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INVERSION METHOD?! (Grow 1 inch of hair in 7 days)

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Can you REALLY grow you hair one full inch in only a week?!?! I definitely had to try this Inversion Method out!! **Try it with me! Let me know how it goes?! ------------------------------------------ Follow me if you like: Instagram- @Luhhsettyxo Twitter- @Luhhsettyxo ------------------------------------------ INVERSION METHOD FAQ: Do I have to use oil? -No, but oil gives the best results When can I shampoo my hair? -I shampoo'd every 2 days, and put conditioner in my hair every day How often do I do this? -Once a month, 7 days What oil can I use? -Any oil, but make sure it is organic or virgin ------------------------------------------ -xo
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Text Comments (674)
blep blep cat (2 months ago)
You look a little bit like Jazz Jennings
Little Lumpia (8 months ago)
New channel supporter and I look forward to browsing your channel in the near future! I’d greatly appreciate it if you subbed back 😁😘🤗 high five on this video and you are gorgeous!!!!
affie abdul ! (9 months ago)
Can you use any hair oil?
Sade._. (10 months ago)
You weren't supposed to wash in between... Do it for one week and THEN wash
Mlem Blep (11 months ago)
During the first measurement your head / face was straight to the front but during the after video, you slightly moved your face to the side. Not sure if you realise that.
Mineral (1 year ago)
You're holding it differently in the before/after...
KaityBee (1 year ago)
HALF WAY THROUGH THE WEEK TRYING IT... I CAN KEEP YOU POSTED IF YOU LIKE <3 Trying the inversion method since a few days ago <3 <3 <3
Tabitha Andy (1 year ago)
Can i put honey in my oil
kayla Igoh (1 year ago)
longtime no see
NBA KeyKey (1 year ago)
Can you do this with braids
Leave Now (1 year ago)
Who else thinks she lowkey looks like Liza koshy
Betty Dean (1 year ago)
Her glow up tho 😮
Kadence Jones (1 year ago)
I think I’m going to do it
Harmony (1 year ago)
Your so pretty and your skin is so beautiful not to be weird
Peters Lucinda (1 year ago)
and stand on your head every day for 2 mins
Peters Lucinda (1 year ago)
Drink carrot and lettuce cellery juice
Kim Encounter (1 year ago)
Lol i need it on me..i need you touching me (akward pause) Girl me too ...i cant wait till my hair is collar bone length skrinage and all.
Farhiya Jaay (1 year ago)
I wanna take on the challenge💪🏾 but I’m expecting soon , so idk if it would be safe , n if so , what are the rules to that. Thank you 🙂 I really wanna see if it actually works !
AsToldByTesh (1 year ago)
Oh my gawsh issa fetus 😭😅
after you do this don't you wash your hair???
it just me (1 year ago)
I'm bout to try this
Sabrina Davis (1 year ago)
Lol "Over the toilet"
rqinfall (1 year ago)
Does anyone know if grape seed oil is good for this?
Sabrina Davis (1 year ago)
ii_Dreamy Would if I help if i said I dont Know ;)
DatsGaming (1 year ago)
Youu are pretty 😍
Shandu Masibigiri (2 years ago)
Do you start off with dry washed hair?
Thanks for your video. I started doing this method yesterday. I kept my head upside down for over 25 minutes whilst massaging it thoroughly. I want my hair follicles to get much bigger and for my hair to regrow where my follicles have hugely shrunken. Especially on the top of my head.
Cheyenne Ivy (2 years ago)
So sad that I can't do this pregnant
Sabrina Davis (1 year ago)
Cheyenne Ivy Congrates♥♥♥♥
Brieanna Jones (2 years ago)
I am going to do the inversion method in a week.
Vivienne Uzamere (2 years ago)
im sooo doing this tonite
Sally Salih (2 years ago)
do you have to wash it everyday?
black smoke (2 years ago)
she glowed up
MICAH MARIE (2 years ago)
I love watching your videos 🙃
Doris Gabrielle (2 years ago)
my hair grew 3 1/2 inches
zeze (2 years ago)
can i do this with cornrows
Ascension B. (2 years ago)
Did you ever wash the oil out during the week?
NiShelle Russ (2 years ago)
Oh my gosh you're so cute! lol you seem so young
Can u do this with split ends ?
Ava Giselle (2 years ago)
PRINCESS_MIIAA BLOG yes, because your hair grows from the root not the tip, but it wont fix your split ends. In the long run your hair will grow faster if you cut off the split ends because split ends break off
Ajjura Brahim Adamou (2 years ago)
it worked for me
Florence L (2 years ago)
who else Loves to watch her old video's
Pearl Oyewole (5 months ago)
zeze (2 years ago)
Florence L your so pretty!
RheRheSmily (2 years ago)
You sound like Jessica Parker Kennedy
crazygirl84 (2 years ago)
Is this ok if u put leave in conditioner in your hair
Niagara Winston (2 years ago)
hi my name is Niagara. I've been trying to find what works to make my hair grow faster and longer. I just started the inversion method today I use mega growth hair oil. I hope you have a blessed day. thanks again.
Gabrielle Burnett (2 years ago)
was that the do you boo shirt
Jova hb (2 years ago)
For me this is the day 1 so you can see my curly hair in my profil so this is day 1
That's Nello X (2 years ago)
It worked for me too! I'm gonna post a video about it
lexi kelly (2 years ago)
im gonna try it
Jaymcz art (2 years ago)
I got an inch in 3 days but I'm still gonna finish the rest of the week
chipotle lover (2 years ago)
Watching this exactly 2 years later
kiera’s world (2 years ago)
challenge excepted starting today
Riham El Haji (2 years ago)
Thaank you soo much for the video, I'm soo gonna try it I'm also trying this recipe (avocado + oil + egg) they say it really helps in hair growing
salma madani (2 years ago)
you are beautiful💕i waaaaw love your hair 😍😍😍 can i do it moor than 7 days???
Ava Giselle (2 years ago)
Thats not why. You could, but your body will get used to it and it will stop working. Try to keep it at 7 days and do it monthly
LLC Beauty (2 years ago)
+salma madani if u meant "but why?" Well Bcz it's not good for your blood function
salma madani (2 years ago)
+_DeeDee thaanx😊😊 but way?
LLC Beauty (2 years ago)
No u can't
Emely (2 years ago)
too bad I'm really headache prone, I get headaches almost every freaking day😐😑 not fun. And I really want my hair to grow😢
Adrianna Douglas (2 years ago)
that is horrible 😕 I used to suffer from the worst migraines bc of blood flow.. like my job changed from running around all day to sitting all day.. they were horrible.. I got acupuncture and OMG it helped sooooooooooo much.. also natural peppermint oil helps so much.. just a few drops in your hand and cup over your nose and take deep breaths. 😊 I hope you get some relief and then you can do this method Hehe ✌❤💡
Lidallie (2 years ago)
+Emely Oh well I'm sorry.
Emely (2 years ago)
+Lidallie I don't think that's it, I do sleep good most days and still get headaches :(
Lidallie (2 years ago)
It could be because of sleep. I found out that I got headaches because I got less than 8 1/2 hrs of sleep every day. Also, my doctor prescribed nortriptyline which helps prevent headaches the following day (along with good sleep)
Emely (2 years ago)
+N 17 thanks for replying! I went to the doctor recently and she told me almost the same thing I am trying to eat healthy and I sure do have to cut down meat and dairy lol 😁
Hayley Lane (2 years ago)
wow ,I need to try this. awesome video
Stephanie Faidley (2 years ago)
Yay can't wait to try! Challenge accepted! Love ur videos
Clowey Adams (2 years ago)
YOU'RE SO PRETTY!! Just absolutely beautiful.
beth jennings (2 years ago)
and when u condition it does it have to be wet
beth jennings (2 years ago)
does it have to be wet
Osani Wright (2 years ago)
Why does she remind me of ariana grande
Lacey Delaney (2 years ago)
I am so going to try this. I know how you feel about having short hair. It kind of sucks I realy want mine longer!
Alexis Sanders (2 years ago)
Omg I'm so excited from the comments this actually works my hair shrinks a lot but I hope this works
ITZGEEDY (2 years ago)
when u have damaged hair so u spent 5 hours looking up ways to help 😂😂😢
Dynasty Anderson (2 years ago)
frr lol
Midnight Kitty (2 years ago)
my hair doesn't go past my collar bone. I have 4c hair someone help 😭😭
Nawal Khaled (2 years ago)
OMG same
LLC Beauty (2 years ago)
+Chantel F same, I do that
Chantel (2 years ago)
if you are taking good hair of your hair, your hair should be growing. I have 4c hair too and use to think this. if you have old pictures of your hair, look at them and you will see your actual progress and how it really is growing
Ashabi Dansby (2 years ago)
+_DeeDee mines barely reaches my collar bone when streched😭
LLC Beauty (2 years ago)
Lol my hair is at my collar bone when it's stretched. How many inches is you're hair?
Ethan Hurt (2 years ago)
Great video! you have great hair!!i just posted one specifically for guys trying to grow out their hair! id really appreciate it if you checked it out even though you're not a guy haha
Cece young (2 years ago)
Why are you so pretty 😩😍😍😍
Lettuce Mango (2 years ago)
I started today I hope it works
Jelysa Hairston (2 years ago)
so do you do it one week out of a month or do u just do it every day ?
Laaiqa Muhammad (2 years ago)
two years late on this vid but about to see if it works on my hair! :)
niya ken (2 years ago)
omg! it works!
ravyn hutton (2 years ago)
I am doing it right now lol
AfricaBrooklynItaly (3 years ago)
do u wash your hair during the week?
Serena (3 years ago)
omg she looked so evil when she put her head back up
Cece davis (3 years ago)
Can I use grease instead of oil?
Cece young (2 years ago)
Hannah Wessel (3 years ago)
how much oil do you put in your hair. and could you do this twice a month? or can you only stick to 1 week out of the month?
Nikki T. (3 years ago)
7 days every 4 or more weeks
Carla Bond (3 years ago)
I'm starting tonight. just got my braids done today. I definitely will be able to see if I have any growth
Sabrina Valentina (3 years ago)
plz help
Leesa Maria (3 years ago)
THIS GIRL......COULD BE ARIANA GRANDE SISTER!! just saying and I love your videos it helps with my hair
níeyà lee (3 years ago)
u look like ariana grande u r so pretty 😘😍
Lenaja Sykes (3 years ago)
Lenaja Sykes (3 years ago)
Doing it soom
Jade Ridges (3 years ago)
+Luhhsettyxo if you do it for 8 minutes will your hair grow 2 inches? Btw you're awesome 😍
Tamayah Lampk (3 years ago)
She kinda looks like Ariana Grande
Althea Nicole Simpao (3 years ago)
She is way way too far from ariana grande
Destiny (3 years ago)
it's better to tell if you flat Iron your hair to see the difference
Mark Smith (3 years ago)
what I like about your videos is that they work and your honest
lunar (3 years ago)
who is watching in 2021!
Zane'e Deobrey (3 years ago)
Serious question!! What brand of coconut oil did you use? Plus what other Brands are good for hair?
Rayaan Akoud (3 years ago)
+Zane&#39;e Deobrey Anything natural. A suggestion where you can easily find is in Indian stores, The oil's Name is Parachute
Cindy99765 (3 years ago)
Any brand is okay, but I'd check the ingredients and make sure there is no mineral oil, or petrolatum. Look for the natural, virgin coconut oil you can find in a grocery store.
Beatrice Larry (3 years ago)
I started tonight I've heard good things *fingers crossed* that it works
Beatrice Larry (3 years ago)
+Cindy99765 i personally didn't see any growth, but one of my coworkers did it for like 3 weeks and she said she grew an inch and a half so I'm going to try again. -what has worked is wetting my hair like every 2 days and applying coconut oil & black castor oil, then twisting up and just leave my hair in twists until wash day and I've seen some growth and also my hair stays moisturized because before my hair would be dry because i don't hold moisture very well. ``hope this helped !
Cindy99765 (3 years ago)
How'd it go?
Faith Harrison (3 years ago)
I'm going to do it
Lindsey S (3 years ago)
Good luck!
Sarah Nobel (3 years ago)
is this some kind of prank!!???
Lindsey S (3 years ago)
Alana Lizette (3 years ago)
Hey!!! Omg u look like me a a little and my middle name is lizette
Alisha Edvardson (3 years ago)
jae (3 years ago)
& can i use Argan oil?
Indigo (3 years ago)
I did this once like.. kind of.. like I did it 3x but not back to back days and I did the green house method all the time bc my hair was SUPER short like barely a tiny fro and then suddenly I HAD BIG LOOPY CURLS AND FORGOT HOW THAT HAPPENED BC I WAS SO INCONSISTENT. But yeah I use coconut oil all the time and not that my hair is almost to a mini bob after shaving it all off in August, I'm massaging in my scalp a lot more to keep my curls from matting up
thatts _ hunter (3 years ago)
I think I might try this weekend. I wonder if it works without being heated up..?
diva tube (3 years ago)
Hayley Lucas (3 years ago)
does it work with vegetable oil?
Jada Williams (2 years ago)
It's not a dumb question! It depends because everyone's hair absorb certain oils differently and also our hair texture! I find that black castor oil, extra virgin olive oil, and extra virgin coconut oil not processed at all just the straight stuff from the coconut. This works for my 4c hair texture.
ItsInez (3 years ago)
+Hayley Lucas .............-_-
Arij (3 years ago)
+Hayley Lucas no it's very thick
Kaia (3 years ago)
no no hun vegetable oil is for cooking
Liliana Jurado (3 years ago)
no no no please no use coconut oil or olive oil maybe even castor oil or almond oil
do i see a catttt? :D
Mitaazia Bridges (3 years ago)
OMG I Luv yur hair.... it's pretty!!! 💕😘😍💜
Kaithlyn Taylor (3 years ago)
Try this again this time use the vita goods vibrating thing. Please
Viviana Vines (3 years ago)
i am doing it now i have done it for 3 days now my last day will be on sunday i am hoping and praying that it will work
What's Trending (3 years ago)
so do we do it the whole week all 7 days or just once out of 7 days?
Lindsey S (3 years ago)
Every day for 1 week
Jane Jonsstom (3 years ago)
Do it for 7 days
Mia Veronica Palmer (3 years ago)
It really works😀!

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