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Bella Hadid’s Jet-Lag Beauty Survival Guide | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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As fashion’s favorite girl-of-the-moment and the new face of Dior beauty, Bella Hadid can coax her complexion back to supermodel status in seconds, no matter the time difference between her internal body clock and the sun. The secret is in her concealer—and, of course, the ever-important blending sponge. After that? “You just like, wing it, you know?” All makeup from Dior. Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. Bella Hadid’s Jet-Lag Beauty Survival Guide | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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Text Comments (3507)
Eva Golstein (6 hours ago)
She’s so pretty even without make up..
Reem Ahmed (7 hours ago)
We want Gigi Hadid doing this 😭
KJY (22 hours ago)
So beautiful😍
Samar Mimi (1 day ago)
I like this really 😂😍
Anjum Sultana (1 day ago)
Haters lost 1 liter blood #BurningAss
Ryner Ryner (2 days ago)
shes so ugly😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ryner Ryner (2 days ago)
still ugly plastic
Ryner Ryner (2 days ago)
ugly plastic hoedid
Маша Каша (2 days ago)
Step one: have a good doctor
Golden B (3 days ago)
This sounds like a backhanded compliment but she actually has the best plastic surgery face I’ve ever seen. if I never saw her befores I would never suspect, everything’s in good moderation and looks totally natural. Some of these celebs need to re-evaluate which surgeon they’re using!
Maria MariloO (4 days ago)
Some people have such flawless skin that it gets UNFAIR 😐😔
Sarah K Beaty (6 days ago)
God she's stunning. But I literally cringed when she put her mascara on... THEN the eyeshadow. 😱
ezzati al-edrus (7 days ago)
i love seeing them doing minimal make up because they already have a perfect skin.
Anyra Rahman (7 days ago)
The Hadid siblings are naturally beautiful.. like seriously.
Aurora Thorn (7 days ago)
Guys, don't put your hair up if it is still wet, it's bad for the hair, let it dry first.
Alli Barrett (7 days ago)
Reminds me of lili Reinhart
evangelina grey (7 days ago)
So fast so great.
poop (9 days ago)
she was actually prettier
Jennifer Jones (10 days ago)
some of y’all are so insecure lmao. instead of bettering yourself and your lives you’re sitting here bashing a model. insecure much?
Belinda Holbrook01 (14 days ago)
When a make up tutorial last for 1mn , while the Kardashians make up tutorial lasts 15mn we already know who the beauty queen is
Adrian (17 days ago)
Don't envy her. She has the Lyme disease. No one has it all together. You are fine, probably luckier in many other ways.
Imagine being this naturally pretty ❤️🧡
Darisha Efya (19 days ago)
Her voice is so soft its like she's doing an asmr 😅 love you Bella Hadid ❤❤
Nadya Fournel (19 days ago)
If only i had asuch definition of the face like her
Rabia Sultan Yeter (20 days ago)
Aline Gabi (21 days ago)
0:30 só se for as suas né
TumblingWithDmac (21 days ago)
She’s incredibly beautiful without makeup
Pablo Gomez (21 days ago)
She’s haves more and relaxing voice than Gigi ! And this not asmr video then i can’t imagine how be the asmr version
penyou (22 days ago)
Bella was already gorgeous before her nose job but a girl needs to know who her surgeon was!
christmas snoop (22 days ago)
she’s naturally beautiful without makeup 😩😩😩
POOJA Xo (23 days ago)
She combed wet hair😨
Shamy Alpuche (25 days ago)
I love you Bella♥️♥️♥️
Maria Fleming (25 days ago)
She is gorgeous, but anyone else feel like her mascara is a little clumpy? No hate at all, just wondering
Alexa Dawson (1 month ago)
Did anyone else notice she put eyeshadow AFTER mascara? A little weird, but it gets compensated by the fact that she's Bella Hadid. ^_^
Karina M (1 month ago)
I’ve never felt uglier in my life
Nina S (1 month ago)
I'm not hating her, but to me it's so crazy when someone who has got so many plastic surgeries is saying that imperfections are still beautiful. What a hypocrisy.
Offi Fee (1 month ago)
Or you just accept that women don't need to look beautiful all the time...
Olga Lorens (1 month ago)
Jenel T (1 month ago)
Whatever she put under her eyes did not make her bags or the blue go away... somebody needs some new concealerrrr
Arya Roy (1 month ago)
I love you Bella and Gigi too!!!!
agatha elisabeth (1 month ago)
All these insecure people fishing for compliments in the comments section by saying how Bella Hadid is beautiful to begin with.
A (1 month ago)
Imperfections are beautiful but got a nose job lol
Tami jur (1 month ago)
Step one: get a nose job
Lilac . Lma (1 month ago)
I m starting to like her.She’s kinda cool.
M Basquiat (1 month ago)
1000 surgeries
Antonia del Pilar (1 month ago)
i put on 10 times that amount of makeup i would still look like a potato
Shofaa Marwah (1 month ago)
How about... put eyeshadow first and then mascara?🙄🙄🙄
Rip hairline
Frey Xoxo (1 month ago)
If imperfections are still beautiful why are you covering them?
Anastasia Shanaynay (1 month ago)
Do a Selena Gomez one
Julisa Hernandez (1 month ago)
Love u and the weekend
Ritzuka Ayane (1 month ago)
“Imperfections are still beautiful, right?” Uh, which of u
Ioana Marin (1 month ago)
Jeffre star
Anastasia Chumakova (1 month ago)
She's so simple, and she does everything very simply I love it! ^^
23augp (1 month ago)
why models always cant do their makeup?
Nara '92 (1 month ago)
EXOL Tanvie (1 month ago)
I love her so much 😩♥️
ili shne (1 month ago)
Bella is so amazing💓
Melica Esmaillou (1 month ago)
I just finished watching Kim K and Kylie Jenner's make-up tutorial and this just looks so funny compared to their tutorials lol so simple yet pretty tho she is just so down to earth... I wonder what they would think of this tutorial 😋
Dariush Valizadeh (1 month ago)
Utterly disgusting and wrong and bad thumbnail please stop needing attention
putrikalimantan (2 months ago)
She's so boring that the video lasts only one and a half minute.
RV Jp (2 months ago)
Pretty with and without makeup
Foreignrose (2 months ago)
Can’t relate
Celeste Córdoba (2 months ago)
I feel more ugly
LovahLaura (2 months ago)
OMG, she doesn't need a hair tie for her hair?!?!
glossy annie (2 months ago)
does anyone know the mascara she used?
Kelvin Kyle (2 months ago)
girl you're like 16 years old...what the heck is jet lag going to do to you at that age lol
Isabel (2 months ago)
I don’t think anyone takes Bella Hadid saying ‘imperfections are still beautiful, right?’ seriously
Anjola Akinmade (2 months ago)
She talks like yara shahidi
Emily K (2 months ago)
wow she is so much prettier without makeup than on her instagram🥶
Audrey Wahid (2 months ago)
Beautiful goddess.
Glenn Cocoa (2 months ago)
Ok...no wonder they say she's boring
Ava Wilson (2 months ago)
Imagine looking in the mirror and looking like that. Can’t relate
SUGER LIPAAA (2 months ago)
Ava Wilson ikr😳
Yalçın Yaman (2 months ago)
natural and beatuy nicee
Viviana Gutiérrez (2 months ago)
Wow que hermosa
Andreea R (2 months ago)
I love how natural her makeup is!
mariel dinardi (2 months ago)
Es hermoss
m& ms (2 months ago)
usuwuuwu uwuwiw (2 months ago)
FANOLA USA (2 months ago)
She has some pretty good tips for a short video
a n g e l ! (2 months ago)
idc that she has a plastic surgery.. shes still cute
Cherie Manrique (2 months ago)
"imperfections are still beautiful" says the girl with a nose job. Ughhh!
Dobrinka Panayotova (2 months ago)
I saw a bunch of vogue "quick" makeup routines, this is actually the only one that's truly a quick makeup guide....looking at you Kylie with your 10 minutes+ in fast-forward video :D
Aya Hiba (2 months ago)
Julia Baldwin (2 months ago)
I wish you guys featured more women that actually contribute something positive to society rather than just being on instagram.
Banana Iam (2 months ago)
You know even with plastic surgery, you need a good base to look that beautiful
dilara güneş (2 months ago)
who tf puts eyeshadow after the mascara??? it should be all messy if you are not a MAGICIAN... also she put hair in a bun when its WET AF. why tho? i guess we don't live in the same planet lol
moon light (2 months ago)
Bella is beautiful she doesn't need make up her skin shines like a diamond
Seli I (2 months ago)
A nose job is what I need in life lol
SUGER LIPAAA (2 months ago)
Seli I same 😳✊✊
Pablo Gomez (2 months ago)
This a semi asmr video her voice is softer even than gigi on asmr video the version of bella can be better and more relaxing
연제욱 (2 months ago)
she is so beautiful and stunning. and she has such a good skin. her eyeballs are so beautiful green color.
Cande Messuti (3 months ago)
I've watched this like 8 times already
tanaya Mondal (3 months ago)
Even after make up she looks tired
Skykes .G (3 months ago)
First step: be naturally gorgeous
Zaynab Sayra (3 months ago)
She is sooooooo naturally pretty who sed she need makeup
Blair Waldorf (3 months ago)
Bella: “Imperfections are still beautiful right?” Also Bella: **has had entire face redone**
Shaurya Hegde (1 month ago)
Blaaaair ♥️
dilara güneş (2 months ago)
Zainab Said (3 months ago)
She looks like Berna Koraltürk
Kylie Schultz (3 months ago)
so i tried this makeup routine but i made it my own. for example i put some brown eyeshadow to add definition, i curled my lashes before adding lash primer and mascara, and put on powder and i love it!
Mariana PTKS (3 months ago)
i love you, but please, please, put your mascara on after your eyeshadow.
Sydney O'Bier (3 months ago)
This was boring

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