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Jeans I wore in this video: Club Monaco MOTHER High-Waisted Looker - https://go.magik.ly/ml/cxkx/ h&m Super Skinny High Jeans - https://go.magik.ly/ml/cxkz/ Top Shop MOTO Authentic Joni Jeans - https://go.magik.ly/ml/cxl0/ My second channel Scale ASMR: ASMR Pedicure | Relaxing Foot Transformation https://youtu.be/nH768mzmGKo FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM Instagram: @AlexandrasGirlyTalk http://bit.ly/1TSclUm Camera Equipment & Editing Software Canon EOS 70D - http://go.magik.ly/ml/8824/ Canon 5D Mark II - http://go.magik.ly/ml/8820/ Canon 24-105mm - http://go.magik.ly/ml/8826/ Final Cut Pro X - http://go.magik.ly/ml/881k/ Rode VideoMic Pro (not used in this video) - http://go.magik.ly/ml/aeg8/ Business Inquiries: [email protected]
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Humera Anwar (3 months ago)
Your videos are soo unique and helpful, what would YouTube be without you 😫💖💖💖
Vanshika Tyagi (2 days ago)
I recommend u to improve the video quality... U should spend more on modernization of ur channel... U have to agree
Lukas Amber (10 days ago)
Ceondra Stewart (15 days ago)
Humera Anwar I wear 0 to4
NesaFashion Channel (19 days ago)
January Jefferies (2 hours ago)
..💙 Very Informative...
Tally xoxo (4 hours ago)
I'am a hourglass and i love high waist dark Jeans!
ImOnNirvana (5 hours ago)
this video as been on my recommendations for months and i alsways ignored it but today i decided to watch it and OH BOY. You're amazing. this is amazing.
elhaddioui hadda (6 hours ago)
lexi r (6 hours ago)
follow me on IG alexa_mayim <3
Cønnør J (8 hours ago)
Why is this in my recommended ._.
Jasmyn Jacobs (8 hours ago)
Thank you 🙏🏼
Mary Nicole Garcia (9 hours ago)
Can you please make a what people dont tell you abt skirts thank youuuu
Lulu's Loves (9 hours ago)
Thank you for sharing! 💗
Miriam Sackler (10 hours ago)
Thank you very much for posting this.
LeAnna Jenkins (12 hours ago)
FUCKIN THANK YOU!!!! I’ve struggled with jeans for years because I have big calf’s thighs and butt and all these tips helped so much
Xochitl Sandoval (13 hours ago)
My dad always uses that trick to see if pants will fit but sometimes it doesn't work...
Zack Tucholski (13 hours ago)
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Whitney Jordan (13 hours ago)
So why do jeans CONSTANTLY slide down? I hate wearing belts but can’t wear jeans without one otherwise my mid rise jeans are around my hips and the crotch area is sagging down about 4 inches. WHY?!?!?
Sheyenne Semaan (14 hours ago)
Wow! This is awesome!!! my body type suits low rise jeans. I do not look good in high waisted jeans at all. But the problem I'm having is I barely can find low rise jeans, I guess because the midi jeans are in now.
brijet007 (14 hours ago)
This was life changing- thank you so much 😵
Natalie Hawk (15 hours ago)
The best jeans are Amercian Eagle HI-RISE JEGGING. I have 5 pairs of them I love them so much!
nia scaife (15 hours ago)
P.s the neck hack is not for everyone specifically curvy girls and I mean amber rose curvy my waist is significantly smaller than the rest of my body so jeans that fit my waist definitely won’t fit my hips my waist it a 33/34 but my hips are a 48 pushing almost 50
Kim So (16 hours ago)
Ooh wow help full
Angelica Ortega (18 hours ago)
This video was really so helpful. I hate shopping for jeans because I’m never satisfied with how they look on me or I get them in the wrong size. Just recently for school shopping I bought a pair of jeans that was way too big on me and another that didn’t suit my body type.
Mystery Human (20 hours ago)
But I like black but I want my but to look bigger ugh problems 😂😂😂
Wanda Miller (20 hours ago)
Great video
Nate Bonne (20 hours ago)
You changed my life thank you 🙏
bre ana (21 hours ago)
Someone making bank of these ads
Sequoyah T (22 hours ago)
Now I want to purchase jeans. I haven’t worn jeans in years. Due to not find the right pair.
TantOrange (22 hours ago)
Thank you, this is gold! 🙏
Maria Rita Santos (23 hours ago)
This video sucks. It breaks every 1 min and another How to Sh... Starts.. Total scum..
Swati Verma (23 hours ago)
Andrea choice r u!????
Jules Wick (1 day ago)
This video was SOOOO amazing! My mind is blown! I loved all the detail you provided like the color placement on the jeans, the tip about the zipper length (SO good), and the pocket placement! Just so many great suggestions to take into consideration!thank you!! Also, I will definitely be sharing the tip about line drying jeans to ensure they last longer because my BF always wants his put in the dryer and he burns through jeans SO fast! I have a few struggles w/ purchasing jeans and thought you’d possibly be able to help.i have never been a huge denim person because I think I’ve been approaching the whole thing wrong. After watching this video I realized that I’m not taking all these details in to consideration & I’m most certainly enhancing things that I could be minimizing and wearing jeans that just all around don’t flatter my body type. Here’s a little breakdown on what I’m working with. If you have any insight or feel inspired to make a video out of it-just wanted to throw it out there and see if you had any thoughts! tysm! 1. Body Type-I’m not entirely sure what my body time is...I think I might be the 4? (An Apple? The one with the circle ?)...🤷🏼‍♀️I’m 5’2” and have put on some weight/tend to struggle always w/ my mid section. When I gain weight it’s most obvious and stubborn in my midsection & then just kinda goes everywhere-but the bulk of my *problem area* is in my stomach/lower stomach/and back. I feel like my bodytype is hard for jeans shopping because I’m on the short side, carrying the bulk of weight in the mid section, and I don’t have particularly long legs or a long torso. (And, I’m not saying anything is wrong with my body. This is just as straightforward and honest as I can be about what my current body type is. I don’t think of it as GOOD or BAD...so in no way am I like shamming myself here.) just really looking for insight and tips. 2. Im trying to overhaul my style at the moment and I have never really loved any of my jeans. I don’t know what’s right for my body and also what’s on trend currently that will work for it? 3. So, having said all that. I cannot wear low rise-they just aren’t flattering on my midsection at all & make belly bulge and lumps+ bumps. While at the same time I feel intimidated to wear super high rise because I think it’s going to enhance the appearance of my lower stomach. I have some jeans with rips or holes on the knees or legs...not sure if that is even cool or if that look would end up making me look shorter? As you can see I’m a real shit show lol! If you have any tips, suggestions, video references, styles/brands...how to know what your body type truly is? Anything would be better than what I’m doing now! Lol! Thank you in advance!!! So appreciate it!! Xo.
Syakirah Nasri (1 day ago)
Thank you for this really!!
NesaFashion Channel (1 day ago)
Colleen Marie (1 day ago)
Love this video thankyou for all of the great tips! Now after watching this I always think about everything you said about fit and color and size of pockets before I try and buy a pair of Jeans I find!👍 thanks so much for helpen all of us Gales find the BEST pair of jeans that make us look and feel our BEST!!!! Your awesome & your ASMR channel is so relaxing too!!! Keepem coming girlfriend!!!👍💕💙💛💄👖🎥📹📱😊💅👏👍💖
Jessica Stange (1 day ago)
I just lost a lot of weight and have issues finding the perfect pair jeans and all your tips will help me to find the perfect pair thanks for sharing
Biru Biru (1 day ago)
I mean to be honest no matter what my thighs are still going to be fat
Bitch (1 day ago)
I have a phobia of jeans every fucking one ugh
Hannah Whiting (1 day ago)
I’ve definitely spent a lot of time trying to find good jeans that are flattering and I just recently found the rockstar super skinny jeans at old navy in the light wash actually fit and look amazing!! I have a hourglass figure, but curvy and skinny jeans and me have fights lol hands down my fav jeans
talia841951 (1 day ago)
I just bought 5 pairs of jeans but none of them look good on me. I can't tell from an asos picture what jeans will look good on me.
Julia Ochendal (1 day ago)
my body is in hourglass shape and i bought some jeans for less than 10$ (i was in the outlet) and they are my favourite i wear them every day. they're black and high waisted edit: the brand was called "ONLY"
Nathalie R (1 day ago)
How do u figure out ur body figure type ?
Melissa Montalvo (1 day ago)
That butt pocket and crotch tips changed my life.
LOVER Of Christ (1 day ago)
Oh man I throw all my jeans in the dryer😟😣
Tiffany McLucas (1 day ago)
My friends are so nice. They called me hourglass. I love them. 💗
Jessica Kasten (1 day ago)
Real shit, this changed my life.
Queen’s Boutique (1 day ago)
I am soooo grateful for this video!!💕 Mind blown!!
Janice Smith (1 day ago)
Great tips! Thanks!
Nicole Vaughn (1 day ago)
I feel like my ideal jean and fit would be the same as yours . I’ve never ordered anything from h&m tho so no idea what size I’d need 😩
lyric Innocent (1 day ago)
Your so pretty omg
BreeBerryBear064 (1 day ago)
Alright, time to go to the store
Emma Fern (1 day ago)
THIS IS SO HELPFUL!!!!!! Thank you so much
Wendy Here (1 day ago)
Oh my gosh this was sooo helpful and I am going jean shopping soon and I stumbled across this video and it’s sooo helpful thank you! I never knew why I like high waisted jeans more now I do!
dachraoui amal (1 day ago)
This is really a very helpefull video i really like it n i wanna get some jeans now
Giúlia Satsuki (1 day ago)
your intro, everything about your videos for real, they just make me feel okay 💛
christine ashby (1 day ago)
THANK YOU girly you have solved my problems with muffin top and i thank you KUDOS!! :)
Lauren Wright (1 day ago)
i love you.
This is SO MUCH info 2 take in2 conaideration. Idk where 2 even start looking for jeans that have all these complomenting factors. Idk how to "examine" my jeans 2 figure out how my jeans r supposed 2 look for my body shape. Or how/where 2 start in FIXING the jeans i already have. Heck idk where or how 2 start in how 2 find my body shape. Im sorry, i dont mean 2 complain, this is super helpful, but im pointing this out cuz i wud really like it if u made another video on (at least) where and how to start the "scavenger hunt" of the "jean situation" (for lack of better phrase). Most of us don't have this kind of guidance in our lives, which is y ur help is very much appreciated
Kathisxworld m (1 day ago)
Oh no (1 day ago)
Guys if y'all want jeans that will fit you for a year or more buy walmart jeans that done have buttons
Saggio Ricercatore (1 day ago)
Especially love the tips about pocket and zipper placement, and the neck/waist fit tip—now it will be easier to find a good fit even before trying on. Request: A review of the body types would be helpful—goes by pretty quick in the video and even on pause I am not sure what the difference is between types 6 & 7.
Funny Life (2 days ago)
I am the bodyshape number 6
Lisa Kent (2 days ago)
Omg thank you so so much!! This was awesome! And you're fun to listen to.
Preacher Tv (2 days ago)
i dont even car much abbout jeans, but this was still intresting and asmr'ish :D i liked that much
Dionne (2 days ago)
holy shit.no more camle toe...thank you so much
Dionne (2 days ago)
thanks i just by any pair n stuff my ass into them.
Liz Ghal (2 days ago)
This is so strange to me because I feel like I prefer the complete opposite to the general advice about my shape... I am more hour glass than any other of the other body shapes, but I am only just above 5 feet tall and I have big thighs so high waisted jeans look ridiculous on me 😫 I also prefer lighter colour jeans because I find they look a bit better on me, but I never wear skinny or tight fitting bottoms anyway, so maybe any colours looks fine... but I absolutely hate high waisted jeans yet those are the most common ones in stores...I like low rise much better :( why is this???
xJuno (2 days ago)
holy shit i just clicked this because i thought it would be one of those generic life hack kind of shit that just has clickbaint titles but honestly this was super helpful!! i have a lot of problems with cameltoes and i usually just stuff a piece of cardboard in there wich doesen't feel nice but coveres it.. i looked through my jeans and the only hair that i don't have that problem with has a really long zipper.. sadly it's the really badly fitting pair i don't like. now i know what to look at when i'm looking for jeans bc honestly that is my biggest problem with them
arevjess (2 days ago)
thank you, i love you, you saved me life.
Vhenan (2 days ago)
Any Plus Sized women out there like me who've struggled with muffin tops, or (like me) your hips and stomach are larger than my rear (sadly)? Let me tell you the only thing that's worked for me for years.... Normally (not pregnant), I'm roughly a 16, 17 or 18 (depending on the brand/style, and I know when you read the next sentence, you're likely gonna already know where I'm going with this and think I'm weird, but I swear it's worth while to keep going. I promise). When I was pregnant with my kids, I fit into an XL pair of maternity jeans like they were made specifically for my body (from below the belly fabric down, of course). After they were born and the extra baby fat was gone, I still had fat, but also now have excess skin. So I kept those same jeans, simply tucking that belly fabric underneath my bra so it doesn't roll down while also wearing one of those tight fitting 'girdle' type shirts (a 2XL for myself, they're meant to make you look slimmer, which I get from Walmart in the bra department for around 15 bucks) over that fabric. That spaghetti strap undergarment both does it's job as well as holds that fabric in place, which ends up leaving me with no muffin top, no crease where normal jeans would leave a visible indent around the hips (which is _then_ where a muffin top would normally bulge over, but now, doesn't exist). It also smooths out any more of my _wonderful_ (😒) little bulges from noticeable back fat and such, ultimately leaving me looking much slimmer. This allows the natural, more hourglass shape of my body to stand out without looking flabby. No joke. I'm 5'4 1/2 and 214lbs, but when I do this (honest to God), people that know me will _always_ ask if I've lost weight and tell me I'm looking good. (Fat jokes aside, because while I'm not huge, I'm not thin by any means. This means, save your ignorant comments if you have them because you won't be saying anything I haven't already heard, or even possibly made fun of myself with a time or two, so you'll be doing nothing but make an ass of yourself. ) Also, be sure to wear a bra that lifts and gives the girls some decent pushing up because it'll also give the illusion of making your stomach look thinner by contrast; and the best part is people are none the wiser. Nobody has ever guessed, and are usually shocked when I tell or show them. I realize that it's something many people would curl their lip up at by just the mere thought, but if you're willing to put your pride aside and give it a try, I can guarantee you won't be sorry. If you're not sure and don't want to spend a lot of money trying it out, do what I do and go to your nearest thrift store. The results are well worth it. ♡
Meera Youssef (2 days ago)
I dont know my body shape but im very skinny and have fat around my belly
Vhenan (2 days ago)
Question: Okay, here's my dilemma. I'm roughly a size 18, but that's mainly due to my hips being wide, and I do have a pouch there since having kids. Now, whenever I find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly in the waist, they're always too large for my butt, and vice versa if they fit nicely on my rear, the waist is too small. (One would assume having nice hips would lead to a decent sized rear end, but DNA wasn't kind enough to bestow me with such a luxury) What sort of Jean's do I look for with that in mind, and as a slightly overweight woman, will this "neck test" still be applicable? I somehow just find it very hard to believe that something that perfectly fits my waist is also going to wrap perfectly around my neck without a good deal of extra fabric.
ASMR kween (2 days ago)
I’m size 7💀
Hannah Small (2 days ago)
*soggy way* i hope she meant saggy
Chelsea Mock (2 days ago)
Omg, this was so helpful
Gardenia Blossom (2 days ago)
I own exactly one pair of jeans for doing things like hopping on the back of a motorcycle. But this was a great video; I will utilize this wisdom the next time I have a necessity for pants in my life.
Miracle Amaree (2 days ago)
You also aren’t supposed to wash jeans but...
Ajel Laqe (2 days ago)
Omg thanks for the crotch trick because FR why is this such an issue?!?
Jessica Batallan (2 days ago)
This Is the Best video I have ever seemed about jeans! Thank you ill need to make go jeans shopping now! Lol
Lunazul (2 days ago)
What about when you have huge hips and skinny legs???
Emma Benham (2 days ago)
This is sooooo helpful. I always thought it was me...but now I realize I’m just getting the wrong fit for my body type
Nikki Stephanson (2 days ago)
I love how your telling people what kind of jeans you should buy, and not what body shape/size you should be. This is so simple, yet so empowering. (Btw this is the first video of yours I’ve watch and I subscribed to you. And I barely ever subscribe to people when I’ve only watched one video.) 😊
Jocelyn Khalifa (2 days ago)
This video was soooo mind opening. Thank you for all this useful information. I feel like I didn’t know even 40% of jean info lol
Ana Giou (2 days ago)
Yesss, I’ve notice that every time I put on dark pants my butt looks sooo small
Rahiwa Berhane (2 days ago)
Can you do a how do different hair styles make you look
Shirley (2 days ago)
I REALLY need to cum in ur ass
High waisted jeans fit my shape
NesaFashion Channel (2 days ago)
Dana Edwards (2 days ago)
Thank u so much life saver
Bella LoBooski (2 days ago)
I personally have like a triangle type body, and I already noticed how high rise jeans look better on me! Loved the tips!!
I have body shape 1 and I hate how low rise look and most importantly feel on my body. And when I bend over they show my undies to everyone
Roxy Morris (2 days ago)
This video was very helpful👍
TRe' CooL (2 days ago)
Whats wrong with camel toe?! -.-
makeuphappy1 (2 days ago)
Awesome video! 👏 👏👏👏🙌👌☺️
Giada Holland (2 days ago)
Im looking for good quality thick jeans for a really tiny waist and big hips!! They’re really hard to find and only end up fitting me properly because they’re thin and stretchy. Help?😂
Alisha Geyer (2 days ago)
*doesn't want people staring at crotch * *zooms in on crotch * Hmmmmm
Jula Opolska (2 days ago)
Gosh.. i wish looked like her...your legs are freaking goals !!
Cacres Msp (2 days ago)
I need this even tho I'm male I need this. I mean my jeans make my butt looks like it doesn't excists BUT I HAVE A GOOD ONE );;;
Miruna Nicolae (2 days ago)
Im the Body shape 7
Tina Faizaan (2 days ago)
I never noticed my jeans.. Now I know what to look for while buying them... Thankyou!
Cathe - 21 (2 days ago)
Why did they change the zipper area lol
Jennifer Garza (2 days ago)
Body shape 1

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