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The Almanac Mag: Iridium Clothing Co.

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Looking for one-of-a-kind men's apparel and accessories? Look no further than Chicago based lifestyle brand, Iridium Clothing Company. Founded eight years ago from a desire to create their own looks instead of alter and style preexisting ones, two men who go by the names of Platinum and Pugs, created a brand geared towards people who aren't afraid to stand out. With their Fall/Winter 2013 clothing line 'Trigonometry' about to hit stores, we learn more about their past, present and future ambitions. WANT MORE? Watch more videos, see whats happening #AroundTown, and view our list of #AlmanacApproved gear! www.thealmanacmag.com Like Us: www.facebook.com/thealmanacmag Follow Us: www.instagram.com/thealmanacmag Tweet Us: www.twitter.com/thealmanacmag
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ricktryharder (5 years ago)
I stopped buying this brand because the customer service is ASS. But after seeing how humble both these guys are, I'm gonna give em another shot. Work on your customer service fellas!

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