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What's the Best Dating Advice For Men in Their 30s?

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Gentlemen, if you are in your 30s, this dating advice is for you. Open your eyes, tune into your intuition, and make better choices when it comes to women... and always watch out for baby rabies Watch this video if you don't believe women trick men into pregnancy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CNHwhHWPoQ Chris rock on dating advice for men: https://youtu.be/M902ZJHzaLE?t=4m57s Become a Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/EntrepreneursinCars Get 1 on 1 Coaching With Me: https://clarity.fm/richardcooper Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/EntreprenursInCars/ Twitter! https://twitter.com/Rich_Cooper Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/entrepreneurs_in_cars/ Suggested reading for all men: The rational male: http://amzn.to/2i9dfjW Bachelor Pad Economics: http://amzn.to/2kNP7UG The Way of Men: http://amzn.to/2kLFB1p © Richard Cooper - For all enquiries contact [email protected] - This video is not to be reproduced without prior authorisation. The original YouTube video may be distributed & embedded, if required.
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Text Comments (1867)
Gary Christenson (3 hours ago)
Women could fall in "love" with a tree if it would give them what they think they want. Today. And as Scarlett said at the end of "Gone With The Wind", " . . . Tomorrow is another day!"
Vesper Flute (4 hours ago)
I’m 34, been single for the last 8 years of my life, and I agree with this advice. A good woman is hard to find. Best advice in this video is to look at what she is doing, pay very close attention to everything. Have strong boundaries. You will get duped, but it’s only normal; accept it and move on, and be grateful you spotted it before it is too late. Good luck
ThricetheFun (5 hours ago)
If you find the right woman who happens to already have a kid, it's actually a bonus, because she's already taken the part of the journey that most women are aching for and are blinded by. She's more likely to have been grounded and has more clarity in her life and wants. We gotta stop this "don't date women with kids" nonsense. Any scenario can end unfavorably, but this indignation that men without kids should stay away from women with kids is not wholly true. No advice is wholly true.
Salamihawk (6 hours ago)
When he gets on the highway: my poor subwoofer!
Berrabub (10 hours ago)
No.1 never get married. Simple!
dpstrial (1 day ago)
There are still some very good women about, but they tend to be snapped up in their twenties and are not likely to be back on the market in their thirties...forties, fifties or ever. The ones who remain present a bit more of a risk.
Andre Rittinghaus (1 day ago)
Having Children in 2019, lol. The World is fucked up, why would you want to get children in these horrible times ?
Amanda Bagby (1 day ago)
I feel like this sort of mentality is the reason I can't find a guy. I'm 30, I don't want kids, I've never been married, and I would just like a long term commitment full of love and companionship.
Amanda Bagby (16 hours ago)
Willie Hawaii I've read plenty of material on the subject. Thanks
Willie Hawaii (16 hours ago)
Amanda Bagby read that article my friend. Basically there are good men but women are excluding 80% of them from their view. It’s a good study into the dating scene
Amanda Bagby (1 day ago)
Willie Hawaii YouTube comment gold.
Willie Hawaii (1 day ago)
Amanda Bagby then maybe you shouldn’t have dated them
M. Davon (2 days ago)
...I saw that carseat and stopped the video.
Hip Hop & Finance (2 days ago)
Get to the point quicker please
Frederic Moresmau (2 days ago)
Theyll alles Trick you
Frederic Moresmau (2 days ago)
KokaKolaKan (2 days ago)
1 more year. Gulp.
99Pierogies (4 days ago)
redpill has been so bitter. i really want a loving relationship with an amazing woman, but i dont know if its possible. on the one hand, a lot of my friends and family have been succesful in their marrigaes, at least for now, and are seemingly very happy. on the other hand, there are plenty of horror stories out there of failed ltr's. im a handsome guy ive been told, and ive been working on myself lately, but my social skills (especially with women im interested in) are crap because of a long depression i went thru, so im worried im gonna give in and settle for the first girl who will have me. i understand the mindset of abundance i should be in, but i dont find spinning plates appealing at all (tho im trying it out with limited success), and i cant get myself to fully commit to it. i know if i find that dream girl im gonna get oneitis bad, and its so demoralizing to think that because i want to fully commit to her it will end up pushing her away
wakesake (9 days ago)
its simple Always have 51% to Yourself, the rest gets shared do this and you will never get fucked over
DelasVC (9 days ago)
Yeah well, the ones that haven‘t mated until their mid thirties/early fourties are probably not the ones that a decent/semi decent guy would want to mate with..
John Smith (9 days ago)
Women are like cats if you don’t feed them they slowly wander off to the neighbour to get their food then eventually they leave. Men are like dogs constantly loyal and follow into war and never leave your side
Elizabeth Rodriguez (9 days ago)
Lmao y’all old. 30 is downhill my friends
Tyler l (10 days ago)
Dont marry fellas
P5ykoOHD (11 days ago)
Can't remember who said it: "Everything is about sex, but sex is about power" ... The moment you settle down with a woman, you'll lose the sex, because the sex was a means to get to your money (doesn't matter how wealthy you are), once she has you (your money) sex will be used to get more (money). So why would you ever bother marring her knowing this to be a fact ? Don't ever get married or move in with her.
Tomek (11 days ago)
She just treated this guy like shit.
eli dennison (11 days ago)
"Guy-no-centric" yeah that's about it...
Mack Wild (11 days ago)
He just wants you to be aware yet says that most (all) women are like this. Then talks about being in your 30s and find a woman with no kids (?). That might be a tough one. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that this guy is single and will probably remain single. The point of this video isnt to "make you aware" it's to make himself feel better about himself.
Layladventures Here (12 days ago)
Im 30 just started a new exciting career and don’t feel the slightest need to have kids 🙄 I hope I’m not weird lol
TENNSUMITSUMA (12 days ago)
what's that pink thing in the back looking like a sex toy?!
UP UP LEFT DOWN (13 days ago)
my mom told me one thing, and its very true. if u find a girl and u think she is the right one, double check her mom, she will prob. later like her. (from the look and behavior) sry my english is bad.
ijo e puta (14 days ago)
Guys what do I do if a woman sexes me up, buys me things and in return she wants me to be with her and her 4 kids?
Shook One (16 days ago)
The sad thing about these kind of videos is that this shit is spot on. 😞
Eddie b (16 days ago)
How do you pick the right woman and know that she truly is the right one for you?
redpill nation (17 days ago)
rubbers and more rubbers. the post wall sluts are comin fellas, and they are ruthless.
James Archer (17 days ago)
That was awesome brother
vic twenty (17 days ago)
Badtz Mu (18 days ago)
My father, he married the wrong women. I have seen it personally. You have to marry the right women, not any women.
AppliedWay Company (18 days ago)
I’m 32 and I only date women in their 20’s. I wouldn’t dream of dating a 30 something women until I’m 40
James Burgett II (19 days ago)
Jokes on them, I live pay check to pay check thanks to child support.
Nirdesh Bakshi (19 days ago)
Observe their actions ignore their words. Spot on mate !!!! I was involved with somebody with babies rabies earlier this year. Everything you said resonated !
Steven Cook (19 days ago)
we didn't start really fighting until after we both lost our jobs. This woman was a drug addict and a street hooker but she was very good at keeping it a secret. Less than a week after losing our jobs and after having sex with me that's when she started losing interest. And she told me "I'm going to start prostituting myself on monday" less than a week after being unemployed. Then one time she turned around and she actually told me to pay her if I wanted sex or to see her naked. Literally just give her the cash $17. She was cheap. I was immediately being devalued once my money was going. Having a hard time finding a new job. I won't even bother mentioning the rest, but I actually got involved with a street walker hooker. who lost custody of her children because of drug addiction and neglect. But yeah, I'm the bad guy. You didn't care about the kids all you cared about was the pussy she said. What in the world have I been sleeping with?
34thstreetman (20 days ago)
Don't go to dinner on a first meeting. Coffee only.
Firebourn94 (20 days ago)
I know your talking but I can't stop watching the helmet rolling around in the back
FUTMZ (20 days ago)
Best dating advice for men in their 30s: Always carry a fake ID. That way, you can irrigate them and not be on the hook for child extortion.
Don Oldwell (22 days ago)
I was scammed in my 30s, the first woman who popped up, I settled that was the biggest mistake of my life.
John Lovelace (22 days ago)
33, no kids, never married, vasectomy, attorney. Living life on cheat code
John Lovelace (22 days ago)
ostwo in your 30s they will do it regardless. Also froze some sperm just in case. Doctor was impressed by my forethought
Ozzzy (22 days ago)
ho did you get a vas with out kids
Ozzzy (22 days ago)
u r awsome smart keep it up
Random Videos (23 days ago)
hey anyway i can talk to you one on one benefit me and my channel
Tyrone jacobs jr (24 days ago)
funny video te guy in the video is in his 50's or 60's giving advice to us young men in 30's?wtf(27 almost 30 though :D)
OrganicChemistry2 (24 days ago)
Male, 31, great credit, a few thousand in the bank, love my career, no kids, no wife/ex-wife.. ..and Im military. I wish our younger soldiers (E1 - E4) wouldnt get married so damn fast. It's a shame. -USARMY
Ozzzy (22 days ago)
i would wait untill i was out i was in for 10 years
Vishnu Nair (30 days ago)
I really feel that when we start getting successful...we just get blinded by the appreciation, success, fame and beautiful women...we just start feeling that "I did it...I worked hard and so I DESERVE this"...somehow, our logic and reasoning turns off and take decisions based on feelings....it is better to be humble, self aware and enjoy things...
RisingVictor (1 month ago)
You look way older than 30 something.
great advice mate I'm turning 30 soon and have been worried
Terry Bruce (1 month ago)
My tip is: Bump and Run!
Johnny Hsieh (1 month ago)
Problem with single childless men, like woman will die alone. Our parents and siblings will not be around forever. Clock is ticking for everyone regardless of gender. Everything is temporary.
Cussy Richards (1 month ago)
By the way, as IVF and fertility-prolonging techniques continue to advance, soon women will be biologically fertile until the day they die. When that happens, ALL women (even ugly ones) can continue rejecting any man who's not in the top 0.1% in terms of attractiveness for the entirety of their lives. This means, only the top 0.1% of men will EVER get to pass on their genes. However, the human race will not get more and more attractive since the ugly women will continue to be able to have babies. So I guess the majority of men will die virgins, but during their time on Earth will be put to use working for society to provide resources for the single mothers who had their kids with the alpha Chads.
Cussy Richards (1 month ago)
Best advice for men of any age; if you're shorter than 6ft 2in, just kill yourself. Do it. Tonight.
neemguy81 (1 month ago)
Don't do it.
David Velez (1 month ago)
I am 28 dating a 41 year old women any advice ?
ouvay suave (1 month ago)
2:26 I was trying to catch a cab, don't pass me bro.....wait....come back
Jonathan Perico (1 month ago)
You've earner yourself a new subscriber sir!
Travis Odermatt (1 month ago)
Why not just date for much longer before you get married what's the rush anyway, if she wants it too quick it's because she dosnt wanna lose that honeymoon feeling before you put the ring on her finger. It's like making important decisions while your high .
Redbull357 (1 day ago)
spot on
Steelhorsecowboy (1 month ago)
The best part of my life was being a Dad, coach, scout leader, 4H leader. My son played numerous sports and my daughter was a competitive equestrian. The company I owned sponsored all his teams and we had many championship parties and great times Everything Rich says on this channel is true but you can get what you want if you are very, very, very, very careful in choosing and look at a marriage like something that needs constant maintenance. Keep it fresh and ever changing with lots of new activities. Never stop dating your wife. It's been a great life. Kids are gone and the wife and I go on trips with friends on our Harley. It's starting all over again. It's pretty much like when we were first dating and messing with grand kids. I was very, very, very, very, very careful and exceptionally lucky. Again, everything he says is true. Be careful out there.
Steelhorsecowboy (1 month ago)
Study what Rich says here and have strategies and fall back positions. A relationship needs constant attention but can be fun if you are prepared. Lots of my friends were not so lucky and recovery was tough and in some cases impossible and ruined their lives.
Steelhorsecowboy (1 month ago)
Today my 34 yr old son and I are great friends and we go shooting and to sporting events. I give him business advice and he keeps me up on Pop Culture and tech changes. My wife helps my daughter with the grand kids. I can't imagine missing out on all this.
Lunkyful (1 month ago)
Awesome looking beard dude. 👍 😁
Jim Wil (1 month ago)
Build the wall 👍
Vuk Ljubicic (1 month ago)
36 yo, been trough it all... luckily didn't loose anything financially. At this point only choosing women that earn same as me and have similar views on life. Rest I only see as fun/friends category and I am open about it... There is no magic formula, you either compromise on equal grounds or you're economically superior and will end up feeling screwed
Nunya Bizniss (1 month ago)
Never married and no kids, and no shortage of women in my 41 years. Ive "lost" a few to other men that were good talkers. Each and every time the women came crawling back groveling like peasants after the fun was gone. The problem was partly the women. But the vast majority of the problem was the men. There are so many beta cucks out there its unbelievable. Just like in nature. The alpha male of the pride spends the vast majority of his time chasing off the inferior males trying to secretly breed with the pride leaders females. Its no different with humans. Alpha males get the females, and the betas spend their time sneaking around in the shadows talking a big game and making empty promises. They prefer taken females, because a taken female is easier to approach because her guard is down. They talk a big talk, maybe get some pussy a few times, and eventually break up a relationship and never deliver on the promises he made. Then the woman realizes she had the right man in the first place and tries to return to the alpha. Long story short the problem is not mostly on the woman in terms of infidelity. Its beta males with zero honor, integrity or value tricking women into their beds. Betas sneak around looking over their shoulders getting quickies in the bushes, and alphas spend their time kicking the shit out of betas for it. That's nature.
Michael Blake (1 month ago)
I’m 31 and ever since becoming single again after being with the same woman for six years , I can honestly say that the dating game sucks.... especially when looking in the 30 - 35 range. I’ve resorted to dating women in their mid to late 20s , because at least they’re not as demanding.... yet.
TheFeminineWoman (1 month ago)
A lot of truth in this video. It's great that men are hearing how it really is in the minds of women in their 30s (and yes I'm a married woman). The anthropologist Helen Fisher said that men are much more idealistic in love, and women are more pragmatic. Men have that luxury of being more idealistic, because they don't carry wombs, babies and then breastfeed around the clock (I literally could do nothing but feed my firstborn son for 15 hours a day in the first 2 months after his birth). We have to feel at least secure, otherwise our offspring (and hopefully it's your offspring too) won't survive. Having said that, my husband and I met very young (20). He had nothing when we met. We couldn't even eat out for dinner for years after we first dated. We spent dates in his car cause we had nowhere to go. My ex had a brand new mercedes. Almost every woman friend and family member I had bagged the sh*it out of my now husband because he drive a bomb. I got kicked out of my own home for dating him - one reason, because he was a 'poor man'. I couldn't have cared less what he drove. Because we loved each other. And that's what men should look for - a woman who truly values the emotional connection and emotional attraction in a relationship. Sad to say though - as women hit their 30s, it gets harder to find the ones who truly will value the connection and attraction, because the clock is ticking and there is that sense of urgency.
salinas831100 (1 month ago)
That’s why I wanna marry a foreign girl ... they still old school
Luis Calvillo (1 month ago)
I’ve had more than my fair share of bad luck in relationships (my fiancé recently called off our wedding plans), and lots of botched relationships, but can we stop knocking women for wanting security or wanting to procreare? It’s in their nature. Just like it’s in a man’s nature to go after an attractive woman. Women are not the enemy any more than men are. All of us experience bad relationships, we need to learn to forgive, grow up and try again.
Luis Calvillo (1 month ago)
And please learn from your mistakes (no, not from her mistakes) from YOUR mistakes.
Aaron Smyth (1 month ago)
"Without sickness and in wealth" - what a woman hears when she takes her vows.
Lavalambtron (1 month ago)
Best advice is don't date women are c-nts, use and dispose.
Gr3en (1 month ago)
Hi, I'm 33 for some context. My soon to be X wife left me after being married only 1.5 months and being togther 12.5 years. We moved after 10 years in the same apt to a new house the next state above us about an hour from where we lived prior. After 8 months she began to change. She then left me on a Tuesday at 3pm on day with no real discussion. I didn't want to see it but everyone else from the outside looking in saw the writing on the wall that something wasn't quite right all along. Make sure you find someone whose willing to listen and also tell you how their feeling openly. This video also was very right as we moved do to a large payment which she new was coming for my family and she changed up to our wedding and changed back after and began growing more and more distant. We also were having trouble getting pregnant right up till she left me.
Pensacola Poker (1 month ago)
Never date a girl over the age of 25. She's done it all and seen it all. No fucking fun!
Seeker 7 (1 month ago)
"Generally" its not the 29 & up crew that need to hear this, its the hyper vulnerable & stupid 18-29 yr old male crew that need to hear this...
Chris Herber (1 month ago)
She became entitled...
Dan M (1 month ago)
You sir, have failed your driving test, as the ball in the trunk moved during all your corners.......lol
duddy morris (1 month ago)
To the guys saying “30 with no children, I’m free etc” even if I was to get divorced tomorrow, having kids is AWESOME. Just my .2
Daniel Ballestero (1 month ago)
Start hearing "Sound bites" HHmm I do not trust words. I even question actions. But I NEVER doubt patterns
Matches Malone (1 month ago)
You didn’t need a 13 minute video. The best advice for a man dating in his 30s is to date a girl in her early 20s. Anything else is at your peril. No quality woman makes it to 29 unmarried.
blueridger28 (1 month ago)
Never been married,no kids, working poor here. My best advice is be upfront with your intentions of just looking for company and sex. I've really got nothing to lose at this point all I'm saying is be a gentleman,get your hang down wet and don't get roped into these single mothers. Hell being from the Appalachian Mountains of Western NC a great deal of these women are still pretty tight by the time they're kids are teenagers. Contrary to popular belief they're not all toothless but you gotta worry about getting cut! Lol
98gmc1500 (1 month ago)
Lol I’m getting divorced at the moment, it’s a good thing we just rent and I’m self employed so my actual income is low, all my investment my wife can’t take, the other side looks pretty good for me actually, not supporting her anymore will be more cash in my pocket.
Reggie Coleman (1 month ago)
The best advice for a man or men in their 30s is to stay single be about your purpose work on yourself if you're going to date just deal with women for sex and that's it treat them like s*** do what you going to do and be about yourself and don't worry about a female because all I care about is trying to use you and take you to the cleaners and get your money and Status that's all they about so word to the wise be about yourself be about your purpose do you and just get with women to have sex that's what you need to do take it from someone that knows that's the best advice that you can get take heed to it.
Joseph D (1 month ago)
I've heard the red pill stuff of and on for years. Men so tend to romanticize and idealize but better advice to me, is how to choose the right woman than avoid committing to all women. I am meeting someone who doesn't have baby fever and no I dont think shes lying at all. Shes 34. She worked hard to become a nurse and seems to value a dollar and experiences in life not materialism. On paper, she seems like a catch. Actions speak louder than words for everyone. So we will see how it goes and over time, who she really is. I will still consider marriage. she was married and divorced but from her side he was lazy AF and lived off her money half of their 8 yrs together. No woman wants an entirely unmotivated guy in their lives, nothing wrong with that.
Cynthia Hart (1 month ago)
Love your videos, Richard. I'm the mother of two adult, male children. Your advice is priceless.
Reza Naib (1 month ago)
I f****** love this guy thank you
Cactus Leoni (1 month ago)
My girl is a cunt, no way I’ll ever find a good girl with a good egg
Birkinbag09 (1 month ago)
Childfree by choice woman here loving life!
Jessy G (1 month ago)
Since you said women are welcome to write an comment here I will do so. As a woman I can only give the advice to look in general for a partner what has no interest in social media, selfies, consume and television. Im in a relationship with a wonderfull man since 6 years now and we both deleted our social media accounts pretty much since the time we know each other, so more than 6 years ago. We dont watch television and we dont buy stuff we dont need, saving tons of money for all the interests we share together like activities, sports and traveling, also some pc gaming. But I also guess, since we are living in middle europe where things also are a bit different than in the usa, is making this easier for us. Social media are in my opinion the new gigantic cancer of society and I avoid in general people what are "into" that shit, you cant have an good conversation with those people anyways.
Holly M (1 month ago)
Epic sex doesn’t last, ever!
brwood33 (1 month ago)
Im a woman in my 30's and i have no drive to have kids at all...is something wrong with me?
akikz (1 month ago)
No, nothing is wrong with you. You just simply know what you want, and kids isn't something you want. There is men & women who say they don't want kids. Don't let anyone tell you that something is wrong with you because of your choice to no procreate; nothing is wrong with you.
Mussab AlAhdal (1 month ago)
Solid advice, bro
Majima Mike (1 month ago)
Best advice is not date at all.
Kevin Ayers (1 month ago)
Kids or no kids though that’s the question?
juan oleee! (1 month ago)
I consider abuse any type of demand in my life from. A man or. Woman..if u date your been demanded if you get married even.worst. there is no advice .. just do not let others tell you what to do. Thanks especially a fucking woman or some fag.
Stan Lem (2 months ago)
As Gandalf said... Fly, you fools!
Trigger Finger (2 months ago)
Cheesy fact: Love doesn’t come from your Women, it comes from God. God>Christ>Man>Woman>Children.
Trigger Finger (27 days ago)
akikz hey Bro how are you doing? I was reflecting on our conversation and felt like reaching out. Any new revelations to share?
Trigger Finger (1 month ago)
akikz you’ll be Ok man I can tell. Keep looking for answers and live your life recording the results of your actions.
akikz (1 month ago)
+Trigger Finger ah, never mind. I deleted the previous comment. I'm just gonna stop the discussion here because I don't really know anything about this soul stuff. You're the first person I encounter that speaks of God/Souls in this way. So I'm just gonna end it here, I need to learn more about this before speaking. Even though I find it kinda hard that science can't prove a soul but some how your able to do so. I would assume science is the best thing we got, yet they can't prove this. So ya, kinda sketchy to me. Need to look into this.
Trigger Finger (1 month ago)
akikz What’s right and wrong is not up to you or me. It’s not an opinion. It is already been decided and made so. Many people play God and do evil and say it’s good. They only fool themselves and others in a fallen state. The best way you can see the consequences of right and wrong is watching how people deal with their internal pain. Using food, drugs, money, power, wealth etc to numb their inner conflict. Or to say that because they have these things they must be doing good! Ultimately it’s their mistake to make so the data is all anecdotal. But luckily people like me know better and will avoid those fates now that I see the truth. It’s funny how you challenge me about deciding what is right or wrong as if I don’t have the right to play God. Yet you and so many others live their lives that way. Kind of ironic isn’t it? I mean good lord, pedophiles have convinced themselves and try to convince others that fucking kids is ok or how The obese try and say being fat is ok. Lunatics and lost fools. Right and wrong have already been decided. How you choose to disobey these laws is up to you and the consequences will get worse and worse.
akikz (1 month ago)
+Trigger Finger No, in their heads it was the right thing; period. For them it was the right thing, you can't say what's right and what's wrong. So now you get to say what's right and what's wrong? Who made you in charge? Man, I just think this whole "Right & wrong" stuff depends on how you grew up. Where you get your values from. Some people see no problem with stealing, cheating, killing, etc. In their eyes, nothing is wrong. (In the sense of killing that dude. I'm sure they have rules inside their own village that can be considered wrong, but i'm just talking about that guy they killed; nothing else.) Their souls won't feel any hurt. They're living how we did 60,000 thousand years ago. How you going to say what they did was wrong? I think what your talking about is just common sense in the way that we have as a human species have learned from whats right & wrong. This right & wrong stuff, we learned because as time went on we evolved and we learned things, but I don't think any of it has to do with a God or a spiritual thing. I don't see how that connects to a God or even a spiritual thing. Why can't it be that we just learned through trails and errors? Why does a God have to be involved? It just seems like your trying to complicate life. We know it's wrong because as a society (General agreement) we know child molesting little kids, murder, raping women/men, stealing etc. We know those are wrong, but there is no book or anything that says it's wrong. We just agree among ourselves that it's wrong. Which I agree, it's great that we all agree and we determine what's right & wrong. But I don't see the God/Spiritual argument. I think in New guinea (I can't remember where, so forgive me if I get the place wrong) those dudes over there are cumming in little boys mouths and fucking them. Are they wrong? Yes, I think they're wrong but they don't think so. (I remember Joe Rogan talking about this on his podcast.) To those people, it's normal. They don't see anything wrong with it. Why? Well that's just how it is over there, it's the normal. It's just we grew up in a good area with the agreement of accepting the idea of doing evil things could be accepted as wrong. I don't think any of this has to do with a God/Spirit. The point is, it all depends on where your at in the world and depending on that location it can be seen as right or wrong. Your just passing around your idea of what's right & wrong. Others may not agree with your sense of right and wrong. This is what you said earlier, "That feeling you get can maybe be explained through chemical reactions in our brain but the fact that it even happened in the first place demonstrates that there is more going on than what can be proved scientifically. I am not a science denier by any means." According to you it demonstrates that there is more going on than what can be proved scientifically. If so, how can we demonstrate that? In other words, if we can't demonstrate it with science, what else is better? What method are you using?
kellx felix (2 months ago)
My ex girlfriend broke up with me 2 years ago. LAST month she contacted me out of the blue telling me she loves me wants to see me want to take care of me . She is 33 years ago . My senses became alert 🚨 to the. Red flag 🚩. This is weird I said to myself. She said she wants us to get married no big celebration just simple. I said ok but I did not text or call . She sent me msg insulting me , the next moment she is saying sorry . She starts ranting and crying and using profanity. I thought she was having a psychotic break down or her own kind of PTSD . Am a guy in my 30’s what scares me most is a toxic relationship. I love her but Am scared of her multiple personality, my simple analysis and the hidden truth is - she is damaged and this would be bad for me and bad if she has kids please advice from all of you here is needed. Is love enough?
Micheal Stillabower (2 months ago)
I noticed they booster seat in the back. You have kids?
E-Live Da God (2 months ago)
Most women are great actresses.
bucii rebel (2 months ago)
I am with you! I am a woman who considers myself decent enough upon the eyes, fairly intelligent and family oriented. But from what I am seeing is; As much as women want the equality biologically we are different and everybody has a role to play men are men for a reason and women are women for a reason. Stay in our lanes and realize that the man is the head and allow them to be men. Because at the end the day I as much as want compassion understand that a strong man is important to a functioning relationship. Caring and providing for my man along with our children is the highest honor. I am always trying my best to support his endeavors and console him when something doesn’t work out. I don’t want to be in control because physically i was not created to play that role. Feminism is just the way to destroy families. Man up for men and women up you women!! Stop following the “narrative”
vinnie vector (2 months ago)
Run run like the wind . 30 to 40 yr single female danger.
BartholomewSmutz (2 months ago)
"Are you married or happy?" Census question from a Three Stooges episode.
Lao tze (2 months ago)
Marriage can be good if you pick the right partner! Bad ones are costly. Don't ignore warning signs, there are always warning signs! Learn what they are.

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