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How nationalism and globalism can coexist | Wanis Kabbaj

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Why do we have to choose between nationalism and globalism, between loving our countries and caring for the world? In a talk with lessons for avowed nationalists and globalists alike, Wanis Kabbaj explains how we can challenge this polarizing, binary thinking -- and simultaneously be proud citizens of both our countries and the world. Check out more TED Talks: http://www.ted.com The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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Text Comments (644)
Alexander Hewett (5 hours ago)
Those believing in global governance must be severely persecuted
DrewPicklesTheDark (7 hours ago)
How capitalism and communism can coexist.
Gunner kidd (6 days ago)
Some people are were stareing to camera anyone notice hit like 😂
Kaká Sousa (8 days ago)
His analysis is wrong and naive from the very beginning, mistaking globalisation for globalism. He has no idea of what globalism really is and its real purpose.
Human Evolving (8 days ago)
TED TALK exercises censorship, Censorship is bad, Shame on TED Talks I am so disappointed since I used to suggest to everyone I would meet that they should listen to TED
Greg Mrozinski (9 days ago)
How about a thesis that globalization is a nationalism in disguise. Nationalism of big nations who fight nationalism of the small ones. Soviet Union is past, however prime example of that. It was always fighting with nationalism of its smaller member states. Then proclaim internationalism was just a face to Russian nationalism. Globalists, as Soviets want to have a total control on the world's population, destroying family bonds, religious bonds and now bonds with one's country. That experiment failed in the past and it will fail again
Beo Yule (9 days ago)
I really dont get this discussion, Globalism vs Nationalism. They are not opposite's they exist together at the same time. That we present them as being opposite to eachother comes from the agenda of the speaker not by fact. I admire his will of creating a better world but by making globalism work that can lead to the same violence levels nationalism can create. When will people allow eachother to believe or follow where their heart leads them instead of raising the finger of morality.
Constantin Stanca (10 days ago)
no , they cannot coexist . Criminal globalism, white people genocide cannot coexist with the most profound feeling of patriotism and naționalism .
Tidepool Clipper (6 days ago)
Patriotism =/= nationalism Also, nationalism can turn ugly if left unchecked.
NineS (12 days ago)
They can't.
Rodney Hamilton (14 days ago)
The West will be defeated by one word: "Racist!".
#Nationalists✌️ favor selected international cooperation. #GoNationalist✌️ #PeaceAndFreeNations✌️ #ProtectWildernessAndWildlife✌️
DJ Harris (22 days ago)
This guy showed the statistic up on the screen for everyone to see -- 71% of the world's population considers themselves a citizen of the world. It doesn't say "Those who love our Country AND consider themselves citizens of the world," yet he said that anyway: He said that that 71% of people say they love their Country. Even though according to his statistic it literally only states the premise. That is the problem I have with the whole Globalist side of his argument, and it is why both of the belief systems cannot possibly live in harmony with each other. Taking America for example: While yes, Globalists for the most part may love this Country, or at least not hate it, Nationalists will say it proudly, they will express it, they have actual passion for the country, and they are willing to stick out their necks for it... They don't call themselves true patriots for nothing. Most Globalist thinkers don't say the phrase "I love this country" or "This country is great," if for no other reason than simply because they don't want to be labled with all of the right-wing cliches. Nationalists also acknowledge the fact that the US of A is the global superpower and that it is great based on its principles of freedom and opportunity. Globalists do not have TRUE love for America, per se -- they're more busy with trying to make the world a better place, while pointing out all of the country's supposed faults-- and they don't see how that is. Nationalists are trying to protect the very things -- like our basic rights as U.S. citizens -- that Globalists are unwittingly stripping away. "America First" is of course not the equivalent of Fascism, and it also doesn't mean that we don't go and police the world, or help other people, or even welcome immigrants (there's a difference in "immigrants" and "illegal immigrants."). But we do need to have our priorities right.
Hobday Z Legend (23 days ago)
Seems he confusing Globalization with Globalism
Don Hyon (23 days ago)
I am very against nationalism no matter how constructive it is. Patriotism is a slippery slope into chauvinism too. Just improve globalism to the extent that nationalism sounds like a joke.
dugfriendly (24 days ago)
Did I miss his answer?
smileyface702 (24 days ago)
Shows some correlations and then proceeds to say "nationalism makes people happy" . Correlation does not equal causation - come on dude. "Globalization for humanistic reasons" um but we are entering an increasingly neoliberal age, in which global alliances are created out of greed. I didn't find this to be as compelling of a talk as the speaker wanted it to be. A rather superficial selection of particular facts. Nationalism and globalism do work well together, but you didn't investigate how they may feed off and help one another. And then the cricket example: dude, India was colonized by Britain - don't try to say that's a good thing because they like cricket now.
Anon Ymous (24 days ago)
FreedomWorkShop (25 days ago)
I stopped watching after about 1 minute. I can tell you the answer. All the injustices of the world, the destabilisation of nations, invasion of whole regions, the undermining of everything sovereign countries believe in and have worked for, the subversion of tried and true systems of life and government .. not to mention the cronies, murderers and monsters behind it all are behind "globalism". Nationalists are the ones that built the world that the globalists are trying to hijack/pull down/leech off. So, globalists, Go F yourselves. You're a bunch of Satan worshipping, evil goblins, and the people that follow you are soulless, mindless BORG . Did I tell you to go F yourselves? Well, let me say it again, if I didn't. Go F yourselves. - Yours sincerely, Those of us who still have a soul. P.S. You WILL burn. Mark my words. You might kill a lot of people on the way, because you have no conscience (you gave it to Moloch), but when all is said and done, you will burn.
FreedomWorkShop (25 days ago)
..so, how is everyone's Saturday going? Eating all your roundup and taking your shots? Don't forget to tuck your autistic babies in (while they're still alive today; they might not be tomorrow) and drink the fluoride. Just remember, mercury is good for you.
MaximMate (26 days ago)
I'm looking for the Wanis Kabbaj song Superbass
Tiavor Kuroma (29 days ago)
globalism is not what you describe as cultural exchange. without the extreme globalism we will still have legal migration and cultural exchange.
Nismo (1 month ago)
And Arabic kebab comes from whitest nation on earth?
Mina Madina (1 month ago)
Ya3tik Essaha , you said it all <3
Wanis kabbaj (28 days ago)
Merci lalla mina.
TheMarker2015 L.S (1 month ago)
Globalism is evil.
Danilo Boskovic (1 month ago)
I'm a globalist and a patriot but national identity is counter productive and mantained by people who require to be proud of something or those who profit from the same group. Your definition of nationalism is also patriotism which isn't true. I love the nature of my country and the only nationalistic view i have is what my country has to offer in terms food and drinks.
leoYANG96 (1 month ago)
It's above the average for TED's "social commentary", but... not quite there yet.
Thiago Silva (1 month ago)
The globalism is collectivism. I hope that the world don't do it, because we'll see the misery grow again.
Minbo Shim (1 month ago)
OK.You are insisting like Trump and Obama can coexist.
Jim Panse (1 month ago)
Dude needs to read some nietzsche. The "nation state" is an idol just like all the other dead idols of the past.
Jens S. (1 month ago)
Thanks for helping everyone to take a step back and re-evaluate. It's in times like these, where it's almost impossible not to get drawn along with all the hatred and fear. Thanks for spreading hope by means of realisation.
Chuck Bryan (1 month ago)
Fantastic insight!
Max Covfefe (1 month ago)
I agree with this video maybe 100%. That's relatively rare.
Adventure Ka (1 month ago)
Nationalism is good if it does not lead to racism.Just have fun ...A world without borders
Will Phillips (1 month ago)
We need internationalism, not globalism, not nationalism.
malcolmthebear (1 month ago)
@11:21 Did he really just say "expresso" instead of "espresso"?
Wanis kabbaj (1 month ago)
malcolmthebear https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/espresso-vs-expresso-usage-history
In anna (1 month ago)
Nationalisms exists only in our heads, it isn’t really there ! This is why we as humans shouldn’t have countries and nationalities ! There should be one country called planet earth and it should be borderless ! There should be one nationality and it should be humanity! We all belong to Mother Earth 🌍
Denzel Horton (7 days ago)
No borders? That would cause a lot of problems?
These Truths (1 month ago)
As an US citizen, white, mid-40s, heterosexual, Christian, husband, and father of several, I approve of this speaker's message. There's too much hate based around skin-deep differences and culture. The thinkers can't allow the mindless haters to manage things. Hater's aren't rational. Haters don't think far enough ahead, and don't respect consequences of short-sighted actions. Allied Fathers Community Unions...help us answer the complex problems with well balanced initiatives.
TheCarrifaery Bear (1 month ago)
AWESOME TALK! Thankyou for imparting sanity and hope.
Greenbean Casserole (1 month ago)
Feeling proud of your country or having national satisfaction doesn’t make you a nationalist. You’re talking about patriotism.
ÖMER AYAR (1 month ago)
Graph at 6:30 does not tell much about extreme poverty rates.Things that can be bought with $1.90 in 1990 and in 2013 were not close.
Wanis kabbaj (1 month ago)
ÖMER AYAR It is in constant dollars adjusted for inflation.
Angelica Urrego (1 month ago)
Great message! but wouldn’t Patriotism be the better word for your definitions of nationalism??
Aydsys Tech (1 month ago)
Everyone understands nationalism as putting a nation over anything else, even morality. Stop redifining it, just pick a more suitable one. Can't continue listening to somebody saying oh nationalism can be good, it can coexist with other good things.
Dharmaraj Dhital (1 month ago)
Buddha was born in Nepal....so please correct that
Mich Skib (1 month ago)
people migrate because of wealth inequality, wealth inequality because of nationalism, nationalism because of migration, migration because of wealth inequality, wealth inequality because of nationalism and so on... only global socialism can solve wealth inequality and as consequence migration problem
Tony Rivers (1 month ago)
Globalists are like the communists that flew under the flag of socialism. They capitalize on an ideal that is a mass appeal, to serve their own selfish agenda. They promote world peace, great humanitarian effort, and substantially benefiting all walks of life. They want everybody open the door, so they can walk in and control the world. Globalists truly are rich, elitists that are hungry for world control. They want to erase culture and the only culture are the words these false shepherds speak. If truly they want humanity to benefit, they would not merely speak these rhetoric. Just ask, what and how have this guy done to promote what he stands for? What actions has he taken? What contribution?Rather than defining labels that truly don't matter, and misleading people away from the real focus. Ask the right questions, rather than letting this clown speak about false promises. Ask, what have you done lately? If people don't care for globalism, would you still be doing great humanitarian effort? If globalism is rejected, will you still sacrifice your weekends to contribute to the poor? If people reject globalism, will you still stand with the common folk and 90% of the commoners doing hard labor every single day. This clown speaks of a quick fix for life's struggle, but life is about struggle. It's about solidarity for the common man, the weekend volunteer, and small effort by regular people. This clown wants the throne for the few, the name, the hero brand, while everybody does the work. Most likely, they won't put in effort. They want people to follow them so their agendas have manpower to sustain their life, and not that of others, whom they so want people to believe they care for. Sure pizzas are good, fast food is in every corner, starbucks is affordable, but it's these pigs that reap all the benefits, sitting on their throne with no effort. These globalists have pizza parlors, starbucks in their kitchen, now they just want everybody's pantries and secret recipes. He speaks of past globalization, and fail to speak of the human sacrifice, the sadness of losing way of land and life, subjugated to foreign domination, proud culture subverted to humiliation, the millions that lost and suffered and remain forgotten and in the shadows. These globalists and their life through rose colored lenses. History always repeat. War follows peace. Globalists are the next communists. Pray for humanity. Their apetites grow larger, and they need sheep for the slaughterhouse. Forget nationalists or globalists, or American, or African, or world citizen. These are labels. Be human, be kind, be respectful, be true, be real, be creative, be a friend, be a neighboor.
DURMUŞ BAYSAL (1 month ago)
If you want peace in the world, here's the solution. FELLOW DWELLERS OF THE EARTH; My name is Eight Billion, I contain an angel and a devil struggling inside, The face I dress varies to survive, Always hungry for power, never enough to content, I look for “inner peace” whilst consumed by grudge, For sons, for daughters, for the self, please be advised, there long existed the new code, aside, Let’s consider having an appointment with the best stylist for a change, Experience, how exceptionally would you look better reflecting the best, Thus, if you manage to change yourself, repenting for good, The place called Earth might turn into Heaven, I assure, It is me, it is you, it is us will power to CHANGE. There is a divine justice aspect. The colonial states will suffer the consequences of cruelty, massacres and unscrupulous acts to date. The world's greatest and wildest genocide was against North and South American residents. In 1945, atomic bombs that were delivered onto Hiroshima and Nagasaki destroyed more than a hundred thousand people. Also in February 1945, the United States and Britain bombarded Dresden, killing hundreds of thousands of spikes in a few days. Also one cannot do without mentioning the countless persecutions and massacres of the Soviet Union. The Catholic Church has burned many people alive. I now ask: Will all these atrocities, slaughter be unpunished? Of course not! That atheists do not believe in divine justice is not the proof that there is no divine justice. Europe is no longer Jewish-Christian, but paganized. Pagan civilization and morality are rapidly dragging the world and humanity into the Third World War. Western civilization, which is contrary to philosophy, has made the world uninhabitable. In all the heavenly religions, there is a mention of the divine time wars. The world and humanity will be ruined and sank because of their reproach. Could it be said that the Zionists have followed the Torah? Are Christians on the path of Jesus? Their true religion is the Golden Calf. Teachings of Jesus Christ are not all about singing songs in Churches and reading deities. Zionism and the state of Israel which are totally contrary to the Torah will bring terrible disasters to Jews and all humanity. As Kierkegaard said, they spit on his grave, saying, "Jesus." They have followed Satan and Taghut. First and second world wars and the madness of the Soviet Union did not bring their minds to their heads. The brainless civilization that sinks the world but at the same time sends satellite to Mars. Crazy civilization melting polar ice. Civilization invented and discovered nuclear weapons that could destroy mankind not only once but also thousands of times. The civilization of sin, rebellion and pleasure!
First Last (1 month ago)
Scotty Wills (1 month ago)
The compulsiveness to keep clicking "View More" and post angry comments about it. Not my thing but I do like some of these original comments pertaining to video. XD
Ngo Kien (1 month ago)
Simply amazing!
??? (1 month ago)
It can coexist, but people disagree about what comes first.
Austin Hartman (1 month ago)
I got in a big argument on social media with someone about this. I argued you could be both globalist and nationalist and we would prosper for it and my opposite argued all nationalists are fascists and should go die. It was one of those "talking to a wall," type arguments.
Életem morzsái blog (1 month ago)
I think the best way to stop differences would be the ban of the big religions. Imagine a world where people would believe in love only. Today the conflict is about that different religions have different believes and these religions require people to give up their own views in order to follow strict rules. I think nationalist would be fine with globalism but with the ban of problem causing, big religions
Jason Seedall (1 month ago)
Don't even try to read the comments. Just go out and be a proud citizen of your country and the world. You'll find none of those kind of people below.
Jaime Lugo (1 month ago)
The best thing of the speech is the history of the letters. Everything else on the speech is cherry picked for an utopian idea, which unfortunately he doesn’t provide proper practical applications of his ideas
Drawed (1 month ago)
Accent français ça mdr
Wanis kabbaj (1 month ago)
Drawed , quand on est Français, on a souvent un accent français...😀
Paolo Trazzi (1 month ago)
Good pov
duke1duke1 (1 month ago)
You just have to realize that the strength of your country is determined by the strength of its immigrants. For example, in Canada, we won't be able to pay for our retirement accounts or welfare state without a lot of educated, working immigrants (who also clearly build our economy according to economists). So when you realize the strength and international relevance of your country is dependent on immigration, it becomes patriotic to embrace more immigration. People on the left who are pro-immigration need to speak to the values of the right. There are pro-economy, pro-business, pro-patriotic reasons to support immigration. So speak the language of your opponents and you are more likely to convince them. Start by familiarizing yourselves with the paper by Clemens et al: "Economics and emigration: trillion dollar bills on the sidewalk?". It's free, Google it.
TheMagicJIZZ (1 month ago)
Or just subsidize childcare and promote nuclear family so every woman produces 3-5 children and you won't in long term have need for immigration other than small amount of skilled?
ExotiC255 (1 month ago)
Wanis Kabbaj! Standing ovations to you.
Reality (1 month ago)
12:54 That white guy on the middle, doesn't like this talk!
Master of None (1 month ago)
The premise of this speech is wrong. Even though it has a good message. His definition of nationalism is wrong. What he means is patriotism. Nationalism - feeling superior to other countries and people Patriotism - feeling proud of being part of your country and it’s society You can’t be both nationalist and globalist by definition, but you can for sure be a patriot and a globalist.
IC3BERG S1MPSON (1 month ago)
Happe Jojja (1 month ago)
Exchange of culture will happen with nationalism to. We are less nationaliatic as a whole now than we have ever been before, still he is talking about all these things imported from other cultures. Globalism has never really been tested as nationalism has. I fear that by exchanging to much of our cultures too quickly will end up in one single culture. But that is not what a globalist wants, is it? Back in time some businessman that had traveled overseas could bring home a new kind of spice, and that later became a part of his country's culture. But I think that forcing too much of this new spice into another country will not be appreciated. Islam and christianity, for instance, is known for forcing their beliefs into another country and that was not appreciated in the short term. But in the long term it was accepted and eventually even forgotten. But now that we have so much extremely lethal weapons and terrorist groups, polarised countries etc. I dont think that we have the ability to get through the short term period of the extreme change. I got these thoughts when I watched a video from Sweden and a video from the UK where Islamists said to newcommers that "we can make this country Islamic" if we work together. I have feared for what my ancerstors would think about Sweden nowadays and that is why I have had these thoughts.
Las (1 month ago)
Frank Dantuono (1 month ago)
This talk is more opinion than fact. Social "scientists" wouldn't know a frequency distribution if it came up and bit them on their alpha level :)
Communist Carrot (1 month ago)
<Anti Globalism <Internationalism
William Nolan (1 month ago)
Didn't he just confuse nationalism with patriotism. Nationalism is, my country is the best I'll cut if you say anything different. Patriotism is I hope my country is the best and let's fairly test that hypothesis.
Myvanwy Calista (1 month ago)
So I was really curious about why he used different dictionaries when he defined the word Nationalism vs the word Globalism. So I googled the definition of Nationalism. This is the definition of Nationalism in most other dictionaries: nationalism: "The strong belief that the interests of a particular nation-state are of primary importance. Also, the belief that a people who share a common language, history, and culture should constitute an independent nation, free of foreign domination." Yeah. He's using the most edge-case definition of what is essentialy xenophobia in this speech. He's not actually talking about Nationalism, just pride in your own country. For people wondering why you can't actually work with Nationalists is because they don't want to work with you. They don't like you.
Jano van Pelt (1 month ago)
Xenophilia is a mental disorder common in white people, used by immigrants to promote more immigration of their own racial and ethnic background. Immigrants who pursue their own racist agenda often project racism in the healthy nature of non-xenophilic natives in the countries they are immigrating. It's a fascinating phenomenon, and an excellent example of why globalism will never work.
Secret EyeSpot (1 month ago)
prejudice will miss this message, nor will watch the video great talk..
Tespri (1 month ago)
You just listed positive things about borrowing cultures. While ignored the fast difference in moral values that different cultures have.
Christopher Romanoff (1 month ago)
...you can never go home"...Tom Wolfe...Tom was wrong...home is where the heart is...my heart is not in this temporal corrupt bus stop...called earth...globalism is the abortion after...nationalist have coitus...with the erev rav...i.e...the fake jew multitudes...read your zohar...
Alex V.Sharp (1 month ago)
Can we stop this BS where nationalism is a positive thing? Being a nationalist means praising your country whatever it does. Can we stop mixing up nationalism, national identity and patriotism please? Everything else is correct, but constantly mixing up the terms does NOT help remedy the identity crises. Having a national identity is positive. Criticizing your government is a good thing. Accepting that everything that your nation does/has ultimately leads to fanatical denial. p.s. China is not as Marxist as much as they want you to think.
Jano van Pelt (1 month ago)
Nationalism is love of ones people. Patriotism is love of ones country. Everything else is noise.
S Dev (1 month ago)
You know looking at the title I didn't expect this to go over well, but this was a wonderful talk and I really loved it. I think we need more of this, I wouldn't consider myself a globalist or a nationalist since they are both loaded terms, but if you get to the true meaning of the words they aren't anything to be ashamed of, hopefully we can reach a time when we can be both.
Levi Howell (1 month ago)
My only problem with this is that most time this dilemma posed under the umbrella of financial and economic policies. When creating new tax laws or business reforms what should we prioritize the national good or the global good? This among others is the platform used by leaders when pushing for nationalism or globalism
Doctor Jones (1 month ago)
Globalism? I thought Ted talks were supposed to be intellectual?
Dack Hacksaw (1 month ago)
Oy vey goyim this is a very problematic video.
Zahlenteufel1 (1 month ago)
Culture is not a rulebook that people have to live by, it is a representation of how people are living.
Zahlenteufel1 (1 month ago)
What he said.
Breathing (1 month ago)
I like this ted talk and I think it is far better than all the blinded think happy ted talks, it has some depth and something new to offer
Kaj Te Briga (1 month ago)
Ted talks are becoming so washed out lately. Everyone talks the same and they make everything sound more relevant than it actually is.
Jay Gee (1 month ago)
Love your neighbor as yourself. One cannot properly care for others when they do not care for themselves. Certain countries for far too long haven't not fully cared for themselves.
Pipe2DevNull (1 month ago)
In the early 1400s the Chinese Emperors decided to stop trade and close their gates to the outside world. They thought that their country was the best place and didn't need contact with outside barbarians. In the time since, they were overlapped by the Europeans, humiliated by western military power, invaded by the Japanese and in the late 20th century plunged into abject poverty. It's good to see 600 years later they are recovering.
Alpha Strength (1 month ago)
The coexistence is the very hard to do
Marcus Becker (1 month ago)
Off speaker: They can't.
Ting C (1 month ago)
Does ' globalisation' mean colonialism too? Cuz that example at 10:28 re: cricket and India was a result of 400 years of British colonial rule, and not necessarily open migration or economic cooperation between governments of different sovereign countries that defines globalist policies today. There are loads of examples of culture that's been imported over the ages which local people now consider part of their identity. But let's not forget many were the result of mainly imperialistic Europeans conquering and oppressing natives, and even imposing their traditions on them giving the locals no choice but to adopt their foreign ways (whether food, religion, sport or music, etc.) and make them their own.
Blockhead (1 month ago)
Wonderful talk, a message we need more people to hear <3
j stratton lobdell (1 month ago)
So if we call patriotism “nationalism” and then call free trade “globalism” then everyone is cool, right? Sounds like a plan. I love word games.
Daniel, the ealge Boi (1 month ago)
well, in my opinion he is explaining pathriotism instead of nationalism.
Saroj Wagle (1 month ago)
Buddhism, imported from India?? Do some research before you speak large audiences.
A M (1 month ago)
Twitter is no place to look for definitions or honesty. Nationalism needs to outweigh globalism . Treaties and international agreements , cooperation bewteen nations are necessary but not as a globalist one world agenda. No world government, failure like the UN.
BeethovensCunt (1 month ago)
Sooo this talk should be about HOW to combine them. But that question hasn't been answered
ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΣ (1 month ago)
Νationalism all the way, baby.
HUGO ORTIZ (1 month ago)
La globalizacion como se plantea hoy esta profundamente equivocada. No se puede programar a la gente a sentir. No somos robots. El nacionalismo nos hace sentir mas seguros. Tenemos la sensacion de control. En la globalizacion todo se mezcla de manera que no puedo tener el control como individuo de mi entorno mas cercano. Solo las grandes corporaciones podrian ejercer un poder real en una situacion de globalizacion como la que se plantea hoy. Y eso la gente no lo va a permitir. Recuerden la independencia de America. Nos independizamos de los reinos. Que creen que pasara si se intenta lo mismo otra vez?
Tatiyana Kholomonova (1 month ago)
.."it's a powerful feeling" - it's very deep bioligical-based feeling? (- nationalism)..., so it won't go away soon..., but I think it's important to follow patriotism - as a positive feeling to a group of people, united by one territory, language and culture /vs. nationalism - as hate and agression to 'others'... To have humanity as total basis of globalisation process...
Darlene Laski (1 month ago)
Excellent! Bravo!
Compromise can be good and has been occurring since the beginning because absolutes don’t really insure continuance or survival. Change and evolution are undeniable
John V Denley (1 month ago)
Wait, I'm watching a second time at 3:07 you say you ARE "North African", but you have French citizenship, AND you call America Home?! So when you say 'my government' do you mean the French government or the American government? Surely if you have French citizenship they can't 'Send you home' to North Africa? And if the USA 'send you home' then it would be to France, not North Africa?
Maxire (1 month ago)
The key, as with anything in life, is balance. Going extreme on any one thing in life leads to disaster. Don't eat fast food every day. Don't take the bible literally. These are what lead to cancerous bodies and minds, people.
kaingates (1 month ago)
I’m sorry but glocalization is not a new concept? That has been thrown around since 1990’s.
Brian Anderson (1 month ago)
Global refugee crisis = national corrupt and flawed governmental crisis
Brian Anderson (1 month ago)
Didn't they already coexist before all this biased political extremism came about?
Matt Roberts (1 month ago)
The world is not black and white but endless shades of grey.
Amanda Anderson (1 month ago)
If they could coexist they would right now but they don't. The definition of each requires a specific belief and mindset that are contradictory to the other.
Darlene Laski (1 month ago)
But they do, and have, coexisted for as long as nations have traded goods. But, it was the world wars that defined our international reliance on one another. Although, if you think about it, before man, the planet's land masses, bodies of water, and "air space" had no borders. It was man's insertion of borders on Earth that created tribalism which evolved into nationalism. And with borders, came wars.

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