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Lisa Ann on James Deen rape allegations - #SRShow

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Subscribe for more Sam Roberts on YouTube- http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=notsam Sam Roberts talks to Lisa Ann, on SiriusXM's Sam Roberts' Show, about the allegations james Deen is facing, and more. For more Sam visit notsam.com and @notsam on twitter
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Text Comments (773)
Nilesh Ghadge (1 day ago)
She's really very sensible.
hhmailllll (2 days ago)
the bitch herself is saying the system is evolving to make more girls into worse situations and yet she defends a rapist
hhmailllll (2 days ago)
This slut want to go the right way. lol
Brittany Jones (4 days ago)
Can you rape a pornstar who is in the business of giving up pussy.
Robin Sharma (4 days ago)
Deepest hole in world
YOW HOW (4 days ago)
Great Talk Ann
orejotus (4 days ago)
great show the host its very smart and they talked the reality of the porn in these days thats so overwelmed people look at like with no shame....
Amazing Videos (6 days ago)
I love Lisa Ann
Angelo Picasso (6 days ago)
Lisa has the best rape deterrent, AIDS!!!!
WolfRhymes Garcia (12 days ago)
maybe he didn't but it's not hard to believe a badboy will rape or molest as they don't care about hurting people as much as a nice guy. I knew a turd that molested someone i care about and i know the turd who molested her to get plenty of girls who thinks he is a stud.
Eric Gruntfuttock (12 days ago)
How do these people still make a living anyhow.Who the hell pays for porn these days....?
Joshua ETT (12 days ago)
I really have to say that the american system of guilty until proven innocent is the stupidest thing ever. In Germany and in alot of other countries you are innocent until proven guilty. In my opinion id rather have a guilty person running free for some time than someone innocent getting incarcetated and having his life ruined :/
Niccolo Aurelius (13 days ago)
Would it surprise you that he raped someone? Yeah, I mean... Why don't you do scenes with him? Our sexual styles grew apart...people are too violent these days. Okay, Lisa Ann.
The Wedge (15 days ago)
6:27 wait what?? an outbreak!??!?! what kind of fucking outbreak lol. The Herp? or is there some other type I dont know about.
Kai Keeper (16 days ago)
Yeah comparing this to Bill Cosby is just wrong, the male actors are a lot less valuable than the actresses in porn. Seriously, anyone with half a brain would know that.
SuperBigblue19 (17 days ago)
How do you get all that hideous looking plastic surgery & leave a big lump on your cheekbone?
AquilesMusicWorld (17 days ago)
Shes so hot.
Dawny Gaming (17 days ago)
High Valley (18 days ago)
If she wasn't a porn star, all these comments would read "Who tf is this dumb cunt? Fuck this stupid bitch"
Drew Campbell (18 days ago)
I appreciate Lisa's insight (and she seems intelligent) but I don't think it can be reduced to just "getting out" of an abusive relationship... or people jumping on the bandwagon after it's been made public someone is a rapist. Someone who has not experienced an abusive relationship would say something like that. Abusive relationships can be extremely confusing mentally for the victims as you normalize the behaviors and begin to blend certain feelings and emotions with the abuse. Victims become numb to what's actually going on in many cases and don't report the issues because it's been normalized and something they accept in their life and even identify with. You just simply give up and accept it sometimes. Also, keep in mind before Me Too it was a lot harder for people to come forward as victims.
CRAB JAB (19 days ago)
Last two seconds over her and things like this prove why is above the rest. She is Gangsta
- Zadaris (19 days ago)
She’s very intelligent about this. You can tell she has an enlightened perspective on the metoo movement. She’s a thinker, a legitimate human who tries to feel for both people. The fact that she can have this perspective about a make pornstar is amazing to me with how crazy the niche is of this current day and age. She’s experienced and should be listened to. Love her
alan larson (19 days ago)
why the fuck would a man that gets more asshole than a toilet seat rape a bitch
Aaron Gottfried (20 days ago)
she cant imagine yet she remains a part of it all. fucking cunt
Bob Dole (20 days ago)
She's a trash fish
James Bilzerian (21 days ago)
Wow, I'm impressed, though hearing her in so other interviews I kinda knew she had it together. But how come I never heard this. At least as an FB story?
CosmicMicron (21 days ago)
Lisa Ann has a crush on James Deen and defends him. OK. So all the women that came out on Cosby after all those years should have kept their mouths shut too right? Deen treats all his porn co-stars like shit. That can VERY easily misinterpreted by some new performers as aggressive behavior or even raping (if they feel that they are pushed to do what they do not want to). He does not really seem like a man that respects women, at least from all his amateur and pro videos. Stop making videos with porn stars moguls defending other porn star moguls. THAT'S EXACTLY what has been happening for so many years in Hollywood and look at the explosion now. You don't want to stand on that side when shit hits the fan on the porn industry too...
The Other Side (22 days ago)
*I've followed Lisa's career and she has always proven to be a great performer and speaker. However, her statements here are not entirely correct.* *A PORNSTER reporting a sexual assault case is what the public will mostly laugh at them cause of and the police won't take it serious.* *But I still agree with her that people need to make these cases early and not wait after so many years.*
Motadi123 Magongoa (23 days ago)
Is anyone else getting turned on by the glasses?
The Dirtman (23 days ago)
Justice Kavanaugh should watch this.
UK for brexit 29/03/19 (25 days ago)
I call bullshit.
Cecil Pierre (26 days ago)
Lisa Ann Capora has a hot sex scene with Julian in Mr. Big Dicks Hot Chicks .
Justin Edwards (26 days ago)
He probably did rape her those male pornstars cant keep their dick in their pants and slap, punch and choke women on camera.
YO JOE (27 days ago)
I like Lisa Ann’s double penetration videos
Captain Jack Sparrow (29 days ago)
Porn star can not ever be raped, they are just challenged for a competition. If you throw a football at football player its not rape , its just a challenge !!!
topsie cret (29 days ago)
In the 90's i used to stroke my chicken, now i choke it...
g mack (1 month ago)
I’d marry her she’s so hot idc if she is a dick addict
Captain Freedom (1 month ago)
Well it took em a while, but YouTube finally figured off what I may or may not have jerked off to.
Chester Sykes (1 month ago)
Porn is disgusting - really bad acting. Is it any wonder they all have HIV.
Mohammad Afaneh (1 month ago)
when a pornstar has more reason than most mainstream media and courts LOL
sealteam 6 (1 month ago)
The nerd show
Dark Hours Stories (1 month ago)
She is right
liviz40102 (1 month ago)
Smart sexy woman. But I do see why she always has bangs, I can go skiing on that forehead. More like fivehead
Tooktoomuchmolly (1 month ago)
I’m all balls but my sometimes a gangbang on a 20 year old by old grown dudes 35-40 it’s pretty fuking weird
tfs2O3 (1 month ago)
Another bad lip job. Looks like a 50yr old burnt out duck
J. C. (1 month ago)
Of course they get raped. Those women are forced to have sex with men who are not even porn actors or they get fired. They even record women getting raped. When the scene is over, the women will be taking showers and men will just come in and fuck them without their consent. They can't report it because their careers will be over and no one would believe them. Any man who enjoys choking, slapping and forcing women to eat their own feces is capable of rape.
vishal pal (1 month ago)
she is so mature..... pun not intended..... but she is very smart
Leonard Phillips (1 month ago)
It goes without saying that the lines of "rape" are blurred in porn land.
Smizoke Mizark (1 month ago)
i was never into her
brandon hutton (1 month ago)
she way smart
Kyle K (1 month ago)
Lisa will be an Outstanding Host!!! Invest in Yourself Lisa. I'm excited to be Your Stations 1st Subscriber!
ahmed magdy (1 month ago)
i am glad that pornstar admit that how easy porn being accessed is damaging the kids
I hate the hand on the throught or choking it takes me out of it. Violence isn't sexy.
Leonardo gonçalves (1 month ago)
I googled the guy now, the guy was slaping the shit out if the face of this girl. Goodam it's was a rough .
Sammy Hewson (1 month ago)
She’s the mom of the porn industry
Fazal elahi (1 month ago)
Lisa ann my best porn satar good intriow
Pradipta Sekhar Paul (1 month ago)
Damn, she speaks so intelligently 💇
Christian Weaver (1 month ago)
She’s going to hell...sad to say
Ready Red (1 month ago)
There is no hell, you moron. The Bible is man made.
Eamon Falloon (1 month ago)
(((James Deen)))
Greg Norman (1 month ago)
B4 i addicted to porn, thought the porn stars were raped or molested by their parents.
dell bryant (1 month ago)
So imma go out here on a limb by myself.... Would she feel that way about BILL Cosby
john redcorn (1 month ago)
Shooting 25 scenes a month. That poor guy 🤔
Mike P (1 month ago)
she seems like a cool person would have a beer with her
Chris Pereira (1 month ago)
Thank you Lisa Ann.
Lohan Cindy (1 month ago)
He made 3 great films and they’re still talking about him to this day.
S Dj (1 month ago)
Pornstar gets raped by pornstar? Whaaaaat
yannick willems (1 month ago)
Lisa ann the god of porn😍😍😍😍
DEADPOOL (1 month ago)
Craft services on a porn set.. Sheeeesh!
Andrei Cherestes (2 months ago)
"everyone is guilty until proven innocent in this country" "aham"
Hænel Schmeisser (2 months ago)
What if I fuck this jewish piece of shit in the ass until he pukes his heart out?Is that make me a rapist?
Marreta (2 months ago)
She is very well spoken
Cinsicko (2 months ago)
Are they referring to James “DEAN” or???
Drake Ekard (2 months ago)
Nice play at 5:40.. was that a touchdown or a drop?
Atul Kumar Singh (2 months ago)
Good work...
Samadhan Rajguru (2 months ago)
Publicity stunt
Master Ikem (2 months ago)
Daggger Dick (2 months ago)
For some reason I don’t really respect porn stars, I know it sounds kinda dumb but there’s something about a woman that has taken 80000 penises really makes me think of them as trash lol
Steve Parker (2 months ago)
Damn Lisa's so hot, yep I'll admit I've seen the movies, and emptied a sack or two, but it's even better knowing she's intelligent also.😘
Katacus (2 months ago)
she is a great radio personality. I enjoy her.
jeremy miller (2 months ago)
she said he is to aggressive not his style he did it
Drake Merrill (2 months ago)
I'd pound Lisa Ann's pussy hardcore.
MusicforMe123 (2 months ago)
Lisa Ann should have her own show, she has a very soothing voice really perfect for radio.
shogrran (2 months ago)
10 years from now... some girl in the casting couch series will cry "rape". even though we all know its fake
shogrran (2 months ago)
errbody raping errbody eh. i kinda cant believe it sometimes
nEOs1255 (2 months ago)
innocent decent (2 months ago)
allegations for what?? these are professional prostitutes , they are for this dirty job only..
Kev Marray (2 months ago)
Sjw ruin everything
Kill Slug (2 months ago)
If you want to do video taped prostitution for a living and support the degeneration industry then you fully deserve to be recognized by creepy guys who jack off to you. No sympathy here. The real victims of the porn industry though are the children of these people. Porn might be more mainstream and socially acceptable now than it was 40 years ago but that doesn't make it any less bad for society.
Anselme HUEBER (2 months ago)
any idea about how raped girls are treated by police station ?
TS Xtina (2 months ago)
If you pay really close attention to what she's saying at the first half of this video she's defending him, but in the second half of the video she pretty much acknowledges that these guys are aggressive and him in particular. And says how the porn now is out of control and is more violent than this more. She literally said she stopped working with him because he got too aggressive. That is literal confirmation of his behavior. In all your man sticking up for him regardless are just full of shit and fucking assholes and fucking retarded idiots we're only sticking up for him because he's a man not because you believe he's innocent. She literally confirmed some of the behavior at least maybe not the accusations without meaning to. That is because the truth always comes to light she try to be PC and say things that wouldn't affect her in with those people in the industry, but at the end the truth came out.
stripe801 (2 months ago)
i agree with the no evidence no punishment thing but what the fuck is she taLking about? probabLy more than 500,000 girLs have done profession porn. Dime a dozen. That’s why the girLs don’t Last because any girL can do it. This is why guys Like mandingo, shande dieseL, MichaeLs have been doing porn for 20 years or some shit. Not many guys can do reaL porn.
virginia konton (3 months ago)
is it true what they say about james deen abusing porn stars?
Subrat Dubey (3 months ago)
Stop inviting these kind of shameless ,moraless people on your show other wise it will make your show flop flop flop .....flop
Typek 83 (3 months ago)
Damn now I like her even more. Radio Lisa!
lolwutyoumad (3 months ago)
Those girls are lying and trying to make themselves the "victim" of the porn industry. Like look lady, you sucked black cock on camera for money, get over it
Jason Andrich (3 months ago)
Trying to stream. Sorry I can’t, my Hughes net is as fast as the drizzling dog shits
Jonny LaRock (3 months ago)
if the guy is called Sam Roberts, then its Sam Roberts's show, unless Sam Roberts is a member of antiquity or religion, the only examples are: in Jesus' name, the King James' Bible or Pythagoras' theorem.
keggerous (3 months ago)
I think there is something to the idea of pornstars being smarter than average girls. I've heard a lot of dummies in the business but Lisa Ann is really smart and talks so clearly.
Lisa ji juou hu kiyi zeedhGhee meei aap hu dil kiyi aap dil meei meekhyi dil meei piyaar ki shashu meei aap hot hu juou aap shashu ki khushu bhu ki dharkanu ki shashu meei hot sex ji aap xxx aap ji
علي الساعدي (3 months ago)
Ie livey lise ann

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