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Text Comments (43)
Brooke Cox (4 months ago)
Ya’ll are so cute love ya’ll
Nikki Dattilo (6 months ago)
Angy Martinez (7 months ago)
What is the song you use for your intro??
Ciliawillia (9 months ago)
What angel did for You and Brent was amazing it gave me chills beautiful editing What a great memory ♥️ Lol that sweet of the guy to move his head Congratulations to Brent 🏈🙌🏼 I’m hoping my boys will continue to play football all the way to college
Brooke Cox (9 months ago)
Love your vlogs! You are so pretty and ya’ll so cute!
Emmy (9 months ago)
omg obsessed with panera too hahaha <3
Jessica Howell (9 months ago)
The best 😍
Ashley Barron (9 months ago)
ur so cute im obsessed with you!!
Soetkin (9 months ago)
You guys are so cute 😌
Alex Babington (9 months ago)
Love you 💓
Ai Hui (9 months ago)
I love u ❤️
Emma Davis (9 months ago)
ugh, get married already!!!!!!!
Carly Medico (9 months ago)
Loveee this!
Elrike Joubert (9 months ago)
Your bf needs a make over 😂 No hate ily just saying x
Dora Bacalja (9 months ago)
The ending so cute ❤️
Mel Jane (9 months ago)
So proud of you for getting your products on Amazon!! They are so cute! <3
Brianna Fornes (9 months ago)
You’re sooo so pretty I aspire for my channel to be as good as yours!! I just hit 200 ahh❤️
Mason Dawn (9 months ago)
It literally makes my day when you post! I’m so glad this video is 10 minutes
Hadley Bonello (9 months ago)
do you live at your bf's house?
Vincenzo Nuzzo (9 months ago)
Love you much ♥♥♥♥
Molly Clifford (9 months ago)
vlog MORE! i am obsessed
Brianna Fornes (9 months ago)
Molly Clifford I love vlogs they are the best and I love filming them myself
Maria C (9 months ago)
brianna fullerton (9 months ago)
You get prettier every video wow
Teona White (9 months ago)
Queen is slayinnn 🙌🏼👑❤️❤️you made my day🤯🤯🤯❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pabelly Bueno (9 months ago)
You’re flawless my goodness
Berklee Ryann (9 months ago)
ok girl your nails!!! You look so amazing!
Brianna Fornes (9 months ago)
Berklee Ryann literally obsessed with them
AE Vlogs (9 months ago)
WEIRD but need help and we have similar styles - if you were to choose an engagement ring style right now what would it be?!?! PLS ANSWER 😩
AE Vlogs (9 months ago)
Mariah Teixeira thank you!!! 💕
Mariah Teixeira (9 months ago)
AE Vlogs check out pear shape they are so cute and unique
Ellen Mursia (9 months ago)
Does anyone else also think she looks like Gabi Demartino?
Allie Johnson (9 months ago)
AHHHHHH LOVE!!! The clip of you and brent at the fair I cant even handle how cute it is xoox
TaylorSaxelby (9 months ago)
NEED the denim jacket you were wearing in the beginning. Im dying. So cute!
TaylorSaxelby (9 months ago)
I couldnt find it, but thank you so much for the help anyway :)
Mariah Teixeira (9 months ago)
TaylorSaxelby Im pretty sure she sells it on rush!
Alli N. (9 months ago)
9:15 that guy on the right thoooo army vibes💘💘
Guinevere Wolvetang (9 months ago)
can´t wait to watch thisss
Kate Lee (9 months ago)
ugh so perfect😍 y’all are so adorable
Dee Luther (9 months ago)
Very nice Lovely Vlog VideO As AlwayS That ThumbNaiL ThO Your Absolutely Beautifully YoU Are Ur Makeup Eyeliners NailS EyeBrowS All Stay On Point Hope u Have a Bless Sunday
Lori Garza (9 months ago)
You guys are so cute! 😩
KYLIE AALIYAH (9 months ago)
Was just about to start studying for my test tmrw.... and u posted...
Jada Swanson (9 months ago)
You are so cute and Im loving your videos more and more

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