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Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

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Tim Urban knows that procrastination doesn't make sense, but he's never been able to shake his habit of waiting until the last minute to get things done. In this hilarious and insightful talk, Urban takes us on a journey through YouTube binges, Wikipedia rabbit holes and bouts of staring out the window -- and encourages us to think harder about what we're really procrastinating on, before we run out of time. For more from Tim Urban, visit Wait But Why: http://www.waitbutwhy.com/ TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksD...
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Text Comments (34946)
Kiane Morais (5 hours ago)
I was watching killer whale attacks, then I was watching folk covers and then I was here. Hi.
Spottedleaf (6 hours ago)
I have three reports but here I am watching this video for the third time to remind me why I shouldn't be procrastinating Hey, I never said I wasn't done those reports
Bts Jikook4life (7 hours ago)
I have home work..but I'd rather watch this...
ABID CHOWDHURY (7 hours ago)
I should be doing my homework right now, but I'm watching this!
Parker Clem (7 hours ago)
I love this and him and you and not doing anything productive please come get the monkey
Lihardistin qweafy (8 hours ago)
Supposed to write an essay right now. Due tomorrow
hELP. Is there a cure for procrastination? :[ My panic monster doesn't exist. Just the guilt monster. The insta-gratification monkey is running rampant now because of the guilt monster... I want to procrastinate more because te guilt :[[
MusicLists (9 hours ago)
I procrastinated watching this...
Xtasy (15 hours ago)
Standing ovation
iNDikAzkOoL (16 hours ago)
Kinda ironic how everyone watching this is procrastinating
Carolyn Baird (17 hours ago)
I’ve spent the last 3 months in the dark playground and now I’m here the day before a really big career deciding test and the panic monster hasn’t arrived yet
XKL 1010 (20 hours ago)
I have 3 papers in 2 days, and my monkey justified this video ..you been procrastinating all day, this videos just 14 minutes, watch it even though its against me.
Ballet Dancer (21 hours ago)
Procrastinating by watching this. Lol.
Black Alende (1 day ago)
paused then put it on my playlist to watch it later
XHAD (1 day ago)
Funny how a TED talk that took 3 days to make has more views than ones that took over a year and over a thousand hours of critique has
Ayaz Mehmood (1 day ago)
We need a revolution against these monkeys.
Monica Lewis (1 day ago)
I’m procrastinating on my English hw rn by watching this 😂
Jurassic Shark (1 day ago)
Lol, I have a novel I have to read that is almost 400 pages and I need to read it by Friday (which is in 4 days) and I haven't started it and instead I'm watching this. xD
Andreas Delany (1 day ago)
I wish he had offered a solution to the problem other then "get your life together" already lost 3 entire years because of this bs
Henri Clement (1 day ago)
Zen calls mental hyperactivity aka always thinking there is something else to do or to think of : The monkey jumping from branch to branch. Meditation - or doing nothing just sitting - is one way to focus, see and try to slow down the monkey.
Fortnite_ Playz (1 day ago)
I actually understood 😂
Gen Genifer (1 day ago)
Whenever I get a message about a new video I always say "I'll watch that later" *takes me 2 months to watch*
schweizer93 (1 day ago)
Does somebody has some advice for a Type 2 Procrastinator (no deadline)? I only find comments about how much they are procrastinating right now.....
Nij Jin (1 day ago)
Pretty name and all, but procrastinator is just a fancy word for having no discipline.
lusina Ho (2 days ago)
He is right.
Stella Joy (2 days ago)
Literally watching this with an essay due tomorrow
Jacob Sargent (2 days ago)
I'm supposed to have read seven books by tomorrow...
Radagast r (2 days ago)
yep, i hate this, unless i have a deadline i dont get anything done.
mr.kitloin (2 days ago)
im such a procrastinator, I do my math homework IN CLASS. THE DAY ITS DUE. I can't do it during lunch because math is first period...
MccPlayzMC (2 days ago)
if he can do it so can i
Tiago Oliveira (2 days ago)
They gave me 3 months to do 3 deep learning projects and one month extra just in case I didn’t finished it within the 3 month period, well you guessed it the panic monster showed up a few weeks ago, I have 28 days left, working on project 2 now, I can do it!!!
Michael Lai (2 days ago)
Morgan Miller (2 days ago)
There's a kid in my class who I would guess is on the same level. But I'm pretty much the same lol God bless and Jesus loves you all<3!
Fae (2 days ago)
Fucking same.
Mr Roostro (2 days ago)
I just realized i'm procrastinaring rhight now.....
idk yt (2 days ago)
im procrastinating right now, i should be finishing my homework that was due last week 😅
s chong (2 days ago)
same here. many replies here are about procrastinating studying and doing assignments --but i'm procrastinating calculating marks and writing report cards!
mondler rocks (2 days ago)
this is soooo me!!!!
Sarah G (2 days ago)
I’m “pro” crastination.
Adrian Mejia (2 days ago)
I found this video while I was PROCRASTINATING!!
been living in the dark playground for the last three months
Linh Nguyễn Bá (2 days ago)
This man don’t know what is life 😄
Alex M. Chong (3 days ago)
i was hoping something actually insightful from a TED talk
poopity scoop (3 days ago)
I swear if I dont do my project I'm gonna fail though I'm at a 80 something
Abdurrhman (3 days ago)
I had this video in my watch list for a while , been procrastinating to watch it . I’m also here now just to write this comment and I’ll watch this later .
sonofabitch (3 days ago)
I procrastinated for a few months to watch this video and do something with my procrastination.
Livu S (3 days ago)
Okay but if the thing gets done in time, does it really matter if it's "procrastinated?" :P If the result is the same if I were finish that thing long before due, or somewhere in between that time, or last minute, and would anyway fill the time I'm not working on he thing with sh!t? :D
Livu S (3 days ago)
oh got it. procrastinating when there's no deadline. yup. deeply in it.
Dahlsyar Storm (3 days ago)
I concur with everything he said. Now, how do I fix it? XD
Faltron CZ (3 days ago)
Well... that was the analysis of the problem. Does anyone have some solution for this chronical kind of procrastination? :'D :D
BroKi (3 days ago)
Woah, like 6 months ago, I was in a bad place. Feeling overly stressed about college. And this was because of my procrastination. I have AD(H)D and the feeling of not getting anything done manifested itself in an unhealthy way. My mechanism to cope with procrastination I learned myself was to wake up the panic monster way before the deadlines were there. This resulted in a constant present amount of stress. Which eventually became too much for me. I went to a psychologist and I was in a near-burn out phase. Then I just layed down all my work and quit for 2 months straight. With the help of the psychologist and meditation I managed to plan my days and gradually stick with them. This did not came easily, in the past I just gave up after a few weeks of trying. But now if I failed, I just tried it again and again. Planning fun things really helped too. It made me wanna get up in the morning. Now I am in such a better place! I keep myself to my schedule, I finish before my deadlines are due and I overall feel a lot better. I have made a few videos (and now have a few clients for whom I produce :) ) on the side and I built my own website! I get a lot more things done and I am proud of myself. If you have some questions for me I would gladly help you! You can send me a direct message via my website (maxvanlaarhoven.nl). I know how hard it is but many people are probably in a far worse place than me so maybe I don't know. But maybe I can be of help! Thank you.
Manjeet (3 days ago)
I had to do physics. But I'm procrastinating by watching this
Manjeet (3 days ago)
Cristy Clarence (3 days ago)
This, I can soooo relate
Dev :: (3 days ago)
I even procrastinate going to sleep :(
InfectiousEnder (4 days ago)
I'm supposed to be asleep two hours ago, but my spiral led to me watching this...
Spinysky Studio (4 days ago)
amazing and brilliant.
Z Queen1 (4 days ago)
Procrastinating while reading the comments then commenting after watching the video
Keari Hayes (4 days ago)
Charlotte B. (4 days ago)
And I am in the middle of Procrastination. In the YouTube Endless Loop xD
Jules Pascato (4 days ago)
11 minutes and 40 seconds of procrastination crossing out my 20 years worth of boxes on the life calendar
wanderingsoul (4 days ago)
fantastic talkkk
Boombox Lamb (4 days ago)
I’ve no idea how this video got in my “Watch Later” playlist but looks like I procrastinate a lot too lol
TheBadgerKing (5 days ago)
Came literally after 4 hours of youtube videos of procrastinating sleep. At 3 a.m.
Juliana Kunst (5 days ago)
The panic monster comes every morning for me
Unknown (5 days ago)
Those small boxes of your life was a very clever thing to do, essentially you are wasting away your life by doing pointless things you really do not want to be doing but that gives you a stress free environment for a while
Jayden Mc (5 days ago)
Wanted to watch this video but saved this video in my playlist for 2 years. Now I know why
dunkn (5 days ago)
i have a test tomorrow.
Alex Haggan (5 days ago)
I am a procrastinator and proud
Tyler Jordan (5 days ago)
Saving this to watch later when I have time.
iskander Vigoa (5 days ago)
wow... the last act went heavy
Aleksander T. E. (5 days ago)
I was supposed to do some housework and work, but I found a playlist about traveling and I'm now watching this.
jalusasa (5 days ago)
Good way of describing it
Thainá Carmo (5 days ago)
I was in the dark playground but after this video I'm going to study...
Sterbooo58 (5 days ago)
It took me over a month to actually watch this.
Galilean Moon (3 days ago)
Yeah...me too!!
Stella W (5 days ago)
I come back to this video every once in a while to realise that I've just become even worse haha
my panic monster doesn't work
Matt (5 days ago)
I'm procrastinating my homeworks with this video😂
I (5 days ago)
5:27 why they show the black people at that moment?
Neha Ramphul (5 days ago)
I have 2 essays due next week and yet again here i am in the dark playground
Mariajen Xxz (5 days ago)
i think its undiagnosed adhd,.many things to do,u don't know where to start,while you want to do something your brain also simultaneously looking for stimulant..atleast thats how i feel..i can't somehow focus on things..i also start something then i don't finish bcoz guess what i found other more interesting thing to do
DMAN D (6 days ago)
Add to "Watch later"
But what happens when the panic monster not only scares off the instant gratification monkey, but also eats the rational decision maker and then all you have is a panic monster with an upset stomach?
Victor's Good Channel (6 days ago)
I think I have decided that I am a procrastinator It sux
Nonna-_-That (6 days ago)
My monkey made me watch this :(
ROKESH KUMAR G (6 days ago)
2:42 & 2:52 😂😅😂 just like my case..!!
Shahnwaz Alam (6 days ago)
Si Man 斯曼 (6 days ago)
I was in the playground all semester, tomorrow is my final exam. 😭
András Wessely (6 days ago)
I will watch this,.. later! 🙂
Deez Nuts (7 days ago)
Procrastination is a lot more than a mere habit. It is a way of life.
tyra (7 days ago)
2:22am i have midterms and an essay due tomorrow 🙃yay
Derp Derpinson (7 days ago)
"I wrote 90 pages in 72 hours" oh hi
Amelia 078 (7 days ago)
I don't have a panic monster
Chan Kookie (7 days ago)
I bet this guy procrastinated this ted talk presentation.
mel daly (7 days ago)
im supposed to be doing homework. here i am.
thomas hughes (7 days ago)
Saw this on my recommended two years ago,added it to my watch later and only got around to watching it now
Sereen Kayani (7 days ago)
i need help i need to make an inference about what tim is saying but im procrastinating. Ironically this homework was given to the biggest procrastinator in the classroom.
Jesus Santiago (7 days ago)
Sería maravillo traducirlo al español. con CC al menos.
藤堂綺凛 (7 days ago)
KazzY (7 days ago)
pretty ironic that i'm procrastinating by watching this
PropellerBusted (7 days ago)
* adds to watch later playlist *
Celesto Science (8 days ago)
Monkey? But my brain has an instant gratification King-Kong!

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