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Let's Play Lords of Magic (Order) Part 1 - A Lone Warrior

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Now that the CD is in, let's get started.
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FireBlade X (1 year ago)
The goblins look like teenage mutant ninja turtles
Sir Michael J (1 year ago)
LOM is truly one of my favorite games
Sir Michael J (1 year ago)
if you select the armor that "lashes" out, you can beat it on hard. Defend and let the armor kill for you . I forget the name of the armor and don't feel like booting up the game to find out haha
Helawolf (7 months ago)
Fire had armor that would shoot a flame dart at target.
Anthony Hansel (3 years ago)
Chaos is the best faction. Get a high level mage and their spells are almost broken. Especially Hand of Fate.
FireBlade X (1 year ago)
Chaos is my favorite too.
Andrew Bowler (3 years ago)
More people should be watching this LP of a forgotten yet fun game.
Rhys Davies (3 years ago)
Thank you for playing this game
Darius Brinson (3 years ago)
Thank you for saying so.
TheJigen (3 years ago)
Order is my favorite as well

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