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TANNING ROUTINE | How to Achieve a Natural Tan at Home That Lasts!

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Enjoy my tips and tricks on how to get a fake tan at home that looks natural and lasts a really long time! Shop my tan: https://www.tanceuticals.com/ I N S T A G R A M: ⇢ http://instagram.com/jessicahowel S H O P M Y BOUTIQUE: ⇢ http://rushbyjessica.com ⁛ SEND ME SOMETHING Jessica Howell 2255 Memorial BLVD. P.O #10704 Murfreesboro, TN 37129 BUSINESS EMAIL: [email protected]
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Text Comments (44)
Hasan Gunuc (4 days ago)
Jessica i like u 😍😘
B Strong (11 days ago)
Does anybody know if it's actually possible to change your skin color from white to black by getting a custom airbrush?
Sydney Sol (11 days ago)
But how do you get your back?
Jessica (11 days ago)
You could get someone to help you, or have really flexible arms 😂
John Thompson (12 days ago)
God your beautiful
Kaleigh Boyd (13 days ago)
How did I get here??? Buttttt this is helpful
Corrine Ann (16 days ago)
You are the queen of tanning I love you
Jamie Kuzmiak (16 days ago)
Where is your Apple Watch band from???
Jessica (11 days ago)
sahla alsubeay (16 days ago)
I've been wanting to know what tan do u use for a really long time
sahla alsubeay (16 days ago)
they dont ship international:(
sahla alsubeay (16 days ago)
Slaayyyy <3 love that ur being productive
Lindsey Crouch (16 days ago)
I just subscribed, already have binged watched most of your videos!! You seem so sweet and genuine!
sahla alsubeay (16 days ago)
She is the cutest xo
As ia (17 days ago)
I love you so much Jess 😍❤️
Anissa B (18 days ago)
im sad cause ive been trying for ages to get tanceuticals products but they dont deliver to france so rip. if u have the chance to tell them that it'd be nice for them to expand the countries they deliver to
Andrew /// (18 days ago)
God damn you’re fine
Cleo Patra Chu (20 days ago)
Thanks so much for the tips girl! I've bought my tanning mousse for the longest time but I'm too scared to apply it without more research. xx luuvvvvvv u!!
Brianna Fullerton (20 days ago)
I need this!! I naturally burn so I need to do this!!
Christina Folino (21 days ago)
can you work out and use self tanner?
Jessica (11 days ago)
If you’re not sweating... hehe I wouldn’t advise it
Gabrielle Gage (21 days ago)
Where is your blue bikini from??? Love u!
Jessica (11 days ago)
Dulce Molina (21 days ago)
Girl your so pretty 😜
hey jess,just wanted to say i love the professional backdrop, great vid!!! you inspire me to do youtube :)
Lymaris Pabellon (21 days ago)
What shade of tanner did you use??the dark or ultra dark?
Lymaris Pabellon (21 days ago)
Jessica ok thank you!
Jessica (21 days ago)
Lymaris Pabellon here I used dark!
rose (21 days ago)
Love this video ! Great tips, can’t wait to self tan with this product. You’re so beautiful too omg 😍😍
Allyson JoAnna (21 days ago)
We love a productive queen
Dulcie Lucia (21 days ago)
Where is your top from? :) x
Jessica (21 days ago)
Dulcie Lucia UO!
Im looking your scars in your arms... gnc vitamin e ointment has helped me so much with my cat scratches!! Love your videos😁😁 hope you try it
Heather Simpson (21 days ago)
Where is your top from????? I loveeeeee itttt xxxxxx
Jessica (21 days ago)
Heather Simpson UO!
Megan Peach (21 days ago)
Megan Peach Idk if anyone cares, but I have a makeup and storytime channel, I’d love it if you would check it out and get the channel to 500 subs! I’m planning to do a giveaway as soon as we hit 500! Also please put on post notifications so you’ll be the first to find out about giveaways and shoutouts ❤️
Alaina Nicole (21 days ago)
Love that self tanner 😍😍😍
Alyssa & Ella (21 days ago)
I love you so much Jess!!! ❤️😘❤️❤️❤️
Rebecca North (21 days ago)
Jess on point with the uploads rn 🔥❤️
Alice Doppenberg (21 days ago)
Cool! This evening I was going to do my tan routine and I have new tips 😊💗

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