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Here are my basic nail hacks I think every girl needs to know! These are my beginner and easy beauty hacks that create the perfect DIY mancure at home. Whether it's a pamper yourself night or you're trying to say some money, I definitely wanted to show you how to do your nails and the best tips and tricks to get the perfect manicure! Don't miss out, subscribe here! https://goo.gl/x5tVGj Check out some of these nail tutorials I've done in the past: FUGLY to FAB | DIY Pedicure at home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NdW-cCSMCQ DIY ACRYLIC NAILS! (without using acrylic) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLW5fSJd03s How to FIX a broken nail!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lk0pRmPtnmw Nail Care Routine (for short nails) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0HGSdzbMwY How to paint your nails perfectly! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lifHhqw3qEY SOCIAL MEDIA ♡ Instagram: @AlexandrasGirlyTalk http://bit.ly/1TSclUm Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/queenofmondays Facebook: Alexandra Beth https://goo.gl/dtTo71 Snapchat: queenofmondays Business Inquiries: [email protected]
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Text Comments (1727)
Sista Sista (1 day ago)
Holy crap that was useful 😂
BTS ARMY!! (2 days ago)
I am definitely going to try the nail polish application hack.
Jenna Kay (3 days ago)
i love how you get straight to the point
miranda whitehead (3 days ago)
Everytime I apply nail polish it peels off or chips how to fix that
Jasmine (5 days ago)
Thank you!
Claire Atkins (6 days ago)
it doesn't wok for kids
Lucy Rickard (8 days ago)
Great tips!! Thank you!!!
Khan Jaan (10 days ago)
I littlery love ur channel so much ur videos are so helpful ilysm ❤
JuaniqueVerde (10 days ago)
YAASSSS!!! 2 Quick questions: is latex toxic? If yes, what are some alternatives? Because my nail painting is MESSY AF! 🤐😲 I need help!
Lara Jurišić (11 days ago)
I guess ItS nOt A pRobLeM aNyMore
Lara Jurišić (11 days ago)
USE PEEL OFF BASE COAT 😂 #holosexuals
Aneesa Ali (12 days ago)
this woman is talking like she has a gun to her head😦😕😕😣😣😣
Natalia Ali (13 days ago)
Ever heard of simplynailogical😂😂😂
Meriam (13 days ago)
You can reduce staining on your nails by putting a base coat or a topcoat beneath your colour. I do this whenever I'm wearing dark or intense colours because I hate staining my nails with a passion. I mean you should be doing it anyway but if you don't always bother you should at least do it with more extreme colours
Fem Hearts (15 days ago)
omg it looks so pretty 3>
_merpitscassandra_ (15 days ago)
MsMarie0072 (16 days ago)
Thank you I’m learning so much...
765respect (16 days ago)
Sally Hansen does not test on animals. They get my money.
ty_jenna Gaming (17 days ago)
Ha ha one Direction any one I guess not :/
Geneva Walsh (18 days ago)
I don't do anything to my cuticles
Crazy Frog (18 days ago)
Hey guys, I found a website where you can get nail supplies for dirt cheap. Just Google: "nail9 1 nail shop"
Justin Hopkins (18 days ago)
For girls? What about us boy? 😔
Karen (19 days ago)
Oh my gosh, I am so glad I came across your channel today. The hack for removing dark polish worked awesome! So easy and no mess, thank you!
Itzel R (19 days ago)
Omg who are you 😭😍😍
Jenny Russell (19 days ago)
Ugh literally the most relaxing voice in the world
Layne Summer (22 days ago)
Every article in every fashion magazine says to file in one direction - just as you do - and the fact that every manicurist I've been to saws back-n-forth makes me nuts!
Zareen Taj (23 days ago)
It is very helpful for me bcuz for my nails thank you.....
least favorite (24 days ago)
Who else is wait for there nails to dry while watching this? No just me okay
dumb thing (25 days ago)
Or boy Huh
Omg I got so scared when she was scrapping her nails and when she was using nail polish remover and didn't use oil right after I died inside
Dimple Rehal (26 days ago)
ive been doing all the wrong steps, no wonder my nail polish always looks like shit haha.... gd video!
SunshineRays Again (27 days ago)
2:16 I Read Bill Nye ! 😂
Anandi Banerjee (28 days ago)
I tried..i couldn't do it as good....sad me
Sip Yo (29 days ago)
It’s bad too push back your skin
Raquel Llauger (30 days ago)
You are the best! Thank you for a great tutorial!
PurpleUnicorn 601 (30 days ago)
She sounds like shes in the middle of taking a dump.
Radhika Rani (1 month ago)
You have helped us a lot😊
Am I the only one who watched this upside down lmfaoo dead but these tips are so amazing and helpful thankyou beautiful girl you saved my life
Luigi TAV (1 month ago)
Hi please come to see my videos too! Thank you!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg_q6rGaVijBR0ZhZ6FeCYQ
Mrs. Artistic (1 month ago)
This helps a lot
thanks 😊
nomana sadaf (1 month ago)
wao very nice 👍
Kari Short (1 month ago)
Very helpful 👌 Thanks 💝
Karin Cope (1 month ago)
If you cut up nylons into squares and use that or gauze pads to remove dark polish it will work 110% Better then cotton pads. Use 1/2 as much polish as you think and do more coats you will get a better finished product. Use Separate Base Coat and Top coat as they do 2 different things, Base stays tacky to adhere polish to your nail and Top Coat will harden.
Michelle Morera (1 month ago)
these tips saved my life 🙌🏻
Terry Hunter (1 month ago)
What is the nude color used in the thumbnail? Thanks
Bonnie Kelley (1 month ago)
Jikson Almeida (1 month ago)
Tooo good make more vidieo....im working for saloon
Carolina Boone (1 month ago)
My sister found this fungus remedy “amazing womwom site” (Google it) lately right after a year of searching for the best solution for her fungus-infected toenails. Right after trying it, she seen a major difference! There was no more black or even purple spots in her nail bed.
Mimi Love (1 month ago)
i love u so much for that thank you so much
ZIP (1 month ago)
Talor voice😝
Silvio Guzman (1 month ago)
OMG so usefull!!!!
C Dhan (1 month ago)
The polish shudnt be so close to the cuticle. U want the top coat to completely cover the polish WITHOUTH flooding cuticle..
Alicja Moniatowicz (1 month ago)
mind = blown. You are genius.
Matsidiso Bambo (1 month ago)
very helpful actually thanks
Do Somthing (1 month ago)
My cuticles are really long and thick though!! If I push them back they come down again!
SaMoo KHaaNi (1 month ago)
The Ben nye latex is good even for applying normal nail polish
Sarah Marusu (1 month ago)
This video is a life saver!!!! Thx so much
Amber Davis (1 month ago)
How am i a 26 year old girl, and literally did not know ANY of these 😭
Lana Lana (1 month ago)
Scraping the top of the nail will weaken it and will brake easier
sue wise (1 month ago)
Your nails are not good at all
JACQUELINE Di MATTIA (1 month ago)
Great info 😘👍
I enjoyed it 🤗
LaVonda DeBrito (1 month ago)
DankRatchetGaming (1 month ago)
Cockhead (1 month ago)
Lol not Just Girls wear nail polish...
BeautyByLaura02 (1 month ago)
Check this out! ⬇️ https://youtu.be/6V3OUNTzQDQ
Nephshe Baht yisrael (1 month ago)
Luv ur hacks... Thanks haha
Araz Harboyan (1 month ago)
Absolutely loved this video cuz I've had every single one of those problems and didn't know half these hacks existed. Short, simple and to the point, perfect video that's gonna save me time and more importantly stop the frustration! 💅💖
Lily (1 month ago)
you sounded like you were on the verge of crying the entire time jesus christ
Lily (1 month ago)
this was so painful to listen to God
Komal Sharma (1 month ago)
Wow nyc tips
Justin Y. (1 month ago)
What does the clear stuff do?
Faith Clovis (1 month ago)
I’m allergic to latex. Is there any other way I can keep my fingers clean besides using nail polish remover at the end?
Dona With One NNN (1 month ago)
What is that polish color? I love it! thanks!!
Daniela Canvera (1 month ago)
Love your content !! I have started my own channel and you are such an inspiration! 😊💕
TheBurbulis (1 month ago)
I actually never wear a nail polish, but i just watch this video because you have so nice voice. Am i only who think that?
Liza Garland (1 month ago)
Sheryl Sadongdong (1 month ago)
where can i buy those clear latex
Nancy Couch (1 month ago)
This is hands down the BEST video on how to polish, remove polish and care for your nails. I'm so glad this video just popped up as a suggestion for me. I couldn't hit the Like & Subscribe quick enough. My absolute favorite tip is putting thick handcream on first and then remove dark polish using a one direction stroke. I love dark polish but it always stained my fingers and was a hot mess afterwards. I would have to bathe in polish remover to get it off, which it never completely came off. Now I'm going to wear dark polish whenever I want!
Harutyun Harutyunyan (1 month ago)
Hey can you make a vidio showing your nail polish collection????
Nash _ (1 month ago)
What do you mean your cuticles will hang if you cut them?
Jancy senthamil (1 month ago)
That cream name tell me pls
Tropica (1 month ago)
I agree with number 1, there is no need for cutting skin cuticles.  While taking a shower I rub mine back with a wash cloth and find that is enough for nails on  fingers and toes.
Katie Rapolas (1 month ago)
I enjoyed your video, great tips! Have you ever tried dry nail polish? It’ll save you TONS of time and steps! www.mycolorstreet.com/KatieRapolas
Jolie Mc (1 month ago)
This is helpful.Thank you so much you have a new subscriber😃
Llamacorn Fairy (1 month ago)
One direction
Trina Bartholomew (1 month ago)
Star Child (1 month ago)
Hopefullly after a couple hours of nail application obsession - one can proceed to greater and lofty goals; read a book, learn a language , learn an instrument, take a course, give some time to a shelter or other charity, clean up a park or area .......GOOD LORD.
brenda jackson (1 month ago)
Great tips! Thank you👌👏
Carmen C (1 month ago)
Omg this was soooo helpful❤❤
Maam Yes Maam (1 month ago)
How do I find a professional that will do these techniques? I never pay for manicure b/c I get hang nails and my nails always split from the sides.
Beauty Nails (1 month ago)
No god no, do not remove the oil!! The oil makes your nail stronger and does not brake! You shoudn’t be taking the oil of your nail but adding even more nail oil will 100% pure jojoba oil. Your nail needs that oil or it would be dry, thin at takes forever to grow. No hate please just pointing out the obvious!!!
flarecat! (1 month ago)
oh my gOD that dark polish hack is life-changing. I've always avoided dark colors for that exact reason, I'm so excited to whip out all of my blood reds again haha. You're an actual goddess Alex ilysm <3
Valhalla (1 month ago)
holy shit my life will never be the same o.O
miss cat (1 month ago)
Cool channel!
Colorless (1 month ago)
I'm a guy and I could use some hacks
Hannah B Whitman (1 month ago)
boys can use this too 🤷🏻‍♂️
sarah sargeson (1 month ago)
Hillary Calton (2 months ago)
Thank you so much!! My nails look so pretty now
X.X.YAZMINN ! (2 months ago)
I love your voice 😍

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