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What's the Best Dating Advice For Men in Their 30s?

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Gentlemen, if you are in your 30s, this dating advice is for you. Open your eyes, tune into your intuition, and make better choices when it comes to women... and always watch out for baby rabies Watch this video if you don't believe women trick men into pregnancy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CNHwhHWPoQ Chris rock on dating advice for men: https://youtu.be/M902ZJHzaLE?t=4m57s Become a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/EntrepreneursinCars Get 1 on 1 Coaching With Me: https://clarity.fm/richardcooper Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/EntreprenursInCars/ Twitter! https://twitter.com/Rich_Cooper Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/entrepreneurs_in_cars/ Suggested reading for all men: The rational male: http://amzn.to/2i9dfjW Bachelor Pad Economics: http://amzn.to/2kNP7UG The Way of Men: http://amzn.to/2kLFB1p © Richard Cooper - For all enquiries contact [email protected] - This video is not to be reproduced without prior authorisation. The original YouTube video may be distributed & embedded, if required.
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Micheal Stillabower (1 day ago)
I noticed they booster seat in the back. You have kids?
E-Live Da God (3 days ago)
Most women are great actresses.
Robert Snelling (6 days ago)
I'm 30 and on Tinder and Bumble. I went on a date with someone a while back slightly older than me at 32 because no one in their 20s is really interested. I could tell all the "rush" vibes from her. She just pushed for commitment after only a few dates. I didn't really know her, so I ended it because I was not comfortable; my gut told me she was wanting children soon and just needed some sperm and a penis to inject it into her. I really got the gut feeling she didn't actually care about me, just the fact I'm half intelligent with a degree and a secure paying job and the ability to impregnate her. The worst part is my own mother is pushing me to settle down haha. My own mother has no clue the true nature. You have to be so mindful.
bucii rebel (10 days ago)
I am with you! I am a woman who considers myself decent enough upon the eyes, fairly intelligent and family oriented. But from what I am seeing is; As much as women want the equality biologically we are different and everybody has a role to play men are men for a reason and women are women for a reason. Stay in our lanes and realize that the man is the head and allow them to be men. Because at the end the day I as much as want compassion understand that a strong man is important to a functioning relationship. Caring and providing for my man along with our children is the highest honor. I am always trying my best to support his endeavors and console him when something doesn’t work out. I don’t want to be in control because physically i was not created to play that role. Feminism is just the way to destroy families. Man up for men and women up you women!! Stop following the “narrative”
GBATD (12 days ago)
I'm 32, Got a good job, Have fun with friends, Got a nice chunk of change in my pocket, Enjoy building PC's, Live a fitness lifestyle and a woman would ruin all that and quite possibly destroy it. Woman = flesh eating disease.
vinnie vector (13 days ago)
Run run like the wind . 30 to 40 yr single female danger.
BartholomewSmutz (13 days ago)
"Are you married or happy?" Census question from a Three Stooges episode.
Lao tze (13 days ago)
Marriage can be good if you pick the right partner! Bad ones are costly. Don't ignore warning signs, there are always warning signs! Learn what they are.
Mario Gonzalez (13 days ago)
So I am 29 and I am single. I am looking to be in a serious relationship, but I don't want to settle down yet. Should I then focus on dating younger girls or girls my age or older?
underthesun841 (14 days ago)
I'm 6 ft 3 and good looking, but was still passed on in my twenties. Often because I was more quite, raised in a traditional Dutch German English American household. I am not college educated, which has been a big turn off for women. So instead of moping, I worked on myself. Yet I was still never enough because I didn't meet the ridiculous standards women place on men, and this ridiculous mindset that women can have it all, play the field, and settle down at 35. Now at 34, I own both a machine shop and a small firearms manufacturing company. I have a ranch and a home in Texas, a ranch in Montana, a beach house in Destin, debt free, and a very nice portfolio. Suddenly, 30+ year old women are throwing themselves at me. Why? Why the hell would I risk losing everything for women who five to ten years earlier wouldn't give me the time of day beyond an occasional lay? Why am I now supposed to settle down with a woman who has had five times the partners I have had, a fraction of the wealth, more often than not a ridiculous bachelors degree, an expiring biological clock, and a life lived absolutely opposite to anything a traditional woman could offer me? No thanks, I will find a traditional Dutch or German 20-25 year old to settle down with and raise a family. Show less
vv n (17 days ago)
Make the right choice, don't just settle down.
Progress Kid (23 days ago)
I really want to have kids its kinda depressing me but im not seeing any female worthy of my sperm im 29 and all the girls my age bracket from about 25 to 30 already got kids and A proven track record of failure and the few who dont are mentally fucked. I would love my kids to experience their Grandparents and thats my main driving force for wanting kids .. its really depressing me. Its not in me to do something stupid cause i knw Actions and Results but wish I get a break through soon :'(
William Malernee III (24 days ago)
Rich, I recently started watching your videos and took your advice on reading The Rational Male. You and Rollo Tamasi are my personal Heroes. My whole life I've been at odds with myself in my mind with trying to go about meeting women on their terms. Thank you sir, you truly have help me unplug from The Matrix
Dave Amer (24 days ago)
This is why it's soo important to take your time dating and never rushing into a relationship/marriage. Most men ignore all the red flags in the beginning until the honeymoon stage is lifted, and her true colors come out. Most people can hide who they really are for about the first 3-6 months, but after that truth begins to escape with many red flags poking out. Always pay attention to what they say and do. Has certainly helped me filter many vampires and parasites. Best results are when you stick to standards like, 100% single, no kids, no bs exes , emotionally available , financially stable, loving, sweet, values integrity, likes to keep in shape..etc(otherwise knows as a unicorn..lol)
W Radford (24 days ago)
"Women will do what it takes to lock you down." Aka "Women will act like genuinely decent human beings to lock you down."
brazidas58 (27 days ago)
Minute 11-This man is speaking the truth. I divorced back in 1997 and for sure I married the wrong woman and ruin my life dream for good family .
Kris Jack (1 month ago)
Pump & dump 4 life !!
Vita Martynyuk (1 month ago)
At the end of the day femenists will turn into old cat ladies with no one to visit them, and menenists will be their next door neighbors. Haha! We all age and were all gona die. So be thankful, hardworking, get married, live an honest virtuos life. PEACE✌
R P (1 month ago)
This man speaks the truth. Take notes. Mid 30’s here. Women in their late 20’s, early and mid-30’s are looking for the Lockdown. Be very careful my friends. They will be putting on their best show for you and they can keep it up for years. At this age they are looking to settle. You need to realize that they have a specific and short checklist. All the girls I’ve seen in the last 5 years want the ring on the finger and my sperm. Be upfront if you don’t want these things. It gets easier : When you turn 35, it is true, the big head finally overpowers the little head. It’s crazy, because I had been into red pill and Mgtow for years and the ability to BE red pill didn’t come until the magic age of 35, it finally clicked for me. If you’re in your 20’s, Godspeed and don’t cocky. Realize that the chemicals are wayyy stronger than you are and will smash whatever red pill philosophy you think you have digested. It’s a real struggle, gentleman. Don’t be hard on yourselves. This is your evolutionary biology and powerful social conditioning we’re talking about here. Realize you’re up against some strong forces. If you’re struggling, realize that these are strong Chemicals and you need to figure out how to detox and see these chemicals for what they are. When you find yourself sacrificing your lifestyle and goals for her, step back and see that there are chemicals in your brain that are changing your frame and perspective. Focus on your Lifestyle 100% because if you don’t have an awesome lifestyle when that lady comes into your life you will likely be taken. Simply do not act from the frame that these chemicals have created. These chemicals will fade, just as I have watched the loyalty, beauty, and original personality fade from the wives and ex-wives of my friends.
phil tomlinson (1 month ago)
I think you got beat up to much in high school.
Alex O Regan (1 month ago)
I'm 19 why am I even watching this haha
samljer (1 month ago)
just dont marry, the system is litearally designed to destroy men. just dont fucking bother.
Spartahhh (1 month ago)
9:53 I wish sombody told me this while growing up
Sam Obispo (1 month ago)
Of course women "act right" before you get married. It is an act. Once you marry, you lose all your power. You find out that she was really "married" to somebody else: Big Daddy Government. And he has a strong pimp hand.
G kilsetup (1 month ago)
Use to be. Today's women are so delusional and out of ouch, bout the wall and fertility years
David (1 month ago)
I thought the old guys busting my ass to "don't do it" were joking with me when I got engaged......they weren't joking
Eshan Patil (1 month ago)
So how do I select a right woman? I want to reproduce and don't want to put my genes in a wrong hole. Lol.
Peter Soros (1 month ago)
What do you make of a divorced mid 30’s woman with no prior kids, says she still doesn’t want to have kids? Is she lying? Or maybe telling the truth but her hardwiring is unconsciously looking to have children? The chick I was seeing seemed very conflicted in this matter.
Test Account (1 month ago)
That last story about the 44 yr guy - who worked his ass off and his wife wrote in her diary , shit about him , and left him and took half , man this is why i think marriage is not worth it for men -
Einsty (1 month ago)
Hehehe, the hwelmet in the back is rollin around.
D L L (1 month ago)
The only real dating advice to men in their 30s is to stop dating and enjoy their lives.
Hollis Prince (1 month ago)
Dude I really like that jacket.
Veritas G (1 month ago)
My advice:TL;DR Go to other countries, learn languages there, learn to dance, interact with the women there, etc. Acquiring financial capital is a pain the assets, but gaining such like languages or dance styles is universal capital. Not a silver bullet, but it ain't paper either.Being an outsider is not easy, but I discovered being a stranger is attractive to other women than the ones of your current surroundings. I recommend people to go abroad, as in "studying abroad" and/or exploring the rest of the planet. Even if it is just a two week language course or whatever - as long as it is in a foreign country. I highly recommend it to those who simply can't get out of the loop of not finding a young woman. It's not a solution. I'm an honest person. I'm certainly not the most beautiful or desired gem if I were to be tossed in a pool of other selectable dudes. Army-brat, no attachment to a nation ("my USA" disappeared since 1989),am in my late 30s, battered Samuel L Jackson face, gamer, etc. However. I've taken the decision of studying abroad and learn languages, hell even learned to dance. And I even bumped into a Costa Rica/Chinese young lady (went south after a year, she was "instable", but I did my best to be there for her). And there was a notable age gap -- but to be honest, I think think it is imperative to leave the place you live at, if you are having no real success. What I learned: You are good as you are. You just need to find the place. Out there. Somewhere. "Home is where the heart is, but the stars are made of Latinum (or gold)". :)Again. Not a silver builet. But for me? Kinda works. Be optimistic and believe in yourself. =)
stupord (1 month ago)
I just got out of a relationship with a woman in her 30s. 1st week she wanted to have a baby because of the biological clock and wanted it so bad that she had to hide the condoms! If it weren't for all the emotional abuse and walking on eggshells that I got, I wouldve stuck by her. Oh man, this is the real red pill right there.
mobo gogo (1 month ago)
30, female, engineer. I am very unhappy that I rushed into a relationship with a man who wants nothing more than a second mother. I didn’t settle to have kids but to have some sense of consistency. I don’t like one night stands, or even dating for that matter. We have been together 5 yrs, married 1. While I agree that A LOT of chicks use men for their money, I don’t think men need to think all women are like that. My advice for the men - look for women that *work*. Look for women that value themselves and aren’t baby obsessed. We aren’t all like that. And women need to look for men who have their shit together and know how to handle their emotional and financial issues. It’s not our job to “fix” you. I think men are amazing, but holy crap there are a lot who also fit the “make me a sandwich” stereotype. I just think in general you may be looking at the crazy chicks (oh yes, they exist. And oh damn are they nuts). But not all of us have baby rabies. Biological or not. I’m willing to adopt in my 40s while in a stable relationship than have a kid now in the relationship I’m in right now with this fucking manchild.
7seednew (1 month ago)
your style is dope bruh
CRYPTOLAWYER (1 month ago)
Young foreign women is where it's at... Forget disgusting western wanna be princess pigs
Sebastian Patalon (1 month ago)
this is true in all aspects. I see this everyday, guys watch out and choose wisely
laz foot (1 month ago)
"best punch I've ever thrown was a right hook to robin givens"...mike tyson in "fire and fear, the insdie story of mike tyson"
laz foot (1 month ago)
"if you want to grow up really fast? get married"....mike tyson
barcaman101 (2 months ago)
Whenever I feel depression about being a 30 year old virgin I watch videos like these to remind me why
Toll de Pekta Gama (2 months ago)
“If you want to be rich dont get married” best advise i ever got. I am 37 years old will be retiring at 45 with a shit load $$$
N Ziik (2 months ago)
That's why you don't marry a homemaker. Women need to feel useful. What the hell was that guy thinking she was gonna do?? If she wasn't willing to get a job, she sure as hell wasn't gonna stand there until they went bankrupt or whatnot. She got used to the rich lifestyle and she wasn't gonna scale down.
Emilia Olson (2 months ago)
Get a vasectomy. Done.
Thomas (2 months ago)
Man... I’m 25 now. How am I gonna get a wife that doesn’t try to screw me over? Those in their 20’s don’t want anything serious... and the 30+ are too desperate and in the mean time narrow-minded and inflexible ( high maintenance ). I’ve noticed also that I’m “too smart” for the most women... I don’t even see this as an issue. Once one girl told me this... She said she didn’t know how to keep up with me. I on the other hand was very happy with her... I once dated a doctor (yes she is older than me). The problem wasn’t that she had a higher degree. The problem was she is a doctor! Meaning she’s married with her job and forgot that we actually had a relationship... I told ger that she has a responsability towards me as her boyfriend. I didn’t mind the long hours... What made me sad was. The days she had off she’d still go to the hospital. Or answering phone even though her collegues were there and handled everything prefectly fine... Because we didn’t live together we sometimes haven’t seen each other for 2 months... Or talked at the phone for sometimes longer than 2-3 weeks.
matt smith (2 months ago)
I avoided a scam I mean marriage myself. A woman I was with twice divorced with a bastard son who is a complete douche he blew through $45,000 in 18 months( not my money). She divorced raped her second husband hence blowing money like it was going out of style. Anyways she bled me a little but it could of been a lot worse so I ended it back in early 2016 and then my money was coming back into my pocket never really realized how much of a leech a woman is. Well early this summer I dropped a fresh build 383 stroker in my Monte Carlo I could of bought her a ring with that money and when I think about it I realize I made the RIGHT CHOICE
Pagan Posse (2 months ago)
maybe instead of all women...just modern world bitches...oh yea, I'll hit the jungle for my next date!
Almuthanna Ahmed (2 months ago)
Dont be her second or third choice?
BBWulf (2 months ago)
Here's the Best Dating Advice for Men in their 30's, 40's, 50's 60's & 70's up to 110 :) Buy a really Good Real Doll with Multiple Wigs and the Vibrating Mouth & Tw*&T :) Look at all the $$$ you gonna save in the long run :) lolol My proof of this is the comment by BeautyBeholder, she wishes, above my comment :) She's really a Hag with a worn out tattered black witch dress & a wart on her nose :)
Justin Adams (2 months ago)
I'm 35 no kids no marriage no child support shit I'm good I'm happy less drama less headache
Patrick S (2 months ago)
Well you're in your prime; so it's your choice. A buyer's market basically.. women have little to sell past their mid-20s.
Mark Le (2 months ago)
Funny if he shaves hell look 20
Forastero MGTOW (2 months ago)
Hey mate can i share your videos whit the Spanish Comunity? ill give u all credits.
Aeto Mota (2 months ago)
I love your glasses bro
Bilboes (2 months ago)
I'm 31 and I won"t get married....ever. FUCK WOMAN MGTOW FOR LIFE
Karios9001 (2 months ago)
watching this 22 y/o
A cat is fine too... (2 months ago)
Simple thing. Keep dating women in their 20s. Hell you can be in your 40s and 50s and still pull 20 yr old trim.
Anubis R (2 months ago)
Women are like lil children its pretty pathetic, they need to b controlled at all costs....
Emppu T. (2 months ago)
When i get to 30, i will probly become a *wizard* .
Doug H. in VA (2 months ago)
skip the old and very tired 'brothers' nonsense. that was gone in the 1990s
Christopher Jones (2 months ago)
Adam A (2 months ago)
Always good videos; unrelated question though, what's the make of the vest you're wearing? Good style goes with enhanced awareness.
Dan Chaput (2 months ago)
I'm 43 and recently broke up with a stunning 32 year old fitness instructor. Miraculous body, all natural, no kids. I was hooked. Then, I was reminded by a friend "You need to be careful who you hang around, you are the sum of the 5 people closest to you". I then attempted to try to take her looks and the sex out of the equation and I realized that she was, in reality, a lazy, dumb loser. I would never hang around the guy equivalent of her. She seems to have her shit together and then I realized how irresponsible, jealous, and irrational she was and I projected an image in my mind of what it would be like to live with her long term. Despite the wonderful physical pleasure I received from her daily, I decided to dump her. It was a hard decision, but absolutely the right one. She would have ruined my life, and my relationships long term. I encourage men to do the same. Sex and beauty cloud our judgement in a wonderful way, But if you need to make a rational decision, Imagine that person in your life if they were a guy and ask yourself if they make it better or worse.
zzospreyzz55 (2 months ago)
Dating was fun in the early 2000s (my early 20s). Once I got in my 30s it's been a total shit show. I stopped dating and caring and became so much happier. Met someone and dated them for 2 months and I was miserable again. These girls are so laden with severe baggage and a lot of the ones left are insane with personality and attachment disorders. Most have kids which makes them better in some regards but it will never work out well for you in the end. Baby rabies is a fact! Hypergamy is in overdrive trying to get one last shot at their ideal... hookers are cleaner and safer. Date younger chicks in their mid 20s- the baggage hasn't been accumulated yet.
kevlardude (2 months ago)
I married a narcissist and it was the biggest mistake I have made. I was working majority of the time she wasn't. I worked so much over time for nothing while she spent everything I've had. She kept telling me to get a better job constantly (this was before she was ever pregnant). I have moved through a few jobs each paying more than the last. It was never enough. The more I made, the more she spent. Whenever I couldn't afford something she wanted, she said I was selfish. I am now in the middle of a divorce and she does not make it easy. She continues to try to make it out that I violated my vows and that I don't care about a marriage when she was the abusive one but refuses to realize that. I agree with you when you say something you don't want to do is end up with the wrong woman. Yes, it is the biggest mistake and regret of my life. Now trying to make myself marketable in the dating scene is extra difficult with her taking all I had and having a child as well.
Joann Griffin (2 months ago)
"Baby rabies" 🤣🤣 so glad I never got bit by that rabid dog.
HumbleWolf (2 months ago)
I tell my guys only dating single mothers if you also have kids and try your best to not even fuck them
Chase Pearson (2 months ago)
Man yes!! I’m 31 and so many women will change minor and sometimes major flaws to get you until they obtain their relationship goals. Which is fine! But typically will revert to their own selves once those goals are obtained. This is the truth folks! Sorry to tell ya.
Will Paul (2 months ago)
Dating tip...don't.
Rezn8 the Great (2 months ago)
Never seen the car seat in the back before. 🤣😂🤣😂 Go Dads go!😁
smithraymond09029 (2 months ago)
"Baby rabies" lol. I knew of a woman 45 years old, already had a 15 year old, that told me she wanted to have a baby with me, lol. Fucken nut case. I thought to myself, "Your daughter will most likely give you a grandchild within the next 3 years if you continue to let her roam the streets late at night like you do now."
Nagev Samurai (2 months ago)
My gf let’s me do what I want, I go out with friends drinking and smoking weed when ever I want we hang out and do stuff she’s spanish so she’s hot as hell you guys need to leave America, Australia and England these countries have weird woman
MR SLAV (2 months ago)
Live with woman, but don't marry.
Romullus (2 months ago)
Honestly I Watched my entire family on both sides crumble back in the 90s. I said to myself Im going to sit down and figure this out so it wont happen to me. Ill try to make it short but basically there is a force in the background that wants to break down the family unit and reduce population so that its easier to control us "peasants". They have done this successfully by hacking western womens mindsets. They have turned them all into literal black widows (where she chooses a mate, and after she is pregnant she kills him and eats him). So the only real solution is to find a woman who is not western. Also pretty much need an ironclad prenup signed by you, her, your lawyer, her lawyer, and a judge as a notary. I would also recommend not getting a marriage license to further protect yourself. I pretty much steer clear of any woman with kids and any woman over 30. Ive come to understand that many young women are beginning to figure out that something is wrong. I cant quite put my finger on it but it seems nature is beginning to correct the brainwashing that is happening to most women in their 30s and 40s. As long as you put the work in and make yourself amazing then you can have something like this. Ive also seen large success with women who have not been brainwashed by Disney yet. Women from asia and eastern europe are prime candidates and understand the value of a man to woman relationship. I would still follow my recommendations even with those women. There is a possibility of having success but you still need to take precautions.
GreGuaR (2 months ago)
Fucking biology: why not adopt a child?
Hostile Raider (2 months ago)
My agenda is step 1. get myself a vasectomy step 2. still don't ever get married and finally step 3. If I ever again find a girl that I really like be more kind to her mabey even be attentive to her feelings. so that if we ever break up my conscious will be clear. One thing I never argued with my mom about is she said to me son be careful around women u never know what kind of trouble u could get yourself into. still to this day I remember that. I might not get the warm feeling of pussy whenever I want too lol. but I have my freedom ! I buy what I want do what I want say what I want live how I want to and man that is priceless. pussy isn't priceless but freedom is amen to that.
Mega Man (2 months ago)
I am 30 Right now i am still focusing on my life and my career. Went to school bit Still cant find the answer to that "What do you want to be when you grow up" Question. ARE we suppose to know? DO we ever know?
Jean Aria Mouy (2 months ago)
Sth which i dont understand :if women are by instinct gold diggers lookig for security - thats yur point here - then isnt it great that they are more andmore independent financiallyand socially. If they dont need you then they less need this barguain to settle right ? So in a way thas the only wayto save "love" and relashionships?
zeev aloni (2 months ago)
I wonder how many men would have separated from their wives, and then return to them due to guilt, love and homesickness before feminists took over court. Now a woman's pride and man's anger just will not allow it after court and police get in the game.
Smuth Creemnl (2 months ago)
Focus on your career and making money. As you become more mature start pumping and dumping younger bitches..... If you really want some kids get a foreign woman; do not marry her and put the bitch on a prenup.... Hell yeah! It is survival of the fittest in this fucking jungle.... 💪💪💪
ScopeDog (2 months ago)
Almost 34 and have never dated. Maybe I will one day. But if a future date starts to pull the marriage card, then I'm exiting to the motherfuckin' Desktop.
Magnetic Lifestyle (2 months ago)
Wow, I just watched the show from the link, and umm.. yeah I'm not interested in American women anymore, that does it for me. See, American women no joke are brainwashed for real.. foreign women from Europe or Asia or South America are better :) Wait.. baby rabies??? I'M LAUGHING MY FREAKIN' BUTT OFF!!! Seems to be true though.. hmmm
Magnetic Lifestyle (2 months ago)
Alright I read some of the comments and it is true.. women today are not like they used to be.. I'm 30 years old looking for a woman 24-30 right now.. Not gonna lie, finding the right one is like finding a needle in a haystack, and if you think that's bad, THE ONLINE DATING IS A NIGHTMARE!
Magnetic Lifestyle (2 months ago)
He is absolutely right.. The wrong woman will make your life very miserable and you'll feel like you've wasted precious time :/
Jon dow (2 months ago)
chewface (2 months ago)
When women get married and have kids.....it's only benefits HER. Because she could leave you and take the kids, the house, and half your paycheck for the next several YEARS, even if she moves in with a new guy within 24 hours (which often happens). The man lost everything, and she didn't lose ANYTHING. And women wonder why men are skeptical about marriage and parenthood. We risk everything. And it's just not worth it. Hell, even DATING isn't worth it half the time. Because, like everything else, the guy is the one who has everything to lose. She gets free meals and sex from any guy who propositions her. Very volatile time to be a man. So sad. But that's life.
Phillip Williams (2 months ago)
Really enjoyed that, wish I had this kind of help while I was in my 20's, i'm 40 now , after a failed marriage and another failed relationship. I believe I fit the Beta profile, but I'm learning a great deal from Your videos, A lot of your material I believe I already learnt through my experiences, but the science or rational behind a lot of the female behaviour i had encountered I didnt have the benefit of, Thanks alot, keep preaching......
klevdavful (2 months ago)
Get to the point of not carrying about what they say or do. That way they are forced to leave u alone which is something you want from the ones that don’t respect u and try to con slash manipulate u.
Mike P (2 months ago)
My best advice - stay in shape. Once I turned 30 I got FAT and it was hard to get thin again. Get out and do something. Don't be eager to rush into a thing w/ a chick either. You're not going to be single the rest of your life just cause you're single in your 30s.
THE KNOWLEGDGE HUB (3 months ago)
Subscribed with in first 30 sec !!!!
x x (3 months ago)
Mexico is North America...just so you know.
Jenny Kristiansson (3 months ago)
It's pretty sad. I am 39 and woman, I have never received baby rabies. Obtaining children has always scared me. It changes the whole life, the comfortable life as childless will change completely. And we have ruined the environment, it is very selfish to give birth to children now. But now my boyfriend wants to have children, we have been together for 5 years. He did not want it before. Now I'm very unsure how to do.
Enrique Ferreira (3 months ago)
33, single, no kids and happy as fuck!
kilsgb (3 months ago)
Holy shit that story about the 44 yo guy scared the shit outta me (currently I'm 25)
roman sionis (3 months ago)
Best advise for dating in your 30s??? DONT!!!
BallBuster J (3 months ago)
It's like this last job that I had. They lied from the gate to get me in the door. They were yelling and disrespectful. No. Bye bitch. If that job were a girlfriend then peace and next.
afox78 (3 months ago)
As a 39-year-old single mother who's children's dad passed away at 36, I could never imagine dating a man who is not at least a single father and preferably a widower. Quite a small pool of men I'm sure but we all have our baggage and I believe matching up with someone who has similar baggage works out the best because you "get each other" and have the same experiences. A single parent dating a non-parent is already starting with cards stacked against you unfortunately. With all that said what is the rush that single moms especially must have somebody there 24/7?? Enjoy your life with yourself and your kids..
bmx687 (1 month ago)
InkedLibra (3 months ago)
Very helpful
Alien Intention (3 months ago)
I can summarize this whole video in one sentence. Don't date a chick that's over 25.
roricarr (3 months ago)
Why not mention being in you're 30's is when we're most attractive to girls in their 18 to mid 20's

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