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Who is the Best Dressed YouTuber of 2018? VOTE NOW! | Heavyweight Category

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VOTING CLOSES MAY 19th 2018, 23:59 PACIFIC STANDARD TIME CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvO6uJUVJQ6SrATfsWR5_aA?sub_confirmation=1 YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR VOTE AT ANY TIME BEFORE THE DEADLINE VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE LIGHTWEIGHT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFsZrjJ0znU VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE MIDDLEWEIGHT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOR2DWPOZ8M We've teamed up with Highsnobiety for the first ever fashion awards on YouTube. The BDYs are all about celebrating the YouTube streetwear community and showcasing a range of styles. This isn't about passing objective judgement. It's healthy competition and it's all love. Check out the YouTubers' channels below: Rickey Thompson: https://www.youtube.com/user/RickeyThompson Richie Le: https://www.youtube.com/user/richiele23 Qias Omar: https://www.youtube.com/user/QrewTV Blazendary: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmPxMp-5ZvzFNUp3R3_StuA Fung Bros: https://www.youtube.com/user/FungBrosComedy Use of any product and/or brand names does not imply any affiliation with, or any endorsement by, the respective owners of such products or brand names, unless specifically stated. PAQ is a show presented by four friends from London exploring the world of streetwear and men's fashion, from thrifting secondhand clothes to exploring hypebeast trends. A global show rooted in London lifestyle, including the latest from Supreme, North Face, Palace, Patta, Off-White, Raf Simons, Yeezy, Balenciaga and more.
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Text Comments (1973)
PAQ (6 months ago)
Voting is now CLOSED. Category Winner: Rickey Thompson
Coco Eschenburg (2 months ago)
Should’ve been riche le. He’s the most suttle and normal. I’m sorry but I hate Rickey Thompson’s style. How did he win?
Sekou Hicks (2 months ago)
PAQ those four dudes at the beginning were bums
lil veky (3 months ago)
i was being ironic lmao headass
Xavier Abello (3 months ago)
+lil veky bruh foh. Blazendary is literal shit
zack Castillo (5 months ago)
lil veky u know anything about style he only wheres hype clothes he got no styles sometimes the man is a walking billboard
SmMn SmMn (9 days ago)
and we will all look past the fact that rickey is in an amine music video
張智涵 (11 days ago)
I have to say that the Lightweight episode is way better than this one
Russell Achilles (1 month ago)
Rich Maine (1 month ago)
i can def see ricky transitioning into way more acting roles omg love
David Hatle (1 month ago)
Watching this wayy after the competition ended anyway, I understand why people are sort of discrediting Qias and Blazendary (although some of the insults are quite unnecessary) But Richie Le and Fung Bros are not at all hypebeasts imo. Richie Le just has that style where he personally prefers wearing more comfortable lowkey stuff with a little sprinkle of high end stuff. I don’t think you need to have the loudest “I’m into fashion” outfit to have fun with fashion and expressing yourself. And Fung Bros is also more lowkey/mainstream but I think that there’s a lot of basketball history and culture in their style which people in their area/circle probably pick up on which is cool too. That being said I do think Rickey deserves the win and you can ofcourse be loud and expressive if you want to. I just get a little annoyed at people being so judgmental and pretentious in fashion. I mean I’m pretty new to finding my style in fashion and all that, and I don’t think I’ll ever dive super deep into it, but the thing about PAQ that attracted me was that they’re very open minded and try to find the creativity in whichever style somebody rocks. But sometimes I don’t really see that reflected in the comments That was my little rant lol
David Hatle (1 month ago)
Ever get lost in writing a comment and then when you’re done you think omg I just wrote a couple paragraphs 😧? 😂😂
Gabi Devis (2 months ago)
Qais was talking about people viewing hypebeasts negatively, it’s because you don’t need a sense of fashion to be a hypebeast, you just need a lot of money to buy all the mainstream shit..
Daniel Owens (2 months ago)
Blaze should have won oh well
Rogelio Camargo (2 months ago)
It DoEsN't MaTtEr WhAt U WeAr - blazenfuckboii
Thaman Salami (2 months ago)
This qrew tv is all about sneaker only
Ino Zapanta (2 months ago)
Blazendary is such a hypebeast but I still commend hime for being tough enough to wear Air Mags more than 2x
Quake Shudder (3 months ago)
How Tf did rickey win, his clothes are bare ded
shon lembersky (3 months ago)
Tbh the guy that won dresses like a woman
Joseph Park (3 months ago)
Why isnt richie wearing any olive
JAM (3 months ago)
Shouldve been Richie
SAGA THE KAWAii KiLLA (3 months ago)
G Ricky merked’em
MidNiteR32 (4 months ago)
There's a huge gap between Rickey and everyone else. That dude can dress. Everyone else dresses like they're 15 years old.
Wameng Yang (4 months ago)
Omg if u haven’t notice but the host of this video has no fashion they stuff in the 1950s
Shannon Aiken (4 months ago)
Funny how their making a video about best dressed you tubers when they dress terribly
Raul (4 months ago)
Helmut Lang isn't german bro
Leonardo Perez (4 months ago)
ok no hate, but if you really know qias and seen him in person he does not dress like that on a daily lmao
Aidchade (4 months ago)
i swear to god if anyone voted quias
Flacko (4 months ago)
If you vote for qrew or blazendary you know nothing about fashion
Saviour Saviour (4 months ago)
Fuck all these hype ass niggas
Miro Baric (4 months ago)
These guys are dressed soooo bad
Presbian116 Tier1 (4 months ago)
when i first started learning about fashion in 2016 i was strictly in the culture of sneakers/air jordans/etc. so all i knew was richie le, qias, fung bros, bull1rtc. and i must say it is a bit disappointing to know that people with no real sense of fashion are represented in the heavyweight division. rickey thompson by and far is the best. to be fair i realize this was the best way to divide the categories since qiasomar's 1 million plus subscribers would overwhelm the lightweights.
Jesus Torres (4 months ago)
who ever votes for qias is retarded
Taiga (4 months ago)
Blazendary’s style is generic rich white boy
The_real_totalpkg ! (4 months ago)
U forgot cj so cool how
randy marsh (4 months ago)
Ugh blazendary looks so fucking dumb just standing he has no fucking style at all he cannot dress for shit jesus
Grim (5 months ago)
blazendary be looking hella smuck 💀
Ryan Chavez (5 months ago)
Uh none, Jose Zuniga
iijiff wxm (5 months ago)
What brand are those shoes Danny is wearing?
SkulTrooper7648 (5 months ago)
Whats the song at the blazendary part
papa jan shatner (5 months ago)
Seeing u and talka bout dreams. Now i will not go for my dreams because i dont want to end up a gay men. No offense to u and the gay community
papa jan shatner (5 months ago)
The fashion of christ
Rawad Maher (6 months ago)
what the song/beat at 13:41? help
L Saul (6 months ago)
Richie le was highly underrated
footballer pro19 (6 months ago)
Richie Le!
Gamers Heaven (6 months ago)
All 47 percent are high it looked horible
Fi Lip (6 months ago)
Song on 13:41 ?
Lil Flame On Deck (6 months ago)
Rickey is the clear winner here lol only one that knows how to create his own look out of original looking pieces. Richie is more of a sneakerhead, Fung Bros are just a bit too commonplace, and the other two... Just no lol
Sam Marie (6 months ago)
I respect what Richie was saying that’s like my motto you don’t have to break the bank to be fly
Sam Marie (6 months ago)
Wish I hadn’t forgotten about your challenge forever ago because Ive spent the last 3 days watching everything y’all have made. I would have voted for Ricky if I could have
Angel A (6 months ago)
Chloe Duncan (6 months ago)
where are the female youtubers?
Andrew Lee (6 months ago)
I been into streetwear longer than any of them but they older than me lol. Y’all wack
Fiel Tan (6 months ago)
Where tf is my man zuniga? Dude always looks sharp af and is using affordable pieces.
Ainjuhl (6 months ago)
He does dress good though
Ainjuhl (6 months ago)
Fiel Tan he’s not really a streetwear fashionista as I may say.
Goose Sandwich (6 months ago)
Maybe this was explained and I wasn't listening but what is the "Lightweight,Midweight,Heavyweight" thing based on? Because Its real hard to compare some like Rickey Thompson who has very good style with the Fung Bros who look like the dress like high school kids
reasn (6 months ago)
15 nominees are split into 3 groups of 5 based on how many subs they have coz they didn't want it to be the case of who has the most subs win
ComfortMsfit (6 months ago)
Rickey T for the win!!!
hello hi (6 months ago)
who farted on danny's pillow tho
Rifqi Carranza (6 months ago)
Gurls category please
Pepe Rodriguez (6 months ago)
How the fuck are any of these guys heavy weights? Get big boy Johnny on this
Thanh (6 months ago)
fuck blazendrayasryxastrasr fuck this guy fuck this face
NOT FOR FREEE (6 months ago)
Qias can’t dress for shit 😂
TakyToh (6 months ago)
Social repose, he wears an epic customer every video
Danny Luu (6 months ago)
wtf richie didn't win? he should of won...
Gabriel McDermot (6 months ago)
Where’s my boy Paul Cantu at?
Xavier Abello (3 months ago)
sergiovalenzuela11 (6 months ago)
Rickey only wins this cause he has more girls to vote for him
Jaynights _YG (6 months ago)
Richie le
Maximus Sepulveda (6 months ago)
Spare Sum (6 months ago)
Y tf do u not have richie le
Sabastian Doepke (6 months ago)
alhasan dahash (6 months ago)
Jayden Thammaracksa (6 months ago)
So is what they are wearing fashion?
Elan Goldstein (6 months ago)
who made that crazy ass beat during the fung bros vid
Playboi Hovah (6 months ago)
Lmfaoooooo !!!!
Silas Ditzer (6 months ago)
I voted do riche lee cause he buys beanies which have the colors of my home and he said 3 99 ...
Fate (6 months ago)
how the fuck did ricky winnnn
Ricky Alfred (6 months ago)
my fav is Tan Tang!
Poon Magar (6 months ago)
I vote Richie Le 👌
Steven Neal (6 months ago)
Lol I would win because don't see people wear migos clothes or like will Smith 90s shirts or like TLC shirt nothing like that plus I'd have all the dope cut jeans and I'd have all the best jerseys man I'd have my style down period I'd be so different man 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tiger25NYC Brooklyn (6 months ago)
Rickey is a straight No No, how the hell did he win. I was thinking Fung Bro or Richie Le would win. What has the world come to.
Tiger25NYC Brooklyn (6 months ago)
Devs Richie Le and Fung Bros styles are more my style. I don't see any one really dressing like your boy its to strange.
devon0 (6 months ago)
rickey won bc he dresses better than all these dudes, way more of a unique style
Ezron Tan (6 months ago)
They need to watch TMF. teachingmenfashions by Josezuniga
Nicolas Hill (6 months ago)
Quias Omar
Abe Bibiano (6 months ago)
Fuck qias, afghani fuck
Exotic Findable (6 months ago)
The first guy looks like something out of Ben and ed
Villain Gaming (6 months ago)
Qias shouldn’t even be up here
B.RESTORED (6 months ago)
So it’s kind of funny how you guys are hosting the best dressed show
Edward Llamas (6 months ago)
Qias middle aged man wearing teenagers clothes all in the wrong way how is he even in here
Ang Fam (6 months ago)
rickey needs to talk about his fashion more on his YT channel because honestly WHAT A GUY
Tekashi 6ixty9ine (6 months ago)
Who tf Is this gay ass nigga ricky
Saadia Khurram (6 months ago)
Blazendary has to be the best dressed heavyweight youtuber for sure.
Leilani Ioane (6 months ago)
Useless PersonalOpinions (6 months ago)
José Zuniga From TMF Would school all these hypebeast maafakaz
SaintLaurentDon (6 months ago)
he dresses like a shitty mall store mannequin but okay
Marc Picazo (6 months ago)
Richie le all the way
VippeXD (6 months ago)
Everyone here except Rickey has horrible or plain and boring style.
Honey Cardenas (6 months ago)
Casting my vote for Mr. Richie HypeTalk Le and Fung Bros
Tristan Timothy (6 months ago)
Qias is just a rich boy that only wears hyped clothing, he has no style whatsoever. Richie Le for the win.
Official T.N (6 months ago)
Richie for me
Baron L (6 months ago)
imo i dont think qias dress well but i am a fan of his content(the old content)
Galatix Rogue (6 months ago)
Blazendary was the best by far... Clothes dont have to be 90s style or crazy to look good. Thats why i like blazendary
Mason smith (6 months ago)
its called who's the best dressed people not judge them for the way they look
Mason smith (6 months ago)
btw you can't be a judge of style if your judging the person thats wearing the style
Mason smith (6 months ago)
Blazendarys got my vote +++
Mason smith (6 months ago)
style is out of the ordinary say if someone really popular wore something and everybody that follows him/her seen it there gonna start that trend off as soon as they get the chance then you'll see it more than ounce the reason we switch our styles is because everybody starts to dress the same. Styles is out of the ordinary, different something that is inspiring to the eyes.
Brian Shiffler (5 months ago)
Mason smith pause are you trying yo say that actually blazendary dresses well
Mason smith (6 months ago)
blazendary b*tches
alain kov (6 months ago)
No offense but except Rickey, all these youtubers style is more based on their clothes brands than their creativity skills and sense of style itself. Man can wear a full h&m outfit and still win a challenge against those hypebeast people.
SIZZLASLOTH (6 months ago)
i think helmut is austrian
C3 TheCollywoodLife (6 months ago)
The middle weights have the best style,and out of this group I dont understand how fung bros are in last by so far...

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