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Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

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"That's three balls to you my friend, it's called a tri-sticle!" - Deadpool 2 stars Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin take it in turns to INSULT EACH OTHER in the Playground Insults game on Scott Mills' radio show on BBC Radio 1. Who will win when two Hollywood superstars rip each other apart? Contains strong language and adult humour. Listen to Scott Mills and Chris Stark on BBC Radio 1, weekdays 1-4pm. Facebook: http://bit.ly/BBCR1facebook Twitter: http://bit.ly/BBCR1twitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/BBCR1instagram Vine: http://bit.ly/BBCR1vine Website: http://bit.ly/BBCR1website
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Text Comments (8859)
kanish shyam (1 hour ago)
Danny Dorito (4 hours ago)
Ryan shouldve mention Oldboy
Caitlin Greenham (4 hours ago)
The guilt is because he's Canadian we apologize to the door when we walk into it :-)
Kala Spears (5 hours ago)
Im sorry green lantern was a good movie it just didnt tale off and i think it shold have cameout in this dayand time it would be better to me now
warlord (9 hours ago)
I never realized Josh Brolin was Thanos, as soon as I heard his voice and saw his face, it all connected. All the movies I saw him in came to mind.
Nickolas Damron (10 hours ago)
293,000 people must have plenty of life to waste
Akiba Sleuth (12 hours ago)
Why did they stop doing this?
I-Prankz-I (12 hours ago)
Fuck Thanos
Bilal Waheed (12 hours ago)
Thanos Vs Deadpool
Husky (19 hours ago)
salmaan ejaz (1 day ago)
Who else is reading the date on each comment before you read them to make sure you dont get any Endgame spoilers?
Alain Procs (1 day ago)
The TRUE endgame
Sir Charlotte (1 day ago)
This is how Deadpool defeats Thanos
Tawana Dangare (1 day ago)
I can't ever watch this without thinking its Deadpool v Thanos
You can’t lose Ryan Embrace the deadpool
Naomi Akerman (1 day ago)
for a Canadian, that was pretty good.
JunKel Gameplay (1 day ago)
I lost it as he said "none of us can understand"
oh yeah yeah nigga (1 day ago)
They look like father and son.
Thanos Dione (1 day ago)
Oh shit this is gonna be good
If anyone could take on ryan, it'd be the great Josh Brolin
Libby Meyer (2 days ago)
I liked the favorite color: mediocre patt
GaV (2 days ago)
I only disliked to be the 6,000th dislike
Tank Wolf (2 days ago)
Can we get Ryan Reynolds vs Manu Bennett?
thomasfan456 1984 (2 days ago)
Ryan Renolds truly the king of insults 😂
Husl Wusl (2 days ago)
You guys need to get some of the actors from the marvel family in here. Especially RDJ
Cristian Munoz (2 days ago)
In the comics Thanos hates Deadpool because of Lady Death.
Cristian Munoz (47 minutes ago)
+kylo ren lol obviously you do
kylo ren (52 minutes ago)
No one cares
Jack Hammer (3 days ago)
I just close my eyes and imagining thanos and deadpool have a talk
Adil Immanuel (3 days ago)
Deadpool vs thanos
MrFirehouse22 (3 days ago)
Thanos and Deadpool fighting over Lady Death. Beautiful.
Furious Razor (4 days ago)
Ur so ugly a bird mistook u for a worm I came up with that now
destiny kemp (4 days ago)
Someone help I can’t breathe lmfao
VoyageOne1 (5 days ago)
"It's called a tri-sticle" 🤣🤣😂
Shaq Daddy (5 days ago)
You smell so bad, I can hear it.......ehhhhheehhhhh
Awesome AGJ (5 days ago)
You're so old, you make dust look like a baby. These guys kill me.
elcaminantefranco (5 days ago)
Am i the only one that thinks green lantern wasnt that bad? And i also loved the blonde co star.
Hamad Malik (5 days ago)
Josh looks like an older version of Ryan 😂
ThunderBlastvideo (5 days ago)
Hes next
Silversoda2 (5 days ago)
"You're so old you make dust look like a baby." Hahaha.. :')
Vlad Watkins (5 days ago)
Im stilling watching this over and over again. And the part when Ryan says "The editor didn't even see it". Coming from and editor, that literally has me head every time LOL
Fabian Gonzalez (5 days ago)
If you close your eyes, you will here Detective Pikachu coming out in theatres everywhere May 10th
Jim Fitzpatrick (5 days ago)
Kiss him!
dailydols (5 days ago)
Brolin looks so old, he should have played the even older version of agent J in MIB 3.
ashlie young (3 days ago)
dailydols (5 days ago)
Brolin is so old, I did not realize he is young agent J from MIB 3.
dailydols (5 days ago)
Great role by the way...
A D (5 days ago)
"that's your insult? Just as bad as the green latern movie"
Shahadan Yusuf (5 days ago)
Josh Brolin went full savage holy jeez
Endgame spoiler
DD deena (5 days ago)
3:44 I have never seen green lantern... Neither have I?😂🤣
Jarett Bousquet (5 days ago)
Ryan Reynolds is just Deadpool to me now. I can’t hear anything else when he speaks lol
Daniel Aguirre (6 days ago)
Pikachu insults Thanos
Pikachu Vs. Thanos
MHX _YT (6 days ago)
Close your eyes, the best crossover begins
Zero Cool (6 days ago)
Ryan: Josh. You were in the Young riders... Josh: You were in Green Lantern Ryan: you were in Thrashin' Josh: you were in Xmen Origins: Wolverine... and they finally shut you up! *fight ensues*
Zero Cool (6 days ago)
Holy Crap! Green Lantern Vs Thanos!
Last (6 days ago)
Deadpool vs Thanos!!
Patrick Bateman (6 days ago)
Lot of shit talking about Green Lantern.. coming from the guy who starred in Jonah Hex... 😝
Patrick Mativo (6 days ago)
these motherfuckers crazy😂😂😂😂😂
Alessandro Cacciatori (6 days ago)
is there subtitolates in italian anywhere?
yafet tuwanakotta (6 days ago)
Wow deadpool and thanos killing eachother for miss death
Young Sinatra (6 days ago)
Ryan reynolds should be a rapper
Areios (6 days ago)
Deadpool vs Thanos
My hip hurts
地獄使者 (6 days ago)
Thanos vs Deadpool...
Mariam K (6 days ago)
I don't like this game. It's like the devil created it anonymously.
Noob Gaming (7 days ago)
This is what Humanity has devolved too.
Lil’ Idiot (7 days ago)
Ah, Thanos and Detective Pikachu
Jp Jp (7 days ago)
If Brolin snaps his fingers, it would be all over with half the studio gone.
Matías LOPEZ (7 days ago)
I close my eyes and hear an amused Thanos
Ajayy Singhh (7 days ago)
Why can Ryan not mention drinking in front of Brolin
woodstock16996 II (7 days ago)
3:57 I literally just spent 5 minutes in hysterics at that "favourite colour" joke!
HYBRID (7 days ago)
Deadpool and thanos insult eachother
Mikaela Futrell (7 days ago)
imagine if Jim and Dwight were on here
Dominic Ray (7 days ago)
Thanos vs Deadpool 😂
Alex Wolfe (8 days ago)
Deadpool v Thanos
cody pace (8 days ago)
they need to get rise of those two dumb fuckers that keep interrupting and just let it play out
Zelda's Leftnipple (8 days ago)
Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pratt
Russell Stroud (8 days ago)
This was hilarious and all, but is Josh Brolin seriously going to sit there and pretend he wasn't in Jonah Hex!?
Oh yeah yeah (8 days ago)
Big black cock radio?
Mike (8 days ago)
Looks like they edited the video at 4.55. As you see, Brolin is laughing even before Ryan's answer. Please, upload the entire video.
Reginald Andrews (8 days ago)
God I DeadPool could be used in the disney mcu!
Norstrom (8 days ago)
Brolin much more better with the beard
Lord Farqaaud (8 days ago)
I love the green lantern fuck u
Karan Rasquinha (9 days ago)
Ryan reynolds won?
Mansion Of Hoops (9 days ago)
Mike T (9 days ago)
"tristicle" LOL
Joseph Lizandro (9 days ago)
There fighting for lady death!!! Luv
GVZ (9 days ago)
I love how everybody thinks that Josh take his humour for work with Ryand but no, Josh always was like that, its so a cool guy.
c H i n A (9 days ago)
I guess DeadPool is playing with Thanos
Satine Willow (9 days ago)
I want Robert downey Jr and Tom holland XD
M, Renzo Vicente (9 days ago)
Nutsack/balls of a monkey vs. Wise old nutsack
BangBed (9 days ago)
kok gaada sesi baku hantamnya?
Nivedendu Paul (10 days ago)
Scott When's the next one coming, its been months
Nick B. (10 days ago)
You smell so bad I can hear it. 😂
Ayhaam Khan (10 days ago)
Deadpool vs Thanos
Wade W. (10 days ago)
Some people expect Ryan to be mean and everything from the characters he plays but I mean, have you actually seen Ryan Reynolds or have you just been seeing his characters? Because if you have seen Ryan...he’s the nicest funniest and most amazing Canadian actor I’ve ever seen.
Colton Granitto (10 days ago)
Best one ever
Mr Feast (10 days ago)
Announcers forceful laugh makes this show annoying to watch
DeputyMarsi (3 days ago)
Mr Feast yea
Mahee Nandula (10 days ago)
Best vid ever
dazzrz tg (10 days ago)
Ryan Reynolds would play handsome jack
Rahul Yadav (10 days ago)
I love goonies

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