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Why Online Dating Sucks (for Men)

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Here's a look at why online dating is a worthless pursuit for the majority of men.
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Washington Consultants (3 months ago)
Fellow men. When i was a young man, there were no computers, cell phones or dating websites. In order to meet a lady back then, I had to approach ladies at health clubs, pubs, or grocery stores. Even though i was good looking, I had a lot of rejections. I remember making it a rule of thumb to approach 10 women a week. Of the 10, 8 would not be interested, but 2 (out of the 10) would be. By the end of the month I had 8 potential girlfriends. Online dating is actually easier then approaching a stranger on the "street". Online you know that they are single and looking, their age, their occupation, and interests. Do the same thing, make it your goal to text 10 women a day. 80% will not be interested. But 20% will be. Remember its a numbers game and in the end you will win.
jag off (7 months ago)
Women use dating sites to assess their sexual market value. To see what type of man they can get. Dating sites are a waist of time and a joke. Im pretty well off and reject these gold diggers. All women are hypergamous. They never date their income level or lower. Always chasing the big wallet and bank account. They market themselves very well, but when you finally get the product, its junk and you have to get rid of it.
snakechrmr (7 months ago)
The problem, my friend, is you are looking at women in the US. They have plenty of baggage, love creating drama and don't much take care of themselves. I haven't dated a US woman since the 90s. Moved to Europe in '08 and women here are night to day when compared to women in the US. Their wants, needs and devotion to family and friends put American women to shame. I'm 67, retired, mostly drive a motorcycle around European countries and have no problem getting dates.
English Dave (7 months ago)
Dude,quite a few years late, but MGTOW 👍🏻🤣
jtpro (7 months ago)
You're 100% correct couldn't have said it better myself good job. 👍
12onomicprotv1 (7 months ago)
can you do a update video on this subject please
Washington Consultants (8 months ago)
Try the latin dating sites like Colombian, Mexican, Peruvian, "cupid" - the women are so nice and truly looking for a relationship.
Washington Consultants (8 months ago)
Omg. What you are saying is so true. A friend of mine is 6'4 fit, handsome, but unemployed. He is on several websites, he only picks the sexiest, hottest women. Worse he only uses them for sex and money. He even gets them to pay for the date. All the while, these women are passing up the average Joe who wants to fall on love.
007007fred (8 months ago)
Very very good job I cannot believe somebody had a good knowledge of the problems and explain it very clearly and honestly you should write a book about this matter thank you very much
Ben Mollitor (9 months ago)
Women are so stuck up!!
孫悟空Wukong (9 months ago)
You got my respect. Women are fed up with too much illusion.
NightDater_com (9 months ago)
Men have to follow one simple truth: Men have to post. Women do not. If you're a man, browse thru female profiles, send messages to them - it will not work. Posting females get such an enormous amount of emails per day they simply cannot read it. My 60-year old lady friend on POF got about 100 messages per day. She took her profile down.
Chris Heinrich (9 months ago)
Looks and muscles, looks and muscles, it's ALL about the looks and muscles.. (and of course a 6-pack and loads of money!) Let's all get down the gym guys. I'm not very good looking myself (although not really ugly either which is good) so I want to build on muscle to make up for it. That way in 6 months time, I can take pictures of myself with my big muscles online after doing heavy weight lifting down the gym. I have a new idea for dating sites actually. Why can't there be an ''arm icon'' for women when they are providing information online about how bigger muscles they can cope with in her league of men, as everybody has a league number tattooed on their forehead, don't they? There could be a scale of 1-5 with a really skinny arm for 1 and a really bulging arm with massive muscles for 5. I bet you ANYTHING the best looking women will go for the bulgiest arms and the right ugly trogs will just click ''1''. That is the way the world works, as that is what is ''sexy''.
Frank Doria (9 months ago)
Online dating is even a waste of time for the best looking, most handsome men ! Imagine what it’s like for unattractive men ! Find other hobbies ! Forget romantic love and sex ! Maybe get yourself a sex doll ! Robot sex dolls that behave and look so close to the real thing will one day be huge in the market ! They’re already selling like hot cakes in China ! t will be unconditional love for everyone and perhaps maybe even better than the real thing. They won’t hurt you or lie to you, falsely accuse you or steal from you and they will do what you want because she’ll truly be yours.
joe caterman (9 months ago)
it doesn't work even if you're a guy who is fairly confident of attracting attractive women in the real world. As a male your value plummets on those sites. Men should boycott the lot! A better option would be a meet up site where people join a group who are single from a certain area.. they select a night and join the activity... and all get together and do some activity together.. get to know each other rather than looking at each other stats and best amature mirror selfie. Because if you're single and looking, its really hard to find other single people.. even if you take part in social clubs and stuff. That's the problem I have and online dating in its current form is a total flop and waste of time!! I'm no obsessive body builder, etc... But I'm in shape.. I run and look after myself.. Only get any interest from much older women who are generally out of shape. Any women who looks like.. say.. my ex (thin, fairly pretty..etc), she won't even reply! Had to put strict mailing restrictions on the type of women who could contact me, and then it all went silent, so gave it the old heave-ho...
David Knowles (10 months ago)
I would also add that the majority of women on dating sites are the age of 19-30 and only seek friends and want attention
Linda Binette (10 months ago)
Your not ugly. I had trouble too.
Debbie Harriman (11 months ago)
everything u said is true
mrstats999 (11 months ago)
You nailed all of the important points. Good job!
Photini Paleshi (1 year ago)
Hi there , it's the same for older women as well my dear , and you are not ugly , at all . I would go out with you haha . Men look for young ,skinny, little girls , and if you are an older woman they scamm you for money , honey ......... i am talking from my own experience . I deleted my account and never going on again on any of them same people same crap haha . take care
joe caterman (9 months ago)
never give anyone online money for any reason.
Usedsins 61 (1 year ago)
Thank you for your powerfully honest, real, and heartfelt commentary and assessment of not only what, but the how and why, as to what is going on in the world of on-line dating. Blessings to you always! You have no idea how much your wisdom and experience has helped me. You have no idea how the Lord is certainly using you to help so many with your insightful views on many of life's subject matters and concerns. Will keep you in my prayers. Blessings Always!
Iris Bloom (1 year ago)
Just right!
ParanormalPat (1 year ago)
Very informative video, well spoken and 110% truth. I, too, am a 52 year old dude with average looks, if that, and women nowadays are taken in by surface beauty only. They are all holding out for that brown-eyed Prince Charming with million dollar looks and an annual six-figure income, masking the grim reality that those guys don't need to go on a dating website to find a woman. Have you uploaded your next chapter yet, about obtaining a partner overseas? I'm looking forward to viewing that video.
Sef Bojic (1 year ago)
You mind if I spread your words of wisdom on our website cafeshoopuff.com
Dimitri Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Unless you're good looking, don't do online dating. Period.
Anthony Benedict (1 year ago)
I would enjoy hearing more, I run a mens group in Michigan, if there is anyway we could get in touch, email or phone, I would like to get more of your perspective. Thank you My name is Anthony, Email: [email protected]
Anthony Benedict (1 year ago)
Sir, I commend your honesty on the difficulties of being a male in our society
Juan Mora (1 year ago)
I was on chat lines like 8 years ago met my ex then broke 2 years ago can find nobody anymore we living in a real cold world
Chicagoland Answers (1 year ago)
Simple fix.... LEAVE online dating. Women aren't nearly as hard to get in real life
logan wolf (1 year ago)
Man, I don't even get responses from fake accounts.
Greg Patterson (1 year ago)
Many women get up to 300 messages a day. A message can become a needle in a haystack. It’s not that they’re all picky just not enough hours in a day to filter that many messages.
Mike (1 year ago)
This guy is spot on!
Deacon June (1 year ago)
I had a Nigerian tried to scam me twice many years back on Yahoo personals.
buskerharmony (1 year ago)
a very good analysis  speaking as a 1950s professional dance hall promoter courting,  was all of line, as a 1950s was with singing dancing and music . but to day now one will listen to the professional, to cut this short, I once thought that the story of Cinderella   was a nice fairy tail, I now realise it is a veiled documentary.  regards buskerharmony-youtube            (bill.morrison242)  skype
Jay B (1 year ago)
Oh yeah, the "Phantom Girls". That happened to me. You create a profile for "FREE" then u get messages saying a woman has viewed your profile and is interested. BUT, u have to PAY & join in order to read & respond to these "women". After u pay u find out the profiles are fake.
Richard Kaber (1 year ago)
He is absolutely right
Kutta Kyte (1 year ago)
A few years ago I used to get messages on POF. Now in 2017, I don't even get views, no meet mes, no likes and of course no messages. The whole site is based on looks. You could be a very successful man, good job, own home, great car. Nice man. But if you're not very good looking, your profile doesn't even get viewed. A man such as this could find himself being rejected by an 18 stone fatty without a job and 10 kids. There is no hope.
Travis Eddings (2 months ago)
Its money not looks
Jo G (1 year ago)
Guys u can't take online dating serious. It's a total numbers game and requires serious time investment and gets very boring tbh. U need to send ridiculous amount of messages for very little response. It's a waste of time anyway u will not get an chick worth dating on them. Decent chicks don't use them.
Ryan Kirk (1 year ago)
I got very lucky once with online dating.. I went one a date with this girl only to find out that she wasn't even a member.. with that being said i was the only guy she could talk to so she had no fucking choice.. the date went very well and thought maybe will go out again but of course she ended up swerving me.. ever since then the women I have tried to message have only either ignored me or have straight up blocked me.. its just sad.. now my confidence is completely shattered..
Demon Returns (1 year ago)
your analysis, wisdom, and ability to see reality of situations is on point
Logan Braveheart (1 year ago)
online dating is where 5 and 6's magically become 10's and develop the same shitty, narcissistic and entitlement attitude as 10's when they're not.
Jean D (1 year ago)
I tried creating a profile as an attractive woman and I can say this - as a man you'll simply get "lost in the noise". Try approaching a woman in real life when she's got 5 guys per minute approaching her and you'll just how hard it is to make an impression. You can be good looking, very good looking in fact, but a few minutes later she'll be approached by another good looking guy who manages to make her laugh more and you'll be put on the back burner, and probably forgotten about in a few days. Not to mention that maybe 20% of women there will be catfishes or escorts. Juts forget about online dating. It's frustrating and boring. Real life is far more exciting, unpredictable and enjoyable for most things in life.
Rob (1 year ago)
It helps to be attractive. True.
Grant Leindecker (1 year ago)
Very good video! All very true!
What Next (1 year ago)
Great video. The answer to why women are so skittish is the lies and stereotype put forth by feminists. Check out a voice for men. Read past the rhetoric and I think you will find the actual answer to questions. Lies about a rape culture, toxic masculinity and other issues make dating difficult. Good luck in your search.
Jonvolca Man (1 year ago)
Excellent video. People tell me I am a rather good looking guy for my age (60). I am very athletic, and stay active. Yet because of my age no one responds (except those over 63 who look like my mother and are obviously sedentary). So no, I am not picky, just realistic as to who is compatible with me. Most women online are very greedy and picky and after responding to those who would contact me, they usually stay chatting online with other but then never respond to me because they are chatting with many men at once. Needless to say I tried POF, Zoosk, OKcupid, Ourtime, Match, etc. After trying for a year, I have quit online dating and though its a lonely world at least I am no longer wasting my time online.
richard speed (1 year ago)
Totally agree mate
NIC FEL (1 year ago)
Hmmm.. Rejected 99% of the time. Make 100 contacts and get a date. Make 200 contacts and get 2 dates... Thank god I'm handsome and talented.
Shrek (1 year ago)
BTW, women overseas are worse than Western women if you want a loving relationship. They marry you for your money just like all women.
Shrek (1 year ago)
Just fill out your profile with fake info. If you make $25k, say you make $100k. Photoshop your face to look more attractive, women do it with makeup and it's considered ok. Then once you have the date planned, just don't show up and watch her cry hahaha!
Horatio Mud-Gudgeon (1 year ago)
these spoiled types of women in our lives can be very simply replaced with something much better simply cheaper and available, most suffering in our lives is self created, dont wallow in self pity and complaining for too long, it is understandable that we all will do it a bit at times. But the only person you can change is you, drive that hurt type energy into exploring for new solutions Firstly a dog as a companion can give you something much closer to unconditional love, take advantage of pet therapy if you are feeling lonely Secondly it took me ages to realise due to my programming that the best sex organ is ones own brain and the best sex is to be had is within yourself, we have been taught to frown on wankers before the days of Onan. Take a page out of Woody Allens book and become a Olympic level wanker (bearing in mind quality is more important than quantity) but avoid porn due to its addictive potential it can be another trap as bad as bitches. Anti onanism thinking was driven by violent military and expansionist thinking Get rid of that useless programming, the bible is often contradictory written long after the facts, edited by many tyrants and often very wrongly preached by self interested charlatans, if you take it literally its insanity. Improve your masturbating skills at the times you feel considerable sexual tension to avoid compromising and making the old mistake of organizing yourself to chase a spoiled bitch, It is not to be ashamed of when we masturbate to reduce overbearing levels of sexual tension. Beware of damming that river as it may spill out in evil corrupted ways. Surely the clerics have taught us that. Just keep it private and clean up. It is common sense in today's context, with some training it can be healthy and if you wish to study these things (starting with topics like Reich, Buddhist Tantra, Feldenkrais these are rich areas to train in that can energise your body/mind in a very healthy way towards feeling deeply good in your skin as you are, this leads to good stuff , not overwhelmingly evil stuff like the organised authoritarian so-called Abrahamic approaches have helped lead to our current state of cyclic recessions depressions wars and destroying this beautiful plANET, and divisions between the sexes) Forget these spoiled bitches. It would be better to visit a reasonable standard of professional (not street workers). It would be better to pay a bit more to assure cleanliness and adhere to safe practices WITH A PRO than relent and be treated so bad by parasitic bitches. This second option of pros is a form of masturbation that costs money. But much less than shitty spoiled bitches, that costs you your whole life potential for freedom to explore life in peace health and abundance With the added cash and energy you can now find good causes and good non discriminating charities to help, on a regular basis this gets you really connected and you forget yourself the loneliness really goes then, I also find I like to as anonymously as possible give flowers to lonely old ladies in nursing homes that are often so lonely it is hard to believe their plight until you really see it. Their children sometimes are too busy to see them for years but I found this for I work growing flowers and often have waste of good bunches, You may find something like this as it is good to maintain compassion for all women, even the sad spoiled 3 parts plastic one part wet sand swampland bitches that you are still self harming yourself with,
Elkin Acevedo (1 year ago)
There's a website that talks about the nightmares of dating in America. They recommend men to go overseas: www.happierabroad.com You don't even need to sign up with them. You can go abroad on your own.
Peter Baker (1 year ago)
hallelujah Amen: And thank you.
Peter Baker (1 year ago)
also a lot of women are looking for a man that they share a lot in common with; Problem is: only Gay men will share so much in common with women.
Ava Limpa (1 year ago)
There are men who use expressions like "no drama; no games; casual relationship; kissing, cuddling, hugging; erotic" These words are a big turn off. Also, there are men who 'play games" and get back to you after their game has been played out.
Geoff Joffy (1 year ago)
I'm sick of seeing women on there saying they're back again to try POF because no one wanted to date them. The same women I message who can't be assed to reply. I'm no oil painting but I have been on Plenty of Fish for two years. Not ever had a date on there and only had three messages in two years, despite sending over 3,000 messages in that two years. I can't even get a date with an older fat woman. I'm only 38 and have dramatically reduced my expectations by now messaging disabled older women in their 50s and even they don't reply. I was also on Badoo. Had over 500 views in a year but not any likes. Ha, that's funny. How can they make a decision if they like me or not when they won't even reply to messages never mind date. They don't even know me. Brain dead or what!
Shaun Williams (1 year ago)
I think the Internet has given some people the idea that they can get exactly what they want when then want it. With most things this is true but with on--line dating it has led to people being too picky. I do know that women have a lot of trouble with men wanting one-night-stands which may have led some of them to be picky in the first place.
Sharky From Holland (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfnE6LUXhyQ Best advice: stop online dating! How?
SepherStar (1 year ago)
Woman here. Do you guys want to know what was the biggest turn off for me on dating sites? Men who wouldn't date women their age. I'm not talking about men who messaged younger women. I'm talking about men who, in their age preferences for women, would put one year younger than them or less. Some would put at least five years younger than them or less. I think most guys are oblivious how incredibly unattractive that makes them to women. Even when I was in my 20s and interested in men in their 30s, if I saw a handsome 39 year old guy who wouldn't date 39 year old women, then I wasn't going to date him. I would date a guy shorter than me...though I'm short so there aren't many, I would date a guy poorer than me, but I won't date a guy who thinks I should value an x year old man when he won't value an x year old woman. "But I'm just not attracted to women my age!" you say? That's fine, but then you have no right to get upset at women who aren't attracted to men their own height or at their own income level. No thanks to hypocrites. You can both be alone together. Anyway though, dating sites suck one way or another for a number of reasons. Most people meet through mutual friends and that's how I met mine. When we first met, neither of us knew each other's age or income level. Our mutual friend thought we had a lot in common in terms of values and interests, and thought we would get along well. We did.
D W (1 year ago)
This guy knows what's up.
John Silvers (1 year ago)
You know I have to say as much as I would love to argue with some of these points I simply cannot find one of them that I could put up a viable argument against. not only did you nail it on the head but I think you did so in a very decent and respectable but revealing way and there isn't a thing that you said that is not accurate to some degree or another. Smart video and a useful one for all men out there who are using dating sites. Thank you so much for the video extremely informative and well-thought-out.
John Sebring (1 year ago)
I hate to say this but I don't think you've quite figured this out. The real reason why it's so hard for men is because there are typically 50 men pursuing one woman. It comes down to bad odds. You can over analyze everything trying to make sense of it all but it simply doesn't "make sense".
Michael Inglis (1 year ago)
The fact is your wallet is just not fat enough.
JM (1 year ago)
The problem is you're using dating sites. I'm not old, but I've never used them. I don't even have facebook. Speak to them outside like a Human. My Dad has a very strong personality. He loves to laugh and I hate using the word "ugly", but I guess if we're comparing he would be at your level, but he gives zero fucks and loves to joke and laugh, and the women love it. His confidence in his looks is zero, but his inner confidence of not giving a fuck about it is off the richter scale. He even gets phone calls from old friends that are still interested in him. Yes, women are becoming far too narcissistic, I agree with that. Selfie culture and the "ermegahd!!! look at me!" culture is too strong. Women care far too much about what others think of them, not all I should add, but most... You can break the cycle though. My old man is the proof. The one thing a Woman can't resist is a funny goofball. Sure you may not get a Woman that thinks she's a "10" but you will get one that is lovely, happy and down to earth. When I'm as old as my Dad, I hope I get as much action as that old fart does.
There are no good men left! And that includes me!
craig richard (1 year ago)
Man, you are so right
Abraham Eli (1 year ago)
Relationships are really a mess in the west. In my opinion, that's because people mostly women can better get the benefits of marriage out of marriage than in marriage. So the only reason they will really marry is for some sort of assets; or just to get children when they are about to get old. That's why radical Muslims do better with relationships and family because their young people are denied privileges of marriage and can only long for marriage to enjoy them. Quite a better solution because it yields better results. Muslims have more children and prosper more in families than westerners.
Bonnie90505 (1 year ago)
were you serious about finding a bride over seas? I am so sorry if that is what it came down for you to do. I feel like those women will take your money and will not full fill your needs outside of the bedroom. Why do men always feel like all women are the same, hating men, well, some women are scorn and don't love themselves and are needy and waiting for that prince charming to fulfill their wants and desires,.they are the kind of women who feel incomplete holding on to that special check off list, and that list is never ending for those women. Men..listen to what women really want that they have no idea..this is so simple for both men and women...."Fall in love with" my potential" to help make your dreams come true"= commitment. Bottom Line, we all want commitment. On line dating is shopping, and who wants to be a professional dater? sure...good looks might get those dates, and "fugly don't?"...but if you meet someone with the same traits or similar ones your brain will actually produce dopamine, serotonin and Oxycontin that is what determines the brain chemistry, and that fugly looking guy or girl might be in your eyes the best looking guy or girl made just for you! :)
Breaking Rick (1 year ago)
At your age get a mail order bride from Asia., they will adore and cherish you. The ones in the western world are fcuked up. For the record, you like a normal guy your age, if anything better for the fact that you can hold a conversation.
Schmutzgreifer (1 year ago)
Don't look overseas for a woman either.  Once they come to your country, they turn into the spoiled bitch you wanted to avoid.  I speak from experience.
Don't say your ugly
Your personality is nice
Corrie Brown (1 year ago)
it's also funny how almost every tv commercial about online dating now is just trying to convince a woman to try the site out by showing her pics of 'cute' guys.. try a place like craiglist and it's just a bunch of wives looking to get pounded.. iv never understood much of it or been into it, but in general we all have so many choices in our lives now in the west, where we spend time, how we spend our money, and who we bang.. nobody places any value on saving themselves, if anything that's something one can be shamed or dissed for.. nobody marries the girl/boy down the street who they knew since they were 8 anymore.. that would be too much like 'settling' now.. and that's one of the worst possible feelings to creep into a womans though process.. the idea that she has settled.. most women also seem to have like a backup plan or keep their options open.. some even keep profiles active after they've started a new relationship.. and that's fine if that's how they want to live, but that's hardly placing much value on the new guy you're seeing .. As far as real world meetings, i duno.. certainly can't say anything to them while they're at work.. so what does that leave, hitting on them while they're doing shots at the bar?.. well that's likely not going to be much of a relationship
martin crespo (1 year ago)
In the past and throughout history women have looked for status in a men....today...they want status plus 100 more requirements...this is a result, in part , of feminism and its ramifications....
SW Sweetie (1 year ago)
ExpeditionSailor20 - So is that what you did since taping this video? Gone MGTOW? Are you ever going to post an update or are you going to continue to leave us hanging? You're still responding to comments, so we know you're not dead. It's been over 5 years. Have you found a foreign bride?
ExpeditionSailor20 (1 year ago)
Funny thing is, as they continue to drive away more men in their endless pursuit of hyperperfection, they'll end up with nothing. More men are going their own way (MGTOW) and are not bothering with, or even interacting with women.
Huynherful (1 year ago)
I hate these women with a passion. They look like they got beaten down with an ugly stick and they act like they are the hottest shit around. There is no humbleness in their personality. I feel that's why women today are so entitled with unrealistic standards because of online dating. There egos are so inflated. They get tons of emails from guys who write one message and copy and paste them. Spam it to death. The only message that the guys get back are women way below men's value. Usually the guys hit it and quit it since he knows he can do much better outside of online dating. That's so many women are ending up alone. They get a ton of spam message thinking that they're special. When they hit 35 , even the most desperate guy won't hit it and quit it with them because there's better looking and younger women. Online women will wake one day and realized that they aren't as great and alone.
Brian O'Toole (1 year ago)
So true!!!
Adrian Cheale (1 year ago)
You're NOT ugly. Don't allow yourself to be put down in such a nasty way. Plenty of average men have girlfriends and wives etc. You and me are just unlucky (partly)- you're articulate, knowledgable and intelligent, so use these plusses for your benefit. Why would you want to date a picky woman who only wants a Brad Pitt lookalike etc? There ARE some women out there who are genuine, but they're not necessarily on a dating site. Don't be fooled into thinking that online dating is the be all and end all. There are plenty of ways of meeting women. Online dating is just another modern technology which is just crap!- as you know. Keep away from modern technologies and get out there in the real world.
j d (1 year ago)
wooow please be my mentor! every single thing said here is so true!
Levon (1 year ago)
you not ugly ! you cant compare yourself to a younger guy (probably model)
Never Ending Purpose (1 year ago)
I feel your pain, you're not alone but when I came to think about it, who wants these types of women anyway. I can't believe that older women are still so picky and have such high standards. Sadly that they never changed as an they became older. I'm sure they will still be selective when they hit 70 years old. Enjoy your freedom and the heck with these sites. They are nothing more than a business. Just another company out for a buck.
NIGEL 1̾9̾9̾0̾ (1 year ago)
you cant even ask a girl out to the movies anymore without going through 100 questions and tests. i just want to eat popcorn and stare at a screen...
The Great One (1 year ago)
i agree with most of your points. for me personally, i stopped looking for dates. the more i became dissatisfied with online dating, the happier, the more content, and more appreciative i am being single and independent. i found hobbies and activities that make me happy so the feeling of loneliness is eliminated. it is now independence that i have.
TheBassAckwards (1 year ago)
And after all this time, did online dating get any better? Nope. It got even worse.
XYZ Z (2 years ago)
Men should unite rather than compete against each other. If we are together women stand no chance.
Geoff Joffy (2 years ago)
Sometimes worse than no replies on POF is when the woman replies and sounds really friendly. You think you're in, she likes you, so you send a more detail reply back and she doesn't reply a second time. That's fookin' annoying.
James Muller (2 years ago)
This guy is exactly right when he talks about how when you go out, women show no sign of interest, or give any hints, that they are even remotely interested in men. They don't. Every time I go out, girls deliberately avoid looking at guys, and they do it in such a bitchy manner. If you so much as walk by a girl or go anywhere near them, they deliberately look down at their phones.
Barry White (2 years ago)
You're right about everything. I've been online dating for years. Meager to ok results. And I agree the best way to meet women is still in the outside world. But I'm not giving up online dating, it's not really all that expensive and there are opportunities. It's just another avenue - just not the only avenue. I do suggest watching videos on how to make the best profile.
Steve T (2 years ago)
For men in our society, dating (and especially online dating) is a relentless game of pandering to female narcissism and entitlement.
ExpeditionSailor20 (1 year ago)
Women are digging their own graves, figuratively speakin,g because of their narcissism and entitlement. There is an acronym that explains why in the next few years (or a decade from now) the shoe is going to be on the other foot and women are going to start paying dearly for their entitled, bitchy atttitudes: MGTOW.
prentiss mcaster (2 years ago)
American women suck. Thats the problem
MDM (2 years ago)
In everyday life I get more than my fair share of looks from woman. However on dating sites it still doesn't get you over the top. You have to be rich also. I see tons of women all day because of my job. But said job also reminds them I am not rich. If Brad Pitt can get dumped with his looks and money, what real shot do you think we have?
joe caterman (2 years ago)
I dont know... there are multiple reasons for getting dumped. Relationships just don't work out sometimes. I think getting dumped and not getting a look in are two very different things altogether.
joe caterman (2 years ago)
I connect with many... the issue is you swap numbers and then they give you run around: girl1: chat swap numbers... she'll let me know a free day... in mean time happy to chat everyday. She lives close and goes out with friends/ family... but never to date... she just loves to text everyday though! Time waster I think... girl 2: She likes to send really long messages after we swap numbers... lives quite a distance away... weeks and weeks go by... we arrange a date, but it fell through... so now meant to meet her this weekend. I have good feeling about her... but we'll see. Update : she txt one day before date to say she's met someone else. She thanked me for the attention. However, I still see her last online always at within 24 hrs. girl3: recently split with husband... chat... chat and chat. Eventually she disappears after weeks and weeks of chatting. girl4: Chat for few weeks... won't swap numbers. I convince her to meet.. shes a long way away, so we meet half way... she's totally dead fish in personality on date... ultra negative.. spent whole date talking about her "horrible work colleagues".. After some clever game I get her touching her hair and spark a bit of interest (she was attractive)... But when I go for kiss she turns the cheek ... booo! So after date no more contact! Multiple women you wink, they wink back... you send a message... they message back... seemingly interest.... you reply... that's end of convocation. Nothing wrong with messages. ..... so yep, online dating just massive waste of time.... Women either too insecure / nervous to meet a man off the internet.. or just there for attention... or f knows! Sometimes I think it might be people paid to chat by the site to keep you on there... but I suppose that's going too far! :) This is how it should go: 1) send a few chats to break ice 2) swap numbers 3) send few more chats to get to know about each other and arrange date for that weekend 4) walk away from date knowing whether there is potential there. I'm stopping online dating soon. Its just ridiculous! :) The amount of time I spend chatting to women I'm never going to meet is crazy-mad! :) In the real world most women I come into contact with show some kind of interest... doesn't matter how attractive they are. I just think women don't like the idea of online dating or the men who do it... so they consider you low value, just for showing up.
Jennie (2 years ago)
he's looking for hot young teens ! fucking creepy
joe caterman (2 years ago)
how do you know?
atro (2 years ago)
Troll post downvoted
ExpeditionSailor20 (2 years ago)
And your evidence to support this claim? You know nothing about me personally, but yet you presume to know what I'm looking for. Do me a favour. Bugger off, troll.
B Baron (2 years ago)
This man is right on target with a bull’s eye shot. Woman want a man with the looks of a Brad Pitt and the money of a Donald Trump. Their romance novel fantasy Adonis is just not going to be online. In real life an Adonis is too busy beating women off with a stick. The average or better than average looking guy that has a good job, education and would be a good  catch has a better chance of winning the lottery then finding a somewhat attractive woman that favors him and wishes to meet him. You might get lucky and get “favored” or “liked” by women that look like sumo wrestlers.
Don Cankook (2 years ago)
"Modern" Women just aren't mature enough to have a relationship. They all want a muscular, glamorous rich guy that can dance and act sexy. Yeah, the guy in the video isn't ugly.
222ableVelo (2 years ago)
Wow man, I hear you.  Thanks for sharing your experiences with it.  I've been trying to use online dating websites for about two years now, and you're absolutely right.  Most women don't respond.  They don't even say "no thanks" or "no".  They just simply don't respond.  I think my best chance is to stop the online dating thing altogether and try to do "real world" connections somehow.
Xracer 599 (2 years ago)
Put a woman in a driver seat and you are heading for disaster. You seem like a nice and honest man. My advice to you would be simply stay with old fashioned meetings for women which is face to face. Don't waist your time and money on these bulls*** dating sites. They are designed for gold diggers only. Or simply follow the MGTOW principles and you'll never be ripped off by a woman. Good luck mate 😉
George R (2 years ago)
My friend, your looks are fine and you have inner beauty. I don't know, if you mentioned this fact. Some sites create the illusion that the woman is actually available by showing people who aren't paid up members. So, if you write to them, they can't respond. I think, I am a good catch but have reconciled myself to being alone for the rest of my life and am doing things to make my life as happy as I can. I've had my share of love and romance and thought that it was time to quit while I am ahead. Why continue when 1 in 4 has a STD and have made a mess of their lives and eventually become a job you report to. Best wish in your pursuits. The only way I meet woman is by getting out bed, bushing my teeth and venturing out into the real world. I've been on dating sites for over 20 years and have never gotten to point of going on a date.
Richard (2 years ago)
Hey buddy you're not ugly, you're just mature. You bring the points home nicely on dating websites, I suggest men try getting involved in local social clubs, dancing, sports, helping the community, helping the local church ect, it's a great way to meet decent women who are generally interesting and fun to be with. With love, Richard
Brian Jones (2 years ago)
Hmm is there any actual evidence that many profiles on these sites are fake or padded?ive heard it said quite a few times and I wouldn't be surprised if it were true..just
Brian Jones (2 years ago)
"Women have stratospheric standards". 100% truth..they are going to be lonely for a very long time
Timmy The nonce (2 years ago)
All women do is reject and ignore

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