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Starr Sisters at Vivid Live Houston (v1)

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Starr Sisters interview with the "Babe Wrangler" and "The Dirty Juan" from The Outlaw Dave Show's Street Team. The Sisters will be performing Jan. 15-17th 2015. Visit the site for show times. Vivid Live Houston www.vividlivehouston.com 2618 Winrock Boulevard, Houston, TX 77057 (713) 974-2100
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Chris Redfield (6 months ago)
are they twins?
Juan Ocanas (6 months ago)
Yes they are sisters. You asked if they were twins. I don't think they are twins just sisters
Chris Redfield (6 months ago)
0.55,Natasha said they are real sisters, same father and mother.
Juan Ocanas (6 months ago)
I don't think so.
Juanantonio Hernandez (6 months ago)
Nice girls sexxy 💗💗💗
bill bliss (10 months ago)
Are they still in the sex industry?
Charlie Magri (2 years ago)
Natasha: She possesses such a sexy body and uses that to reflect that, but the way she uses it is quite unbelievable and even the way she stares creates a certain amount of control and hypnotism; left in no doubt that you have become under her spell forever! The presence she creates with her thighs, legs and even her feet; yes, she does like to exhibit those too, but you'll see why soon enough and it makes me feel like she would like to jump right on top and dominate physically. Natasha is no shrinking violet, but first looks may sometimes be so deceiving. Her performances are so full of energy; demonstrative and explosive, but she's always in control and please Natasha, just let me full completely into your hands and do what you want with me. What a dream!
Charlie Magri (2 years ago)
Natalia: The girly sister, who likes to be as beautiful as is possible. You'd certainly want to marry her, because all she does and think about is so honest and correct. She's completely perfect, but just as long as your own life is sorted out then you will always appreciate her warm and welcoming smile; her eye catching figure too, but her personality and voice make you feel like another great day is beginning. A destructive mind will hanker for risks, so you're not ready for her!

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