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Marketing and Selling Your Clothing Brand Startup - How The Sell?!

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➤ FREE 7-Figure Case Study Training: https://zach-inman.com/free Starting a clothing brand is a very exciting thing, and it's something that a lot of people have wanted to do or attempted to do. However, it's not easy. There are a bunch of different things that you need to take into account, and simply slapping a rip-off supreme logo onto a Gildan shirt isn't going to make you rich. In this video, I talk about the best way that you can go about developing and marketing your clothing brand ➤ eCommerce Mastery Course: https://zach-inman.com/ecommerce-mastery ➤ My Recommended Tools: https://zach-inman.com/tools
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jonny robles (1 hour ago)
Check out my brands Instagram Instagram.com/ablankbrand website dropping mid January
The kings Of cbd (6 hours ago)
www.neverridesolo.com Give your feedback please
Greg Stoner (3 days ago)
Great advice Zach. cheers.
Karym (3 days ago)
I read some of the comments and I've been part of the hustle and still hustling. I started my clothing company and it boomed. It took me months and I swore I needed someone to help me out, but that's why I'm willing to help you guys with a fee, we out here hustling. Contact me at [email protected] I can help with: -Putting your designs on what you need. -Outsourcing for your clothing line. -Me and my team will guide and mentor you on how to go about doing things. The industry secrets. -Design team will help you out with your designs to better them. Let's talk business. Serious enquiries only.
Hakim Cisse (6 days ago)
Can you check out my new brand and possibly give me some pointers? Thank You. My brand is: shopfirstnation.com
Mmuoe Moremogolo (7 days ago)
Just Started my Clothing Brand, its growing big
SML (7 days ago)
get a haircut !
LucKie (7 days ago)
Can you talk about some practical stuff? Like how do we set sizing for each of the items as it can never be the same for all and data entry stuff, naming the product, description writing, Sales Copy, all products SEO. How often should we update the products and how often should the homepage be updated? How to start persuasive campaigns, how to distribute coupon codes, how to start email marketing for the customers, what audience to be chosen for FB Ads, how should we split the Adsets? how to start a brand on Instagram? There is a lot to learn to successfully run a clothing brand.
Versatrans (8 days ago)
Very informative!
Tevin Ussin (10 days ago)
Great video bro I learned a few new things. Oh and I love the Samurai Champloo ending theme you got playing in the background
Candace Tribble (12 days ago)
Omg thank you 😊
Smooth_ Zz (13 days ago)
Hi, im in the making of creating my brand, would you mind sending me a Mail, so I can send you an email with my products? [email protected]
Gabe Adams (14 days ago)
Hey Zach, thanks for this super informative video! Just a question: how does one actually go about sourcing their clothes for the brand? Aside from POD what other options are out there? And what do you recommend? I look forward to hearing from you!
Cesar Ocampo (15 days ago)
Wise words!
Okolo Eric (15 days ago)
listen to every word he says. I know, he knows, if you know you know
Mers & nae O. (15 days ago)
Yes I needed this video this really helped me thank you!!!!
Dina Johns (17 days ago)
With a full beard you'll b really hot
Zach Inman (17 days ago)
Lol! I'm trying - my face only likes to grow the beard of a 16 year old.
Jason Archilla (22 days ago)
Very good video bro. Thanks for the tips www.julialussi.com or https://instagram.com/fashiondress.jl
Jesse Steel (25 days ago)
Spot on. Great video, only 10% will understand. But this guy couldn't be more right in this aspect. Thank you for a video with great content. Www.cyclopsdesignerapparel.com
Haroon Sayyed (25 days ago)
Ur tips are really good Thanks for helping Keep doing the gud work
Nina Daniel (27 days ago)
Love your videos, Zach!! So insightful and helpful, thank you!!!
Zach Inman (27 days ago)
Glad I could help Nina!
88 18 (29 days ago)
Zach Inman (29 days ago)
Sleep more, child!
Øpulent Ǥoat (1 month ago)
Hey guys , we actually are in our early days of building our brand, please check us out on instagram @opulentgoat we would LOVE your feedback in DM if possible, we will will answer EVERY DM!
Zach Eller (1 month ago)
I recently started my brand www.equippedwear.com I'd love to hear any feedback you guys have in the comments. The IG is @equippedwear
Zach Eller (4 days ago)
Jürgen Scheibe that’s odd. It seems to be working fine. Equippedwear.com maybe click the link through the Instagram page?
Jürgen Scheibe (4 days ago)
+Zach Eller the site doesnt load for me :/
Zach Eller (4 days ago)
Thank you. Yes definitely going for pretty basic pieces to start out with. Stuff that I'd want to wear, very minimal that will go with a lot. Definitely will be expanding into a wider range of designs in the future.+King Mop
King Mop (4 days ago)
Design of the websites really good, t shirts all pretty basic design. Idk if that’s what your going for or you just haven’t thought of different designs
Zach Eller (14 days ago)
Gabe Adams I went to school for design and web. Some of the pages are custom. However for times sake I used Shop Isle as the front page. If you’re using Wordpress, I really good theme to look into is Theme X if you want to do something really unique. You can customize every element of it. I used that for my design portfolio site zachellercreative.com
Three Ninja Ducks (1 month ago)
When u said having friends I just gave up
Hunter Kenway (1 month ago)
Nice vid !
Lefty UpOne (1 month ago)
Broooooo thank you for this 😭 you guys will see www.sevenbilclothing.com everywhere watch 😈
Business Dulevv (1 month ago)
Thanks mate
Bec (1 month ago)
This is amazing thank you so much for all of this amazing advice.
Le Beau Monde (1 month ago)
This helped me sooo much! I went from 0 sales to over 50 sales! Www.lebeaumonde.be i owe you man!
I Don't Care (22 days ago)
Nice dude i love your style.
StayPinned Adventures (1 month ago)
Breath brother breath, I like your videos but the inhale at the end of every sentence is loud. Slow down and breath or a quick edit would work well even. Thats rough tho. Other than that, informative video.
Marcus Brown (19 hours ago)
Lmaoo its never that serious , relax
Zach Inman (1 month ago)
Lol, sorry about that. I go on a rant and keep talking so that I don't lose my train of thought. Gets hectic sometimes.
X A V I E R O S E (1 month ago)
Looks like I’m going down the right route for my clothing. I just started my brand Aspex Clothing and I’m trying to make this a career for me. Thanks man I appreciate the helpful advice.
Tre' Maddox (1 month ago)
I just took a lookat your site. I fucks with it.
Digital Marketer Ben (1 month ago)
examples would be very helpful
Marisa Mo (1 month ago)
Thanks for this!
Zach Inman (1 month ago)
Glad I could help!
Doli Doubie (1 month ago)
Dubious society apparel here ... great video
Brandon Luis (1 month ago)
this video helped me a lot. I started in April and sales is something I struggled with. Yes I could sell to my friends and my family but I want to expand beyond that. Thanks for the info!
MEP (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video dude but is it ok if i just put my logo on the shirt?
Zach Inman (1 month ago)
No problem! I fell into that trap myself. I just don't want to see you waste your time and money
MEP (1 month ago)
+Zach Inman hmm thanks for the advice
Zach Inman (1 month ago)
A company could have extremely comfortable shirts, but that's not going to inspire 99% of people to spend $25-$30 on a shirt with an unknown company's logo. You have to be really creative with designs and marketing to make a clothing brand work.
MEP (1 month ago)
+Zach Inman thats the problem but the material is really good so i think i can get buyers
Zach Inman (1 month ago)
Yeah its okay but will anyone buy that?
Vibes With Kourtney (2 months ago)
Ian Fitness (2 months ago)
Thanks man. I've learned this a long time ago and it works. You just gave months of research on a short video. You are saving a lot of time here. I hope they apply it
Zach Inman (2 months ago)
Glad you liked the video Ian!
Jenna Wimshurst (2 months ago)
I've only just started my clothing brand Happy Skull Clothing so this video is really really helpful! I wouldn't have thought about starting local... Thank you!
jojotheweirdone (26 days ago)
jojotheweirdone (3 hours ago)
I just hit 600 followers today on ig! And my good friend does my logo.
jimkillerx (4 days ago)
Good site! You got an instagram account, but don't forget to make an actual Facebook page for your website too, not a FB profile. Where did you find someone to create your logo?
Gabe Adams (14 days ago)
jojotheweirdone how’s it going?
Saucy Grizzly (2 months ago)
Hahaha😂😂 this kid
ZXY - (3 months ago)
Helpful👍🏻 thanks
Joseph Hammonds (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for this it’s like taking everything I have been learning on my own and reaffirming what I need to do thanks 🐝🐼
Chip W. (3 months ago)
Thanks I’m going to stop promoting my brand and instead growing btw my brand is leistungusa for plug
Gavin Holton (3 months ago)
solid video man
Jacqueline Van Bierk (4 months ago)
Great advice. Started my clothing brand JACVANBEE, my first product is in production right now. I will apply these! Thank you!
Kosta Kurtes (5 months ago)
Great video, thank you
Its Hammy (5 months ago)
great video, learned a lot from this. just started my brand Misfortune Clothing and can't wait to grow so big!
Guspa Films (3 days ago)
+Zain Choudhry email me bro, [email protected] . Send me info!
Brandon Luis (1 month ago)
Zain Choudhry contact me by email [email protected]
E M. (2 months ago)
Zain Choudhry [email protected] send me some info
Zain Choudhry (4 months ago)
Hey contact with me I'm manufacturer from Pakistan high quality clothes.
Mister Mystery (5 months ago)
How many branded products do you think a someone who's starting off should work with on their shop ?
Akeem Simmons (6 months ago)
Are you actually a father? You really like that hat lol.
Zach Inman (6 months ago)
Thankfully no! This hat just fits well, gets a lot of attention, and looks awesome. Thus it's a daily wearer :)
The People's Kid (7 months ago)
Excellent stuff man. Logan Paul followed this blueprint to the bank. I think some other good examples are @menacelosangeles and @hypland
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
Badass, thanks for the examples!
Gareth Solomon (7 months ago)
Thanks for the great videos and staying true to e-commerce. Keep up the good work.
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
Thank you for the great comment! Glad you appreciate the work I put in to keeping e-commerce great :)
SMPLY MODRN (7 months ago)
Hi Zach, great video! I had a question regarding fashion accessories. I know you said you did sell rings and sold some bracelets in the past. For FB ads did you use picture ads for marketing these. And if you are willing to share, what generally did you target for audiences for items that arent niche (not a buddha bracelet but a generic fashion bead bracelet)?
SMPLY MODRN (7 months ago)
thanks Zach! that makes a lot of sense!
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
I've used picture ads and video ads! And I've never sold just general jewelry. It's all revolved around a niche. For targeting general jewelry, maybe try and target people that have shown interest in jewelry companies similar to what you're doing.
Mark Amazing-Deals (7 months ago)
🔥➡ How many hours did you work when you began with Dropshipping ?
shak shak (7 months ago)
the gymshark guy is not even wearing his clothes on his site , just find other ways if you don't want to expose urself.
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
Right! It's definitely possible to just get ambassadors rocking your stuff and that's it :)
Emperor Picasso (7 months ago)
ANOTHER HOMERUN. mate, I can tell you're in a nice flow while making these past few videos - don't stop while you're ahead.
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
Thanks Emperor Picasso! And thanks a lot for the pressure 😅 I'll do my best to keep the momentum going!!
The Cat Village (7 months ago)
great video ! are you going to do more of these that show the marketing of items, like creating the ads for the items ?
The Cat Village (7 months ago)
by the way, bit4byte is completly deleted and the new store should be live soon
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
Yup! I just didn't do that for this video because it's such a broad theme. Next video for sure!
Ortens Finest (7 months ago)
Hey Zach. Ali from Sweden here and I recently created my own online store called BornAFootballer.com - I’m mixing both AE products and Printful products - That’s okay right? Where would you recommend me to focus growing a following on? What platform do you think I should start with building up a following on and that does the best in the soccer niche? And honestly, I felt that I have to thank you a lot for this incredibly valuable video. You posted it at a time where I needed to hear all of these tips the most. I’m so glad I found you and will be a life time subscriber and supporter of your channel as long as you keep uploading helpful videos. We are borh in the same industry. Please do more detailed videos like you have been doing about marketing, advertising and growing a following on your most preffered platforms!
Ortens Finest (7 months ago)
The Football Crew yeah for sure. And damn man that’s very impressive. Congratz! Just messged you
The Football Crew (7 months ago)
Ali Abeedoun message my Instagram page @footballthrill I have 100k followers
Nate Berry (7 months ago)
Check out my store... http://www.backwoodsonly.shop .... what can I improve??? My instagram is also linked in the bottom of the home page
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
https://101ecom.teachable.com/p/shopify-store-review-video Here's the link :) In the video I'll mention every single thing I think you should improve upon, and I could definitely mention some targeting strats!
Nate Berry (7 months ago)
Zach Inman yeah sure how much ... will you add notes on what I should add or take away.... Facebook targeting suggestions ??
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
Hey man, if you want a store review, hop into one of my store review livestreams (next one in about a week) and hope I get around to you (I get a lot of requests as you can imagine lol). Or I offer a personal 15 minute long review of your store and social media for a price if you're interested in that :)
Gabriel Vanderkroft (7 months ago)
new video idea; how to dropship amazon products from your shopify store. I'm wondering if i should just order it to my house and then ship it out from there. As this would cut the shipping time down from 2-3 weeks to 5 days tops.
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
At that point you might just want to look into FBA. I'm making a video VERY soon on the benefits of using Amazon in your ventures.
S (7 months ago)
hey man it looks like iw lost the motivation.....idk why i keep messing up with something whether it is fb video ads or its the product description or is it about understanding fb ads it is really super hard and i totally feel like giving up
I Don't Care (22 days ago)
Did you even watch the video. Ads are honestly a turn off as a consumer of many different styles of clothing. Connecting with people and the community and knowing that you have a message with a unique style and study the competition is what i got from this video.
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
Don't give up for sure! Join my free Facebook group if you haven't already (link in the description) and post in there asking for advice about your store to get an idea for that. If your store is good, then most likely your ads just aren't that hot. Have you watched my recent Facebook Ads video?
Gabriel Vanderkroft (7 months ago)
link your site ill have a look at it if youd like me to
Robert Gribben (7 months ago)
I was thinking about this but thought it would be rather difficult. I never thought of starting local to build rapport/social proof and advertising!
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
It's going to be challenging no matter what you do, but that doesn't mean it won't be fun/pay off handsomely! Glad I could give you a good idea :)
Edgar Padilla (7 months ago)
Perfect for the POD !!! This is going to help me a lot once again thank you !!
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
Awesome Edgar, let me know how things go for you! :)
Ben Longjohn (7 months ago)
Great tips bro, good looks regarding the boutique/brand information. Solid point, it's pointless to make the next H&M if you don't pt 1000% into it and convince people it's legit. Thought about doing a print on demand store, but I'm not the best artist.
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
Thanks for the love man :) POD can be super fun, and you don't really need to be an artist since outsourcing art is the thing!
DRAGON SLAYER RAOE (7 months ago)
don't wear your clothesbrand hire other people to wear your brand... or else this wont work
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
Not always true. Obviously you're not the only one that's going to be wearing it, but wearing it yourself can get some good exposure.
DRAGON SLAYER RAOE (7 months ago)
Do NOT DO THIS!!!... I'm in clothing dropp shipping and this shit is really Hard to set up and hard to market!.... you will waste tons of time you will never get back!... it takes months to start up!
shak shak (7 months ago)
maybe ur clothes are crap lol
shak shak (7 months ago)
maybe it is not that good :DD
DRAGON SLAYER RAOE (7 months ago)
I have one of my suppliers starting to printing out my logo one of my clothing items.... and i have a super nice web Domain that i paid 180 for the theme so customers don't get it mixed up comparing me to anyone else's store
Robert Gribben (7 months ago)
DRAGON SLAYER RAOE but he did say that dropshipping clothing is more difficult... he's meaning print on demand
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
Exactly why I spoke in context of actually making all of the clothes yourself :) It takes a long ass time, and it is far from fast money, but if you're passionate and really like what you do, it's worth it and has potential to pay off nicely.
Executive Ella (7 months ago)
Love your content!
Executive Ella (7 months ago)
Zach Inman no problem!
Zach Inman (7 months ago)
Thank you so much!
Executive Ella (7 months ago)
Zach Inman (7 months ago)

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