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Top 10 Best Ninja Anime EVER

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10 Anime about ninjas... and then Naruto, start the flame war below anytime you're ready yall. Buy my Novel ► http://www.blurb.com/b/6446143-chrone... Twitter ► https://twitter.com/chronexia My Website ► http://mistychronexia.com Merchandise ► http://kottonzoo.com/mistychronexia/ Watch Anime ► http://www.crunchyroll.com/misty 1Up Box! ► http://bit.ly/1uZQOOW Anime Pictures ► http://www.konachan.net The thumbnail is from rank #11 Manyuu Hikenchou For those still wondering about my accent : i'm French Canadian :) my english is not perfect but it has to do. ^^ Spoilers will be deleted on sight for obvious reasons. ------------------------------­­­-------­-------------------- Song is ►Yumeko - The fragrance of cherry blossom ------------------------------­­--------­---------
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Text Comments (3610)
How is Soul Eater about stealth? Like wtf this list is horrible... Naruto has its own version of a ninja... Watch the fucking anime and you'd understand.
densch123 (14 days ago)
I feel insulted that you would put fucking naruto and soul eater at the top, the other shows are probably much better. oay, soul eater is cool, but would never put it in a ninja list.
iSedat (19 days ago)
1. naruto 😠😠
Life Manqele (1 month ago)
Soul eater and is so not a ninja anime . only two people are ninjas wtf are you talking about. They not even the main characters.
not that many good ninja anime out there tbh so I can understand this compilation. The best on the list is prolly basilisk if we're talking a proper reflection of how ninja are (haven't really seen ninja scroll yet so can't really say anything about that) Older folks (18+) would prolly appreciate it more than the younger generation though as it has quite the heavy theme. If we're talking the most entertaining though, I'd say naruto (not shippuden...lolz). Unlike, something like basilisk it's a lot more fun and would prolly appeal more to the younger audience. It has a really rich plot and a lot of likeable characters.
Leopold Nzonou (1 month ago)
pourquoi naruto est classe 2eme j admet que soul eater est bon mais les combat n egale pas naruto
Abraham Bulaclac (1 month ago)
Ninku? Anyone?
Alfyy Alfyy (2 months ago)
1.naruto shippuden 2.naruto 3.boruto
dhqsashi boo (2 months ago)
Thanks Naruto is my favorite anime of all time I watch it every day.
Juun Juun (2 months ago)
wow... just wow..
clemintine hollowit (2 months ago)
Brave 10 is a awesome ninja anime
Kayla Does_most_things (3 months ago)
I was not expecting soul eater at all.
violenta 333 (3 months ago)
Nurul Ainaa Suhardi (3 months ago)
i think senran kagura and naruto is the only the best anime in this video
Manusia Troll (4 months ago)
Nooo Naruto must be Number 1
Manusia Troll (4 months ago)
I Look This and I Now There Must be Naruto
Fang Lei (4 months ago)
where Is Naruto YOU BALL LICKER!!
samuel afolayan (4 months ago)
Gagerthree thou (4 months ago)
This dude is a weirdo
Annie Buntin (4 months ago)
As well as Brave10
Annie Buntin (4 months ago)
As well as Brave10
Annie Buntin (4 months ago)
Nabari no Ou & Laughing Under the Clouds are ones I though were pretty good
Alec Symmonds (4 months ago)
Your voice sucks
Antonio Brother (4 months ago)
'' a flipbook of someone shitting in reverse '' omfg lmao
Anthony Monaghan (4 months ago)
i love Recca too bad the anime stopped 1/3 the way through the manga
Ninja Hattori
Dragon (5 months ago)
so this stupid anime better than naruto ? i just finished it it's not even close to naruto
Mila A (5 months ago)
I freakin love Soul Eater 😍
Zamin Rezaee (5 months ago)
i love naruto
Zamin Rezaee (5 months ago)
i love naruto
Sky Wilsom (5 months ago)
hatsune miku (5 months ago)
Bài đầu là j z
Akashi Melendres (6 months ago)
soul eater I not a ninja anime it's a grim reapers
David Rabeson (6 months ago)
Basilisk is n°1
Emily Palmer (6 months ago)
I think Levi from Trinity Seven is awesome. I was kinda disappointed with this list since like almost all were not actually true ninjas.
ஐ Chayion ஐ (6 months ago)
*walks into your editing thing* *switches naruto and soul eater* *exits out* I did nothing
Maria Rocha (6 months ago)
Do naruto
Máquina Humanoide (6 months ago)
Brave 10
Paur (6 months ago)
So this is what I have to choose from if I want to watch something about badass ninjas? Goddammit...
Arjmand Hayat (6 months ago)
Ian Mosis (6 months ago)
Soul Eater was a Badass Anime...
len dc (7 months ago)
the black haired chick with the sword in senran kagura is like a copy of kagura in fairy tail..or fairy tails kagura is copy of senran's..either way they dressed almost the same..looks almost the same and both have swords :P
Norrenan (7 months ago)
Naruto wins
Elliott Gleason (7 months ago)
Could you please put up the English title as well on all the titles that are dubbed, and not just some? Thanks.
jacob larcabal (7 months ago)
ah your one of them idiot nerds, whether you like naruto or not your an idiot if you dont say it's the best, you are as dumb as you are ugly
megamanipur dota (7 months ago)
Naruto 2?wow this list sucks at the end
Manny VG (7 months ago)
Smh you can tell he hasnt watched naruto he was a kid screaming believe it he stopped at like season 2
Rustam Effendi (7 months ago)
Jubei chan??
Black winged angels (7 months ago)
before i start this vid im praying naruto is in this plzzzzzzx
STri (8 months ago)
I don't recall soul eater being even considered a ninja anime. It's really considered a demon deviled anime. Also if soul eater is a ninja anime it's dead last in top 10 because most people wouldn't see it as a ninja anime. They would see it as a demon anime but if you wanted to consider it for a different anime genre comedy would be one because it has some funny moments overall this anime list in my OPINION wasn't all that great because I feel like there are better ninja animes and adding soul eater in this list is a terrible idea and if anyone considers this a ninja anime TO ME you don't know what a ninja anime is naruto is a ninja anime everything is ninja plus everything on this anime list BESIDES SOUL EATER is a ninja anime soul eater is not a ninja anime because the anime story is not something that ninjas would do like you don't see a ninja eating souls and plus when I watched soul eater I don't recall any deaths in it like Naruto had anyways thats my OPINION take however you want but this anime ninja list could have been better
tochiRTA (8 months ago)
cornball puts cornball anime as #1. not surprised.
PokeDude011 (8 months ago)
Where's Ninja Slayer at?
Ugljesa Mitrovic (8 months ago)
Why the fuck was this in my recomended i only watch FPS games wtf
TheSmilingXenomorph (9 months ago)
Manusia Troll (9 months ago)
Naruto shipuden is number 1
naruto fan (10 months ago)
where is tsukki(tsukuyo) sa-chan(sarutobi Aayame)or zens from gintama
What are you looking at? (10 months ago)
before I watch this video I was like, I'm pretty sure Naruto will be rank 1... But then black star appears on screen and I was like wtf? the only ninja thing about soul eater is black star, nothing else lol.
Qpenguinn (10 months ago)
No Kamui...no ninja warriors.. your knowledge of ninja anime is quite limited..
Amnaz GOOGLE (10 months ago)
I knew Senran Kagura is going to be here.
Lunar Eclipse (10 months ago)
EaseYourLife (10 months ago)
Dislike cause you brought naruto to this video
Metal Son (10 months ago)
I like your honesty ... but i love naruto.
Kevin Otero (10 months ago)
Black Star is one of the loudest Ninja in the world of anime and the soul eater barely has any ninjas, the show is bout witch hunting, not ninjas tf. This video should been called "best ninjas IN anime" i thought the vid was talking shows, not characters?
Marlon Wilson (10 months ago)
Literally such a horrible list lol
Shaksta 101 (10 months ago)
My subscribers are called the shinobi
Olivier Mumba (11 months ago)
NAA-ROO-TOE not NAR-TOE... Americans 🙄
Black Dot (11 months ago)
Naruto Is Number 1
تبملمت وقبمن (11 months ago)
لا اله الا الله لا اله الا الله لا اله الا الله لا اله الا الله  لا اله الا الله
Al Vinn (11 months ago)
Manyuu hiken is super fun to watch. It's stupid, But it keeps your interest and makes you wanna keep watching. Good animation too
The Fighter (11 months ago)
Naruto is the best
Tran Tran (11 months ago)
Big mistake to put Naruto on number 2
Gee-Man (11 months ago)
TVBUU (11 months ago)
The way you pronounce soul eater
Donaville gerogalin (11 months ago)
Damn naruti music
Donaville gerogalin (11 months ago)
I mean Naruto
Theghostslayer_111 (11 months ago)
naruto's my favourite
Beauty By Lacy (11 months ago)
soul eater😂😂😂😂
Mr. Silent (11 months ago)
I hoped for a REAL ninja anime not unatrual shit ....
Carlos Lopez (11 months ago)
Basilisk beautifull
JOHN GALELA (11 months ago)
i know the thumbnail
Draw (11 months ago)
Snivy EatsLays (11 months ago)
Where is naruto shippuden
Tomba (11 months ago)
How is manyuu hikenchou one of the best ninja animes???????? It's just ecchi / some kinda soft hentai or some shit. And if naruto is on this list I'm gonna die. I have overdose with naruto. But I forgive you because you have.... FUCKING KICKASS FULL ACTION BALLS BLOWING NINJA'S SCROLL IN THIS LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS TAKASHI NAKAMURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Basilisk and flame of recca are good animes too. Ummmm..... How soul eater is ninja anime???? Please tell me???? But still. You are right that soul eater is better anime than naruto.
Jordan Stefan (1 year ago)
Wait ninja scroll at 6 that's an insult. What I would like to see is top ninja movies or a top ten of those
KingAlpha - Ninja (1 year ago)
omg he stops saying beleive it at like intro 4 or 5 he like never says it anymore. and plus if u get to the pain fight u should know that he like never says it
Mr. Devil 4304 (1 year ago)
Soul eater isn't even a ninja anime
Jack Collum (1 year ago)
What is the number 11 anime ninja
Deborah Ugochukwu (1 year ago)
I that the animation in the Pain fight fits
Anup Magar (1 year ago)
Naruto should be the 1. Since I am watching this from my childhood. Ninjas should have stories and tricks ,that"s Naruto..
efraindez lopez (1 year ago)
What's the name of the girl with the red close on the video picture
most stupid list because Naruto should be the first
GodGanji's TreeOfLife (1 year ago)
NInja Scroll has alot of Shinobi/ creatures/men that look like Yoshimitsu & alot of traditional demonic shinobi with traditional ninja art.
Jeffrey Productions (1 year ago)
manyuu hikenchou is a good anime dont ever diss it
ƬψƬ Life (1 year ago)
Why do the anime get older and older shit vid bto
Janice Tan (1 year ago)
does anyone know about the chibi comedy anime with a blonde ninja who has a purple haired friend
fuzzypanda 244gaming (1 year ago)
Naruto should be 1st sure soul eater is good but Naruto is 10 times better
Riley Fisher (1 year ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue I got clik baited so did you
Max Moore (1 year ago)
naruto was the first anime I ever watched
Logan McMahon (1 year ago)
the ending to number 8 infuriated me
earth- chan (1 year ago)
the best ninja animé is pink guy
サタイCYBR (1 year ago)
but in real life japanese history ninjas had never reily on stealth but wear white head bands so there comrades can see them at night sooo

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