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Psychological Trick That Turns Women On | Make Women Want You With "Non Compliance"

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Here's how to turn women on in conversation and create attraction:http://bit.ly/verbalforeplay When it comes to turning women on there are many psychological principles that work well but non compliance is one of the most consistent you want to bear in mind when you want to attract women and create sexual tension. So in this video you'll learn what non compliance is and how it works and how you can use it to turn a girl on you're on a date with! To learn how to attract women in conversation, with simple techniques and natural systems based on psychology click here: http://bit.ly/verbalforeplay
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Essefex (7 days ago)
The trick is in the delivery. You've got to be playful about it. You could even honestly answer the question directly afterwards. My girlfriend and I didn't start out this way, but once we became very comfortable with each other, we sometimes playfully tease each other or feign at coyness, but in an obviously insincere manner (and the two of us know we're super into each other anyway).
Essefex (6 days ago)
+Stephan Erdman - Authentic Game Just saw a lot of people down here not picking up on the context there-- hard to tell how many of them are being sarcastically witty and how many are missing the mark.
Thanks for adding some sense to this...I try not to over explain but the context of bring playful and flirtatious is obviously key...dates should be fun ..a bit like you're already knowing each other well like you and your girlfriend..thanks 👍
Ken Call (2 days ago)
I hang out at the grocery store, and have very good success with the married ones. Have to be home before the hubby gets off work.
Sam s (2 days ago)
Am lost, she bites her lips and some time she put a finger in her mouth. What should I do, I like her
Ayye BC (3 days ago)
Every woman is different, she has to find you attractive first, all you have to do is be funny, some women don’t like it when you’re not straight up when them, you just gotta feel it out
sawtooth bygeorge (4 days ago)
No wonder there are so many failed relationships.
Hambone Be cracken (4 days ago)
My go-to line to pick up girls is I ask them if they want to find a quiet place and I'll show them what 10 inches feels like
Dano1947 (5 days ago)
Yada yada yada bla bla bla, get to the point will ya.
Mark Lauzon (5 days ago)
You've got the same box of condoms you bought in 2000.
Dell Jr (6 days ago)
If you're on Social-Media, follow the trends, most hot chicks follow the trends. Also join a few different gyms and try to bulk up or lean out.
Kevin Blight (6 days ago)
I tried this today and got locked up. The woman asked me if I had been drinking and I asked what it had to do with her, in a playful way of course, and she answered by putting me in handcuffs and booking me...…………...
Jason Jackson (6 days ago)
Yh they can tell wen ur In a great mood........ my ex knew wen I was in a great mood even tho she was 153 miles away !
bobby Walker (8 days ago)
Money Talks bullcrap walks
Billy Bob (8 days ago)
Be kind open their door pull their chair out for them. It's simple things.
Ciro Alpha Lyon (5 days ago)
that's full cuck mode Billy Bob
Billy Bob (8 days ago)
Money looks and listen to her women love men who listen to them and show that they are interested in them don't listen to this dick wad
darren mcgovern (9 days ago)
this guy is simply a salesman
Your Momma (9 days ago)
How do you do it in text so much gets lost in text
Thought Circuitry (10 days ago)
Recently, I was at the gym and a woman asked me what I do for a living... With a straight face, I told her that I'm a professional bodybuilder - and of course she laughed. If you've just met a girl and you answer her question with a question, it might annoy her - not a good way to start a relationship. Personally, counter-questions turn me off... If I ask you a question, and you respond with some bs question, I feel like we're just spinning our wheels. Better to use humor, because you can't ever go wrong when you make someone laugh. This guy doesn't impress me... look at what he's wearing - a lavender button-collared shirt with a blue v-neck sweater and a black leather jacket... not a good combination. I think he's a rookie! Get rid of the leather jacket Dude!
Butchman (10 days ago)
What a dufus!!
Edward Anthony (10 days ago)
The art and science on How to pick up basic mediocre nerd chicks 5-6.
Avitar Magnus (10 days ago)
this is fucking feminist bullshit- you look at her and say your Nice want to have a drink and lets fuck now we are men!! if she says no just say Np just heading to the hookers where I pay them to leave and that gets them every time!!!! life is to fucking short for bullshit small talk they suck our dics we fuck them very simple principal and if they want more talk they can can join the pta
V Dubs (10 days ago)
1 - Model Face (No matter what they say women are more shallow than men when it comes to looks) 2- High Status (They want a winner that's better than them, they don't date down) Disregard 1 & 2 if you have a fat wallet, if you have all 3 why settle for 1, fuck em' all.
lakmeister (10 days ago)
Tell her your going to inherit a million...plenty of sexual tension,sucking and any holes a goal after!!!
Tony (10 days ago)
Whatever she says.. misinterpret it to her sexually wanting you
Azul Sylvestre (11 days ago)
If a guy responds to me that way I’ll think he is rude abrasive and not interested and I’d walk away feeling dumb actually. Maybe some girls want that? As for me Id rather have someone who is receptive to my questions— it shows me he’s interested in talking to me. I’d rather have sincere direct dialogue honestly but I can only speak for myself and other women like me.
Bdashrock187 (8 days ago)
Drove her*
Bdashrock187 (8 days ago)
My ex wife used to say all the time “Can’t you be serious for one second?! Ever?” And it drove her insane, but it also drover crazy for me. It was when I did the thing she asked, when I became increasingly serious and compliant that I became boring and lost the spark with her. So he’s right.
Azul Sylvestre (9 days ago)
Stephan Erdman - Authentic Game interesting insight... thanks for sharing 😊
Russell Crawford (9 days ago)
You must be a really ugly girl to think like that
I know what you're saying..It's meant in the context of flirting and playfulness..my examples sound a bit harsh out of context..the point is to defy expectations from time to time and not be compliant all the time..thanks for commenting though👍
S Masum M (12 days ago)
But I don't want I want my baby sweetie only.
Dr. TJ (12 days ago)
Hopefully, I'm not talking to a woman with balls to bust.
Murari Kaushik (12 days ago)
Is it just me, or does this guy remind you also of Arnold Schwarzenegger? No I'll stick to humorous interplay. "What's it to you, Schweinhund" would just have her slowly pour a drink over my head before walking off... unless she's got a bad case of German 'humour'.
Joe Asuncion (12 days ago)
When asks u what you do, Tell her you're her pimp.
Corey Ross (11 days ago)
Ano Nymous (13 days ago)
I thought this was basic stuff, but people in the comments section are definitely lost
Send Nudes (13 days ago)
When they ask me what i do. I say im a stripper
Semi Sawea (9 days ago)
Lol polite way of saying mind your own business..
Beetleything (14 days ago)
Ok. So. Answer a Q with a Q. Got it. 🤔
Zonia Kelly (20 days ago)
I love when a guy pulls my hair when do...style😳😳😳😳
Chico_1983 (4 days ago)
Face down, ass up, that’s the way I like to fuk
A B (10 days ago)
I'm a confident man, I couldn't care less what you like. I only care about what I like.
josh Johnson (10 days ago)
Come her girl you ride my cock like a progressive professional an I'll pull your hair.😘
Corey Ross (11 days ago)
i likes pull girls hair of course in the bedroom haha!
Peter Strømberg (21 days ago)
Encouraging to see so many negative comments, and yeah, how did this get into my feed?
You probably left dismissive comments on another dating advice video that someone forced you to click on...yey 👍
Peter Strømberg (21 days ago)
Just be yourself. Relationships aren't based on being some fake actor. Took me a while to realise that, because I used to listen to bullshit like this. If you ever want to be happy, you have to show who you really are and find someone that loves that. The point is, you don't have to be attractive to *every* girl you meet, just the right one. Better to be somebody's glad of whisky, than everyone's cup of tea ;)
Anmol Dhewaju (5 days ago)
When did he mention relationship? 🤔🤔.. game over
Peter Strømberg (6 days ago)
+Curt Christensen me too, of I'm lucky ;)
Curt Christensen (6 days ago)
Being myself gets me slapped
Hfhfh Hdhfhf (7 days ago)
Class doh
Magnetic King (21 days ago)
Her: What do you do for a living? Me: I am a recycler. I have a series of contracts with many hourly hotels to recycle all the condoms used in their facilities. I then wash them, clean them, repackage them, and sell them agai as new. It is a damm good business!
reeves. reeves (10 days ago)
Magnetic King He s Smart
Christopher John Blue (22 days ago)
This should be called how to respond like a wanker
lol..nice to hear the word "wanker" on youtube...teach our american friends some great English insults. 👍
yeahyeahblabla someguy (22 days ago)
Creating tension doesent work if she is not attracted, looks, money, status is what counts.
yeahyeahblabla someguy (15 days ago)
The truth needs to be said
If you're so sure why click on this video? Ah well..
Mubarak Almohannadi (23 days ago)
You want the truth,,you talk too much Women’s does not like that
John Wainwright (12 days ago)
Yep. All the shit he just spewed out his mouth could have been said in about 1 minute. He's a babbler. I bet when his girlfriend wanna hear some shit, she I'll squeeze his head and shit comes pouring out.
Drew Schweppe (24 days ago)
Dumb as shit!
dibaskar265 (25 days ago)
actually this is total bullshit the answer is not interesting but rude actually it never works like this trust me.gotta be mysterious and interesting and above all be yourself.
Jan H (25 days ago)
Some girls would just say it’s ok and block your number or walk away
Chris Carter (26 days ago)
neilo (27 days ago)
he alsohas an expensive harley that only comes out on the weekends ,,to go with his jacket ,,,
Daniel Spurgeon (27 days ago)
Fat big lie
Ian Elgar (27 days ago)
As long as you can make her cum multiple times then she's yours forever
Michael Russell (27 days ago)
4:51 Hell yes, I love to spare with a girl especially if she thinks she can beat me and then I defeat her, pin her, and fuck her. It is a wrestling match. Stephan Erdman, you are a genious when it comes to women.
Thanks...just years of mistakes and practice!
chris davidson (28 days ago)
Be yourself is the most important thing but of course that’s the challenge . Go for it. Be in the moment .
chris davidson (27 days ago)
I am pretty sure nobody is boring but they are guilt ridden , repressed , fearful, self conscious, lacking confidence and generally so far away from their true open nature they have found it safer to be boring than to expose even the smallest part of themselves. How do I know i was once guilt ridden.... etc but no more. Xc
John Doe (27 days ago)
Yea..I remember seeing a girl write an article about that. She said to be yourself....unless you were a boring piece of shit...see the contradiction...
chris davidson (28 days ago)
“ what’s it to you” that’s going to rock it bro.
John Doe (27 days ago)
It's not so much what you say, but how you say it.
Use this more as an example than a line ..👊
prafullit medi (28 days ago)
I'm just hoping that she doesn't find it rude.
hey, it's about context...obviously create a flirty vibe...establish that you're playful...turn the whole thing into a game rather than have a serious interview with each other...in other words: HAVE MORE FUN...that's what some people don't get. 👍
thunder ditrick (24 days ago)
prafullit medi honestly thats part of a woman's language, if you show women you're comfortable building tension they'll grow an attraction, typically.
prafullit medi (28 days ago)
Hey, I just did the compliance and I think, she fumbled a little while texting...😂😂
Wtf do you know about picking women up???? Never heard so much bollocks. Are you sure you ever met a woman cos you talk about them as if theyre a different species.
reeves. reeves (10 days ago)
simonmadmax simonmadmax Caramel Light Got Brother
John Doe (11 days ago)
It's not a trick, he's just breaking down what a lot of us do quite naturally. When I talk to girls, I have fun, tease, challenge, play with words. He just gave it a label of 'non compliance'. When you break down stuff you do naturally, it sounds unnatural.
+Toto Takto I know a lot about women. Thats why im in a happy relationship with a very beautiful and sexy woman and have been for a long time. Its you who cant get his leg over. Theres no trick to it like this dick seems to think. Women and men just want the same thing. You need to just be yourself instead of trying to trick one into dating you.
Toto Takto (11 days ago)
and what do you know? I tried this technique countless times and it works amazing, you just have to know how to do it right
John Doe (27 days ago)
You think the non compliance stuff is bullshit?
Ryota Mitarai (28 days ago)
One thing, I love about me is how I think of it as a game. Yesterday I dreamed, Someone found out about the secret love poem I gave my girlfriend, he publicized it. The girl started crying, her mom found out somehow. And I just said "oh fuck I was at 4 stars, one more star and it could've been won but what i got? a gameover fk." LITERALLY no hard feels for her. my close friend started consulting me about my way of thinking (in my dream), i said to him 'go fuck off, tell me that shit later, let me think of a solution, or a bug that I can use to get back'' It's like playing dating sims or something
Miles Trombley (28 days ago)
When the girl challenge you, you challenge them back. As a man, you are suppose to be the one in control, and that is what turns women on. If she wants to be in control, reject her. That is also known as being the alpha.
Jackson Scully (28 days ago)
Sounds like you've been reading old pick up artist bs. Let me save you the trouble.... all the reject them shit will only hurt them, and you in the long run.
Carlton Firoved (29 days ago)
the number one physical thing you can do to attract a woman is........... physically reach in your pocket and pull out a wad of hundred dollar bills. you could look like Tom Arnold or Larry the Cable Guy but if you pull out that wad of hundred dollar bills she's going to jump on your pole like a pogo stick..... why you might ask..... because she knows and just a few years she can get half.
Christopher John Blue (22 days ago)
Carlton Firoved truestory unfortunately
Muskeln-kaufen.de (29 days ago)
Nikol Diaz (29 days ago)
Men please please don't listen to this bullshit. This guy couldn't be further from the truth. Women want a gentleman by their side and a master behind closed doors.
Ahava (29 days ago)
Um no I’d wanna walk out
Jarred Covey (3 days ago)
Bullshit, you'd bend over and take it like every other woman does...you probably never heard the song "it's a man's world".
reeves. reeves (10 days ago)
Ahava Caramel Caramel Caramel Caramel
Rodrigo Villela (27 days ago)
I think you are being non-compliant
Jackson Scully (28 days ago)
You wouldn't if it was done right, his delivery here wasn't great.
Castellani Kim (29 days ago)
Conditions 1 attractive 2 wealthy
reeves. reeves (10 days ago)
Castellani Kim Handsome Proud
Enigma Carter (1 month ago)
Basically just be unpredictable fellas
Jacqueline Martin (24 days ago)
Alonso Rodrigez (1 month ago)
Bla bla bla
Brolly MothaFucka (1 month ago)
How do you get a girl to ask you questions though lol?
Big Sean (3 days ago)
Relax and be yourself it’s too hard fronting body language is 90 percent of convo SWAG
Dell Jr (6 days ago)
First you have to look approachable , but the only "approachable" guys out there have female features, if you look even close to "thugged out" or just keep to yourself, forget being approached- for the most part. How you carry yourself can speak for you.. always looking clean helps but some chicks dont like fly dudes.
Chris White (10 days ago)
Tell her that You want to know everything about her while staring into her eyes with a slight smile and look from 1 eye to the next 2 to 3 times then look at her lips and then back to the first eye that You started with... But mean it, and listen to her, and when she changes from the first subject til about the fourth, (depending on how long each thing that she says), and then ask her a question about it. So pay attention. That's the "NUMBER 1 THING" that women like. (Notice I said women, not girls. Like a very young 1). Older women tend to be extremely vigilant, so do younger ones but they will play more games with your head.
John Doe (27 days ago)
Why have any concerns that she might go elsewhere?
LemonZeppelin (27 days ago)
+John Doe I see that as confidence though
Humhrey Mijnals (1 month ago)
Dont speak with double tongue
Humhrey Mijnals (1 month ago)
Racism is alive
Jim Chambers (10 days ago)
Racism is alive if you let it
ll S N A R L ll (12 days ago)
+papalazzzaru assholes like that feed the machine.. just like the govt wants... slave classes at each others throats instead of thiers...
Ric Flair (13 days ago)
People respond more PASSIONATELY about statements like this than they do about ACTUAL racism LOL
papalazzzaru (28 days ago)
Well that makes as much sense as everything else you've said---none whatsoever...
Humhrey Mijnals (29 days ago)
+papalazzzaru ml
Humhrey Mijnals (1 month ago)
Shut up
sosa (1 month ago)
Humhrey Mijnals wtf are you on about stop hating .. 12 year old
Humhrey Mijnals (1 month ago)
Its about money and colour
Edward Anthony (10 days ago)
Exactly brown reminds me of 💩
Qesher 613 (25 days ago)
Money. All about money. Nothing else counts.
Rocksmith Pdl (1 month ago)
shorin shon (1 month ago)
Oh really ??? !!!🤑🤑🤑
Stakker Humanoid (1 month ago)
I'm the first to comment ! You are not! Ha! Ha!
Humhrey Mijnals (29 days ago)
MAn is not rationAl in behaviour

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