
Is the girl from the Disney movie Zombies??
Bethany Dart (12 hours ago)
Don’t talk to men on the streets
teth adam (6 minutes ago)
So, talk to men online only? God damn it Bethany, THINK!
Darrell Hubbard (14 hours ago)
the girl doesn't know the dad either, so why should she go with him. lol
Esteban Aguilar (21 hours ago)
Like if you’ve been touched by a pedophile
Anaya Lewis (1 day ago)
Our Dova Family (1 day ago)
This is meg donnelly from z-o-m-b-i-e-s
AprilFools (1 day ago)
5:03 Plot Twist: She was the predator all along.
Leah West (1 day ago)
Erika Rae (1 day ago)
She’s from Zombies
lachi :P (1 day ago)
Caption: *song playing* *song playing* *song playing* *song playing* *song continues*
Sandra Love (1 day ago)
They should do this in Uk but all episodes would turn into fights
Rexo Dillinger (1 day ago)
They were just jelly... they didn't want that pedophile to molest her sweet little pussy because they wanted to be the ones to do so... lolololol
The Witcher (1 day ago)
I died when I heard them say "and then our predator returns"
Power_Mate TO (1 day ago)
Must be hard to act profesionally
MadaMada _ (1 day ago)
now if the roles were switched?
Madison Cunningham (2 days ago)
This the girl from that Disney movie
JP Shoes (2 days ago)
Who else watching this vid marathon
Sophie Ashley-Carner (2 days ago)
Glad people stuck up but I wish people told the man what HE was doing was wrong not the young girl.
MistahBlueBucket (2 days ago)
All I can say is "I'm Chris Hansen and This is an investigation called how to catch a predator"
It'sKy Ky (2 days ago)
This is Addison from Zombies Oml!!!!!
jeanie carr (2 days ago)
Meg Donnelly is that you!
Pranav Haldipur (2 days ago)
Yes, "we roll one last time" always tend to be the best.. sure
Karen M (2 days ago)
Who else is procrastinating once again?
t r (2 days ago)
That last guy just sat there an didnt say a peep. Scary ass fool.
Furkan Dikhoofd (2 days ago)
knocking the predator OUT without a warning is also a viable option
林可喬 (2 days ago)
I don’t know why I feel like crying watching this...
Robin Van Campenhout (2 days ago)
Reaction of the first lady made me emotional.. good people still exist ! 👏
Dieuwe 420 (2 days ago)
The girl is really pretty
Sosa 6 (2 days ago)
Plot twist: The dad was a predator himself
Gunther Duke (3 days ago)
That dude has the cringiest job lmao
joshy the hand (3 days ago)
Am I the only one who would have jumped right up and screamed INSTANTLY in his fave " get away from her you fucking chicken hawk!!" .. don't be gentle and subtle.. you call that guy out as loud and forceful as u can so everybody knows
Nothing Left (3 days ago)
I'd just say, nice! Me and my buddies wanna jam too! Well all go together and jam :) He may not wanna jam anymore though :(
Mitty Kayla (3 days ago)
Isn’t she the girl from ZOMBIES I love her
Ripster (3 days ago)
Mark Tuan (3 days ago)
The girl from zombies uwu
Baby Groot (3 days ago)
Plot twist the actor turns out to be a real predator
FURIOS EXPLODER001 (3 days ago)
Is that Meg Donnelly from Z-O-M-B-I-E-S
John Winter (3 days ago)
I would make sure Joe Biden isn't waiting for him and her in the parking lot.
Harsh Vardhan (3 days ago)
This video was amazing and I appreciate those really kind people out there in Portland. Apart from the topic... I've been learning English since last year and this is my very very first video I watched without subtitles without even knowing because I understood everything beforehand. Woohooo!!!!
Nabid Anjum (3 days ago)
Salute for them who stepped in. :) and...what's the name of her btw? 😍
levios levitan (3 days ago)
BLAHH! Soo faake!
ben davies (3 days ago)
Wow Portland has a lot of business opportunities, coffee shop owner, music industry, sex trafficking
MiaAndRay - (3 days ago)
Outdo is 33 seconds long
SYOTOS 88 (3 days ago)
The first daughter represents everything I hate in this world.
Zay Say (3 days ago)
That last young girl was bad ass
Katie Nguyen (4 days ago)
isnt she Meg Donnelly
Bob Bobby (4 days ago)
That guy at the end would've done nothing . . .
K Sisters (4 days ago)
I didn't know Meg was on this show
Fluffy Unicorn World (4 days ago)
Omg it is Meg from zombies
B.D W (4 days ago)
Come on, that chic is banging dawg
Potato Looking ass (4 days ago)
Don’t mess with Jennifer
Riku Machida (4 days ago)
I would say something like that she’s actually my friend and we had promised to meet there or something and that she’s shy so he’d go away
Rose Doll (4 days ago)
Laura Gaviria (4 days ago)
I know that girl she plays in a movie that calls zombie
broklyn bokablin (4 days ago)
I'm not being a cockblock is all I'm saying.
luis mazueta (4 days ago)
Who else is 15?
Alessia Mihai (4 days ago)
Is this the girl for zombies on Disney channel
Sara Thomas (4 days ago)
Hey its meg donelly frn Z-O-M-B-I-E-S LOVE THAT MOVIE
slay 46 (4 days ago)
she can be an actress 2:43
Sayab786 (4 days ago)
Plot twist: the old man and daughter were going to do the same thing that the child predator was going to do to the girl.
African.Princess (4 days ago)
Fishing InTheDeep (4 days ago)
I hate it that they showed homeless people when they said the streets can be dangerous
Nat Brooks (4 days ago)
If a creepy man came up to me I would say My name is no My son is No My number is No I’m just gonna go!!! *gets up and gets out phone and calls the police*
Matt Edge (5 days ago)
This acting sucks.
Carly Schuhsler (5 days ago)
At 9:03 when she talks about personal experience, does anyone think she's talking about rape? Does anyone know?
MAH 41117 (5 days ago)
Dann that sweet Dad, he went full "Dad mode" there are good people still here. This brought me to tears.
khiyanaj 707 (5 days ago)
αgннн ιтѕ мєg ∂σииℓєу ι ℓσνє her
BC1 (5 days ago)
What if the child predator was rlly hot?
Addie Jacobsen (2 days ago)
Its... still illegal and morally wrong
asah dude (5 days ago)
Um Adison? Zombies? Anyone?
AdAx Shockwave (5 days ago)
Is that meg donally?
Michael Ptasnik (5 days ago)
At 7:55, why does that soyboy let Jennifer confront our creep by herself? Where's the chivalry? Her balls are so much bigger than his.
Unicorn Of the north (5 days ago)
i was in the walmart parking lot and a strange man who was 35 took me in his car and played with my tits, kissed me all over and blew in my vagina. I finally told him i really had to go. As he wad kissing me in the parking lot some guy yells F*ck at us.
Deth 31 (5 days ago)
Wait but what if the granny is a paedophile???
Tori Garza (5 days ago)
Z-O-M-B-I-E-S woooooo meg
Olivia Hates Life (5 days ago)
I wonder how much these people get paid...
Anne Joseph (5 days ago)
This is meg from ZOMBIES
MrPickledede (5 days ago)
Kids nowadays are not that naive
Shawn Kemp (4 days ago)
15 is pretty much adult and in most countries it is Adult by the law. If this dude was Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp or Jared Leto. all these people would be just fine with it.
yournotgood (6 days ago)
meg donnely
amanda holdsworth (6 days ago)
Whats the difference between a man comes up to you and says oh lets go to my house but then a man and a woman goes oh come to a other coffee shop with us. Like WTF is the difference 🤔🤷
Shawn Kemp (4 days ago)
not that much. Maybe she is even attrached to the guy who really isn't that old. He looks like 29 or something and not that bad of a guy. I mean really.
Chaya Palm (6 days ago)
Shina Nova (6 days ago)
This happens to me often, it's not easy defending yourself from situations like this. Young girls can get very vulnerable, if you can help, do it!!!!
Shawn Kemp (4 days ago)
If it was Jared Leto you would date him and you know it. You're a hypocrite. Follow your Heart.
Master J (5 days ago)
Shina Nova hahaha don’t worry no one would touch your leftist ass
Asad Kaiser (6 days ago)
Jim Halpert?
Nikki Gulayan (6 days ago)
Amanda Rodman (6 days ago)
I love the movie zombies.
Amanda Rodman (6 days ago)
Someday, this could be this could be ordinary, someday could we be something extraordinary. I know the other songs.
Maria Ozuna (6 days ago)
She is a good actor
Maria Ozuna (6 days ago)
Wwyd you guys show me a lesson everyday I wish everyone would watch this cause they need to be taught a lesson and doesn't everyone learn a lesson everyday well I do from you guys and keep meg
Amanda Rodman (6 days ago)
Meg is in the movie zombies!
Darbie Heard (6 days ago)
She looks like the girl from bridge to terrabithia (i know it’s spelled wrong)
Shawn Kemp (4 days ago)
Yeah she does, I was thinking that too at first. Although this Lady looks a better. Also She looks like she will age better.
Margaret Wohlt (6 days ago)
Meg is now the star in ZOMBIES
Minato Namikaze (6 days ago)
Damn she's so pretty 😍😍
Cristina K (6 days ago)
after the first day of my new school I took the bus home. It was a 3 hour ride. I was just looking out the window and listening music but the guy sitting next to me kept staring at me. Eventually he started talking to me. He asked if I was single and I said no even though I was. He was 26 and I told him I was only 15 but none of that stopped him. He kept talking and asking me on a date I was so scared omfg. Luckily he got out of the bus before me because I actually thought he was going to follow me home
Cristina K (5 days ago)
+Master J bummer
Master J (5 days ago)
Cristina K no an old lady sat at a table with me a few years back, I knew she was just trying to rape me. I haven’t been the same since
Cristina K (5 days ago)
+Master J are you ok?
Master J (5 days ago)
Cristina K it’s ok to dream.
Cristina K (5 days ago)
+Master J??? No wtf
King Vrock (6 days ago)
I hate when people are followers, either they sometimes stand up or they stand up once someone else does it first, like c’mon now.

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