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Sexy Therapy (2014) full movie comedy

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A comedy from an original script by Michael Maren, about a failed Brooklyn writer, Nathan Fisher, played by Bryan Greenberg, who visits his ailing parents in Florida. His mother (Lavin) has Alzheimer's and his father (Yulin) has recently had a stroke
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Text Comments (723)
Mustafa Karagoz (2 days ago)
Please teach me inglish
OGNJEN RADIC (2 days ago)
When woman say:"We have to talk"that means you are in big trouble.
Caroline Nabireeba (3 days ago)
Muckbang with Osego (3 days ago)
The son looks like prince Harry😍😍😍
Deborah Kane (4 days ago)
This is the frst movie in ages that I actually watched TWICE ,,, As an ex actress I was amazed it was not a big hit...The acting was GREAT as was the casting, directing ,.scripting and many other things thay go into making a movie... The critic who said "oh it was only a low budget movie." .should have seen the CRAPPY HIGH BUDGET movies that hit the big screen lately .This outshone all of them of late...The only thing I found irritating was Alex"s Huge Bugs Bunny front teeth They spoil a pretty gal's face ....Wish she had made a quick trip to the dentest to have them replaced with less white and smaller .I could not take my eyes off them ..Plus missed a lot of her dialogue because she mumbled..The rest of the actors were FAB especially Linda Levin...THANK YOU FOR THe UPLOAD>>I LOVED it.
KookNation (4 days ago)
Love the realism of this movie.
Elaine Hopgood (5 days ago)
Great movie, real name is A Short History of Decay
Parshant Sharma (7 days ago)
Badest movie i have never seen before
Love Paradise (7 days ago)
Cool movie
Vizo Kuotsu (7 days ago)
Acting everything so realistic I totally got connected Many might not like it but I like it very much
Reza Herlambang (8 days ago)
Sex vc buat cewe 083819251406
Franky Leivon (8 days ago)
Honestly I don't like the mv title but the mv was good love it
ray robbins (8 days ago)
Where the hell is the comedy ? I never laughed once ! This is a sad movie Very sad. everyone is losing and that is not funny!!
Arnolda Mondi (8 days ago)
Very good movie but the ending is too abrupt
Ben Allison (9 days ago)
It's hilarious he said did you get that little tingle in your balls lol she is very good looking
gurl rockz (10 days ago)
It made me cry.... i love the story.
annabadi (10 days ago)
the mother is so lovely, heartwarming :) i wish i will love my husband the way she does when im old
Sam Malik (11 days ago)
Nice 😎😎😎👍👍👍
Prasanna More (11 days ago)
Easy going is good problems comes and goes memories keep the life good
talha aziz (11 days ago)
I like that s good movie
Maryam SL (11 days ago)
Worth to watch.
Mike Summers (11 days ago)
Great movie. Makes me miss my parents even more. I'm going to see them next week after 1 year and 6 mons.
Lv Soriano (12 days ago)
His mom down from the truck😀😀
Ana Here (12 days ago)
would be nice for a part two
Dacia Farquharson (9 days ago)
Yes... I need to know if his wife forgive him or if the other one finish wrote his novel 😊
JC Noël (12 days ago)
Waste of my time.....B.O.R.I.N.G!
Anima A (13 days ago)
Stupid movie
shyann wen covers (14 days ago)
This movie made me cry .. Definitely don't a comedy .. But was a great movie ..
dakey2dreams (14 days ago)
This is eveything but comedy !
Shneider Morin (16 days ago)
Holypikemanz (16 days ago)
Awful movie full of neurotic jews.
david jeff (19 days ago)
One of the best movies I ever watched so far
I would say it is a drama. I could not find any comedy moments...
Mireille Claire (20 days ago)
A good and natural story! No crime, no sex, no weapons and no car races, just natural, I like it.
She collects alimony. She's cancer to society, she's better off dead.
The girl is a bitch.
Nathalie Blum (21 days ago)
Boring and long. Getting nowhere in this story....
Amina Wijntje (22 days ago)
For once a Rom"Com" from a Man's perspective. Really lovely movie. At first I felt the guy was a bit of a jerk cos he didn't show much emotion at the whole; "I'm walking out on you-and I'm sleeping with some other dude"-thing. But he was obviously the one getting duped, so yeah. There you have it: Girls & Boys dó go through similar challenges. All the other notions are just myth. My heart sure was beating faster* <3
Jutta Maier (23 days ago)
Comedy??? No, just boring drama
Donnamae Lanterna (25 days ago)
the girl looks like nina dobrev on her 40's.
LiPi SaHa (26 days ago)
Fuck don't you dare to say anything about indian spices they are blessing , from india to the world 😃😃😃 and we Indians can't imagine our life without them
Pankj Singh (27 days ago)
If anybody wanna be learn English please note down my whatsapp no. +9196705826655
Amelia Roque (29 days ago)
So real. 5-stars; acting, script, . . . .
Fifi Sabalis (29 days ago)
Great movie. Thanks
4 غ
Connie Cabayao (1 month ago)
Lavandula Vera (1 month ago)
Such a beautiful movie...❤
Cameron Pather (1 month ago)
Just a marvelous movie!
rich strong (1 month ago)
Why adds on a boot legged movie ?
G Dh L (1 month ago)
Not bad..
EDEN GATES (1 month ago)
G S (1 month ago)
Very decent and peaceful story.. Really love this movie
R. Taylor (1 month ago)
Not a comedy. Kind of depressing actually.
Maryanne Mkaluma (1 month ago)
I don't like the ending at all 😒😒😒😒
Sandra Gush (1 month ago)
What utter crap.
badcito (1 month ago)
I like the movie, it feels like a time snapshot, a honest moment in life. Is interesting the real and simple life snapshot becomes a utopia on movies.
ElvisnRick (1 month ago)
What a soy boy , he should of kicked her out of the house when she told him she was already seeing someone else. Her reasons for wanting to leave just because the relationship had slowed down and wasn't so exciting anymore are pathetic excuses to break commitment . Just goes to show how females cannot commit and only base their relationships on how they feel. Just check out the MGTOW videos on you tube about this type of movie.
Northern Man82 (1 month ago)
Not a comedy!!!!! At all!!!!!
UWEGBA MERCY (1 month ago)
Real nice movie
Sibongile Tasila Phiri (1 month ago)
I saw My family in this movie... I loved it, was sad when it ended...
Nigz Art Tube (1 month ago)
Woman seems to be too mean
Fabisch Shoko (1 month ago)
33:43 The name Alex is mostly for Man
Richard Smith (1 month ago)
Fabisch Shoko ~~Alex could be short for Alexandra, Alexis’s just sayin
V Will (1 month ago)
This was a good movie~ good actors, real life situations~ my only gripe was I was looking for a comedy~ and no lie I was depressed before and still depressed after. But... I dunno.. it's ok... it was a good movie... I just need to go find a real comedy now to uplift my spirits.
Colin Wolrich (12 days ago)
I'm sorry to hear that you're depressed... why is that?
hamid poortaher (1 month ago)
فيلم ایرانی بزارید 😊😂😂😂
Abdimajid Adam Osman (1 month ago)
It should be longer
Oscar Gonzales (1 month ago)
una mierda aburrida
Ben Tilman (1 month ago)
So many people in the comments section need to open up a grammar textbook. I fear for the future of America.
Anushree Thatte (1 month ago)
There are not just Americans watching this channel. Also, isn't American population multi-lingual? I thought you accepted people from everywhere.
Brytanika Bowen (1 month ago)
Very boring movie but I like that the son cared so much for his parents.
Fahrin Zahrin (1 month ago)
I love the script. Sounds so real like a normal everyday conversation. Love this. Simple yet meaningful. I smiled and touched the whole movie as i think about my parents.
Kenneth Wilson (1 month ago)
movie was good but the title was misleading ... not a comedy
Joy Harmon (1 month ago)
stupid ending
Shahzad Khalil (1 month ago)
V good
Yacov Mitchenko (1 month ago)
Not a bad film at all. I was slightly irritated with the main male character at first, but it became clear that he was just human and that he was lost, confused. That explained why he couldn't commit himself entirely to his novel. He just didn't have enough mental clarity to know what to do with it. I suspect that some viewers considered this movie a waste of time because the movie's realistic, it's sad, the main characters are either confused, in a state of decay, or both. Erica seemed to anticipate a resounding success for her book; she probably thought she "had it made", but a few negative reviews shows her insecure side. Perhaps her strength and determination are more apparent than real. Perhaps she's not as clever as she originally thought (though one can't be sure on this point). The movie doesn't cater to sweet fantasies about success and happiness (which a lot of viewers expect). Life is like that: it throws many curve balls and many of our (positive) assumptions about ourselves turn out to be illusory or exaggerated in our favor. The guy's brother, like Erica, also seemed to be successful, enjoying the good life, but he wound up being fired, in debt, and asking his father for 200 000 dollars. The movie comes across as "a waste of time", yet much of life IS like a waste of time, if by that one means we often don't know where we're going in life or what we need to do (although we may pretend to know). We have goals, but we either get side-tracked or fail to fulfill them, of if we fulfill them, we remain unsatisfied. Many people don't want to be reminded of these uncomfortable realities. Watching "happy-go-lucky" movies, with sweet symmetrical developments, is simply their escape - and nothing more. Some viewers have complained about the ending, faulting it for being too abrupt, lacking a resolution. That's partly true, though there is in fact SOME resolution insofar as the main male character has managed to move on from Erica, will be dating someone shortly, and will probably continue to care for his parents. True, it's a modest ending, and, yes, I do think it's rather abrupt, but that, too, can be seen as just more realism. The ending further shows the unsatisfactory nature of life. Life is, in most cases, NOT about grand resolutions nor making historical contributions to the world, becoming famous or wealthy like Donald Trump. Most people have their little lives, full of confusion, banality, with few, if any, notable contributions. They have some very imperfect relationships, they get sick and old - and die. That's it. They don't go out "with a bang, but a whimper" (to appropriate some words from T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men"). And it's this aspect of the movie which may well piss off some people.
Y k (6 days ago)
How can you write such a long review???
Sudha Narayanan (11 days ago)
Very thoughtful and an excellent analysis. Thank you .
Colin Wolrich (12 days ago)
You make many excellent points my friend. Thank you.
Barbose Ch Marak (1 month ago)
Good movie !! I love this one
Hasna' Abdulmajid (1 month ago)
The ending was deep and touching. While the girlfriend was saying before.. Things never get better. The mother, who is losing her memory, herself, tells her, "Things will get better." There was something very authentic about this. Also witnessing the changes in the son and the descision to be there for his parents.
Mike Deakin (1 month ago)
Oddly enjoyable ... Good story and characters ... Thank you
Steve Horn (1 month ago)
All around, good movie. But the ending sucks. I mean what happens, with the brother, with the parents or him. It's almost like they ran out of money and had the cut the film short.
James Bissett (1 month ago)
Most excellent! Thank you for the upload.
Tushetinka Qat (1 month ago)
Tushetinka Qat (1 month ago)
movie name is wrong
Tushetinka Qat (1 month ago)
it is not a comedy
Tushetinka Qat (1 month ago)
+Bex InMT which part of it made you laugh? Tell me, please. Explanation for you: comedy movies make people laugh. This movie is nothing than drama-depression movie :)
Bex InMT (1 month ago)
Rarely do I comment however people who are "report happy" drive me bonkers. The title may be wrong but YOU are WRONG. Here is the movie synopsis: It is a comedy from an original script by Michael Maren, about a failed Brooklyn writer, Nathan Fisher, played by Bryan Greenberg, who visits his ailing parents in Florida. His mother (Lavin) has Alzheimer's and his father (Yulin) has recently had a stroke. How does it feel to be WRONG
Denis Goodale (1 month ago)
I wish it didn't end
Denis Goodale (1 month ago)
This movie is sooooo good, an real
Mendy Coker (1 month ago)
600th comment... lol
Harry (1 month ago)
I keep on checking how much time left to finish this nice movie, I didn't like it to end, I thought I will see Nathan on the 2nd date with Shelly and he will pay this time....lol. Cute movie. Make me think of my Mom who lives a thousand miles away. I miss her. I recommend you watch this one.
Virago (1 month ago)
movie was good though ending was not satisfactory... but it was not a waste of time...
Anna Molavi (1 month ago)
Made me miss my parents more😭😭
Ádria (1 month ago)
Finally one movie with a more real life story ♥️
Kamal Singh (1 month ago)
Ádria Rosana hi sss
Kevin Dad (1 month ago)
anyone else get the vibe this is some cartel money laundering scheme? lmao because of this movie, i call these free movies real mob movies lmfao
Kavita Singha (1 month ago)
lovely movie...why is the title given as sexy therapy...
apope06 (2 months ago)
The opening scene...what she describes was a relationship. didnt seem to me like the problems justified breaking up or meeting a new guy. The woman was very wrong. Good movie regardless.
Lcb312 (2 months ago)
great upload
Naomi Omone (2 months ago)
It's really emotional... Absolutely loved the parents. Their love for each other is just beautiful
Rosy Rose (2 months ago)
Slow but realistic
swati bakshi (2 months ago)
beautiful movie , never wanted it to end...
qaiserali shah (2 months ago)
Nice one
Leonardo Medina (2 months ago)
It need's porn ! You know in order to be a great film ! And were can I find the full version film's ? And the site's to get them iTunes and Netflix and IMDb all X rated beside's who watches 1:30 muvies what ever happened to the longer version of film's contact me if you have something oh and no blooper's
Feyha Tejani (2 months ago)
This is SUCH a beautiful film ♥️
Zeeshan malik Jhelum (2 months ago)
hello g
Fatima Mansour (2 months ago)
It sucks!!!
Gyarmathy Eszter (2 months ago)
Where is the comedy in this movie??? :-O
theAbeElement (2 months ago)
I can't stand these characters and it's only been 15 mins. off to watch something else.

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