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Black Magic M 66 1987

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Black Magic M 66 1987 Black Magic M 66 1987
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René' Cruz (1 year ago)
👽👾🚀I LOVED BLACK MAGIC-66, I bought this VHS @ Mr. Onishi's Japanamation Store, back in 1987, here in San Fancisco, CA.where I live! I also bought the Manga Dark Horse comicbooks in 1983 @ Fat Gary's comicbook store-the San Francisco Comicbook Shop, in S.F.ofcourse also too. I also collected all Masamune Shirow's APPLESEED & GHOST IN A SHELL manga comicbooks & vhs amine videos too @ both of those stores mentioned above in the '80's & '90's! I just saw Ghost in the Shell live action movie starring Scarlett Johansson, Thursday night 3/30/17 Premiere showing at Century 20 movies 8:00pm 3D XD, twice last night-FUCKING AWESOME-she rocked it!\♍/

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