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Help me Decide: Vote on eye style for my art

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Help me choose which eyes to put on this cute and cuddly yet dark and creepy little monster sculpt toy and I will be eternally grateful also if you have any other ideas for this little creature please comment on that as well don't forget to vote by putting the number of your choice in the comments and thank you for voting Music: Kevin MacLeod
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Text Comments (10)
Ron Overlie (6 years ago)
I have to say #5
Yosemitebear62 (6 years ago)
I think 1 is the least scary, I vote 1!
Yosemitebear62 (6 years ago)
I would not want that thing watching me! I see the scary but not the cute! Is this thing something to scare the kids who come do a ding dong ditch?
April warburton (6 years ago)
number 5
PlantsNStarch Dianne (6 years ago)
I day number 4 is best ;-)
legrandzilla (6 years ago)
I think I like 4 best! <3
chaquitabanana31 (6 years ago)
3 and 5
TheBlueFairie (6 years ago)
#4 I love the intensity of the blue against the white background
Janice Croskey (6 years ago)
I like #4 :)
Greywulf2112 (6 years ago)
Number 5

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