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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods - CZ Edition (Faulconer Productions music & more!)

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THIS IS A NON-PROFIT FAN-BASED SOUNDTRACK/SCORE EDIT (parody-remix) DRAGON BALL and DRAGON BALL Z are all owned by FUNimation, Toei Animation, Fuji TV and Akira Toriyama. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is distributed by Toei Company, Ltd. and 20th Century Fox. Please support the official release. Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 United States This is a PARODY and REMIX, a NON-PROFIT FAN-BASED PARODY-REMIX PROJECT. Yes, I own the film: http://imgur.com/400B5gw PURCHASE THE OFFICIAL FILM HERE: http://shop.funimation.com/Shop/ShopProductDetail.ss?itemid=95175 http://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Ball-Extended-Edition-Blu-ray/dp/B00MX3B0CE http://www.walmart.com/ip/39882197 This is nothing more than a PARODY-REMIX, please support the official release. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods – CZ Edition is a soundtrack/score edit project I decided to do after watching a few clips on YouTube of people adding in music from the Faulconer Productions (Bruce Faulconer, Julius Dobos, Budd Guin, Ben Kasparek, Scott Morgan & Mike Smith) soundtrack/score of FUNimation’s Dragon Ball Z dub to the first DBZ movie in ages, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. The music many of us grew up with in the late 90’s and early 00’s. I thought, “It’d be really cool if someone did this in the highest quality…and right…for the *entire movie*. That would be so freaking cool, especially for us fans that grew up with that dub.” So, I did. And then some. Before I say anything else, I want to make it clear: I am a fan of both scores, both dubs, Japanese and English, the show’s original Japanese score, the show’s FUNimation produced score, the movie’s original score, everything. This is NOT meant to start another war in the comments about which score or soundtrack is better. I did this as a fun project because there’s always demand (nostalgia-driven, yes) from a lot of people who grew up with this music while experiencing the series for the first time on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block or the subsequent DVD releases. I didn’t do this in spite of the original score or in disregard for it; I did it so that all of us that grew up with this style of Dragon Ball Z can re-experience it again through this movie with *another version* of BoG. A re-scored version that caters to American (and even global) fans of Dragon Ball Z that started watching it when Cartoon Network’s Toonami block was first airing FUNimation’s original dub of the series, when the Dragon Ball Z and anime phenomenon spread in America. There are fun bits I added for the all-around Dragon Ball fan, this isn’t just a Faulconer Productions edition…it “is”, but it’s slightly more than that. If you’re even more *”classic old-school dub”* you’ll be pleased to see that I added the *true original dub’s*, the Ocean Dub’s, theme song: "Main Title" & "End Title"…better known as "Rock the Dragon" into this edit (because nothing screams DBZ nostalgia for me, and probably you, like hearing “Rock the Dragon”). I also paid homage to the original Japanese score with "Makafushigi Adventure!" in a bright and funny way throughout the movie. And once again if you love the original Japanese score -and honestly if you’re a Dragon Ball fan in general-, you’re going to love the credits, I had fun with what I inserted in there (it syncs up perfectly with the end). So please, sit down and watch, enjoy and share. I’ve put many hours and nights into this, play it loud! If you have headphones and like to watch with those, please do and blast it! If the response for this goes well and there’s demand I might consider making a ‘CZ Edition’ (aka Faulconer Productions soundtrack/score edit) for *Resurrection ‘F’* and eventually even the new series *Dragon Ball Super*. Speaking of, HOW CRAZY IS IT THAT WE’RE GETTING NEW MOVIES AND A NEW SERIES OF DRAGON BALL IN 2015 GUYS?! It’s pretty crazy. FAQ and cool facts over here: http://pastebin.com/zYRMFvyn The music used for this project was created by BRUCE FAULCONER & FAULCONER PRODUCTIONS: JULIUS DOBOS, BUDD GUIN, BEN KASPAREK, SCOTT MORGAN & MIKE SMITH. The music was featured in the original FUNimation dub of Dragon Ball Z. Special thanks to: • Yuriko Mori, Takeshi Ike, Kōhei Tanaka & Hiroki Takahashi for "Makafushigi Adventure!" • Shuki Levy & Kussa Mahehi(Haim Saban) for "Main Title" & "End Title" ("Rock the Dragon") • Yukinojō Mori, Chiho Kiyo’oka, Kenji Yamamoto & Hironobu Kageyama for "CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA" - Live performace by Hironobu Kageyama & Masaaki Endoh Please support the official release.
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Text Comments (23719)
Supersayin god (2 hours ago)
No way.....the db frachise has a better storyline. PffFt naruto has a fkn boring, depressing shity ass storyline. Overall the Db franchise has a better storyline, fight scenes, characters etc. So all those narutards out there who think naruto is better.... get fkn real😅
MINGHAO HUANG (2 hours ago)
Memories man,:D
Analyte CS (4 hours ago)
Am I the only one that thinks The Red version should be stronger than Blue? The aura just looks way more badass than the wavy retarded blue aura. It's just the hair that just needs change.
Cosmic Xv (4 hours ago)
How has this not been taken down yet but every other dragon ball video needs to be uploaded in the worst format and audio every week? Truly a video worth watching
Phenixdwn (5 hours ago)
did they really just add ocean dub music to all the best fight scenes in one of the biggest anime movies of all time? i think a "kys" is necessary
Sam O (6 hours ago)
Thanks for that Hard Rock DBZ intro Music, made me feel like a kid again hearing that!!!! (am over 30 lol) Perfect music score!
Cursed Forever (8 hours ago)
They had no chance at the party. Gohan even used the full nelson. That move beat raditz
nostradomis (9 hours ago)
lol like trunks squeezes into anything
freedom341 (9 hours ago)
hahaha prince of 5 man
Karim Williams (9 hours ago)
BTS ARMY (9 hours ago)
If u wanna skip to the god fight 1:18:20 Thank me later
Reece Johnson (11 hours ago)
Nearly everyone has lighting fast speed, yet not a single one caught Vegeta while he was falling. lol
Kenny Nguyen (13 hours ago)
How do they know it’s the four star ball it could the one star ball or something
rohith nani (13 hours ago)
1:26:33 that theme is always feels me goosebumps (evergreen)💥😍😍
lachie Bosman (14 hours ago)
15:42 so he watches anime 🤔 so does he watch dragonball aswell hmm
Alex Skala (15 hours ago)
How old is Mea
FunFan 333 (15 hours ago)
How is this still up on YouTube?
M M (19 hours ago)
i really recommend this because no other website allowed me to watch this and if they did it was in Japanese so thanks and leave like
sarpanch ji (23 hours ago)
I need subtitles
Levi Parker (1 day ago)
Am I the only one who pissed them selfs laughing when trunks said that she’s my main squeeze
Why is supreme kai so afraid of lord beerus? Isnt he the one person he cant destroy?
Sadi Yasir (1 day ago)
when goku goes ssj3 his eyebrows disappear
Its dragon ball super
Armando Corralejo (1 day ago)
What if Broly is the real super saiyan god beerus dreamed about😱💯
タイチ (1 day ago)
This is an interesting movie.
harshit rai (1 day ago)
Beerus the god of destruction and trolling....
Sahil Sahil kumar (1 day ago)
Gora Aur versus superman fight Hindi
Judy Lutarino (1 day ago)
I really loved this ....its really funny ever... I really laugh alot .... It's just a puddings Lord Berruss you Know.!😓😀😂😂😂😂but he loves to just taste it... But it's making him turtore himself without even tastes its... He will surely destroy Earth because puddings 😓😂😂😂😂 if I we're there I would like to give advice to Lord Berruss 😉😉😅😂😂😂😂😉 why don't you asked the chefs to makes another pudding so you can't taste it... Why is that destroying the Earth comes to your mind first....😉😅😂😂😋oh whis!!... Your his advisory you know 😋😉😉😅😂😂😂
Just Galaxy (1 day ago)
Eleanor Maya (1 day ago)
vice versa (1 day ago)
1.24.21-26 then why is vegeta relieved not to fight beerus?
Izuku Medoria (1 day ago)
Goku = God
spencar stewart (1 day ago)
Panda Party 3O6 (1 day ago)
40:26 40:27
Panda Party 3O6 (1 day ago)
Young Empire (1 day ago)
this is lit
Lyric Labels (1 day ago)
when my dad finds out i failed a test 1:26:33
Izaiah Handley (1 day ago)
What about chichi's birthday
Ffienthesnap Gaming (1 day ago)
1:31:12 when vegeta finally says goku
Ffienthesnap Gaming (1 day ago)
Tra la laaaaa
1:26:29 faster than Eminem
Tomi Adewole (1 day ago)
I just realized goku is wearing goku jr. Cloths
Diane Oteh (1 day ago)
Paper rock scissors Bruh
Gavin Schuetz (1 day ago)
I think MUI goku could defeat beerus
Xavier Qader (1 day ago)
When vegeta busted in bulma and when goku did the same didn’t they give there wives there DNA making the somewhat a sayain
sakul amithu (1 day ago)
Tamil video
BlazingSpirit (1 day ago)
The "savior" looks like Vegeata
XD_Wolf (1 day ago)
Goku is a funny strong but stupid guy that’s why he’s my favorite character
BlueBreath 139 (2 days ago)
Guys pause at 1:21:42 and look at chaotzou eyes lol and sorry that i didnt know spell of his name
Malik Chretin (2 days ago)
I will never get over how piccolo literally damn there died by beerus poking him with chopsticks 😂
Sean Sales (2 days ago)
In that fight they already destroyed earth😂
NekrozYT (2 days ago)
Vegeta be dabbing on all them hatters
Abdullah Imtiaz (2 days ago)
I want this movie in hindi 😢
Andrew Newman (2 days ago)
It definitely makes everything seem much more intense with the old school scores. 58:07 best dbz track!
Juan Velez (2 days ago)
15:00 unbelievable foreshadowing by whoever wrote the screenplay. Whis says “it would appear MOST of the surviving saiyans reside on Earth.” MOST as in there’s still saiyans out there in the universe. AKA Broly & Paragus 😁 setting up the movie over 5 years before, wow 😱
Antonios Lelekis (2 days ago)
31:54 GET REKT M8!!!!!!!!!!!!! 43:33 to be continued 50:20 stop it get some help 1:26:31 😳😳😳😳😳😳
Chell Butler (2 days ago)
do you think goku ssjg would surpass full power mystic gohan
Dylan Knowles (2 days ago)
Dayum son
Travis Stuart (2 days ago)
So like can we get a resurrection F edit/parody?
Platinum Equinox (2 days ago)
I hope that you'll do this for the Broly movie as well. Please.
Thanos Pete Btw (1 day ago)
Platinum Equinox you’ll need to wait till eng dub comes out which is estimated to release on the 23
Roy Bentley (2 days ago)
i like the dub with the new music, but should have kept the music that played during the goku v beerus fight after goku depowered
RicePhantom (2 days ago)
What is CZ edition?
Arnold Blaquero (2 days ago)
Lucas Rezende (2 days ago)
The bruce falc makes such a difference
Frizzy With Glasses (2 days ago)
Ruan De Witt (2 days ago)
33:49 beerus blushes
Frizzy With Glasses (2 days ago)
KreeckShow (2 days ago)
Anymore??This was nice
Frizzy With Glasses (2 days ago)
Yamcha is actually Akira Toriyama
James XDGamer (2 days ago)
I wonder what will happen if Vegeta just tell everyone that Beerus is a God of destruction in the beginning or if Vegeta just go arround the whole word searching for a pudding
I AM GOKU SANTA (2 days ago)
1:26:32 I almost cried
Catching rabbit's (2 days ago)
I'm not even a Vegeta fan per say. But even I would have picked him to fight Beerus. Technic is better. Even Beerus said. He was superior in fighting skill. Just lacked power.
Olamiposi Betiku (2 days ago)
why are you guys so happy well he is goinig to win in the broly movie but he is going to get disarmed if he is not carefull
Top Comment (2 days ago)
Goten: "Awesome" Trunks: "yeah, i am" Goten: "so awesome"
мιкє flσяєѕ (2 days ago)
Broly movie in 3 days SO HYPE
The Legendary Saiyan (2 days ago)
Nitroband (2 days ago)
I love that they remastered all those original scenes
Adam Quentin (2 days ago)
Cell: "Now you die!" Goku: "Gohan!" Goku and Gohan directly afterward: "AUGGHHGHGGG!"
Javier Duran (2 days ago)
Esta en inglés no endeti ni verga
Dneeeh :/ (2 days ago)
30:46 did I only think dirty
Goku ssg (2 days ago)
1:23:25 IT'S A GAME XD
Rycon (2 days ago)
and thus Zenoverse was born
lonelyboyforever 666 (2 days ago)
Anyone knows the song at 1:26:45
Thatmessed up (2 days ago)
When rock the dragon came on when Goku went super Saiyan I was smacked with nostalgia
tugi breezy (2 days ago)
1:42:10 don’t miss this😂😂😂😂😂
The ßest (2 days ago)
Its just surprises me that vegeta memories the bingo song
Chris Jones (2 days ago)
Goku got that mega roid from the planet fitness dude.
Ismaaciil Cr7 (2 days ago)
He is good movie
26:36 Flick
26:25 Battle
Najm Alzuhairi (3 days ago)
Come on goke
' *i* *wanna* *break* *up* '
35:20 Hahahahahahaha
Boruto Uzumaki (3 days ago)
Brenden Styre (3 days ago)
Idk I bet a super saiyan 3 vegito could hold its own against Beerus but idk 😂 or a fusion dance
NBK Kirito (3 days ago)
"I hate you Goku !!!!"
Kensho Mo (3 days ago)
Whis uses the Bi-Frost. He is actually an Asgardian!
Francoise Blaise (3 days ago)
I keep thinking that this is a Dragon 🐉 Ball Super movie
Gaming Gorilla (3 days ago)
I drank eggnog and all I hear is mumbling cuz my mind is mixing uppzseojrf
Its FREAKING BRIGHT (3 days ago)

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