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MIB Encounters Men In Black Suits Are Real [FULL VIDEO]

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A collection of Men In Black cases, examining just who or what they are. It seems that MIBs have been around for a long time and many of the usual conclusions like governement agents or aliens just don't add up. This video is a fascinating insight into the mystery concerning the infamous Men in Black. Delves deep into the mysterious world of these secretive operatives. Reveals their origins and discusses classic cases, previously unknown reports, secret government files, and the many theories that have been presented to explain the mystery. Please Visit http://mufonpa.com/wp1/ and https://zoharstargate.com/ . . Subscribe to UAMN TV for more new releases in 2017
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Text Comments (119)
Mia Bulla (2 years ago)
Thank you sharing this. Excellent presentation and informative
X Gen (9 days ago)
Nick could pass for an MIB lol sorry Nick. Great presentation. I've had a UFO experience worthy of a visit by some MIB spooks, but they never came. They're welcome to try and intimidate me. I've spent more than 10 years in the military so I don't scare easy. One of the other witnesses who shared the experience doesn't remember anything. Or at least says they don't remember. I find that extremely difficult to believe. I think they've blocked it out or they're lying. There's no way someone could just forget what we saw.
groundzero857 (22 days ago)
Michael Wynn Brought me here
DEADASTRONAUTFX (2 months ago)
films like men in black and battle of los angeles are deliberately made to ''divert'' the gullible from the reality.....
ben-hur acosta (3 months ago)
Perfect! Parfait !
Cynthia n/a (4 months ago)
So... You're saying the MIB are energy sucking vampires, like the Rowdy Three from "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency"?
devon3619 (19 days ago)
Thats my show
Antifoul Awl (4 months ago)
Why haven't the mib removed this video??
rmclarkjr (4 months ago)
they now drive new mazdas
walter A Prichard (5 months ago)
Men in Black were quite common during the 15-1600's where they actually rode carraiges.
LOVEY LOVE (3 months ago)
+adrian priest It's just a STUPID prank
adrian priest (4 months ago)
walter A Prichard what's your source for that information
Simon G (5 months ago)
Big cats in Britain is not a mystery, the reason has been known for many years.
Lina Garibay (5 months ago)
Mind blown! Bravo!
cengiz temi (7 months ago)
can this guy stop saying um and ah when he's talking?
Mermaid Man (4 months ago)
Dr. Richard R. Ape idk, beta Males loved Obama and he said "uh" every other word
cengiz temi (4 months ago)
Barely? I stopped watching because he was saying it so much
Dr. Richard R. Ape (4 months ago)
He barely does that, you're just a low T beta with too much estrogen.
cengiz temi (6 months ago)
IT's annoying
Bug (6 months ago)
cengiz temi um. Why.
Jo Bishop (7 months ago)
Loch Ness isn't in England. It's in Scotland! And we have big cats in Wales. About 17% of Wales is forestry, most of the rest is mountain. A lot of ufo activity and not many people.
Jordan B (7 months ago)
Honestly i think the xfiles episode did well. They explained why they act incredible so that your depiction of them and the event that caused them to come sounds IN-credible when you tell others.
Valerie Bell (1 month ago)
Long live the x-files!!!
TWD 4Life (8 months ago)
I can't take this guy seriously, he looks like MIB...
Adam Smythe (9 months ago)
John Keel invented MiB as well as Mothman
phillip Bowls (9 months ago)
M.O.C Men on crack
Bug (6 months ago)
phillip Bowls men in men's crack more your thing.
toxic monsanto (9 months ago)
I have met the real men in black. They drove a black 'out of time' sedan, so quiet and smooth; it was whisper quiet on the highway. They have very pale skin, wear black glasses and black fedoras. They do not seem to have body hair, and probably no head hair, but because of their hats it would be impossible to be sure. They are quite tall and thin, would estimate over 6 feet tall. They do not speak, but communicate by motioning and passing writings on paper. They seem to be able to 'read' your thoughts, but in a kind way, and respond immediately to any concerns. My experience is that they are gentle compassionate and caring. Just my two cents worth. They exist. The meeting took place after a nighttime sighting of an orange orb that caused nausea.
Chris Matt (1 year ago)
they were bibs wow hahaha
Chris Matt (1 year ago)
has anyone realized that they call them selves Mib haha lol how funny right oh no its Mib! oh wow hahaha
Cass Camden (1 year ago)
great vid thankyou, wish there were more vids on mib to watch
Rabano Bastardo (1 year ago)
Props nick, clean, professional presentation all the way. Don't forget to lock your doors at night though, and keep a weapon close, you never know.
eye opened (20 days ago)
exactly what i was thinking
MJ Kluck (1 year ago)
Bunch of Hooey!
MrHayven Games (1 year ago)
These guys come to my house and they mite not leave,threatening me in my home will get you shot.
Drew C Boing (1 year ago)
in 1994 or 1993 or 1995 I seen something in the sky but I might be 🐀 so what can the mib do
SeraphimTheOrthodox (1 year ago)
And EVERYBODY knows you don't mess w/ ouija boards for ANY reason. And there is no such thing as EVOLUTION! This dude is a real piece of work.
SeraphimTheOrthodox (1 year ago)
Ray Bochet is 100% correct. "Aliens" are nothing more than the fall;en angels of Genesis 6 re-packaged, and it's ZERO coincidence that that they tell "contactees" that THEY created us and they also often say Jesus is not God. And when "disclosure" finally comes, don't be surprised if "Jesus" arrives in a flying saucer and idiots like this guy all end up worshiping the anti-Christ
Bug (6 months ago)
The bible isn't based on reality. Sorry.
Stormy Jackson44 (8 months ago)
SeraphimTheOrthodox...if you actually did serious research and translating linguistics you'd find that jesus never existed! Problem with you christians is you suffer from a severe case of cognitive dissonance.
Ken Murphy (1 year ago)
I'm sorry but this guy is really fucking annoying with his feeble attempts at humor as well as his ramblings about the MIB which he never really describes well enough to give us a mental picture. I don't understand what it is that rubs me wrong but even when he says "excuse me" and takes a drink, I cringe. Does this guy really get paid for this? I'm interested in the subject so why does he make me want to stop the video?
JAMIE MORTON (1 year ago)
Ken Murphy the men in black are Aliens
MrHayven Games (1 year ago)
Ken Murphy maybe it's just your too uptight,
SeraphimTheOrthodox (1 year ago)
+Ken Murphy Only you know the answer to that but it's definitely a healthy response lol
YaBoi (1 year ago)
Who wants to be military intelligence or CIA intelligence after watching this video lol
fergal farrelly (1 year ago)
the mib shot a mans son in the head just because he told a story of his ufo sighting on his radio show. this was some place in the usa in the 90s if iremember correctly. i think there are human and et and hybrid mib. hybrid meaning almost just the perfectly bred human and they the ets do make humans and they dont make randoms like we do naturally with sexual reproduction. they make perfect cows to boot....sorry email me a complaint then. like really?
there like synths
dude like the mib doesn't like that
Jeremiah Wilson (1 year ago)
mib are sometimes pure human. most are not. theres a reason they dress they do. its very important what they do. and it must remain secret from the public. thats all i can say at this time.
grant richardet (1 year ago)
Jeremiah Wilson they have their reasons
Kurt (1 year ago)
Men in Black , Where are you ? I looking for you , you know who I am , we need a meeting .
Matthew Conrad (1 year ago)
I just saw something in the sky and I was called by my father to tell him to come down to me but the phone started to go on the Frits and the word "there" kept on repeating itself on the phone
Pfirtzer (2 years ago)
They are just the Blues Brothers!
chipsthedog1 (2 years ago)
Best man in black encounter for those that are interested is Mr. Janus, it's easy to find on Google and it involves the Royal family (u.k) mind reading and nuclear secrets. It amazes me that it is not a better known story, perfect example of a cover up
Savage Cabbage (3 months ago)
One of the fakest stories I've ever wasted time on
chipsthedog1 (2 years ago)
're. above, Google - Mr. Janus and Prince Philip
frank ertolacci (2 years ago)
Wow you just figured that out
fergal farrelly (2 years ago)
if they ask what timeit is most likely they are checking the missing time reation
Simon Rhee (2 years ago)
They look like Hugo Weaving in "The Matrix" ???
Simon Rhee (2 years ago)
"Hello... Mr Anderson"
Angeluhh (2 years ago)
Man I'd like to go to one of these things to see Mr Redfern speak just up my alley! 😯
Gabriel Vincent (1 year ago)
Ling-Lingg there's more than the mibs. they are an absolutely corrupt an evil group. I looked this up to see if there's any info on them. there's other groups as well. But the mibs created the cia. the mibs have nothing to do with ufo for sure
* Gray State Murder (1 year ago)
Ling-Lingg You can see me I'll take you out to dinner and tell you a library worth of mind blowing information.😍
Angeluhh (1 year ago)
I know that website but thanks for the suggestion 😊
~Whitewolf (1 year ago)
+Ling-Lingg you can sign up for the newsletter called mysterious Universe Nick Redfern - good stuff
78starbuck (2 years ago)
Has anyone, ya know this is America, have they ever pulled a gun on these fuckers? Put a .45 to their head and ask "I'm sorry you were saying something about my health?". I was just wondering. Oh and by the way, the way to keep them from coming through your wall is to enclose yourself in a Faraday cage. Just line your walls with the material and wall paper over it. And it has to be all 6 sides. You don't want them coming out of the ceiling or the floors, they're likely to be rather unpleasant if they have to go to all the trouble of doing that. That is , if any of this is real. I would suggest a strong faith in God, don't frak with the occult. There is a reason why The Church forbids such things. When you're a little kid, and your father tells you to take out the trash, you do it you don't ask why? So don't be in such a hurry to find out for yourself why The Church says Don't Do IT, You're playing with Fire, and likely to be sorry.
Lisa H. (1 year ago)
Lance, did you find any information about this yet??
78starbuck (1 year ago)
The mistake he made was he didn't shoot the son of a bitch. As long as people allow themselves to be intimidated, there will be someone there to intimidate. These guys are so secret they don't exist. So if they were the ones to end up dead in the desert , would their bosses know who did it or which assignment if they even have a boss or a particular assignment. Why did he let him walk off, he had a gun right, come back, stop or I'll shoot your no name , no agency, no one will miss ass!
Lance Taylor (1 year ago)
78starbuck-I vaguely recall reading or hearing about someone pulling a gun on a mib. I think guy was retired soldier, excused himself to another room and came back with a gun. And I wanna say the mib replied he made a mistake and left... Will have to try and find that story. Podcast or online
Lance Taylor (1 year ago)
78starbuck-correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't a faraday cage have to have DC current in order to work?
NiZoS4uHoEs (2 years ago)
tryna figure if I can trust nick, is he Jewish?
Stormy Jackson44 (8 months ago)
weishauptogram....if you have to ask that then you obviously pay zero attention to anything in the world.
Muzz The beta orbiter (1 year ago)
Hes english you idiot.
weishauptogram (2 years ago)
what does that matter?
Rover Coupe (2 years ago)
I have never had any feeling that someone is watching me.
nick lock (2 years ago)
whats this guys name?
Andrew Butcher (2 years ago)
nick lock ...nick redfern
Kayla Steward (2 years ago)
Awesome speech!
Sir Sid Fosse (2 years ago)
They visited me when I was knocked out from Seconal. I woke up with an alien metal spoon in my colon and a quarter in my hand. Cheap bastards.
Dr. Richard R. Ape (4 months ago)
That was just your brother having a lark. His sense of humor stinks, literally.
dennis simpson (1 year ago)
Phllip Mclennan seconal, the Good Shit Lollypop.....
Paradoxical Enigma (2 years ago)
Phllip Mclennan Dude...
Alias-69 (2 years ago)
So is Superman, Santa 🎅 Claus, and The Tooth Fairy 😁 🐑 🐑 😁
jmcc2k10 (2 years ago)
im sorry but this guy turned this presentation into a farce. I am not saying the mib arent real because many people claim to have seen/met them, but when he starts talking about loch ness monster and vampires, he makes the rest just seem like utter nonsense, from someone who quite possibly believes in every mythical thing ever created. He should have kept the talk about the mib which are at least plausible
LovedWife1 (5 months ago)
Demons can materialize in ANY FORM, so yes, he SHOULD talk about the lock ness monster, vampires, chupacabra, and big-foots.
sinthia carr (2 years ago)
I had two MIB come visit me back in 1986 they kept repeating "checking for radon"
ProjectsBlack (1 year ago)
They're men on crack babe...They turn up to see if you've got your central heating on..
* Gray State Murder (1 year ago)
sinthia carr Well get ready your going to have another M.I.B visit you me, dam. girl mmmm
sinthia carr (1 year ago)
Daniel Miller you don't have to believe me..I have nothing to gain by making up stories I know what happened
Just my opinion (1 year ago)
Yeah right sure why did the man in black come And see you come on now
Sal Altschul (2 years ago)
I'm sure you're glad they were so thorough ;) Figure out why they were there or what they were looking for?
Kym Piercy (2 years ago)
men in black r a bunch of chicken shits
Raskolnikov32 (2 years ago)
Will Smith ate my hamster!
* Gray State Murder (1 year ago)
Raskolnikov32 Well Will Smith thinks he's a God because Luciferians told him that. He also believes Lucifer Satan is a loving God. Now that's crazy not this. This guy clearly show how something is going on with M.I.B without a doubt
Simon Rhee (2 years ago)
Raskolnikov32 Will Smith is a cephaloid. Which is why one spewed on him on MiB #1
sans 107 (2 years ago)
brachio1000 (2 years ago)
He does that.
Unknown Elite (2 years ago)
is this you on the video would like your autograph.. pm me for details
Paradoxical Enigma (2 years ago)
Unknown Elite Very creepy comment
My mum died in my arms saying "its real 3 men in suits came through my window to see me ,everything will be ok I will show you a sign" and she did...that's another story.
courtney savage (3 months ago)
May she rest in power
ॐNeo_White _Rabbitॐ (5 months ago)
Billy Bones that a what I thought lol
ॐNeo_White _Rabbitॐ (5 months ago)
SI.C.O. Aka Foxy Disco MC FOX don't sound like the men in black
ॐNeo_White _Rabbitॐ (5 months ago)
Bobbi Cat what do they say?
Starmade Productions (1 year ago)
Bobbi Cat would love to hear all your stories

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