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[ 𝑺𝑷𝑳𝑰𝑪𝑬 - 𝟏𝟔+ ] - Sᴄɪ Fɪ Mᴏᴠɪᴇs Fᴜʟʟ Lᴇɴɢᴛʜ Eɴɢʟɪsʜ - Hᴏʟʟʏᴡᴏᴏᴅ Aᴄᴛɪᴏɴ Sᴄɪ Fɪ Mᴏᴠɪᴇs

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Text Comments (2008)
Malyk Hopkins (7 hours ago)
Dennis Faglinit (1 day ago)
최소연 (1 day ago)
Merra Luna Sultan (1 day ago)
Who's watching January 2019
Issac Wegner (1 day ago)
Imagine trying to explain that in couples therapy1:20:35
Issac Wegner (1 day ago)
When she snatched the cat BICH ME TOO
Seyide Cavadzade (1 day ago)
What is name of film?
ぽきなポキ (2 days ago)
ぽきなポキ (2 days ago)
Anna Blain (2 days ago)
Did it get her pregnat
Lou Padilla (2 days ago)
It actually happens now ,just search the homunculus guys... scientists are way too know-it-all
Lou Padilla (2 days ago)
Oh my fuck,and I am watching this at 3 am.
Aletoz Ken (3 days ago)
Freaking smile
Aletoz Ken (3 days ago)
Body inside the water chill up my fuckin spine
oneika poyser (4 days ago)
5:13 cute ma ass😂😂bitch sick
Levi Davis (5 days ago)
He f#ck a alien
Ohdohchan Oh (5 days ago)
Really. What is something in the first scene?
mr slasher (4 days ago)
Clive should have killed that...thing,elsa was treating it like a child,its not child its a monster,a perversion of the human form that should never have existed in the first place,killing that beast would be a mercy to the psyche of mankind and as an example of why you should never play god...also im suprised no one has made any "do you wanna build a snowman" jokes in the comments,im sure if i scroll long enough i'll find them,i just cant be fucked...
John Reb Serran (5 days ago)
Finally i watched the movie after a long search.
Adrian Saldom (5 days ago)
OK guys, read some shit comment abt this movie but the truth is Cleve dose not want a child cos she doesn't want to turn out like her mother so she added her DNA to d experiment and got herself an alien baby, she want to try with her first to see our she handles being a caregiver but it all backfired now she's back being pregnant what she should have done in the first place. Moral lesson face ur fear and conquer it or esle ur fear will be ur worst nightmare.
Mémé Riz (5 days ago)
Dai Kay (5 days ago)
Who still watching 2020😏😒😂🙄🤣lol jokes
Mémé Riz (5 days ago)
My father let me watch this movie when i had only 6 and i can remember all the scenes ;__;
Belma Güleç (5 days ago)
İn Turkısh
Bradon Voyles (6 days ago)
So when she wanted to make a monster in the lab. They wouldn't let her. But now that said monster killed a bunch of people and raped its mother they pay her a bunch of money to birth its offspring. wtaf
Izoukumor Queen maris (6 days ago)
Who is reading comment with me
Bradon Voyles (6 days ago)
She is frickin crazy
galang Singh (6 days ago)
Aaaanyway we don’t have any subtitle! Shit!
yedek yedek (6 days ago)
yedek yedek (6 days ago)
Steve Gabsent (6 days ago)
Who came to watch some porn?
Steve Gabsent (6 days ago)
Roses are White Violets are Lavender Elsa is frozen And you too
Sammy Dandoy (7 days ago)
2019 pls
Germaine Something (8 days ago)
Who watching in January or February ? 2019
Bossgirl _12 (8 days ago)
Who wanting a 2
MyFrankie1981 (8 days ago)
This movie is pretty old I've seen this a few years back like five or so years ago
Anivie Gillado (9 days ago)
i hope it will have a part 2 . this movie so cool !
bikashkumar ranjan (9 days ago)
Hindi me iska print milega ky plzz say
chiron (9 days ago)
Good movie, better than hollow man.
aek aekkalack (10 days ago)
แปลเป็นไทยได้ไหม ฟังไม่ออก???
Ghost RIDΞR (10 days ago)
*2 0 1 9 S Q U A D*
Skot Holt (10 days ago)
If you watch it at 1.75x with a dose +10 second skip its not too bad of a half hour episode.
David France (10 days ago)
This!!! This is why we shouldn't be messing with the natural order of things...
biały nefryt (10 days ago)
czy ktos wie, gdzie mozna obejrzec ten film z lektorem polskim?
Gyorg Leviathan (10 days ago)
Xenomorph + 11(Stranger things) = Dren?
James Delfin (11 days ago)
Days counting ..
Alice angel (11 days ago)
She looks beautiful when she's a young grown girl.
Spooky Chan (11 days ago)
Oh gosh..... This is so messed up.... This is VERY messed up :-:
HESsal TV (11 days ago)
mampir yaah di chanel sy jga gaes..di hessal tv...makasih yaah🙏🙏🙏
present 🙋🙋🙋 im watching 2019.😊😊😊
Kader Erkan (12 days ago)
Who is watching 2019
Kader Erkan (12 days ago)
Beautifull movies❤🍂
John P (12 days ago)
This reminds me of liberals and their new pet of late, third world migrants.
james rassel (13 days ago)
Who's watching January 2019
fritz gerald tacanay (13 days ago)
2019 guys?
bott 55 (13 days ago)
Lmao dren turned into a boy at the end
Milambo Muntanga (13 days ago)
2019. 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️😅
Khaled Borici (14 days ago)
Who's watching this on 2019?
Najat Mgaya (14 days ago)
2019 anyone!?
Stopit (14 days ago)
You know what? I'm gonna say it. I'm gonna write a gay fanfic.
Stopit (14 days ago)
Welp, that was fucked up.
Stopit (14 days ago)
She may not have hair, eyebrow are on F L E E K.
Stopit (14 days ago)
Main male scienctist is young prof. Snape.
Theodore Coleman (14 days ago)
Good movie...
Stopit (14 days ago)
2019 and still a pretty good movie.
FUN TIME (14 days ago)
Whos watching jan 2019
Lps Emrerald Iland (14 days ago)
When the woman killed the one with the tail I went mad homie I was So mad I wanted to kill the woman who killed the one with the tail I made my room pitch black and went to the den to calm down so yeah WHY YOU MOTHER MONSTER WHO KILLED THE POOR ANIMAL ONE but I know she had s......e........x with but I was mad when she just smashed HER, LIKE SHE LOVED HER BUT NOW MADE ME MADDDDDDDD SCREW HER (I was talking about the one who killed the one with the tail and I don't know there names
Joseph Kuki (15 days ago)
Who is watching jan 3/2019
Isaac Thompson (15 days ago)
Hit that from the back
Paul Lindley (15 days ago)
The shape of water rips this off a bit
Carolina Zuñiga (15 days ago)
No mms me cago que el vato se haya acostado con ese monstruo
Flower (15 days ago)
👀 👃 💋 2019 in the house...
Elipopcorn (15 days ago)
who is watching 2019
MîN Basumatary (2 days ago)
Aletoz Ken (4 days ago)
Queen A (4 days ago)
Me 😀
Dank Dino (4 days ago)
found this from a porn
Calvin Staley (5 days ago)
Cesar Quintana (16 days ago)
So it fucked her with the needle?
dj crown santacruz (16 days ago)
Zi la dieras en español
nicole hailey (16 days ago)
Is this sci-fi or horror
Renae Lana (16 days ago)
Who’s watching January 2019? 🤘
Lovely Angel Alberto (15 days ago)
유삼{HY%} (17 days ago)
Stacy Almira (17 days ago)
Thats why I like machine compare to biology LoL..
איל רפאים (18 days ago)
זה הסרט הכי מרגש שאי פעם ראיתי😊🤩
Miley Kim (18 days ago)
La vi hace años...vuelvo a verla está buena e interesante.
Hanna Bky (18 days ago)
ini judul flimnya apa yo
Careese Adams (18 days ago)
This was a good ass movie i swear no lie
suthar vikas143 (19 days ago)
Am i the only one who is here to watch only cutted scenes after watching dubbed video??
Ayu Wahyu Pratama (20 days ago)
Who's watching on December -30- 2018 🤩🤩
-NeTy - (21 days ago)
Who is watching this in January 2019?
Geovanne Silva (21 days ago)
È a porrra dum golfinho com pernas e rabo
roco leonel (21 days ago)
Es reaskeroso nomegustonada keborenestebideo
Adrián Molnár (21 days ago)
I just clicked through this to see if hes gonna fuck this alien. AND HE DID LOL lmaaoooo so predictable
Adrián Molnár (21 days ago)
oVFVo神 (22 days ago)
Looking for the sex scene. 1:18:23
Xtian DR (22 days ago)
Well that's fucked up
telena gentry (22 days ago)
is anyone else questioning why they named the movie splice?????
H J (22 days ago)
1:18:00 Sex
marqui easton (22 days ago)
We did this back in ancient Egyptian Times 😒 this is nothing new !!
GIAANE spinxerama (24 days ago)
Chicken: Have big wings cant fly Her: Have small wings can fly Wtf?
Lord Cellious (24 days ago)
Im disturbed for life
damny0utoobe (24 days ago)
Maybe this is an option if you don't want to make natural children. I hope someday we can make this a reality. A truly touching and insipiring film.
marqui easton (22 days ago)
We did this back in ancient Egypt Times Nothing new
JunEric Clavenes (24 days ago)
In a short word thats deadpool's wife XD
JunEric Clavenes (24 days ago)
Nah jusy jokin that thing can gender change cause whene you use female dna it will become genderless in teenage form whene adult form it becomes a male that make's it a strange chemical changes
JunEric Clavenes (24 days ago)
That thing is a complete hybrid
M 6 (25 days ago)
So cute❤ 可愛がったけど最後が… 日本語字幕がついていなかったのが少し残念…

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