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Why women lose the dating game with Bettina Arndt

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Bettina Arndt drops by to discuss why some educated women lose the dating game. Unfortunately some intermittent echo sounds throughout. Why women lose the dating game: http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/life/why-women-lose-the-dating-game-20120421-1xdn0#ixzz2Lh3lSsbj Broke Older Divorced Men: http://www.bettinaarndt.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Broke-Older-Divorced-Men.pdf
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Text Comments (3323)
mikesteelheart (1 day ago)
He's like "I'd much rather masturbate than listen to you."
bluefmi (2 days ago)
please PLEASE fix the echo. thank you. also: thanks for the video, it is very informative, keep up the good work.
Morris Anderson (2 days ago)
The big mistake, made by the young women,, is, this bullshit cock, carousel riding they enjoy, with so much, with the playboys,, an the dumb jocks,, an, overlook the everyday looking guys, Who are, actually,, studying, an career building,, so that, in their 30s+ they will be, secure, an settled,, but, unfortunately, for the popular female's, Who are, sausage riding, an eating,, us, normal looking guy's,,have been watching you all an absolutely, don't want you as a future wife, or mother to our children,, you, as far as we are concerned, are, unreliable,, an not worth, spending our time, an effort with,, so, you carry on with your carousel riding,, the your, solo parent life style,, while us normal guy's,, live our lives, free of you,, an the baggage, you pick up, while you were shagging away your young yrs,, good luck,, an bye 👋 bye you are future, cheaters,, MGTOW,, 👌🗨👋
vee tour (3 days ago)
What this highlights is that women are selfish. If they have wealth, they choose to keep it and not share it with a man. If a man has wealth he’s more likely to share it with a woman.
Crumble23 (3 days ago)
Please, next time tell her to turn off her mike.
SuperZippyzippy (3 days ago)
motorcop505 (5 days ago)
Bettina Arendt is amazing! She’s one of Australia’s gift to you the world! I wish she had her own tv or radio show in the US. I think that she would be very successful on either medium doling out tough love in dating advice. I really think it’s a missed opportunity for her and whomever syndicated her show(s). 🇦🇺 🌏
Gus Rodriguez (5 days ago)
whenever I make accidental eye contact with a woman at a bar or someplace, i make sure to never look unto that direction again....and boy, do they get pissed!!!! XD
Ru22eLL (6 days ago)
By the time they are 30 they are very much soiled goods. A 35 year old guy has huge choice, the same women have no choice. "Bubbly personality"=fat.
jha far I Terraean (6 days ago)
too bad about the audio, you were asking good questions, once the echo started I had to stop listening, hope you have it dialed in for next time, peace,
Mishkafofer (7 days ago)
Whats the deal with echo. Just use headphones.
Sundal Roy (8 days ago)
I dated a guy who was 5'6" (I'm taller) and it didn't bother me at all, but the dude was so insecure, jealous and controlling that it got to the point that he started to try and tell me which male friends I was allowed to have!! All his friends are female. Women can lower their standards but ultimately when they do they have to deal with fragile male egos constantly second guessing them in their movements. It's betas who are the most abusive.
Mark Soldiers (9 days ago)
There is something fundamentally spiteful and mean spirited about the female psyche but fortunately Mother Nature nature anticipated this and bestowed, gave unto the humanoid male, the "MAGNANIMITY GENE,
Saby (11 days ago)
Its social media that is ruining male female dynamics. Woman are flaky and entittled. They get so much attention online they think they can have better richer and musculair or whatever they female mind is influenced by unrealistic ideas of relationships in todays world. They are confused and at the same time are to musculair to manly. They fuck around untill they are to old and one day wake up. Its not about education its about unrealistic ideas because of feminism and the media who mindcontrol those woman with unrealistic ideas. And i didnt talk about integrety but cheating is gone mainstream it became normal so serious relationships are instinct are rare.
Gerben Houtman (13 days ago)
Women have come to believe that any man who is willing to bed her, will also be willing to wed her.
Stable Life (13 days ago)
Don't take dating advice from women, especially single women. Women give the WORST dating advice. I have a number of single girlfriends, some of whom are perennially single, and all of them have back stories about why they're single (I'm so attractive men are scared to approach me, there are no good men out there, all the men I've dated are duds, men are commitment phobic,,,,,). None of the stories are true; it's them. It's the way the behave around men, the way they view life, their expectations, their desire to find a man who's really a woman with a penis........ If you've been single most of your adult life or had a succession of unsuccessful relationships, it's you.
wesley clowes (13 days ago)
Enjoy your cats ladys Ha ha ha
Andrew Couto (14 days ago)
Audio gets really bad at 10:30
Sirje Mägi (14 days ago)
Teutoburg09 (14 days ago)
As men age they become less interested in women, accelerating quickly after thirty, possibly due to declining testosterone, and possibly due to increasing cynicism. And even those that are still interested in women become less interested in women the older the woman is. So half of men over thirty might be interested in dating, but only half of them are interested in women their own age, and even fewer still are interested in women who are divorced, have children, or have good careers.
A Revesz (15 days ago)
What can I do with a big woman???? 😀
Peter Pike (15 days ago)
Serious question for women: What reason would a guy want to have a woman around when he has much better conversations with his male friends, he enjoys watching the same movies, sporting events, and the like as his guy friends, he has the same sense of humor as his bros, he doesn't have to watch his male friend push a shopping cart around Target and try on every single piece of clothing remotely close to his size, his guy friends don't nag him constantly about what they consider to be stupid, trivial issues, and if male friends stop being friends they don't get to keep half of the other guy's stuff? In other words, what benefit is there for a man to be in a relationship with ANY woman? If your only answer is "Because they can get sex with a woman" then why shouldn't men only look at your body and judge accordingly? If you don't provide any other benefit then nothing else about you is relevant, is it?
David Rossi (17 days ago)
She just keeps saying thing that make me despise waman's. Fucking sluts. I give up. Relationships are nothing but a waste time & moniez.
David Rossi (17 days ago)
It's becouse, if you have not met some one by 30, Your a loser. Just give up. I have, there are no good women over 30. There are just the left overz & the trash. I don't want to take care of your mestake kid. If I am going to provide for a kid, it will have my genes!
Jason York (17 days ago)
I wish the artificial womb was commercially available. God that will be such a glorious day. Can you imagine! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!
Jason York (17 days ago)
Thanks women! Youre so smart and kind! Wonderful leaders!
Eric Brune (18 days ago)
You're missing the true point of the Feminist Agenda... They want to marginalize men as much as possible. Using a man to just be a "baby daddy" is already prevalent in the Black community, and Feminists want that to be the common thing for all women. Feminists don't care if men aren't their financial equals. It gets worse when you go further to the Left and they want no Whites to reproduce at all. So making White Men "less attractive" is even more valuable to their agenda.
Egon Jensen (18 days ago)
I know many girls who are fat & ugly, yet they get a lot of attention and proposals on FB & instagram
Egon Jensen (18 days ago)
I find it shocking that many women who have shitty jobs, no education, no savings, bad temper and average or less than average looks are incredibly picky. They have nothing to bring to the table except their overweight ass and still they expext a man to be wealthy, resourceful, hansome, fit and above all generous
Stephen R (19 days ago)
Your video has an annoying echo in it that makes it difficult to watch. Pick another place to record from if you want people to evaluate your message.
Nokia (19 days ago)
No Wife,Best life
breakingdan (19 days ago)
This comment section is full of future mass shooters. The person who runs this channel is insane for egging them on in this hatred for society.
D Evans (20 days ago)
Anyone else having sound issues
Inebriatd (20 days ago)
Women's own preferences are against them. Because you have the same freedoms as men doesn't mean it'll work for you.
Jon M (21 days ago)
Once again, depressing.
Gary Cameron (22 days ago)
Women and people in general have been give unrealistic expectation thanks to television and other media. Feminism has caused more problems and solved none. MGTOW doesn't benefit men in the long run. Guys... go search out a guy named Doc Love
Arnoud (23 days ago)
Bettina Arndt is really difficult, if not impossible, to listen to.
Doug (23 days ago)
Woman are just a liability what man wants that? No thanks  MGTOW
R B (23 days ago)
I often wonder how many men live on planet earth today who are straight, 180cm+, childless, unmarried, fit, handsome, university educated and currently earning a six figures salary. 0.1%?
George Seefoo (24 days ago)
Women still don’t get it. When you want the same things as a man you take on the characteristics of a man. Your fighting against nature and losing is inevitable.
wackobass987 (25 days ago)
The issue of gender equality has become nothing but a club to bash men over the head with. If women are equal, why do they continue to expect traditional roles for the men - at least until they can use the man's behavior to assert their dominance. Feminimism is nothing but a power play now. Yes, I believe both genders should be equal but women want "equality" and to still have all the perks of men attending to their wants. I am LONG out of the dating scene but you would not believe the amount of dirty looks I get from women when I don't hold the door for them- and that is a result of the crap other women gave me for trying to act as my mother taught me! Ladies, either crap or get off the pot!
froimovi (25 days ago)
what exactly does educated mean today? hope it doesn't mean 'went to college'.
CoffeeCaveman (25 days ago)
Jesus the audio got bad at points, "but you are worth it. After all... I am your biggest fan" no really the information was interesting just please take lengths to avoid this next time.
Caio Ronnau (25 days ago)
not a complain to you, but it is amazing that we have rovers in mars and we still cannot get a video call over the internet well
BleakVision (25 days ago)
Bettina Arndt and audio quality don't mix.
Sam Anthony (26 days ago)
There is something missing in gender issues and that is women self sabotage their life. I’ve noticed that women make decisions that permanently ruin their life. They could be in a good place in their marriage or single life and they go out of their way to wreck a relationship that they later regret. The men in most cases don’t take them back and the women have wrecked their life by not being able to attract a similar standard male and their lifestyle that they enjoyed plummets.
Chi Yan Ooi (26 days ago)
Don't tell me there is an education gap when I have a PhD and no woman wants to date me
alex ball (27 days ago)
Love how so many of you bash musicians as part of the problem. I'm a musician and fairly well known in my local area. We definitely get interest from some girls but to label us all as the " bad boys" that kept you celibate, get real. I can honestly say that I have gotten more guys like the commenters here laid than myself by a factor of ten. How? I used my influence over the girls they say ignored them to get them to notice a guy who might have been a little shy. If busting your ass for years to become proficient enough to make money consistently through music makes me a "sociopathic bad boy" then maybe I am. But I learned to play music as a way to communicate with people better. The fact that women like me is due to my hard work. Also, speaking from experience, most of the girls that hit on me are not wife material. None of the relationships last. They only want the Rock Star, not the man behind it. Yeah, lucky me. I became MGTOW because of my dating experiences with groupies. We aren't the enemy. If anything we are the shield. 80% of the girls I've dated are predatory gold diggers, the other 20% are dream girls who end up with the "safer option." Musicians who play professionally generally live a nomadic and lonely life. If you don't have a girlfriend when you go pro, you usually end up alone. Didn't mean to rant but I saw a lot of negative comments about musicians and thought I'd state the facts. The guys you're talking about aren't pros just local yokels. We don't consider them to be real musicians. Just party boys.
Independent Man (26 days ago)
+alex ball I did check all the comments on this video and one third do not disparage musicians, why are you making shit up? You made this entire video about you, that was my comment. And stop projecting all your insecurities. I'm not MGTOW and never have been. I found it easy to get laid all through university and after, I've reached a point in my life where the prospect of sex just isn't particularly interesting or enticing. You've got some real problems with your level of self-absorption. Grow the fuck up.
alex ball (26 days ago)
+Independent Man And you guys bash any male who has any kind of confidence with women. I've been MGTOW for 2 years. You just got me to completely rethink that. This isn't about Independence for you, it's about tearing down women because you didn't get laid in high school. Or college. And it's never your fault. It's always the women or the men who actually succeed with women. Blame anyone but yourself. I was defending my profession from a litany of men who seem to think that musicians are the reason they didn't get any when they were young. Check your own comments. Easily 1/3 of the comments on this video disparage musicians as guys who kept them from getting laid. I'm sorry. Maybe learn to play an instrument. Also, the fact that you the maker of the channel responded so quickly means I probably hit a nerve.I raised a valid point. You responded with a sardonic remark, which I acquiesced to. And then you continued to come at me. Sorry you can't get the girl. Don't bully us who can. Also, I'm mentally disabled and music was my only path to socializing. Feel good about yourself? I defended musicians because your follower blindly attacked my profession with really incorrect stereotypes. You may ban me now. I just unsubscribed.
Independent Man (26 days ago)
Actually I wasn't commenting on all musicians, it was a comment on how you'd made it all about you.
alex ball (26 days ago)
+Independent Man That's fair. Musicians do tend to be a little bit narcissistic. I never intend to be but I do work in a business where self- promotion is Paramount to success. If you're saying that self absorption is what you don't like about musicians then by all means, I'm with you. I was just trying to point out that we are not all mysoginistic bullies. Alot of us are actually nerds who are awkward people. You do raise a good point.
Independent Man (27 days ago)
You don't sound self-absorbed at all.
Nname Withheld (27 days ago)
"Appropriate for them" = "unachievable high expectations"
Jack D (27 days ago)
I know a lot of guys that are tradesman make six figures own there own home in their early 30's and women look down on them for not be college educated. While she is working in a restaurant and tens of thousands in debt but he is the dumb one
EchoInEternity (27 days ago)
Feminism freed men
rand pherigo (27 days ago)
am going thumbs down on account of train wreck audio quality.. PS. (Bettina seems flip about a serious subject)
James Stanley (1 month ago)
damn women know men want and need sex so what is the big deal with this
Kent Tucker (1 month ago)
can't wait for a birth control pill for men. the population would drop dramatically. level the playing field.
John Mack (1 month ago)
Dating lady. Thirty years old ladies who choose their career sadly never learned about their self. They are why worthless self help gurus and cults start. They think self help books will fix themselves like that direction books 📚 on the shelf. Me and my career is all I care about. My career and complete control of the alpha males. Ha. A woman should find her family before 24 . That way the woman can have her career and child. Older men are healthy for younger women who want any chance to develop their career and self. The older men should focus on developing the female and their empathy for children. Men in their 30s or 40s are mentally, emotionally and financially better prepared for fatherhood. Therefore for health of males and females within relationships, the twenty year old woman should find a decent male in his 30s or 40s. This will help the psychology, emotional and professional development of humanity. The woman should be able to feel growth as a mother and thinker.
Test User (1 month ago)
Can’t hear
animal79thecat (1 month ago)
Audio was fuckin murder
Matt Bonneville (1 month ago)
I guess if you want to find out if women think your good looking, set up a Tinder account. lol.
Barry Carter (1 month ago)
Bettina, you need to redo this: the sound is so bad it's been ruined.
Zx Tek (1 month ago)
This what we call a FUBAR situation women has a high bar expectation to their mate while men are more economic conscious since raising a family is expensive from wedding to divorce so yeah...
Danny Pena (1 month ago)
does he not understand that the audio is not clear. it seems like he looks like a cuck that does not want to interrupt her. what a dumbass
Jamie Sydney (1 month ago)
Women's expectations are ridiculous. It's the '6 sixes' of a woman's minimum requirements. 6 feet tall, 6 pack abs, minimum 6 inch penis, 600 horse power car, 6 figure salary and 6 months since his last relationship. This is about 0.000001% of the population yet it is what a 3/10 woman expects as a minimum. She will let these Chads treat her with disregard during her prime twenties then when she hits the wall she expects this same peak Alpha to be a provider for her. Meanwhile Chad has an option between 30 year old that has hit the wall or to continue with hundreds of twenty year olds. I explained to one female college even if she were an 18 year old Elle Macpherson that Chad is still going to go after the hundreds of different women. No question. Also I am waiting to see a singular example of a successful woman supporting a single father and his kids. It's almost preposterous to imagine. Yet these 3/10 single mothers DEMAND this from men.
Jakub Jochec (1 month ago)
I think the actual first problem in this case is thinking that "gender studies graduates" can be even remotely compared to the stem fields or call educated. It is not an education, rather an symptom of dying civilization.
Bawbster1 (1 month ago)
Holy Echo Chamber!!!
chris palmer (1 month ago)
Men: please start adopting my strategy, which has worked wonders since I began using Tinder 3 years ago, and quickly saw what had happened in the swipe app-fueled cockpocalypse known as modern dating: Date ONLY “empowered”, educated women with 6-figure salaries who ARE NEAR YOUR AGE and very fit. These are women who are almost certainly somatic narcissists with their own money, who will therefore be looking to you not for money, but to validate them sexually. The best part is that if you pretend that YOU make very little money, SHE WILL NOT PRESSURE YOU FOR MARRIAGE. Note that I am only 5’9” with a 6 face, but I DO maintain a fitness competition physique year-round, which IS necessary to pull this off, because IT’S THE ONLY THING YOU’RE OFFERING. But honestly, as a man, it’s the only worthwhile part of you that you want TO BE WANTED FOR by a woman.
Falken Vir (1 month ago)
Lots of women don't know what they need until it's too late, no more youth, fertility declining, f***ed too many guys, career is not advancing, etc. Notice the women in sex and the city gets older and gain nothing meaningful.
wolfie498 (1 month ago)
Blow your nose Betty. I can't listen anymore.
tactileslut (1 month ago)
Audio FAIL. Hate to see a bright advocate of sense squelched by stupid tech issues.
Daeran Gall (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/wApwZdBbV54. in the absence of a patriarchal structure there choas
Some Dandy (1 month ago)
Last time I was this late the White Rabbit lapped me! ///// The Sexual Revolution and Abortion were both hated by women as a whole, and even the leader of N.O.W., Betty Freidan, only accepted the latter because abortion advocates convinced her that it was the only way to get culture/Congress to accept their proposals. Link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3KFXqOCE7c&t=328s
Chris Hansen (1 month ago)
Pretty interesting. Too bad the audio quality is terrible
Jammy Jackson (1 month ago)
10 years of riding the CC Then woman want a good Batter male ,, SLAVE,, provider The after thay get the MAN to Buy a big house new cars so one And so on . Then in there 40 The woman use the leftist feminism socialist legal system To strip the MEN from there wealth. children How wants to sign up to That shit deal .
Daniel Mart (1 month ago)
I seriously cannot listen to that audio anymore
iamhe77 (1 month ago)
Love Bettina, but why is she still using dial up?
Brian Hoffmann (1 month ago)
This stupid society has been created by the deep state. Psychopaths are running things; and its trickling down onto the general public; and has been for a long time; stripped of money and reality; the society has switched; its opposite. Its insane and twisted backward. Civil war is where this is going..... This has been caused by the psychopaths; and it will end when they are out of rule of the nations; However, Im not sure how may people will be left after a civil war, that it will matter. and what will society be like after this?
Harkes Creative (1 month ago)
That echo is probably because you have your computer's microphone on and her voice is feeding back into it from your speakers. Buy a microphone that is separate from your computer's and disable the internal mic. I would also recommend a separate speaker setup. People are forgiving of bad video, but they are much less forgiving of bad audio.
user.equalto.Null (1 month ago)
This fucking woman, it took twelve and a half minutes for this poor guy to get a word in edgewise, and then she just cuts him off mid sentence. I raged at that bit, the nerve.
WAS (1 month ago)
Bettina Arndt needs a better microphone.
Nicolas Chaput (1 month ago)
Terrible sound.... unbearable distorsions...
Ferdy Keyz (1 month ago)
I'm-a-Player2 Gaming (1 month ago)
"teach women to overcome this craziness in their heads" LMAO good luck with that... can you really fix something that is hard written into the second X chromosome? Brainwashing maybe lobotomy? Dunno?
Dennis Edgell (1 month ago)
“Now batting ... for Pedro Bourbon ... Manny Mota ... “
Yuki BabaYaga (1 month ago)
the second Japan finish perfecting a good sex robot then women are completely screwed.
Lynndon Harnell (1 month ago)
Ha. Get thrown out of 25yr relationship, and then she complains about where are all the men. Suck eggs.
John W (1 month ago)
Women disappointed with men who rent. One less asset to strip.
Wilson (1 month ago)
I'm a well-mannered, educated, financially secure male in his late 30's. Unfortunately, I'm only 169cm or (5.7'), & slightly overweight because of a chronic back complaint which restricts my ability to exercise. In today's male/female society, being 169cm & slightly overweight overrides the other traits by a factor of 1000 !
phil gibbs (1 month ago)
Our secret weapon, the wall, is so wonderful, helping the thots hit the wall childless so they can work for the next 40 years to achieve true equality with men. Thotary in action...
Zorbacci O (1 month ago)
The Jews are fucking with the sound.
Gerin X (1 month ago)
Why didn’t you say anything about how bad her microphone and sound is? And in my experience, I couldn’t find a single woman no matter where I go or who I encounter. Every woman I meet has a partner, an insecure beta male who will attempt to bash me for talking to her. Where are these single women? The women I have encountered are all socially r tarded. They have no personalities. Though I don’t disagree with you that these women are, I haven’t found or encountered any.
Bu Jin (1 month ago)
Deeply wish there wasn't so much echo in this.
Indigo Isosceles (1 month ago)
I hear a different perspective on men from Bettina when she's talking about dating. Interesting.
E Ahmed (1 month ago)
This video is unbearably amateurish. For Pete's sake, use headphones and eliminate the echo feedback!
noahkb80 (1 month ago)
The audio is bad. Echoing. I really want to hear this too. Love hearing this lady keeping it real
fdsafdsafdsa (1 month ago)
thank you for not muting your microphone, I like not being able to hear what she has to say. Next time you have a video interview, set up a chat window with a signal, like ###, or STFU, so they know to wind down there idea, and you can unmute your mic, because the feedback loop kills their audio, and just wastes everyone's time.
junkman19571 (1 month ago)
take a look at the degrees women have..flower arranging..social studies..office orientated work..non productive jobs...what have women actually invented..segregation of the sexes is to be desired by men.
fdsafdsafdsa (1 month ago)
actually women are rising in ratios of stem fields. Don't know where it is today, but this place, where they are higher qualified, but also want to be mom, domestic goddess, is going to start biting a lot of ladies in the fannie.
Lyri Metacurl (1 month ago)
This reminds me of the Predator joke... because of the echo.
UnknownHumanoid (1 month ago)
just fix your damn microphone's feedback
Cb Ct (1 month ago)
Her audio sucks. The reverb is sooo bad
fdsafdsafdsa (1 month ago)
He needs to mute his mic',
Terrence Koeman (1 month ago)
Holy shit the audio is horrible. I can't follow what's being said by her at all.
Sam Steel (1 month ago)
Reverb is terrible!

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