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Old World Coins, 11 Pounds of Pre 1970 Coins, Gold!?!?, Part 1 RECAP

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I purchased eleven pounds of bulk foreign coins that are all supposed to be pre-1970. I had two major concerns going into this lot: 1) Lots and lots of 'filler' common coins and 2) in the past coins from this seller have been very dirty. I think I may have found a gold coin which will be my saving grace for this purchase.
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TundraWolf Prod (1 month ago)
Absolutely fake but true gold
AndrejBk (7 months ago)
you were lucky with that 10 pesos, it is probably real, that mushy look is typical for coins used as jewelery on skin
Gregory Lee (7 months ago)
Hey buddy well done mate on that gold coin excellent bro.you got your money back.$309..excellent mate.keep up the good work buddy.
Coin Metallurgist (7 months ago)
It was a very well welcomed surprise.
Chris Garner (7 months ago)
Love world coins. They give a fresh look to our boring US coins.
Coin Metallurgist (7 months ago)
It is very entertaining to see all the different designs or even different metal alloys.
The Tricky Outdoorsman (7 months ago)
Also, where do you buy these bulk packs from?
Coin Metallurgist (7 months ago)
These ones came from PB Coins (discount-coins.net).
The Tricky Outdoorsman (7 months ago)
What do the initials and numbers mean in the bottom right?
Coin Metallurgist (7 months ago)
It is a catalog reference.
Kaiden Brodsky (7 months ago)
Would anyone like to trade coins?
Kaiden Brodsky (7 months ago)
Coin Metallurgist what would u like to trade?
Kaiden Brodsky (7 months ago)
Coin Metallurgist what's that
Coin Metallurgist (7 months ago)
Sure, do you use numista?
Dr. G (7 months ago)
Wow, loved the show. Super fun. I'm surprised (and very happy) that coin was actually real gold. Big score. Congrats...
Kenton Cernea (7 months ago)
You got really lucky with that 10 peso gold coin. Yeah, it's only worth its melt value in that condition, but it's GOLD!
HiHo Silver (7 months ago)
👍🤠👍 . . . HiHo
Nandi Collector (7 months ago)
How much would cost that Mexican gold coin?
Nandi Collector (7 months ago)
Coin Metallurgist well, it's an excellent find in lot's of circulated coins.
Coin Metallurgist (7 months ago)
It wouldn’t hold any value over the precious metal (8.1g of 90% gold = $309.24 right now)
Kalan Hammond-Rota (7 months ago)
I could point out the two coins I helped you identify! The Estonia 1 sentii and Denmark 1 ore
Coin Metallurgist (7 months ago)
Thanks again!

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