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Ever wonder why online dating sucks? Or why there's so many single people out there?
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Ralu (1 day ago)
😂😂😂😂😂boy you make me laff so hard,you are great,forget dating site!
Brody400 (1 month ago)
In my experience, the biggest problem with online dating, is that it removes the humanity from dating. People act as if they’re shopping on Amazon, rather than talking to people. They want their product to be 100% what they want or they’re not interested. In real life you factor in, looks, Charm, personality, goals, success, talent, and more. Online dating kills that, because people expectations are so high, plus you can never put your entire existence into a few photos, and a bio.
Ark of the Titan (2 months ago)
I think it is technology and the sincerity gap. In other words, social media alone is a rather impersonal way of sharing a very important feature in relationships which is a NO DISTRACTIONS and IN THE MOMENT. But the thing is it's like a game and it just falls into the hands of ugly people so. Beautiful people don't have time to sit on their fat a**** checking and chatting through emails.
12onomicprotv1 (4 months ago)
please do more vids like this
David Knowles (7 months ago)
Pics with cleavage but don't want players - check Pics with fat women who only show face and tits shots who are picky - check Hot gals who only want attention - check Don't bother with dating sites
How to draw your dragons (10 months ago)
thats like not completely true...i met my bf on okcupid, although ya you have a point, it doesn’t work for most people
Debbie Harriman (1 year ago)
thats why im.a hermit heehee
Greg Patterson (1 year ago)
Great video man👍
moosefactory133 (1 year ago)
I have better luck just meeting someone in person, not in anyway connected with the internet
Edward Aydon (1 year ago)
online dating won't necessarily work
moosefactory133 (1 year ago)
I am not on a dating site but a social website called Tagged. One woman on there who looked to be around 300 pounds post a statement asking where the real men are, one that will serve me breakfast in bed or run and get me a meal at 3:00 in the morning if my belly is empty. The self entitlement mindset of so many women on these sites that have nothing to offer in return just boggles my mind.
Jeffrey D (1 year ago)
Dont blame the broads. All the desperate cocks on dating sites/apps are creating the supply/demand imbalance. Stop the desperation!
Ken9284 (1 year ago)
From what I've seen and things I've put up with (from dates) I can honestly say these women are do fucking delusional, nasty, and low class. It's pathetic.
Mclovin 2018 (1 year ago)
I dont see why you bagged the chick for telling the truth. Online or not we all know most chicks hot or not dont like what they consider short guys. Being 6.3 thank god ive never had to worrie about that but its what chicks tell me.And its like you intentionally trolled the bottom of the sewer to find the worst examples of chicks online. I see profiles like the one you read from time to time and at the most i might shake my head or chuckle and move on. Id never message one of these cunts. But let me ask how are they any worse than the guys on POF who sit around sending out dick pics all day?
Luke Skywalker (1 year ago)
Imagine going to a used car lot and all the cars have over 200,000 miles, dented, bad paint jobs, unreliable with mechanical problems and they are ALL over priced. That is what is like to a man on a dating site
Breach98 (1 year ago)
I am 5'8", but would not go on any dating website. It is not because I already have someone, nor the fact that I am much too old. It is because dating websites are a waste of time, and often money.
Listener Canon (1 year ago)
I've tried for few months, but you know what! Fuck it. I'm not even shallow myself. Some women who are even fat I chat with but I at least give them a shot because of what's on the inside. However, they still ignore me and my messages.
Mathijs (1 year ago)
Ty, I needed this
Rod Belding (1 year ago)
It's such a relief reading these comments, I was worried I was the only one who couldn't get a date online lol. I was really starting to think I'm just flat out ugly or something, but turns out everyone struggles.
N ick (1 year ago)
I'm going to be organizing a sexual discrimination lawsuit against dating websites that are unfair and sexist against men. We'll see what happens.
waverly2468 (1 year ago)
Yeah sorry ladies, men lose their hair. Half of the actors in Hollywood over 40 have some kind of hair restoration. John Travolta, you don't need a hairpiece. Lorne Greene, JD Cannon, Pernell Roberts. I was disappointed when I learned those guys wore hairpieces.
Geoff Joffy (1 year ago)
Sometimes worse than no replies on POF is when the woman replies and sounds really friendly. You think you're in, she likes you, so you send a more detailed reply back and she doesn't reply a second time. That's fookin' annoying.
ninjacom3 (1 year ago)
what I'm sure of is that theirs a God, because he's not letting you reproduce- ROASTED
Steve mt3 (1 year ago)
Online dating really sucks when I send out 100 messages I might get 2 responses if I'm lucky. All my previous girlfriends were met through events n bookstores.
Carla Rossi (2 years ago)
Online dating really does suck. This whole fucking generation sucks and I'm sad to be a part of it. I wish that I was born in the 1940's or 1950's. Back then it was much easier to find a date and everything else was much better. To all of you old timers out there who wish that you were young again, I tell you that these days it sucks to be young. You're better off being old. I wish I was old instead of being young. The world has become much too fucking complicated. I've tried all of these dating sites and all I get are these fucking catfishers from Ghana who try to screw me for money but I'm not stupid. I caught them all trying to scam me.
Phil Maestro (1 year ago)
John Doe - In my grandparents' days, when a man found a woman attractive, he simply approached her and most likely they ended up dating and then getting married. Today, with the 3rd wave (3rd generation) feminism, approaching a woman could get you a stalker charge and the title of "creep". When douche bags try to throw some lame insult at me for approaching them I fire back with saying; "So then how did your father meet your mother? Or were you a fraternity house party one night stand?" That usually shuts them up and makes their jaws drop which means I won the insult game :)
Kanyarat Juychom (2 years ago)
many of the POF women have a photo of them with a glass of beer or alcochol in their hand ,and acting the fool ,but theyre getting on in years and are drunken rejects unable to maintain a relationship so empowered have they become .they are at or around chav status and nothing to offer a deceny guy
Shawn Darling (2 years ago)
You are the truth!!! I have tried that shit twice. Did have a couple of dates. They sucked I finally got through my little thick skull that being single is much much better than being tangled up in a relationship bullshit.
Alan Gaviria (2 years ago)
man I totally agree with you bro dating sites are full of shit
Bonnie Stewart (2 years ago)
Thanks for making me laugh;)
No problem Bonnie! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) more videos coming
Cell Jr. (2 years ago)
I messaged at least 8 women on OKC, and I created my profile 5 days ago and already 1 has ignored me. If I don't get any more responses by next month, I'm going to troll the fuck out of that site and the women on there.
Cell Jr. (2 years ago)
+23KingPro Yeah man, although if you do it,you have to make it very convincing, otherwise, some will catch on.
Cell Jr. (2 years ago)
+23KingPro Fuck yeah it was fun. The first day I created the account, 5 women viewed my profile, and I was talking to 2 of them... by the next week, I was already talking to 5 more women, and had a shit ton viewing and liking my catfish profile. I would then switch back to my own regular account, would message the same women, and they would ignore me.. then I'd switch back to my catfish profile and continue trolling them some more. Try it out man.
Cell Jr. (2 years ago)
+23KingPro ...and I ended up creating a catfish account, trolling dozens of women.
legendarydavo (2 years ago)
Hahaha so good.
Andrea T (2 years ago)
You look very short. Your opinions don't count.
Jonathan (1 year ago)
midgets get no say huh?
sandinyourshoes (2 years ago)
Insist on a phone number. If the request is denied, then look elsewhere. Otherwise, the online element ends up taking too much time. "Messaging" is for the birds.
Dominic Zannin (2 years ago)
Hey I reply to anyone. Msg me if you wanna know more. Okay bitch, I did what you wanted me to why delete my msg?
laughnowcrylater (2 years ago)
this was so funny
Gra Piken (2 years ago)
It's just as bad for women too. If you're over 40 and plain - you have no chance. Men are after the gorgeous 20 somethings. This is all human nature I guess. There are some obnoxious women online, and obnoxious men too. What is the answer? I don't know. You're a good looking guy.... I don't know why you should have problems.
Trev Tortuga (2 years ago)
You've obviously never used online dating. Any woman can get a date.
shandy south (2 years ago)
I've been OKC for probably a year under the name of MGTOW MALE. my profile explains that i'm a man going my own way like many men who are now wising up to female nature. I explain on my profile that I don't want a narcissistic, ego, race judging women and that they should have a job dreams and empathy... cause at the end of the day i couldn't give a rats arse about online dating my life is fucking amazing......many many men are waking up and walking away from relationships and that shit storm called MARRIAGE ....oh and I get messaged quite a bit how screwed up is that..
Brian Brown (2 years ago)
LOL..yes, women don't understand they don't define what shallow is
TurboCMinusMinus (2 years ago)
Online dating is REALLY not representative of the population in general. Just think about it -- the really desirable people had tons of opportunities and got taken early. The moderately desirable people had enough opportunities IRL that most of them succeeded at getting someone. What do you have left - the ugliest / fattest / most entitled women, the shyest / fattest / poorest men. Put them in a big blender and make a diarrhea milkshake. Voila, online dating.
Queen Ikutwa (2 years ago)
What is Craig's list????.Call me backward but I'm real
Wimen are assholes.
Revit UpNow (2 years ago)
You're somewhat right but, most women don't write profiles that specific on what they want. In fact the whole reason online dating consistently fails is because women aren't honest In their profiles. They generally write they want a nice honest guy which we all know is bullshit so for every 100 guys that fit that description, she'll only respond to the one who looks like a celebrity crush and /or lists he makes around or over 100k. The average Joe is then relegated to settling for an overweight grenade or run down 50 year old if he chooses to go that route which sets off a chain reaction of women who fit that profile getting used for hookups. Then that sets off a reaction from women that guys on match are dishonest and are only there for sex.. The reality is women set the environment on these dating sites and as a result of their spoiled snobbish standards there, the end result is online sites are hardly ever genuine dating platforms.
Ron (2 years ago)
I couldn't agree more
Exactly, EXACTLY.. These females ARE SCUMM in this planet today man
+Mike P good for you. I didnt state what "you" believe. I stated what I SEE AND LEARNED WITH PEOPLE IN MY STATE AND CITY IM STUCK IN. And what attractive and ALL FEMALES PROVE. Im not hear to argue with any of you who arent me.. Youre not me.. You are seeing or going through what "I" do. Females ARE ASSHOLES. Thats all they SHOW, not talking about beliefs; stating FACTS
Simple reason why dating sucks PERIOD.. Females are totally stuck up, mean, bullshit, shallow, double standard, racist, picky but they say WE cant be picky, Females are just total ASSHOLES. Jerks. Smdh they only talk to stupid choices of guys. And they dont care they do
Mary Wiggins (2 years ago)
There are more women than men in the united states, so lady's keep being picky it increases your chances of dying alone
xxBOUNTYxxHUNTER (2 years ago)
Online dating is cancer when you have to pay to message people.
BoopsyCreations (2 years ago)
i didn't believe it until i finally witnessed it myself! i quit the online dating scene a few months ago after experiencing all of the bullcrap discussed in this and other anti-online dating videos. then this past weekend, i had a personal chef gig in a penthouse suite of a posh condo here in toronto. i wore my authentic chef jack and got pictures taken of me in action as well as me in the condo's luxury concierge. for shits and giggles, i went back to PoF last night and created a profile again. I used the pictures of me cooking in the lavish penthouse suite kitchen as well as me in the concierge, all pics with me wearing my chef jacket. i didn't mention in my profile that i didn't live there or that i did. 24 motherfucking hours later, my profile has had 79 views, 42 'yes' clicks via the meet me function, and i have received 14 messages, none of which i have read yet and don't really want to (but i probably will). after almost 2 years on that site, i was lucky to receive 1 message every 3-4 months without sending one first. and i probably got 42 like clicks during my 2 years on there. but once those succubus's see a man surrounded by luxury, they want a piece of it. they don't look at the man, they look at the world around him. big fancy kitchen + two storey concierge with marble floors and a waterfall = $$. i probably could have been standing there in the picture covered in dog shit and the women wouldn't have noticed.
FierceCast (2 years ago)
Oh bro... that's one harsh motherfucking reality
Queen Ikutwa (2 years ago)
I know a lady who was on a dating site for 10 yrs,true they suck.I'm on a site where I receive only profile views,even the interests they send don't last more than a week.You chat with a guy,he stops after 3 days and I still see him months later...searching!!!. Someone tell me where to find true love,I'm almost giving up.
Nickson C (2 years ago)
I write a song on this Let's date https://soundcloud.com/nickson-chouloute/lets-date?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=facebook
Grand Champ (2 years ago)
Online dating - a million desperate men and some fatass boring cow of a woman with a laundry list of demands in exchange for her time.
Trev Tortuga (2 years ago)
+LiberatedMind millions of men have. Such bullshit.
LiberatedMind (2 years ago)
+Grand Champ Yup a dup, and I was dumb enough to pay for it once.
JOHN SMITH (2 years ago)
David Arbelaez (2 years ago)
You are friggin hilarious. I love your videos.
Canyon James (2 years ago)
online dating allows women to be stratosphericly unrealistic.
Moe Valenz (2 years ago)
to honest it just happens when you search for women from here in the West. Eastern women are more modest. you might find a couple of gold diggers but, the percentage is 10 times different.
svxe (2 years ago)
lmao dude you are hilarious
love this..good swork
+ROCKEMPOWERMENT Thank you very much!
cutyninz prit (2 years ago)
I'm sorry about that. Try find Asian they are not like that. If you guys want to settle down Asian are the best girls. As so I am. But guys be careful in all dating site 80% of woman are just looking for fun and money. Yeah I know that. I felt pity of all the guys who become victim of those woman. Good luck in searching. And God bless.
hizenberg vanhosen (3 years ago)
well said
Love You (3 years ago)
dont bother taking me to the beatch... wtf i live in russia and i dont have a beatch around.. only couple dirty lalkes. Beatch are the best place ever.
+Cassie Dubuk Lol I know right? People are crazy, but thank you for the comment! Glad you enjoyed the video!!!
M Savage (3 years ago)
First youtube vid that made me laugh today
+M Savage Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
SJ (3 years ago)
http://www.businessinsider.com/online-dating-message-statistics-2013-7 says it all... women are just attention whores on these sites.. don't waste your money.
ratoneJR (3 years ago)
made me laugh. thanks.
5tonyvvvv (2 years ago)
+LIMITBREAKSTUDIO Stuck up Bitches!!! Even the fat ones think their to good!!
+ratoneJR Anytime! Thanks for the compliment!
Todd T (3 years ago)
Funny shit. But true!
+Todd T Thanks Todd! Yes these people are out there lol
Meg L (3 years ago)
It is just as difficult for us. We get crazy messages too. A lot of men are overtly sexual . It's annoying to say the least.
Jonathan (1 year ago)
ya ladies create the environment where men are overtly sexual because of your ridiculous demands. The high probability of nothing happening because women expect perfection, makes some men attempt to obtain the only thing that females have of any value, and that is sex while making the least effort, spending the less money, and spending the less time.
Meg L (3 years ago)
+LIMITBREAKSTUDIO Yeah , I know you did it was funny. I think the worst one I got was from a stalker guy that kept writing me telling me he wanted to take care of me for the rest of my life, then leaving his phone number constantly.
+Meg L Hey Meg believe me I understand, it's got to be just as bad on the other side lol I made this video for fun, and it just kind of took off
Nostradante (3 years ago)
Oh boy, I was planning on making one for the women in my area but I don't want to be a copy cat. Great series man! Keep these coming!
Nostradante (3 years ago)
I hope you make more. And just in Philly alone I found some scary stuff. You will be frightened. LOL
+Nostradante Thanks man glad you enjoyed it! Lol it's cool man thanks if you want to make a video go for it!
bobby vandever (3 years ago)
it's good and bad just like anything. everyone knows what they're getting themselves into. in this generation it's how we date versus meeting offline. Good luck everyone.
chris smith (3 years ago)
bravo  man ! i don't often comment on youtube videos but well said !
+chris smith Thanks Chris haha glad you found them humorous
Luke Skywalker (3 years ago)
Even the fat ones think they are 10's, Egomaniacs on there when they have little or nothing to offer
Eli Kang (3 years ago)
Step 1: Make profile  Step 2: Make profile "cool" Step 3: Add awesome photos of being "cool" Step 4: Message girls Step 5: Wait for response Step 6: Wait for response Step 7: Wait for response Step 8: Wait for response Step 9: Wait for response Step 10: Delete profile
ashley Queen (5 months ago)
Deacon June (1 year ago)
Eli Kang pretty much lol
Listener Canon (1 year ago)
The funny thing is I actually made a fake profile of a male model. There's little info and pics than my real profile and yet it ended up being one of the "hotter" accounts.
Listener Canon (1 year ago)
Step 11: A catfish profile.
Zoltán Csengeri (3 years ago)
+Eli Kang Rofl! True and very common story!
goblinondrums (3 years ago)
Hahaha this great, keep it up dude. Totally agree.
+goblinondrums Thanks man appreciate that!
Fonzi79 (3 years ago)
Things you say are true.... But im a single woman myself and Im attractive and i cant stand how much men are so damn sexually aggressive and thats on the first date. Most guys think they will get laid that night and if they dont your a prude.. WTF>> Guys just love whores!
Daquan Jackson (3 years ago)
+Fonzi79 Personally, I dont mind waiting for sex, but if you want to continue dating me, show some personality and don't expect me to do everything.
Fonzi79 (3 years ago)
+LIMITBREAKSTUDIO yes I like hearing guys views on women too.. A lot of women are like this and they will never find anyone to those unrealistic expectations.. Its hard for a woman cause guys expectations arnt that high, as long as a women puts out then that's good for them...if a woman has sex with a man he sure better have more to offer then just his penis..lol
+Fonzi79 Thanks Fonzi, dating isn't easy and I agree it's prob just as bad on the guys side. But I had to read these profiles out loud because I couldn't believe they actually exist lol
Fred dog (3 years ago)
american women are the lowest shits in the world
cDynasty001 (3 years ago)
Girls are extremely judgmental and superficial when it comes to online dating.  They get really cocky because men shower them with e mails.  Stick to real life and work on your game. Or put up an ad on craigslist. I've actually gotten laid from there, but it takes a while.
verve92 (3 years ago)
Height and dick size have nothing to do with each other, ladies!
tritanproductions (3 years ago)
TheJess1984 (3 years ago)
Wow! And I've been worried about whether or not my on-line dating profile is good enough? It probably needs improvement but it's like 5 stars compared to your examples.
+TheJess1984 Haha thanks, yea people on those dating sites are out there
Alberto Salvia Novella (3 years ago)
Kanyarat Juychom (3 years ago)
delusional women who are very picky ,on POF they all complain where are all the good guys ? they skimmed over so many male applicants theres nobody left .all thats left are scammers from Lagos ,black men impersonating women with fake photos
Lee S (3 years ago)
This was hysterical!!! Thing is, as a woman on these online dating sites? It goes both ways. I can't tell you HOW MANY male profiles I read that say similar things...... Must enjoy sex, Must be blonde, Must be fit and work out, Must not be phony. Guys put limitations and stupid shit on their profile just as much as women do. Oh and another thing...... guys who post bathroom pics with their shirt off.... really????
Derick M. Adams Jr. (3 years ago)
+draco6543 MGTOW I sincerely hope that this movement grabs all single younger men in the next 5 to 10 years. I want it so bad my soul hurts. I can't tell you how valuable this movement will be and how it will completely wither away these stuck-up egotistical self entitled.....females. There see, i didnt insult them with a bad word at the end. Just the other words that were true.
Gra Piken (3 years ago)
Exactly! Thank you for pointing this out. I have left dating sites because I don't have a chance. Some of the profiles I've read are asking for the moon. They want a woman under 25 to go hiking and travelling with, yet sure has to look perfect constantly. So much hypocrisy
+Lee S Thanks Lee! Yea I can imagine the kinds of profiles women have to deal with too lol
Matthew Poreda (3 years ago)
Thanks for the laugh man you are hilarious. Forget dating sites, just go to bars and clubs eventually you will pick up girls. Practice makes perfect. Sitting behind a computer screen pretending to have game just fucks with your mind.
Matthew Poreda (3 years ago)
thanks.... I have more torah to come
Shayna Lane (3 years ago)
+matisyahup613 You're cute, I just started listening to your Chanuka dvar torah. lol
+matisyahup613 Anytime dude glad you enjoyed it!
GodFather Menke (3 years ago)
Men objectify women based on what they look like women objectify men based on what they have
TurboCMinusMinus (2 years ago)
+GodFather Menke No... Men objectify women based on what they look like, Women objectify men based on what they look like, what they act like, how tall they are, how big their penis is, what they have and what they do.
Agrippa Maxentius (3 years ago)
This is hilarious, subscribed.
+Agrippa Maxentius Thanks! Appreciate that more vids to come
Kathryn1209 (3 years ago)
too funny...me thinks
King In Yellow (3 years ago)
And the sad thing. Everyone of those girls will get tons of messages to pick and choose from.
Philip Ponterio (3 years ago)
Started online dating again after a long time hiatus. Okcupid has a ton of nut cases. One thing I will say to the women out there. It is not wise to make new enemies.
Ajax9774 (3 years ago)
Lol damn, you could easily do stand up comedy on this subject. Thanks for a good laugh man
Ajax9774 (3 years ago)
+LIMITBREAKSTUDIO Yeah its definitely not easy to get up in front of a live audience and hope the majority find you amusingly funny enough. Being a professional comedian is a lot more difficult than most people think, But if I were you I would definitely consider giving it try someday. I for one would totally come out to see your stand up material.
+Ajax9774 I appreciate that Ajax, maybe someday I'll have the guts to do that in front of a live audience lol Thanks for the compliment!
donald beck (3 years ago)
really good video
+donald beck Thanks Donald!
Livethegoodlife16 (3 years ago)
Too funny, but true.. You should read some of the " brothers " profiles.
brink of eden (3 years ago)
The ending! LMAO Subbed!
+Brink Eden Haha thanks glad you liked it!
Thang Nguyen (3 years ago)
I just stay away from these bitches. I've tried this thing for a few months, i'd say it can get you a date faster, i've met about 9 or 10 girls. One thing that sucks is that the person has to be a very good match, otherwise I can't be attracted to them.
Shandra9000mail (3 years ago)
+LAX 324 I agree
Stefan Haas (3 years ago)
I agree man !
Faith in Heaven (3 years ago)
Should be no money and no sex involved in online dating and there you can find "TRUE LOVE". That's all I can say.
Darth Graggus (3 years ago)
I hear you LIMITBREAKSTUDIO I mean these so-called online dating sites suck balls as well as ass even the "Adult" online dating sites and your clip on YouTube is quite hilarious regarding the women you quoted.cheers dude.
Bobby Delriv (3 years ago)
Why Markish Fraud of poof sucks
DrPujasRedDot (3 years ago)
I like
kerry (3 years ago)
not everyone is the same. besides, there are plenty of men who are jerks too. if u had bad experiences with lots of people from online dating sites, theres probably something wrong with you too - that goes for men and women. 
Ibanez guitars (3 years ago)
(Most of them are feminists) no wants them anyway ! Nasty bitches .MGTOW All THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ron (3 years ago)
I agree with this video 100%, the women on dating sites are nothing but self serving cunts
Ron (2 years ago)
+jab7168 That is all dating sites are good for.... entertainment
jab7168 (2 years ago)
+Ron S I am beginning to enjoy fucking with them.....lol
Ron (2 years ago)
+G0ldwaves How the hell would you know what kind of messages I've sent them, you imbecile
G0ldwaves (2 years ago)
+Ron S Kill yourself you disgusting pig. You should know how many women get responses from disgusting pigs like yourself. It's frustating. It's worse for women.
3DMOVIES4YOU (3 years ago)
That was Spot On...........Great Video !
+3DMOVIES4YOU Thanks man!
JimGaming HD (3 years ago)
internet dating sucks because lots of pedophiles 
Jason Manwell (3 years ago)
Great video man, very true!

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