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Transgender children: young boys and girls embracing transition process

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Text Comments (17)
desbest (1 year ago)
This video is pushing false propaganda. There is no evidence that a male can have a female brain.
Stephen Faust (2 years ago)
As it stands, we do not know if there is in fact any such thing as a male brain or a female brain: the research is not complete on that matter, nor is much said along side it of intrasexual difference. One can also suggest that this child is confused of their sexual development in being confronted of a social development; so long as sex-reassignment surgery is not authorised until they reach a majority, and therefore post-adolescence, then no harm can be done, surely, in allowing they play of gender by way of treating it as if sex were the issue at hand. Other than that already, and of a far larger sphere of concern, which is and has been done by the patriarchal backlash against the sexual and social liberation, begun of the 60s in particular, which one saw being evidenced of Establishment propaganda in the 90s.
Dr. H.W. Rustlington (2 years ago)
+Stephen Faust kill yourself
jhassett2 (2 years ago)
This is child abuse..Truly evil.
Maddie Platt (5 months ago)
jhassett2 How
Mannard Mann (2 years ago)
Transgender B.S... more programming FOR THE GOY..
serenity s (2 years ago)
nobody knows for sure what s going on with a child s brain... poeple just throw their judgment calling this all kinds of names.. even if they suppress the child s orientations and willingness to be another gender it will just bring up resentment and anger may be depression and anxiety too. so for the poeple who wanna judge and be ignorant... calm down ans worry about what u have in your own life. peace
Jason Thach (2 years ago)
Poor child, poor family. Our society is changing too fast.
wayne's world (2 years ago)
sick sick sick, the parents should be thrown away for allowing  and encouraging this abomination
Jerry dee (2 years ago)
If everyone came perfectly out of the cookie cutter you would be right....but weve dumped so many industrial chemicals that mimic estrogen in our environment since the 60's that these kids with the wrong brain wiring are only going to increase...there was a girl with AIS on tv last night, she had no idea she was XY until the doctor tested for lack of period and basically said you are a boy who cant absorb testosterone.
Mannard Mann (2 years ago)
It's not judging to call it what it is..  SIN Here's fifty cents go buy hooked on phonics 
wayne's world (2 years ago)
+Mannard Mann smh, I know ,sickos 
Mannard Mann (2 years ago)
+Ethan Alky Spoken like a true SODOMITE.

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