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like, comment, subscribe♡ part 2:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc2Dk_4Xqyo&t=39s the boys: scott: https://twitter.com/noshutupplease https://www.instagram.com/noshutupplease/ sc-noshutupplease will: https://www.instagram.com/yeezyywill/ chance: https://twitter.com/chanceeeyy https://www.instagram.com/wokechance/ sc-jedichance ethan: https://www.instagram.com/fiji_figueroa/ sc- hbc_ej social media • instagram - https://www.instagram.com/kiannanaomi/ • twitter - https://twitter.com/kiannanaomii • snapchat - kiannanaomi • vlog channel- https://goo.gl/CS8pHY • shop my closet- https://www.depop.com/kiannanaomi Like my music taste? -https://soundcloud.com/kiannanaomi -https://open.spotify.com/user/kiannnnaa_ If you are business wishing to contact me: [email protected] songs used: •go f yourself •cameras instrumental •run me dry xoxo, kianna
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Text Comments (2695)
Sophia Blake (4 days ago)
will is the cutest
Sophia Blake (4 days ago)
will is the cutest
Sophia Blake (4 days ago)
will is the cutest
Sophia Blake (4 days ago)
will is the cutest
Sophia Blake (4 days ago)
will is sexy
Brooke Johns (5 days ago)
Ethan’s the cutest but will’s the nicest and just Scott’s annoying💀💀
Jersey Preston (7 days ago)
Ethan is the cutest Lmao
Katie Berich (10 days ago)
Omg Ethan 🤤
Alyson Gosselin (11 days ago)
Chance is finee🤤
Malicka Mabaya (12 days ago)
the cutest is chance
RETHABILE PASj (12 days ago)
i just think ETHAN is hella hot then Chance is second then the other 2 follow
mia halldorson (12 days ago)
Ethan the cutest
Love the asain!!!!😍
It'sJustNiah (14 days ago)
Ethan PERIODT ❤️
Hidamis olivo felix (17 days ago)
Ethan is hella cute😍😍
Itzmia 101 (18 days ago)
Emma Robbins (21 days ago)
Franchesca Mendeng (21 days ago)
will is so fine
JENNA GO (25 days ago)
The cutest guy in here in the asian and the light skin black thats sitting next to him
zaniah sims (26 days ago)
the moan in the beginning SKSKSKS
Brittany Teudt (28 days ago)
ethan is 😻😻😻😻
little potato_ninja (28 days ago)
Why they all daddys lmao
Lily Lucero (29 days ago)
chance hella fine
Sharonice Arendse (1 month ago)
Olivia Cicchetti (1 month ago)
Ethan is easily best looking
Angela Marie (1 month ago)
ethan is cute
Temi Durojaye (1 month ago)
when the white boy said 'black girls' i choked with laughter
Ayanda Tambo (1 month ago)
Scott said BLACK GIRLS 🗣🗣🗣
Ayanda Tambo (1 month ago)
Will and Chance whew issa yes from me
Christena Simmons (1 month ago)
ethann 😫❤️
Nyboal lual (1 month ago)
They're all handsome, but I would go with Will😍😀. Anyone 👀
Hallie McDowell (1 month ago)
Yessss same
Izzy Grace (1 month ago)
Will fanning himself 😂😂😂😂😂😂
cecilia (1 month ago)
someone get that nigga will a fan
cecilia (1 month ago)
dont sleep on scott guys but they all fine
Ali Santia (1 month ago)
I can’t with Scott 😂😂😂
taylor boo (1 month ago)
moral of the story. i needa move to texas
Roselyn Vazquez (1 month ago)
Will is mega fine 👌🏻😻❤️
Meriem Moufid (1 month ago)
yoooo WILL IS FINE 😍🤣
Alexia Abellard (1 month ago)
Adriana Charles (1 month ago)
dude sittin right next to you
Adriana Charles (1 month ago)
on the left side
Zainab Jawara (1 month ago)
Ethan and chance are so cute
Boss Life (1 month ago)
It's jj (2 months ago)
Ethan is the cutes
Lyric Sinclair (2 months ago)
FILAYYY JAYYY (2 months ago)
If y’all really think these dudes are good looking men then y’all need to get out doors lol
Kelly Patrick (2 months ago)
FIFI'S CORNER (2 months ago)
I think one of them has a crush on u
C N (2 months ago)
Will and ethen is cute tf
Josie Stevens (2 months ago)
Rita Modupeola Ogbodu (2 months ago)
Like im 14 and i dont date(my mom and grades) but guys r unreal AF
Mistee Ray (2 months ago)
Um hmu on the gram Chance @misteeray
Tiffaney Rankilor (2 months ago)
will 👀
ErinPowell17 (2 months ago)
Alutta Yedwa (2 months ago)
Sorry boys but will for the win 🤪🤤❤️
samauya litchmore (2 months ago)
Gweni Schnyder (2 months ago)
Etuhole Vaendwanawa (2 months ago)
Chance and Ethen 😍😍
Malia Sanborn (2 months ago)
olufemi fajobi (2 months ago)
Chance and Ethan , they so fiineee
Ella Green (2 months ago)
Island Life (2 months ago)
Ethan is fine, my brother name is chance
Danielle Hopwood (2 months ago)
I would say Ethan looks pretty hot and thanks for the advice x
Deni Pope (2 months ago)
Will and Ethan are cutest
Ashton Schiller (3 months ago)
Chance is so cute.
Alex Tshimanga (3 months ago)
Ethan and chance they cute🤪💗
Hayley Riley (3 months ago)
Will is one fkn hottie
Kenneth and Joyce (3 months ago)
Really enjoyed watching this video. Why ask who is the cutest, beauty is more than only looks
Kaylee #77 (3 months ago)
The dude in the yellow shirt
Monika Dahl (3 months ago)
lol, they remind me of Team Alboe. One dark-black dude, one Asian dude, one white boy and one lightskin.
Monika Dahl yeah lol
Leslie Taylor (3 months ago)
Chance is cute ☺️
hacked: NPC PIN:5411331 (3 months ago)
wise guy (3 months ago)
cutest guy there is will
C K (3 months ago)
Dayummmm Ethan 🤤🤤🤤
C K (3 months ago)
Damnnn the brown boy in the hat is fineeee 🤤
becky flor (3 months ago)
What kind of hair styles do guys like
melliesa robles (3 months ago)
all you guys are so cute and have a good friendship
YaBasicAsia Days! (3 months ago)
scott fineeee
Candy Gooch (3 months ago)
The cutest one of y'all is Scott for sure.
Diamond Savage (3 months ago)
First of all kiana is the cutest
Dilz M (3 months ago)
They are all cute!
leslie garcia (3 months ago)
i think all the niqquas in this vidd are fine no cap!.
leslie garcia (3 months ago)
the chinito is cuteee !!! i need an @
MELANIE Is SHOOK (3 months ago)
You all are beautiful and cute tho :)
Jha'kendra Lee (4 months ago)
Will and Chance can catch a case 😍😍😍😂😂😂😂
Jayd Rix (4 months ago)
Ethan !
Wolfae Fox (4 months ago)
I don’t get why everyone’s freaking out and being like omg it’s so great there are different races hanging out together. Don’t congratulate people for doing this, they are friends because they love each other’s personality, they didn’t go out and like say hmm we’ll put that white guy on the video for diversity or whatever...
Roryann Woodburne (1 month ago)
That's not really what people mean some ppl will not like someone's personality because of their race
Zoe D-F (1 month ago)
Wolfae Fox EXACTLY
Jemima Ndisa (4 months ago)
Ethan and chance are 👌🏾👅
Sara Woodruff (4 months ago)
guy in the yellow shirt
DovieRose Productions (4 months ago)
Will is so damn fine, I giggle at all the stuff he said
Chelsea Asiedu (4 months ago)
Definitely Will
Aida (4 months ago)
ethaaan 🔥
Wyatt Durbin (4 months ago)
Welcome to diversity 101
Siping Ke (4 months ago)
I think cutest guy is will. 💕👌
Klara Benesova (4 months ago)
rhwldo (4 months ago)
will is mega cute
Afaf Noor (4 months ago)
Will can slide in my dms anytime 🤤
Strange Kookie (4 months ago)
Ethan is fine af 😍😂
kkainana x (4 months ago)
oh jesus christ Will is so hot
Suga bear (4 months ago)
Will is hella fine🤤🤤💕
Aleisha Rhodes (4 months ago)

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