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Mini Ninjas Full Game Movie All Cutscenes

172 ratings | 29770 views
Official Site: http://www.minininjas.com/us/ Developer: IO Interactive Publisher: Eidos Interactive, Warner Bros., Feral Interactive Distributor: Square Enix, Valve Corporation Like Us On FaceBook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Uplaynetwork/436753143023058 For More: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBoUiIRdzfJk2Xrk1OqTP-6_dwC56qct4 Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/113665783067021321484/+UPlayNetwork/about Mini Ninjas is a 2009 action-adventure game developed by IO Interactive and published by Eidos Interactive for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. A Mac OS X version of the game was released on July 8, 2010, by Feral Interactive. In December 2011, it was announced that the game will be also made available as a browser game for Google Chrome. A Kinect/Xbox Live Arcade spin-off game Mini Ninjas Adventures followed in 2012. Another Mini Ninjas spin-off game, an endless runner titled Mini Ninjas Mobile, has been released for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets in March 2013.
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Text Comments (28)
Potatat Potatatato (2 months ago)
My childhood
Tails Inan (2 months ago)
Potatat Potatatato Yep, i miss my old life..
David gonzales (6 months ago)
Who else came here to be reminded the fun times of their childhood?
Henry Bean (29 days ago)
Justin Richard EX (8 months ago)
You missed like two or a few cutscenes.
Justin Richard EX (8 months ago)
Where's the cutscene of the third boss?
Justin Richard EX (8 months ago)
My dad play this game! He loves it and so do I!
Maria Hajizada (8 months ago)
me too
Maria Hajizada (8 months ago)
I love mini ninjas
Andrew Burton (11 months ago)
You skipped the rescue of Tora and fighting Boss Timid Swimmer in the Water Castle.
Where tora?
Violet The Wolf (1 year ago)
I remember playing this game I loved it
Tom G (11 months ago)
Violet The Wolf Me too ;(
Lemon Square (1 year ago)
we arE dOooooOomeD You moron.
Peak_ Chilly (1 year ago)
This game made me fall in love with ancient and feudal Japan, don't worry not the weird modern day hentai loving Japan.
cute cartoons (1 month ago)
Same!!!! This game also made me pick this logo!
Salome Reti-Molineux (1 year ago)
Peak_ Chilly, me too, I was much younger, but I fell in love with the landscape and the environment. I loved this game to bits, it made me want to visit ancient Japan, and not the busy city Japan we have now.
Fail Marine (1 year ago)
i think you are lieing
Geeseundheit (1 year ago)
I wonder is all the pics from the credits would or even WILL be in a sequel..... HHMMMMM
Tails Inan (1 year ago)
Nice! love this game..
Melanie Sipchand (1 year ago)
I wonder if there is a sequel?
Mattyb0t Gulley (14 days ago)
Yes there is a sequel, but its only for kinect.
Max Bloemendal (1 year ago)
UPlayNetwork I think, and HOPE there will be
UPlayNetwork (1 year ago)
+Melanie Sipchand hi, so far not yet
Pyro Maniac (2 years ago)
Loved this game so much!
Nathaniel Berrios (1 year ago)
Pyro Maniac I agree soo much
Ravensie (1 year ago)
Pyro Maniac me too!! really good game <33
Darth Order (2 years ago)
what a joke

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