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Bella Hadid’s Jet-Lag Beauty Survival Guide | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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As fashion’s favorite girl-of-the-moment and the new face of Dior beauty, Bella Hadid can coax her complexion back to supermodel status in seconds, no matter the time difference between her internal body clock and the sun. The secret is in her concealer—and, of course, the ever-important blending sponge. After that? “You just like, wing it, you know?” All makeup from Dior. Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. Bella Hadid’s Jet-Lag Beauty Survival Guide | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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Text Comments (3102)
Chanel Valente (12 hours ago)
She looks beautiful without make up
Walaa Hegazy (13 hours ago)
I mean... when you already have killer cheekbones and lips , makeup doesn't really do much Actually I think that contour stick got prettier after touching that face
Edita Svobodová (20 hours ago)
she is so gorgeous
D D (23 hours ago)
🇸🇦🇸🇦🇸🇦 هذا السعودي فوق فوق
Southernburrito (2 days ago)
Total cutie.. I dig that fun sweet innocence ;D The kinda chic that makes hanging out fun! I know I could use some more Bella ;;**
Captain Nerd (3 days ago)
Ugh those eyelashes ❤️
Isabella Rosenzweig (5 days ago)
I find her to be one of the most gorgeous models on earth, let alone most gorgeous human on earth!
Realta 140 (6 days ago)
Eyeshadow with your fingers. Oh noooo
love the best feeling (8 days ago)
I want her clear face !
Ae Cha (9 days ago)
step 1 : have perfect skin step 2 : be beautiful
Mishal Malik (10 days ago)
Maria Eduarda Costa (11 days ago)
She is so rude with her hair, it's so wet to brush like that, and then put it that tight
Jenyfer Saenz (12 days ago)
-I look a little tired but it's okay because you know why? **puts concealer on** -Foundation. . . **Realizes it's concealer** -. . .and concealer.
Siiri (12 days ago)
I always thought that she is so boring and kinda this quiet girl
charlottxia (13 days ago)
Am I the only one that doesn’t think she is pretty?
Aleyna Tanış (15 days ago)
My fav video ever..
SHIVANGI JADHAV (12 days ago)
Ohk did she just make a bun while her hair was still wet af!!!
NO NAME (17 days ago)
Моя влюбленность 😍 😍 😍 😍
Adele A. (17 days ago)
Jet lag? I thought she,d show some moisturizers and so
Sab Sabb (20 days ago)
Supermodels are just of a different breed
Aaron Berglin (24 days ago)
When she went the school I am at... (Malibu high)
Arya Roy (25 days ago)
Natural beauty!
She is so sweet 😍
redemta verdianti (1 month ago)
Rus kedisi (1 month ago)
We want to see more bella hadid she is gergous
Guadalupe Quinteros (1 month ago)
Yohana Kartika (1 month ago)
I love her so much❤❤❤❤❤
My (1 month ago)
1:21 bi de bayıl istersen bella
Arrow Gaming (1 month ago)
I'll tell you why her face is good... Doctor duh...
Kristina Ebert (1 month ago)
"Imperfections are still beautiful!" I love her and shes so inspiring and down to earth!
Va Ambond (1 month ago)
Some lash primer? I need to know what is the lash primer!😀😢
Cheryl N (1 month ago)
I love these minimal yet effective looks...makeup seem s like such a chore sometimes
gaiamp (1 month ago)
first step: be beautiful
She is so cute
Shay (1 month ago)
Dior advert?
Andrea Zuniga (1 month ago)
bella is so sweet side and inside
Andrea Zuniga (1 month ago)
Bella hadid The best
Rossner Zuniga (1 month ago)
Kylie Jenner she is ugly but bella, bella is natural and kylie no
dora ora (1 month ago)
Bella natural? Looool Hahahahaha no
Rossner Zuniga (1 month ago)
Bella hadid is so beautiful and I dont understand than people said she is ugly NOOO she is beautiful and nice ok
Kexin Yang (2 months ago)
the more i looked at her the more i appreciate her beauty and uniqueness
Danielly Ludwig (2 months ago)
Is the real thing about MEDIA/MAGAZINES etc etc .... at YouTube ( like this kind of videos ) you get involved with these famous people, because i'm not watching just because the makeup, but literally , get to know a little bit more about the personality, voice...and about Bella. Yeah she is really Beautiful, and so natural... i clearly understand why ' some ' people judge her saying she doesn't have charisma because is all about magazines and news... Vogue, thank you so much to get us know more about these beautiful women, a little bit about inside of each one!!!
Esta Deegan (2 months ago)
Imperfections are still beautiful she says with absolutely no imperfections
Flamingo Fight (2 months ago)
The Title is wrong. This is a "Fast Jetlag Make up" and not anything else. I hoped to get little hacks, skincare or something....
Selin Arman (2 months ago)
She doesn't have any surgery. You can see it here.
NightBird167 (2 months ago)
People keep saying that she has plastic surgery on "every part of her face" and honestly I don't see it.
Antonella (2 months ago)
" imperfections are still beautiful " yeah they are beautiful because you don't have !
Vaishnavi Srivastava (2 months ago)
Imperfections are still beautiful right? Has a nose job.
Ayu Nazurah (2 months ago)
Bella : imperfection are so beautiful right Also Bella : *do nose job*
RaychM FarGone (2 months ago)
I feel like this vogue tutorial seemed more real to an everyday person!! Love it🤗💖 Bella is obviously a beautiful woman but she didn’t try to fully hide her imperfections. She didn’t look like perfect like most the other vlogs which was very refreshing to see. Keeping it real for the peeps that follow and don’t have access to all these expensive face creams cleansers masks makeups.. don’t cha know👍👍
La tribu Astrale (2 months ago)
*her beauty secret ? She did surgery ! Before surgery she didn't look like that.. So she will never be really beautiful because it's Fake ! I prefer promoting natural beauty.*
Doctor Diaper (2 months ago)
1:25 dirty underarms
Jessi Leeadele13 (2 months ago)
I never knew what the white mascara was for I got it as part as a gift for Christmas, now I can use it I guess
— Karen (2 months ago)
Crlh ela prende o cabelo molhado assim?
Элен (2 months ago)
When you are 22, do you really need to use any cosmetics?🤔🤩
Laura Emilia (2 months ago)
Makeup is not a need, it’s something you do when you want to :D
Bella tiwanak (2 months ago)
the heck just 1 min?
Gabriella (2 months ago)
She is full plastic...Google it
Carrie Taylor (2 months ago)
“I look really tired” literally looks amazing
Nutei Chhangte (2 months ago)
So simple🤗💓
K소원 (2 months ago)
i like how she said primer
bakhtawar khan (2 months ago)
“Imperfections are still beautiful” Continues to pop on concealer
Yasmine Khaled (2 months ago)
I have questions what is a lash primer and what kind of mascara does she use???
LXN2. QX (2 months ago)
She’s beautiful
x (2 months ago)
The basic comments are: She doesn't need makeup I wish I looked like her AND THE BASIC step 1: Be born beautifuly
Jennifer Hurd (17 days ago)
She wasn't born that way, tons of surgery, Google her
Isabella Rosenzweig (2 months ago)
she's so pretty and my name is Bella to so maybe that's why I love her sm but her and Gigi are gorgeous!
with makeup or without -nothing changed
Plizzz don't pull your eye your surgery might fall 😂😂😂😂
Mayra Dena (2 months ago)
So beautiful 😍😍😍💓
bubble butt (2 months ago)
Adele A. (17 days ago)
bubble butt , 3 minutes of video editing))
omgʀᴇᴀʟʟɪᴛʏ (2 months ago)
shes looking so good
Colleen Casey (2 months ago)
She’s sooo gorgeous
zainab alrowaie (2 months ago)
is no one going to talk about how she barely has hair
fabi sejdi (2 months ago)
Boksjeri shqipetar ne gjermani
fabi sejdi (2 months ago)
Boksjeri shqipetar ne gjermani
XxCookie GachaxX (2 months ago)
Weird flex but ok
Eunice Suarez (2 months ago)
La amo
Adí Aguiló (2 months ago)
Must be nice to be this naturally beatiful
Catalicious (2 months ago)
So much plastic surgery! Still ugly..looks like a 20 year old grandma
cleopatra S (2 months ago)
Her voice is just like her sis Gigi big time!
Eva Golstein (2 months ago)
She’s so pretty even without make up..
Reem Ahmed (2 months ago)
We want Gigi Hadid doing this 😭
JY K (2 months ago)
So beautiful😍
Samarozzz Mimi (2 months ago)
I like this really 😂😍
Anjum Sultana (2 months ago)
Haters lost 1 liter blood #BurningAss
Ryner Ryner (3 months ago)
shes so ugly😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ryner Ryner (3 months ago)
still ugly plastic
Ryner Ryner (3 months ago)
ugly plastic hoedid
Маша Каша (3 months ago)
Step one: have a good doctor
Golden B (3 months ago)
This sounds like a backhanded compliment but she actually has the best plastic surgery face I’ve ever seen. if I never saw her befores I would never suspect, everything’s in good moderation and looks totally natural. Some of these celebs need to re-evaluate which surgeon they’re using!
Maria MariloO Le Freak (3 months ago)
Some people have such flawless skin that it gets UNFAIR 😐😔
Sarah K Beaty (3 months ago)
God she's stunning. But I literally cringed when she put her mascara on... THEN the eyeshadow. 😱
ezzati al-edrus (3 months ago)
i love seeing them doing minimal make up because they already have a perfect skin.
Anyra Rahman (3 months ago)
The Hadid siblings are naturally beautiful.. like seriously.
Aurora Thorn (3 months ago)
Guys, don't put your hair up if it is still wet, it's bad for the hair, let it dry first.
Alli Barrett (3 months ago)
Reminds me of lili Reinhart
evangelina grey (3 months ago)
So fast so great.
poop (3 months ago)
she was actually prettier
Jennifer Jones (3 months ago)
some of y’all are so insecure lmao. instead of bettering yourself and your lives you’re sitting here bashing a model. insecure much?
Lei-lani Finch (2 months ago)
it has nothing to do with insecurity, people are just saying that she spent millions of dollars to look like this. look at her when she was 15. big difference.
Belinda Holbrook01 (3 months ago)
When a make up tutorial last for 1mn , while the Kardashians make up tutorial lasts 15mn we already know who the beauty queen is
Don't envy her. She has the Lyme disease. No one has it all together. You are fine, probably luckier in many other ways.
StealyourMandS Your mom (3 months ago)
Imagine being this naturally pretty ❤️🧡

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