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Moncler Grenoble Soular Jacket Review PLUS Tips How to Tell a Fake

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A review of the Soulare from the Moncler Grenoble Technical Ski Jacket range. I also provide some tips on how to spot a fake/ counterfeit Moncler jacket: This jacket is currently available here:
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Text Comments (8)
Michael Smith (1 year ago)
Old school Hox
Hamza Sajed (2 years ago)
What's your eBay username bro? I Would like to have a look at what you've got for sale as I'm looking for a new moncler jacket
tom S (2 years ago)
Unreal jacket that. You don't seem to be doing as many reviews like this anymore... The random jacket reviews are still nice. Just any random piece can be an eye opener to new brands/styles. Nice one Hoxton!
Excellent point
Alipo Pajor (3 years ago)
nice jacket
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Alipo Pajor Thanks man,
Alipo Pajor (3 years ago)
yeah can i get the moncler site .... where to buy ...
TheHoxtonTrendOfficial (3 years ago)
+Alipo Pajor http://www.farfetch.com/uk/shopping/men/Moncler-Grenoble-Soulare-padded-jacket-item-11205003.aspx?gclid=Cj0KEQiAkIWzBRDK1ayo-Yjt38wBEiQAi7NnPxE6DO8x0G5_ceMNks5w71bxzKFjV3qL0g3kWq9scnIaApMc8P8HAQ&ef_id=Vi1hhgAAAWmmivqt:20151204225445:s

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