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The key to a better malaria vaccine | Faith Osier

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The malaria vaccine was invented more than a century ago -- yet each year, hundreds of thousands of people still die from the disease. How can we improve this vital vaccine? In this informative talk, immunologist and TED Fellow Faith Osier shows how she's combining cutting-edge technology with century-old insights in the hopes of creating a new vaccine that eradicates malaria once and for all. Check out more TED Talks: http://www.ted.com The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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Charlie Rakowsky (5 days ago)
Anti-vaxxers are just 1st-world people who haven't experienced hosting a terrible parasite.
william smith (6 hours ago)
Exactly. Your comment is very truthful
George Yan (5 days ago)
poverty is the cause, money is the panacea
Good ☺
Brilliant woman. Thrilling science. All the best. We in 3rd world need to have vaccination for malaria/dengue/chikungunya and other mosquito borne diseases.
Michael Harig Jr (8 days ago)
I fear saving people who can't support themselves & look for outside interventions. They will overpopulate their communities in a few generations. I'm trying to see the positive in the negative of malaria. Natural culling is seen as a good thing in the wild to manage numbers, food, space, habitat, etc. Humanity must learn to control themselves & their sexual urges, & desires before fixing these problems for those who won't or can't support & survive on their own. Let's not perpetuate the issues & problems of humanity by defying natural orders & allowing more humans to add to them. Let us not be like: giving a liver transplant to an alcoholic who doesn't plan on stopping their drinking habit... let's not perpetuate the sickness & waste of resources, if people are not going to do for themselves. Saving people just to suffer, doesn't sound very humane to me...
Kevin Dong (9 days ago)
Leave a like if you are pro vaxx, leave a dislike if you are anti vaxx. We'll try to find out....
Gwen Geiman (9 days ago)
Why Does My Teacher Keep Showing Me These
Gwen Geiman (6 hours ago)
william smith lmao
william smith (6 hours ago)
Because she doesn't want anyone in your class to become antivax idiots
優Swish (7 days ago)
Gwen Geiman cuz u suck dicc
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Nolan Eisnor (10 days ago)
Lmao! Well it’s easy nor does it take these money wasting data compilations. Disallow funding from our taxes. If in fact it’s been 100 years of research, Africa and its immigrates owe lots of money. More so, above stopping our money, we need to stop migration from ANY locations. Much the same as dealing Ebola. “My team” as she says will be deported and non funded. “We take care of this in Africa” buuuuuuuut credit and misappropriated accomplishment should. It be wasted on issues which our not ours. Homeless and hungry, Veterans neglected, medical needs here at home are a must. Yet we allow this? Not even close to a vaccine? Troubling. The “burden of disease in Africa” and or associated countries, populations who overcrowd the world are not OIR responsibility.
Nguyen Chanh (10 days ago)
Can someone explain 3:30 to 3:42 pls. What is "omics intelligence" and what is "recreate parasite on a chip"?
Bernardo Fajardo (10 days ago)
Well, I though anti-vaxers didn't watch these videos and because of that they are threatening all of us, but by some comments I can see they actually have access to the information, but they're so paranoic that they talk b**ls**t about it. Huxley's Brave New World is here! We have access to lots of information, but people don't know how to judge truths and lies.
electee affectee (10 days ago)
Colloidal silver or mms will cure malaria. If you ever take any vaccination you're out of your mind!
william smith (6 hours ago)
Johanne Claon (10 days ago)
Only people who ever lives enough time in a country where Malaria exists can understand how many person hope this vaccine 😥🤩🤩🤩
Stephan Sockel (10 days ago)
So this is what I would call progress. Africa needs more people like her. More power to this woman!
Alpha Strength (10 days ago)
Yeah, no more malaria
Kelly Lve (10 days ago)
Dylan T (11 days ago)
You go girl.
Shaafici ahmed Ali (11 days ago)
orange manbad (11 days ago)
But what about the mosquitoes you uncaring heathens.
Somphoth Siratsamy (11 days ago)
Obviously there was no true genius inference engaged in the project. Just drop an antibody into a 300 cyclenders and see where this hypothesis go
Somphoth Siratsamy (11 days ago)
Why do we need antibodies if there are ppl ammun. All you need to do is edit the chromosome
Patrick Kübler (11 days ago)
The people, who are immune, are due to their antibodies. Thats why the Ab are of interest.
Somphoth Siratsamy (11 days ago)
She forgot bout Ebola
Libe Man girl (11 days ago)
Плохо, дудки субтитров на российском!
Eli Nope (11 days ago)
We need European vaccines to migrate to Africa so they can have European birth rates.
Devin Cory (11 days ago)
YouTube: The key to a better malaria... Me: I don't think we need that, but thanks tho. YouTube: vaccine | Faith Osier Me: Oh.
Stuart Emmons (11 days ago)
mms is the cure!
Tony Sanchez (11 days ago)
... is DEET.
GiggitySam Entz (11 days ago)
Here's one her cool papers : http://sci-hub.tw/10.1126/scitranslmed.3008705
Ajmal Azad (11 days ago)
Hat's off for her Work
KGBz (11 days ago)
Vitamin c Heals all that https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBTPq_aYW18L_PXycgjhKYuGb05bHhWjg
KGBz (11 days ago)
Átila Afonso (11 days ago)
Some comments in this video section are just sad, and ignorant. I hope for the best in the project.
Вика Жизнь (11 days ago)
Ух-ты пушок-ты, а я задумывалась-это российский канал, ну-ка, ладненько
Lilyella London (11 days ago)
Very interesting!
Westie (11 days ago)
We have the technology to wipe out mosquitos completely. It’s beyond time to use it. Even scientists studying mosquitos agree the positives would far outweigh any ecological consequences
geoff mcclelland (11 days ago)
Westie they don't know if it would work where there is a height population or competition for food or predators. You know the real world. You can do all sorts of things in a lab that won't work outside the extremely controlled lab environment
Deoxy king (11 days ago)
And the scientist
Deoxy king (11 days ago)
+Westie do you know not all mosquitos aren't vectors ? And I ask for the proof of "positives outweighting the ecological consequence
Westie (11 days ago)
geoff mcclelland They have wiped out a small lab population yes. That was the test. If they had wiped out a huge area of the planet then we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Many scientists know there will be some ecological consequences but think it is worth doing regardless.
geoff mcclelland (11 days ago)
Westie did the search and your wrong. They have wiped out small lab population but still require years of testing in more realistic environments before know if it would work in the wild. Also no where did I find that it would be ok environmentally to wipe out mosquitos as many fish birds and other animals eat them
Tammy Parry (11 days ago)
Does TED get money from the Rothchilds? George Soros? Bill Gates?
lehninger (10 days ago)
tammy... go back to your pole.
Avenger (11 days ago)
@Tammy Parry You can hear that dog whistle from a mile away.
Go back to the caves
Luccardi (11 days ago)
Tammy Parry because they talk about vaccins?
Qylo (11 days ago)
did you get your brain cells from the dollar store?
Humble Muslima (11 days ago)
The key is...stop getting vaccinated. Don't sheeple realize vaccinations carry the diseases that then get transfered to others??
lehninger (10 days ago)
no, we actually understand how vaccines work :)
Humble Muslima (11 days ago)
Emmett Collins-Sussman http://www.eaec.org/misc/smokingGunOfAids.htm Yes, this is actually in the library of Congress available to the public due to the freedom of information act. Newborn babies are injected with the Hepatitis B vaccination when they don't even need it. It is needed "only" if the mother has it, which she most likely doesn't. Why would a person torture a newborn with this injection due to their lack of knowledge, along with the hospital medical staff talking them into it? Educate yourselves properly as to what vaccinations actually contain and do as you please. One day you will have to answer for what you've done to thr vessel that carries your soul. It's hypocritical how Jews run the vaccination propaganda, yet they themselves don't vaccinate. I have worked in healthcare and the flu vaccination doesn't even treat the current flu virus. This vaccination is made according to the previous year's diagnosis and will not prevent current flu. I have yet to meet a person who has gotten the flu shot and actually never got the flu. I'm sure most can't bare with my logic, just as I can't bare with how can people still bombard infants and children with so many vaccinations and be okay with that. Whatever rocks your boat, but there is more harm than good doing so.
Emmett Collins-Sussman (11 days ago)
+Humble Muslima Ok, prove it. Show us some of this research.
Humble Muslima (11 days ago)
Aurora Hsueh Not true.
Humble Muslima (11 days ago)
Africa...let's not forget the smoking gun of A.i.d.s. and how it really got into African males and females in Africa...through "vaccinations".
Desmaad (11 days ago)
She sounds like she's about to break into tears.
Vusale H-li (6 days ago)
Exactly and she speaks very clear
Sibylle Leon (10 days ago)
She has a beautiful, clear voice, I've no idea what you're on about.
oldgranny athlete (11 days ago)
Desmaad i think most people would when they're talking about a terrible disease like this...
Pierre Larochelle (11 days ago)
Forget vaccines! Help people develop a healthy immune system by providing clean organic food and clean water. Get rid of all the toxins in the environment. Vaccines are nothing but big business for Big Pharma, and seem to cause more harm than good.
Pierre Larochelle (4 days ago)
+Subrahmanyeswara Rao And it's even more strange that we are already in 2018 and you still don't know who started the vaccine agenda and for what reason. Hint: it's not for the health of people and the prevention of diseases. Please do some research on the Rockefellers & Bill Gates population control, with respect to vaccines.
Subrahmanyeswara Rao (4 days ago)
Funny you missed the basic definition of Vaccine . What you talking about is precaution against malaria . Vaccine is as in a substance that is prepared to improve your body’s immune in case you are affected of malaria ,basically falls under precaution. Not treatment . And most vaccines are free in order to control the outbreak like small pox or polio . Cheers ☺️☺️
Pierre Larochelle (11 days ago)
+Kaw Milo Begone drug pusher.
Pierre Larochelle (11 days ago)
+Phoenix Sounds like you've done no other research other than to read the common propaganda that's been fed to you from special interest groups, like Big Pharma.
Kaw Milo (11 days ago)
Begone Antivaxxer
Nicky ́s kanal (11 days ago)
SUB to pewdiepie
Avenger (11 days ago)
Eh, I used to be. His old content was much better. Hard pass.
Jens S. (11 days ago)
no u
ABDELAZIZ OSMAN (11 days ago)
Great work!
lloydgush (11 days ago)
So, in 50 years we will get a vaccine. That's what I'm getting from this... At least she will be alive to see the fruition of her work... Probably. She looks to be under 50.
olli tuovinen (11 days ago)
Overpopulation is bad.
william smith (7 hours ago)
But death is bad too. Imagine dying of a deadly disease. Is that worth helping get rid of overpopulation
Johanne Claon (9 days ago)
+CrystalPhoenix 547 The problem here is that everybody put Africa and Asia in the same place. But there are very different Also, in my country birth rate are lower than in the 2000s. We're on the good path but who cares 😥 ? As an inhabitant of a West Africa country, I can say that people are doing many children because they think that some of them will die. If we reduce mortality children mortality (Malaria is in the top 3). People will make less children. And all those children living will work for the country
Johanne Claon (9 days ago)
+Herr Smith So there's no problem of disease in Europe ? Do you know Malaria. I think no its written in your answer. Its not because there is overpopulation or sanitary problems that you can call this country "shitholes" At least, we know the difference between a country and a continent.
Herr Smith (9 days ago)
+Johanne Claon you're deluded if you think the presence of disease in overpopulated third world shitholes has no causal relationship. Europe isn't overpopulated and the birth rate is rapidly declining. Whites make up less than 8% of the global pop and dropping.
CrystalPhoenix 547 (10 days ago)
Avenger not really. It does with death. Humans are being a parasite to the world. And destroying stuff in our wake. We build our selves of the death of land. And soon. Will be non exsistint if there is no change
Wake Up (11 days ago)
Lol. TEDs pushing robot love and how to make your child autistic vids today. Better than their pro pedo vids, but still along their Satanic agenda lines.
Keep in mind that the red Cross have been using the MMS protocol of Jim Humble to fight it. But big pharma won't allow.
Ad ?
X (11 days ago)
This wasn't the stand up comedy I thought it was gonna be.
jaylon Whocares (11 days ago)
We don’t need to save lives like that. We already have to many people on this planet
Nomriel (10 days ago)
+jaylon Whocares check your facts mate, we will never be more than around 11billion, our population is already slowing down if you want to know more check ''demographic transition''
Michael (10 days ago)
jaylon Whocares OK, let's start with you.
I agree. Do what white people are best at and kill yourself after shooting up a white school. #1 in suicides #1 in school shooters. We don't ha e too many people, just too many white people.
Avenger (11 days ago)
lmao, jaylon is trolling. Don't feed the troll.
jaylon Whocares (11 days ago)
Nomriel I do agree with the second part what you said. Ik we are fucking up the world but I can’t do anything about it. None of us can
I'm first viewer in this video.
Bung Builds (11 days ago)
Connor Ike (11 days ago)
you werent
E.S Gaming How?
E.S Gaming (11 days ago)
স্বপ্নচূড়া একাডেমি You're not🖕🏻
PnR (11 days ago)
Knight Slasher (11 days ago)
This only really happens in poor countries so maybe just provide better health care
oldgranny athlete (11 days ago)
Except it's more technological than anything. Malaria still doesn't have a very effective vaccine and this is what she's trying to combat. Of course, more money does need to be pumped into healthcare in the developing world, but that won't necessarily eradicate malaria until we have a better vaccine
_ Anon (11 days ago)
The strains of mosquitoes in Africa love bitting human, about 5 times more than mosquitoes in any other continent. This make malaria so difficult to fight in Africa. With the highest birth rate actually means Africa is the future of human race. Europe, America, Japan, even China now facing aging population. Africa will be where the actions and money happen in the future!
MrElaiva (11 days ago)
Jason Z oh my dear friend, that is exactly a reason why we began to talk about it. Climate is changing and it’s not a “black mirror” anymore. Soon we will get mosquitos in Europe for example and we are worry now :))) fk ppl are dying almost 100 years and nobody wants to invest money to make a real vaccine but shity one. And immunity to vaccine is rising in mosquitoes aswell :))) ehhh... man wtf is going on
Jason Z (11 days ago)
Actually it's because most mosquitos are in tropical countries who are coincidentally poor. She is literally trying to provide better health care, what is your point?
Xeno Phon (11 days ago)
I dont think you understand what malaria is. Let me explain something to you that is common sense to everyone but people from your disgusting nation. Mosquitoes in the northern hemisphere do not have malaria because it is too cold for them to develop it during the winter. It has nothing to do with poor or rich, it has to do with temperature over seasons and the mosquitoes ability to keep the virus alive inside of itself.
kha wla (11 days ago)
Taylor Albright (11 days ago)
Knskksmsk I was first

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